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HAARP Continues To Murder Sea Life


by Zen Gardner

Serious mammal, fish and bird die-offs are occurring around the world without demanded explanations. The scientific establishment plays dumb while massive animal deaths plague the planet for “no apparent reason” when many of them know full well their insane technology is scarring the planet and its inhabitants.

Here’s the latest.

The similarities are undeniable. First, this just recently happened.

Over 1200 Dead Pelicans in Northern Peru, Same Region as Mass Dolphin Die-Off

[Photo-Image: April 28, 2012, Mass die-off of pelicans in northern Peru, Photo source: Peru 21]

After a mysterious massive die-off of over 3,000 dolphins along the northern coast of Peru this year more than 1200 pelicans have been found dead in the past ten days in the same region. The deaths of the pelicans and dolphins, unexplained.

In the photo posted below one of the dead dolphins looks as if its skin was ‘scorched’. (Source)

Scorched Animals

Now watch the video below of similarly scorched dolphins in the Persian gulf last year, with the accompanying incriminating HAARP funnel that is filmed hitting and then weirdly illuminating the surrounding water.

Soon afterwards, this same horrific “scorched” phenomenon is found on slain dolphins washing up on the shore.

This insanity has to be stopped.

(Turn the sound down a bit, can be a little distracting..)

(If video embed not working you find it HERE)

There is a lot of great independent research on the connections of mass animal die offs to HAARP and other phenomena. It’s just so horrifically wrong yet we hear nothing – nothing about this ongoing tragedy from mainstream anything except denial or nonsense intelligence-dissing conjecture.

These Things are All Over

And these are just some of the known facilities and this particular type of array. Don’t think for a minute these idiots haven’t gone completely bonkers with these types of toys. They use ELF blasts to control crowds now. It’s insane.

Maybe the Peru site is screwing around?

Jicamarca (above image), Peru is home to one of the many worldwide locations of H.A.A.R.P. (Source)

Oh, and there is other stuff…


The Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar (AMISR) is a fairly recent development, and employed in the global scientific space takeover program for the purposes of “owning the weather.”

I would like to draw your attention to information regarding the global atmospheric takeover within the scientific community, in particular that from the SRI (Stanford Science Foundation) within the NSF (National Science Foundation).

– This advancement is allowing the ‘HAARP’ program to continue under a new name, on a global scale. Source

(If embed not working you can find the video HERE)
So don’t you worry your little head. You can be sure they can control these electronic monstrosities just fine and no one’s in danger.

NOR will they ever use it to exert power or for intimidation or financial gain.

Rest assured. Responsible technology is their motto.


Man this ticks me off. Sorry.

Love, Zen


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  1. I just cried when I read this and watched the video with all those beautiful dolphins and birds……why are these monsters doing this?

    They have no HEART…………

    • We, the people, MUST speak UP and tell them, “we’re not gonna take it anymore” We have to tell them, we are on to them. we must NOT allow our world, our animals & children to suffer because they want to take over! May we all LOOK to Jesus our Lord & Savior, who is the ONLY one who will protect us.”Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden…and I will give you REST”

  2. our beautiful earth, with her beautiful creatures, murdered and abused by those beastly darksiders! i’m with you zen, it makes me mad! it’s the poor innocent animals i feel so bad for, just trying to do their thing, not harming or harassing anyone or anything and they still get picked on and killed! fuck haarp i hate it!

  3. we must begin to heal the inner psyche that is steeped in violence. we cant blame the 1% if the 99% support them. its just not logical. no one is forcing the humans to participate in this carnage. or even the every day carnage of domestic violence, cruelty and abuse, or disrespect in so many forms. all of these small acts create great havoc on a global scale. any anger or resentment however we try to justify it, feeds this collective rage that ravages the world.

    our history has been one of violence. this is energy that must be transmuted or it will continue its pattern of death and destruction. its our responsibility to do this. we have the power to do this.

    its time to stop shoving undesirable things under the collective rug and clean the house. its crucial we begin or continue to heal our inner child, or the unconscious. one of the x men movies illustrated this concept very well. it is love and only love that can heal our wounded inner child.

