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Gun Control – The Rogue Amerikan Lie

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    • And that means there are actually very few actual deaths. Perhaps they should make a law, that if you are going to kill yourself, you have to use a baseball bat. We would have fewer suicides. I have seen quite a few hare krishna cult members in my area kill themselves, some by blowing there head off with a gun. That’s nice, leave a big mess for someone else to clean up. Whenever I hear about another cult member checking out, I really can’t feel any sympathy. So long suckers.

      • Everyone’s been a cult member – school, cliques, belief systems, religions, companies, gangs, clubs…but I sure hear you. Breaking the programming is our mission at this point…

  1. I wonder how many deaths can be attributed to medical malpractice over the years? Or the bullshit rules of engagement our troops are now or have been dealing with. Sounds like we need politician control now more than ever.

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