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H.G. Wells, Wikipedia and the World Brain Matrix


by Zen Gardner

While H.G. Wells has been popularized to today’s generations as a profoundly prophetic science fiction writer, he was known in his day as a very busy boy getting the New World in Order…literally.

An outspoken proponent of everything global, Wells pushed a consistent theme of a global community and held a deep disdain for common humanity, a typical elitist eugenicist trait which he also championed.

Why was he so spot on with his forecasts, be it technology or societal changes? Could his membership in secretive clubs and societies have anything to do with it?


Same old same old, who are we kidding. Things don’t just happen, they’re planned. Way in advance. By the time society fully wakes up to that it may just be too late. Even though it’s gone on for centuries, if not millennia, it’s too much for most to bear.

Cowards. Anyway you look at it, someone not willing to face the Truth is a coward.

Of course there’s hope for anyone– there’s always Now to discover your eternal self connected to all the Universe. Therein lies our key to freedom.

But people have to decide to take it.

H.G. Wells.  Sense the stench of elitist arrogance? Armchair engineers deciding your fate. Like that? They’re still here!

The Plan Unfolds

Here are some self-explanatory excerpts from an excellent paper on Wells’ World Brain theory.

In 1938, aged 72, H.G. Wells published in American and English editions his little book of essays and speeches titled, World Brain. At this time of his life, Wells was an internationally famous literary figure. His books, fiction and nonfiction alike, were popular and widely translated. He had access to the leading statesman of his day.

Wells was a utopian social reformer. He was intrigued by socialism and was caught up for a time before the First World War with Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and others in the Fabian Society. After the War he became increasingly and passionately dedicated to the idea that a new kind of world order was needed. In this connection he witnessed the rise of fascism and the Russian communist State with a curious ambivalence. As contemptuously critical as he was, especially of the fascist dictators, he seemed on occasion to suggest that their totalitarian regimes represented stages in the evolution of the new kind of single, unified World State that he believed was an inevitable.

And to address the generations to come of transhumanism and the global mind:

…Wells spoke of the gradual appearance “in the species Homo Sapiens” of “synthetic super-minds… into which individual consciousnesses tend to merge themselves.” These super-individual organisations, are cultures, churches, communities, states, classes and creeds, and they represent “accumulations of mentality.” Wells suggested that current trends seem to suggest that these are “coalescing”. They seem to be heading towards “an ultimate unification into a collective human organism, whose knowledge and memory will be all science and all history, which will synthesize the pervading will to live and reproduce into a collective purpose of continuation and growth.”

Wanna know where this monster Wells is going with all this?

In a later book, The Shape of Things to Come, he portrayed the adaptive processes at work in human society as overcoming “the inherent distaste in the individual for subordination and self-sacrifice.”  To ensure the success of the new social order that is beginning to appear in the twenty-first century “man’s life and interests have been socialised against his natural disposition.” This is described as a subversive individualism. In the future Wells’s believed that “the obscurer processes of selection” will be “accelerated and directed by eugenic effort” and man will eventually become a new species (p. 426) Source

Betcha didn’t know all that.

Notice the Illuminist unfinished Tower of Babel inference….

 The World Encyclopedia is Now

[Wells] believed that his ” modern encyclopaedism” constituted a “scheme for the reorganization and reorientation of education and information throughout the world. No less” (Wells, 1938, p17). It would involve assembling, he declared, “facts and suggestions with the same insistence upon scientific reality and the same exclusion of irrelevancies that has controlled the establishment of the world outlook that I have put before the reader.” ibid.

Wikipedia and all of it’s suspect roots is only a part of this. Clearly Wiki’s a globalist-sponsored amassing of information from the get go is definitely a world dominist agenda at work. No one trusts their information, yet you’re reliant on it for quick definitions. Clever assimilation of info, all according to plan.

It’s the World Encyclopedia on steroids as predicted/foretold/instructed by Wells.

More profoundly, the matrix of information that H.G. Wells forecast is alive and well in the overall Internet, safely and fully controlled by the NSA and every nefarious information gathering body in the black-hearted, black-op world. The info-giants like Google are all part of it.

They all know it. But it’s no skin off their noses, it’s just the way it is to the cold-hearted executioners of this master plan.

The amazing thing is reading it so specifically forecast in the well publicized words of H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Show and other Fabian Society members way back when makes it clear the plan is long term and carefully followed through.

Eugenics is the Lifeblood of the Globalist Elites

In order to have their utopian society, the elites must clear out the underbrush…the undesirables, the unclean, the disadvantaged….as if they had nothing to do with their making. The arrogant hypocrisy is beyond description, but suffice it to say we need to identify these parasites for who they are and bring to light their nefarious undertakings.

Wells and many others were part of bringing these machinations to fruition. What’s amazing in examining this evolution of structure is how smoothly these parasites have been able to pull this off, generation after generation. That sneaky, slithery nature is so akin to the Satanic underpinnings of the elite class it’s undeniable.

It’s Almost Over – Time to Drive the Stake In

Truth cannot be trumped, despite all their long term plans. We’ve covered this many times, these bastards are long-term planners and motivated and empowered by we know not what, but it’s not good, and it’s long term.

So what.

This part of their agenda is just another piece of the puzzle of their multi-pronged oppression of mankind. History has been bastardized, blacked out and adulterated. The U.S. school system never mentioned eugenics or what else H.G. Wells was preaching. It’s typical.