    we must stop hating. even those who are committing these atrocities. we can not afford to entertain anger or fear. it only feeds those whose purpose is to distract and take from others for they have cut themselves off from true power.

    these beings only have one trick, and that is distraction. the media is just one source. their job is to distract you and take you away from the moment and what is real and cause you to feel anger fear sadness… all which feed the dream and disempower you.

    we only feel anger if we feel powerless. if we knew we could do something we would not waste time being anger. we would do what needs to be done.

    we can do something. that is do our inner work, take responsibility, let go of attachment such as anger and fear or resentment. we can back this up thru positive empowering action.

    we are all unique and have something special to give. its why we are here. we have to remember our choices matter, our dreams matter. are we still buying gmo s? are we taking prescription drugs? do we still buy products that have been tested on animals? do we only buy free range humanely raised and limit or eliminate our consumption of meat? are our children being “educated” in a public school? then we are feeding and serving the machine.

    do we feel helpless, which is only agreeing with the status quo, or do we know we can create something different?

    we must thru word deed and emotion choose only love and kindness. this love is a true warriors ally and conquers all. we can take the love we feel for these animals and use it to create a different reality. we will not create anything new or desirable by focusing on hating the perpetrators. the power of unconditional divine love has been shown many times. the star wars series is just one example. i suggest watching and re watching it to learn and begin to practice. we have all heard the story of the mom who lifted a car to save her baby. love bends reality and creates, it gives us the courage to defy and go beyond convention into the realm of masterhood .

    everything is energy, as is the haarp. can we use our energy and intention to nullify and transmute it?absolutely . if we believe we can, we can. dr emoto has shown what is possible as have others, thru intention and the power of the word.

    we are at a crossroads, some will go one way, others another, and yet still others in an infinite of possibilities to choose from. we have to be willing to embrace the greatness of possiblities in order to experience them.

    can we change our attitude and our perspective? are we willing to face our beliefs and programming and let it go? are we willing to do something different, take back our power and have the courage to love and act on it? can we embrace our greatness and use it to heal ourselves, and therefore the world? if so, the first step has been taken down this path, and the universe shall support you, as it always has.

    • I only see a few ways out:
      A transcendence of intellect, wherein every man can perceive deception near and far. No man can deceive another with a bunch of fraudulent lies, as every man will be liable instantly for his thoughts and actions.
      An outside intervention of sorts, be it divine or alien (are those exclusive?)
      A monumental upheaval of nature, essentially washing her body clean of the scourge that has been a cancer on her for millennium.. A Noah effect.

      Outside of that, I think we are all screwed, weeping and gnashing of teeth type of thing. So sorry.

  4. I can’t believe these sociopaths have TWO sites! I was completely unaware of the peru base and just proves to me that they dominate both hemispheres. Northern and Southern, will they put one on the moon next and create the death star!?!

  5. “They” Do It Because They Can. Its that simple. What’s the point of having HAARP? Ancient Texts, not to be confused with modern texting, warned of these days. Hold on to your hats folks! From here on out things are going to get very unnerving. Good day.

  6. They are doing this to reduce the potential for food for the masses. Kill anything that could feed a population that has GM poisoned food, chemtrails poisoning the air, pharmaceutical drugs to kill your bodies and minds, vaccines that poison and destroy your immune system, and nuclear power out of control to radiate the life right out of us. And a legal system based on noahide laws. Welcome the the zionazi world.

  7. there are more than 2 sites for haarp. there is one in alaska and i think more in europe, but not certain where. alaska is well known though and has been around for a very long time.

  8. The last weeks we had only few chemtrails. Until last week. They were spraying like mad and the following “clouds” had the typical haarp ripples.
    In these days some friends and their realtives got suddenly very ill. Pneumonia and other things. Two died for no obvious cause. They were in the early 60s.

    The other day I noticed that the sky above me, where I was meditating on a meadow, cleared in a big circle. Planes flying and spraying within this circle left no trails. The trails dissolved at once! Outside the circle they lasted for hours.

    Have others had similar experiences? Please try! This could be our defence against this madness.

    As Buddha said,
    “Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.
    We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.”

