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Googilluminati – Pyramid and Illumination Eye-ball

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  1. I really can’t believe this , talk about synchro , just seen this but totally missed it , how I don’t know ! This is now everywhere it’s becoming subliminal and part of our culture , I saw some very young and I mean young relatives doing the one eyed symbol with their fingers , playfully without understanding of course but why ? Along with the alien agenda being used in schools Chemtrails in adverts and in TV programmes this symbol is everywhere too .
    I think Google are making a very plain statement here and it’s the first day of 2014 , you are absolutely right Zen , it’s going to be a very wild ride . Kitty XX

  2. Very nice website ,Zen ! My first steps here were just done :) Wishing peace and clarity for the new year !

    I would like to say someting more about the hidden symbolism here..
    Which is straight numerology – the number 2 ( II -> 11, they like to play with 9/11) is doing the dualistic sign of “as above so below”. Also, the 0 and 1 are trapped in the pyramid, and thats the reverse of 10. In numerology 10 is the first manifestation of true spirit/life/soul – the great work done after 0 to 9 seqence. They want to just disoblige it as the truueee masters.

  3. Heya folks. I wasn’t quite sure where to put this up, but this seemed a fitting post. I just saw the preview for the new movie coming out from the folks behind The Matrix, and for some reason it really hit me in the “the movie is the message” spot. So I thought I’d pass it along and see what other folks thought of it.
    Be safe folks.

  4. I think you may have a point there Rollo , Vesica Pisces , equilateral triangle , Sol Amun’s Temple , male female principal , Christ ? which one ?? sacred geometry , Freemasonry , Cherubim , Ark of the Covenant , Euclid , that’s just off the top of my head , so much more to this , we’re being sent a message can we decipher it in time ? Kitty XX

  5. Getting to grips with this now Rollo , maybe :) much to do with sacred sex ,energy (as is much or everything in spiritual practice ) , male and female principal , and have just seen the fresco of the tree of good and evil , mushrooms ! So ….
    Crown of Thorns ( did this represent the mushroom cap) ? Bread of Heaven ? Was the mushroom representing ‘God’ ? made manifest on earth ? So does the Eucharistic ritual have an even deeper meaning ? Ingesting God and all the qualities of the God made manifest ? So the Christ you speak of was this the annointing , ingestion of the mushroom ? What about the juice of the mushroom ? Was it used to annoint ? So many questions Rollo , so fascinating ,so different to the theology of the Canonical Scriptures . Even PaRDeS wouldn’t cover this . Now looking at the Apocryphal Gospels differently . Kitty XX

    • There is not a more important subject than the Amanita, I know this because I have taken it upon myself to dig into it , and I am only scratching the surface. If one’s thinking is compartmentalized, it is totally understandable why that person cannot follow this subject, many were not meant to.

  6. In all spiritual practice there are levels Rollo, agreed . Most of the spiritual leaders, avatars had information for what we would (or they would )call the polloi and reserve the deeper or higher reaches of spiritual practice for the chosen few . Most people are where they are for a reason , its actually a loving and kind way , and allows people to move at their own pace .Everything is experiential We are all on a journey and I believe my personal journey is neither greater or lesser than my brother or sister , we are just fellow travelors, all equal but different , how wonderful is that ? !! Still Wondering :) Much love, Kitty

    • Something has intervened on the natural development of many, these need to find a cure for to this affliction, and the only way this will happen is for those who understand the affliction and the cure, to release this information, not to occult it, as this is how we arrived at where we are in the first place.

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