Just learn from this. It’s only touching on another aspect. Getting the big picture is what it’s all about.

Trust your instincts. Trust your heart. Be bold in your convictions.

Love always, Zen



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  1. It is time for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the Cosmos…and


    The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in.


  2. Zen

    You dance well and definitely have rhythm. Every time you cast your line out, I bite the bait.

    I’m enjoying the trip, the passengers are great, but where are we going ?

    I’m starting to sound like my kids; ” Are we there yet ? “. Am I too impatient ?

    Rothschilds, Rockafellows, Queen Lizzie, Gates, Wells, Orwell, Huxley, The Pope, 2012, Olympics, NWO, Bildaburgers (thats what they got us doing), etc. Been there, seen that.

    I’m feeling that where we’re going, no one has been

    What are we going to do when we get there ?

    Every one doing what’s right in their own heart. I hope not

    Maybe you’re preparing us for the Latter Intragalactic Great Heart Transplant (LIGHT)

    I’m SIRIUS are you ?

    Just Wondering


  3. I am going to express my heart felt gratitude that I am actually here on Earth with you at this time Zen you are such a Blinding Light the Great Warm and Wonderful kind that each soul should find!!

    I am so torn right now I love Earth and I can’t understand why this maddess has to be here …Each time I am in a down space your writings come out and cheer me up and make me feel so much better..I wish more would wake up and like you I hate to think its too late but dammit it might just be us you Rense Kirwan and a few others a wonderful Light List is what I would call it. Truth OUT NOW!

    Peace and Namate’
    Sacred Warrior
    Sherry Elizabeth

  4. Zen, where do you get your picture-set from. Amazing. Are you sure you’re not being fed from the Supermind??? :-)

    Really superb photos, say so much.

    Two things come to mind as I read this.

    1. I always wondered about Jules Verne and how he got SO MUCH right. Now I know. He was too an inner circle man. Even Issac Asimov and his ilk were all insiders. Perhaps not eugenicists, but definitely trans-humanists.

    2. That Fabian society Symbol. Says it all. Folks should google it, check it out. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Such a tell.


  5. The truth be told, it is time for a New Order of the world. The current order of the world is fragmenting and dissolving itself in its own excrement. What is being touted as the New World Order is the current order of the world repackaged with a “new and improved formula”, but sold by the same old snake oil bloodlines to the gullible consumers. Truth is subjective and believing the ‘truth’ is an act of faith. All sentient beings believe in ‘truth’ none are cowards, however the ‘truth’ their act of faith invites them to believe in may not be accurate by design; and since believing in a ‘truth’ is an act of faith seeing the ‘truth’ is subjective and all depends on where you are looking when you see the ‘truth’.

    Enlightenment is not something that can be shared or even imparted to another one; for the moment you begin to speak the ‘truth’ of your enlightenment that ‘truth’ is corrupted by your attempt to share the experience with someone who has not had the same ‘enlightenment’. Sadly, we are at the end of the “Age of Enlightenment” and have more to fear from the ‘enlighten’ who know the ‘truth’ then we have from the inbreed descendants of the snake oil salesman who we call the ‘elite’ and claim are planning the New World Order. Both are dangerous and both are on their way to self designed extinction along with the followers of their ‘truth’. Yet we need a New Order of the Ages if our species is going to move past this boomerang point in our civilization. We have been here before and we are not where we think we are but we are close. The Zen is knowing how dark the coming dark age will become and how long will it last, then ascending above the inevitable chaos that will erupt from the spilling over of the excrement of the current world order, if even for just a few moments to become ‘enlighten’.

    A common laborer

    • You have neatly defined quantum consciousness: “The moment you begin to speak the ‘truth’ of your enlightenment, that ‘truth’ is corrupted by your attempt to share the experience.” Kudos.

  6. “The Shape of Things to Come” is a novelette by Wells that I consider one of his most interesting looks at a technologically advanced future. It is a work of pure science fiction which I have read many times and never found a hint of any eugenicist sentiments within. Wells was a genius with a true prophetic gift for visualizing the future and he was fascinated with the way the average individual would survive in the coming age of technological advancement. “The Sleeper Wakes” is another Wells science fiction novel that is rarely republished but gives an insightful picture of life in a “Metropolis” style megalopolis. He got a bit off track in his dotage I will admit, but you must judge the man on the body of his work not the ramblings and rumblings of his senescence. Give him credit where it is due and don’t tar him with the eugenics brush, he wrote “The Time Machine” and “War of the Worlds” for Gods sake.

  7. Zen, ANOTHER one smacked out of the park…HOW can you be so right, so prescient, so wise, and so knowledgeable so often? I’m serious, what is your personal story…do tell. We deserve to know more about this Gardner we admire so deeply.

    • “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.”
      – J.R.R. Tolkien

      Sorry, couldn’t resist… 😉

      But this brings up another thought: Gandalf and Aragorn hid their true nature as long as possible. For good reason.

      I think we’ll know soon enough. Right, Zen Gandalf? 😉

  8. A curious article; largely for what’s not there. Wells was impatient with the methods of the Fabians and wanted rulership of the elite (He, Shaw, Keynes, etc) for the good of all, immediately. He is and was most like Trotsky (born bronstein) and Lenin. The Fabian society trusted the slow method … Wells and all chose to ‘Mix all races’ so that ‘they’ the masters could deal with the unified all. Eugenics is not ‘evil’ … the mulatto-ing of the world is evil.

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