    David Icke and other wise men and women say this too. It’s a cosmic law.

    I believe the reason why “they” are swinging the big club is that they are terrified. They also notice the change! 😀

    <3 Open the soul cages and get connected! <3

    • I have experienced this too Fabian! When it happened for me I was imagining my heart connecting with sun and it seemed to clear the air. I have been thinking lately that The Sun is the Son of God, and this I believe is a reason for the chemtrails. To block the love. Maybe it is like creating a love portal when we meditate with intentions of love. Traction for the divine???

      May There Be Lovely Thoughts Today!


      • Hello Shaun!

        Thanks for your response.

        This could be the connection. Since a while I’m sending my spirit into the Sun during meditation. This way bringing those energies to the Earth.

        I’ve been also asking myself if this “sun blocking” has something to do with blocking other energies (love) that are send to us.
        I’m so happy someone else thinks this way, too!

        All who read this: Please try it! So that their “weapons” crumble to dust. If one can do this what can many achieve?

        Love and Light!

        • Hi Fabian,
          Thanks for your response!
          It is good to know someone is on the same page too!
          I don’t normally reply on forums because of being afraid of being put on some list. I am not afraid anymore. We must all talk about the things that are happening and leave fear behind.
          Spread what is in your heart: Truth.

          And as far as what you were saying with thoughts, it feels right to think if there are many who beam out love intention the results will be more profound. Lets do it!

          Keep Shining,


          • Hi shaun!

            Yes, there are more of us.
            Unfortunately most people I know are unaware. Most of those who are aware are passive. ‘God will take care about it!’ So those who are aware and active must have the courage for all.

            That’s the point, my friend! If we fear we WILL lose. According to the cosmic laws there’s no other way than defeat if we fear. We’re drawing it to us.
            If we step into the open we can win. If we step into the Light (Love) we will win!

            We are the dominos in front. Our part is to give the others a start. We might be seen. But there can be thousands and thousands behind us that are not seen.

            We don’t have to fight the system. That would mean we are still caught within it. The one thing we have to do is to open our hearts – sending and receiving Love. Get connected. Then our energies will not be added but multiplied.

            Some might say this energy stuff is only hocus-pocus. Perhaps. But none the less this change would turn the world into a more loving one. We would care for each other not only for ourselves.

            Be a shining example!


          • “First they came for the communists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

            Then they came for the trade unionists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

            Then they came for me
            and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

            – Pastor Martin Niemöller

    • Hi Fabian,
      Just read your message on Zen’s site about the Chem Trails and Pneumonia.
      Stuart Wilde told us years ago that people would start dying of ‘Pneumonia’ like symptoms…..but it will NOT be Pneumonia…
      It is a FUNGUS….
      Apparently Chamomile Tea will work well against it.
      Also Lavender put on a mask and breathed in will kill it.
      You also may like to research anything natural that kills FUNGUS.
      Hope this info helps…if it does, please tell others.
      (Visualizing will clear up chemtrails….also on a site called EDUCATE YOURSELF…it has something you can build with crystals and copper wire that will also get rid of them..
      Bye for now….keep anchoring the truth Vibrations…~G

      • Thank you Genene!
        I’ll follow your advise and spread the word!
        Already told a friend to drink chamomile and mint tea and breathe in the steam. Didn’t know where this idea came from. 😉

        German “Zufall” (coincidence) comes from “zufallen” (come to so. (naturally)).

        Things are getting clearer and clearer. There must have been a reason I turned to more and more herbal and green tea instead of fruit tea.
        I also had the idea to put a bowl with water and lavender oil in my rooms. And I put a good dose of onions and garlic to my meals.
        Started to cultivate some herbals (lavender 😉 ) in my flat lately.

        I read about something called “orgonite” that should destroy harmful radiations and also chemtrails.
        And I try to awake some damaged megaliths near my home town from their “sleep” and put a healing energy pattern on them. So it can spread far and wide.
        Sadly some people are making their picknicks there, always leaving some mess and broken glass behind.
        It was a hard rollercoaster ride to get though all this dirty energies. But it’s worth it!

        BTW: Two of my friends got a brain stroke on those “haarp days”. One of them died a few days later. I chanced to say farewell during meditation and she passed away peacefully. The other one is getting better.

        To all those who haven’t heard the call yet: IT’S TIME FOR ACTION!


        May the Light always shine on you!

        • Indeed, either mycoplasma pathogens are in the chemtrail cocktail, or the debris catches in on its decent to the ground and I believe this is what is making people sick.
          Organic extra virgin coconut oil really helps detox fungus and protozoa from the body. Gets rid of aluminum toxicity, is miraculous for clearing “brain fog” and that general sense of malaise as well. I began taking a teaspoon of the paste once daily, and in about a week, I felt restored.

    • Where are those chemtrails?
      I have witnessed chemtrails going over Bodhgaya (white and black) and along the west coast of Myanmar…getting blown inland..
      here (undisclosed place) we have clear skies, at home in the NW it is very bad, with white powder covering everything. I got very sick eating the blueberries and raspberries, I took chlorella & spirulina and behold, very strange detox of white stuff … these chemtrails contain barium, aluminium and white blood cells and create a plasma cover over our atmosphere, all the better to triangulate and beam negative stuff down below, and to shield the evil-doers from the Rays of the Sun..
      The Buddha taught, ‘A well-trained Mind leads to Happiness.’

      • The question should be: Where are NO chemtrails. (No offence meant.)

        I also noticed more “dust” to clean up and on the windows. Just like some people I know. But they think it’s pollen.
        Pollen in autumn and winter and grey in color? Pollen is yellow and doesn’t glitter when light shines upon it! (This effect is best seen on windows.)

        “Where there is love there is life”
        – Gandhi

  9. The time has come to ask yourself this… are you a flesh and blood human being or are you light (love) intelligence manifesting within and animating flesh and blood…

    Let go of matter(s) and become…

    Love to you all

  10. How would these phenomena act combined- Haarp with CERN with X37B in synergy?

    The explosion of the BP oil rig detonated by a similar ‘tornado’ but was a deuterium flouride lazer beam. photos on youtube taken by guys in boat (later turned out to be spec forces) who “documented the event” ala Dancing Israelis. Are we getting angry yet people?

    • There is a theory that something is projected to occur within the next 6 – 18 months with respect to cosmic alignments and such that does not bode well for those at the apex of the power structure on earth, and that octagonal dharma wheel in Switzerland and its` sister CERN facility here in California was created to mess with time, so that they could keep their charade going for another 13,000 years. It is certainly thought provoking, to say the least.

  11. I have to cry I’m too emotional not to, I try not to have feelings of anger and hate towards these scum, but call them all the bad words under the sun Oh Yes I do, I dream of a world where most of us can be as one and live in harmony with all living things as we should be doing. Maybe we will be saved I visualise all the time some off world helpers coming to save us, and clear out the trash, the love in my heart i strong.

  12. So,
    It has come to this.
    North America has been slated to become a wildlife reserve, as per the hidden world controllers…human or otherwise.
    Agenda 21 is being implemented around the world even though their ‘Hitch-pin’ called Global Warming has been pulled…..and the theory crumbles before everyone’s eyes.
    Truth of the matter is, ‘they’ only gave us global warming…as an excuse for us to Willingly swallow their poisoned pill of mass murder/depopulation…to save the Earth.
    As you have viewed no doubt, the elite are acting as if no one is opposing their supposed ‘settled’ science…and are steam rolling ahead, manipulating governments to accept the corrupt UN’s global control and implementation of Agenda 21.
    I think, the reason for all the regime changes we are witnessing around the world…is to install Pro UN puppets who will do the UN’s bidding without question.
    There is no doubt in my mind…the take over of the world has been carried out by those who live a different time-line. Maybe something in the neighborhood of 10Years of our lives equals 1 day in theirs. That would explain why the agenda seems to be taking so long to implement (to us) but in reality it is happening at a very quick pace…to them.

    I think the story line went something like this.
    Greetings representatives of the earth.
    We have returned to finish off mining this planet of its natural resources which we have claimed as ours, millions of years previous.
    We do not wish to harm anyone but you must not and will not interfere in our mining operations.
    Eventually, this planet will not be habitable so you ust make such preparations for your species to exit this planet in peace while there is time.
    We will provide you necessary technology to accomplish this task, if you agree to help us by keeping our presence and plans secret.
    …This, I believe is what is going on…at least at the physical level.
    Also, I believe North America is to become Their habitation area…as they finish off gutting the world from the inside out.

    That being said…There are 2 options we have at the present is see.
    1) Stay in North America…and be eventually taken out by our own governments on mass.
    Even if you think you may escape to the woods or hide-out in the mountains…you will be found through ever increasing drove surveillance that is occurring all across America, and eventually Canada, Mexico. Sooner or later, these drones will be armed.
    2) Leave North America to parts undisclosed… keeping your plans as secret to all except those who you will take along with you. (now you see me, now you don’t)
    Might I suggest somewhere that does not require heating in a winter environment.
    Somewhere, that would support the growing of your own food and livestock.
    Somewhere, remote, away from the general public at large.
    Keep your eyes open as to Which countrys are cracking down on their population, and implementing a police state…Of course you will avoid these at all costs.

    If I could make a further suggestion…make your plans in a stealth fashion, since everything on the internet or other electronic communications is monitored.
    Use the internet if you will for research and planning a location….but once you have decided on where you will go, how you will go…you must Leave ALL technology behind.
    Internet, cell phones, Transmitting gps devices, Anything that has an RFID tag/chip in it.
    Just leave it all behind…and make your move.
    You must live a life without this technology…it has to all die to you, and you to it.
    Anything that transmits, that can potentially send out a signal saying ‘Here I Am’, must be left behind.
    It might not be that Big of a deal at the moment…but let me tell you, when the background noise level of humanity drops drastically…your signal will beam out like a Flare in the nights sky for all monitoring agencys to see.
    Many will try to escape still clutching their cell phones and such…and that is Exactly what they hope for.

    Welcome to the brotherhood of Noah.
    Long may you run.

  13. I’m like so mad dude I’m gonna finish this burger and do something like now, or maybe later after Sam and I finish WOW. But then, well then I’m like….well I’m really mad tho about all these preaching dudes writing paragraphs of pseudo-intellectual/spiritual “advice” and preaching their own little agendas and philosophies. So like, hey, it doesn’t matter no how cuz I’m gonna pick up the channel of a parallel world and kick back.

  14. This is what they have in stall for us I reckon, while they shelter under ground.
    This is just them testing it on ‘animals’ – (our friends)
    We are going to be ‘fried on the inside’
    Keep processing your shadow, spread the word – (more and more people are waking up)
    Bless each one who anchors the truth vibration ….~G

  15. Earlier posts mentioned orgonite, there is a growing network of “gifters” myself included we place orgonite around the towers, waterways, reservoirs etc to reduce the harmful EMFs, I have one on my phone & wear a piece on me at all times as well in the vehicle I drive. Zen I amnot sure about your protocols about suggesting other web addresses: if it is okay I would strongly recommend the orgonite provider I use who along with awesome product is a beacon in their gifting work.
    Smiles P

  16. I apolgise in advance for my expletives. I do not mean to offend.

    Blessings, peace and love??? Hoooooooey. Only one thing gonna stop any any murderer ‘dead’ in his/her tracks. Right now this world and her defenceless inhabitants need so much more than nice words and well wishes.

    Pick up a reasonably factual history book. For centuries, tyrants have ruled – driven the planet and her inhabitants into a living hell. Meanwhile the inhabitants protested with self imolatation, bound themselves to bulldozers and trees, waved objection plaquards and peace flags …and yes, some prefer to clone pose, like their heros – pathetic hand picked celebrity cabal schills in designer cammies and bullet proof vests, who walk like prophets, among the starving, sick and dying. Please hand me a bucket to puke in.

    I am over all of it. Personally, I’d prefer to die fighting, then sit in lotus position drowning out the cries of the earth and her creatures with OM.

    I’m 50, female and f—ing furious. How did ANY human ever allow ANY degree of injustice, cruelty or dominantion by any minority, to EVER play out on this planet? Like, where did the money come for all this haarp stuff? Taxes people. Valueless printed bits of paper that WE accept for our slavery. ‘Taxes’ – more bits of paper, collected and used for things that none of us would ever even consent to, eg. WAR!

    Look, it’s really simple. THE WRONG PEOPLE have had us over a barrell for a very LOOOOOONG time. Now we’re all living on our knees under the pressure of a system that, not only, did we not even consent to be part of, but that even declares us legally bound to submit to. WTF??? And all the while this ‘system’ depends on our cooperation to keep it up! WTF x infinity??? Just imagine what would happen if we all just stopped cooperating for just ONE day!!! And please, don’t tell me ‘well somebody has to lead and keep order’. WE are forced by law to elect some and the some elect the rest; all behind closed doors. Because of debt, most of us don’t have even time to explore the open workings of the ‘system’. But do we need to? If it WAS working, why are billions still starving and dying from exposure, thirst and preventable diseases every year? And why is the planet literally groaning under the endless assault she suffers as we ‘sustain’ the ‘system’?

    This is a RIGGED REALITY and it’s time it was pulled the fk down. You can keep your higher consciousness and dna upgrades for yoga class. I’m for ripping out the cancerous problem by the roots. Preparing the best tactical response achievable considering what little freedom is left, in the event that if the penny ever drops for the majority of my fellow planet dwellers, is my goal. If the majority were the same – i.e. willing to take fearless ACTION, you know in your heart, you would not need this blog, nor need some old aussie girl on here stating the simple facts …and those poor, dear creatures? I cannot be sure why they died but something tells me they would not be scorched and rotting on a beach. They would still be playing in the waves and singing their beautiful sea songs.

    People, to fight for what is right – even to the death …is love’s highest, brightest expression. It lights the only path to real freedom.

    • Sorry to say, but there’s one big mistake in your thinking.
      Love can never fight! Then it would be love no more. Love is life not death.

      As I wrote earlier: Even if this all is hocus-pocus – when we change our thinking and doing we’d change the world to a better one.
      But to realize this we need some quiet minutes to clear our thoughts. That’s why they chase us from one thing to another, spreading fear, turning people against their brothers and sisters.
      Devide and rule!

      “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
      – Gandhi

      You made the first steps, Lee. You realized how we are ruled and controlled. The next steps are to draw back our powers.

      They try to ensnare us with their system. And yes, it worked well for far too long. If we realize that we don’t need all the stuff they are selling, all the TV channels they are broadcasting (stealing our time and minds), we would dry out the swamp.
      We have to become “primitive” people. Only taking from the planet what we really need. Not raping Her for our (their) greed.

      “Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence.”
      – Gandhi

      If the majority of people would refuse the will of the elite than following it, we would be close to winning. But too many believe in (cashless) money and making more and more profit.
      That’s the real problem. Too many people are blind about what’s happening

      What do you want to do? Bashing this into their heads? Being physical not spiritual: It’s a simple physical law – Pressure generates counterpressure.

      When you bash people’s heads in, you’re just fulfilling the elite’s plans. This way they have more reasons to roll out more violence and controll against people. (Problem-reaction-solution.)

      We have to break their spell. Convincing the people not to follow their will. Who would spread their will when all armies and police men have deserted?
      I don’t say this will be easy!

      Your ideas would sound reasonable if they’d not be in power yet. But they are and the masses are following them.
      We can run with 10 or 20 others into their bullets. Or we can convince thousands to follow our path. (To think physical: When it comes to fighting then, we have the masses on our side.)

      Please have a look:

      We have to be a guiding light.

    • People forget that we are part of this system, and if you look anywhere else, there is no “Peace and love.” No where, at any time.

      If ants practiced peace & love, what would happen to their colony?

      If lions practiced peace & love, what would happen to their pride?

      Humans, whether we want it or not, are part of the biological system. The elite understand this and well position their offspring to be rulers and takers.

      I have traveled all over the world, have been part of some amazing history, and have seen some terrible and wonderful things; however, for all the passive/aggressive “peace & love” tactics, the elite still control the world.

      Did India really break away from the British Empire? See: https://encrypted.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=imf%20banks%20in%20india&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CF0QFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.imf.org%2Fexternal%2Fpubs%2Fft%2Fwp%2F2011%2Fwp1150.pdf&ei=Uj_TT4v1GqTg2gWZpo28Dw&usg=AFQjCNFqV8AL6tK7grZjnqY2ZSlCOppBRw&cad=rja

      That’s an IMF bank in India. I spoke with several heads of state who oppose the IMF institution, specifically because that one institution runs the country. Ask the Greeks about IMF austerity plans.

      Gandhi’s efforts, while laudable, were ineffective… i.e, see the IMF link above. How much longer do people need to be tortured, suffer, and die at the hands of these sycophants before We do something about it?

      We, too, have the right to live peacefully, well and without interference in this life, not just the next. I can certainly tell you that the elite live well and are rarely, if ever, bothered by anything.

      While you try to change 1,000 others, Fabian, the elite are paying massive amounts of money to bullies, 10,000 of them, to meet the increase in “awakened” numbers.

      There will always be somebody to serve the evil; we should know that if history has taught us anything. If it has not, then we are doomed to remain their servants for a long, long time.

  17. If HAARP can kill birds, dolphins, pelicans, fish etc….it can kill humans too just as fast! And we’re sitting here waiting for it to happen. Shame on us.

  18. Fabian, contrary to your assertions, I was not referring to ‘bashing heads’ nor am I taking my ‘first step’. But now that you’ve brought it up, this is exactly what many, like me, who do have extensive grain strengthening life experience, education and battles to draw from(inappropriate forum to elaborate), feel they are doing. We feel like we are bashing our own heads together dealing with your kind of dribble. Like so many, you clearly have no idea and wont. Not until your entire world crumbles about you. Say …engineered pandemic? Where you watch all your family and friends succumb, before you, horribly. Let me explain. Someone’s gonna break YOUR ‘spell’ by – metaphorically speaking – sticking that guiding light right up where you think the sun already shines …and you’ll never be able to sit in lotus position again, much less recite Ghandi. Go away mate and buy ‘Real Life for Idiots’. Go to the chapter that says ‘How to Balls Up’. Fair dinkum you make a grown woman cry.

    • Hi Lee!
      Well, I can say they destroyed my “world” several times. Every time I fought them. It was always like running against the wall.
      No matter how angy you are – I’ve been there before.
      Finally I was exhausted and tried to commit suicide serveral times. But this wasn’t my “fate” or “destiny”.

      Through this I’ve learned that there’s more in this world than meets the eye.
      Believe it or not. But meditation is a very powerful tool.
      Ever seen an Shaolin priest running berserk? Certainly not! Even if they have to fight they are not doing it in blind rage or in the intention to kill the other.And they have amazing abilities.

      And actually I see friends getting ill by the diseases they are spreading. I tell them what to do. But I can’t stuff herbs and such down their throats. Take it or leave it. If they want to get ill and die – yes, it hurts – but it’s their choice. (That’s what I meant by “bashing” certain thin(kin)gs into other’s heads/minds.)

      My intention was to give you one thing or another to reconsider. If that’s not your path. Fine! But treat others just as good.

      Did you read my comment? Not quite or do you want to misunderstand me? Because you’re relating to things we don’t have in common or things I didn’t write the way you are relating to them
      There are also things we share and that have nothing to do with “hocus-pocus”. And THAT’S important. Not the things that divide us. (Remember: It’s their plan to divide us!)
      Can’t you see that we are one the same side of this battlefield? Or don’t you want to? No one makes allies by attacking them.

      Do what you must. But leave those alone who are doing their part their way – even if you’re not seeing the outcome yet.

      Please reconsider one last advise: Cool down your rage! It always turns against you or at least against your allies.
      I’ve been there before! At last I’ve been alone!

      Zen said it this way:


      (Can we make peace? :) )

  19. Fabian………love is ALL they are afraid of… and the more the merrier.

    I too spread word by poetry – love/spiritual and also I eat lots of garlic/ burn pure lavender oil, and use it to disinfect, also lemons . I knew someone who knew how to create orgone. Lost touch sadly.

    I also tried to ‘leave’ the planet several times, but it was not my time either. No yet. I love this site, and D.Icke and some others. Crystal grids work well, as do reiki shields. Sending colours into the skyies for protection and cleansing.

    I send healing everywhere and to everything every single nite. All we may do, is our part. :0)
    peace (anger and fighting with violence in body and thought is not what will assist) ONLY love.

    • Thank you for your kind words!

      It seems that we wanted to leave this world for a better one. Since there’s no perfect world, we have to make it so.

      “The perfect world is not a place but a journey.”
      – Terry Pratchett, “Nation”

      It’s so wonderful to know there are others working on it, too.

      <3 Thank you – and all others, who are doing their part to it – for your efforts! <3

      I join this global meditation initiated by David almost every night. I'm sending Love and "wake up calls".
      It's important to me that we're getting more and more. I feel healing comes in addition when we get connected to Love. So I don't focus on healing. (But that's only what i feel.)

      It's interesting – with time I don't need to look at the clock anymore for the right time. My body, especially the third eye, begins to tingle.
      Felt it the first time last week, when I was visiting a friend. :)

      Much LOVE,

  20. Hi! Can you include (embed) the link to the first video clip from the Persian gulf? I can’t open it from this site, and I can’t see a title of it to search for it on YouTube. Thx!

  21. Fabian, loving your vibes. :0) I actually hold a bolster pillow as one would hold a child, or a loved one – and I send love to every single living being on our planet and our planet….etc. Also, no – there is no perfect, it doesnt exist, what we see is not real, the only reality is love. Love just IS. We are each nothing, and no-thing, attaching any label detracts from what the essence of being-ness truly is. As you say, and others, ‘attachment’ or non attachment.

    Peace love and laughter

    • Greetings Gentlespirit!

      Err, thank you, but that’s just my “job” or better: my calling. ;-1

      Agreed! As another wise man stated: “Love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.” (D. Icke)

      …but we can re-program the “Holo deck”, enjoy the stay till we finally see the exit. And then? Another journey? Other possibilities to learn and evolve? I’m not sure but I’m looking forward to it. 😀

      LOVE to you, my brothers and sisters!

  22. Since I was a child, I have felt the angels presence and God’s love in my life. Like Fabian and Zen I have experienced much ‘so-called’ loss and grief during my earth years. Why do I say: “so-called? Because once you have an experience of a voice leading you to safety, a hand keeping you from an accident, a light in your friend’s eyes that suddenly heals them, a loved one who passes on, but then speaks to you with the answer you’ve been praying for, a child who speaks so truthfully to your fear that you are healed- as they skip joyfully away, etc., well, these are just glimpses of the fact that we are here on earth to experience the reality that we are creating- good, bad or indifferent. Because truly there is no judgment but our own of our experience.
    So, the dark and the light are vibrations of outcomes. As someone said, many years ago: “If you created it, you can un-create it.” Thus you have Fabian’s experience of the chemtrails dissolving into nothingness in the area which he occupied. Does that mean someone else may suffer from them just outside his ‘protected’ area? Yes, that can happen. But the full lesson includes the fact that if one can see the effects, then someone else can see it and ask about it. And then the angels can carry the message to another and another anyone who is “waking up” and is ready for the truth.
    My kids say I’m ” loopy” with my beliefs, but I say “No, I’m just living my truth, and when you’re ready to ‘seek the truth, know the truth, be the truth, then the truth shall set you free.'” (Lyrics from a Larry Groce song in the late 60’s.)
    I’m sorry that this sounds so passive to Frank, Steve and Lee, but to those of us who have a strong bond with the principle of treating others as we wish to be treated, it’s a fundamental building block in knowing that each one of us must be grateful for those who help us learn our lessons. They are our Judas, and we are their Jesus, and the whole story makes for a grand experience in creating Reality.
    May the Universe bless us all, and may we all wake up soon and say “Thank You for playing your part- I may not have liked it- but I really needed that lesson.”

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