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It’s In Your Hands – Snordster

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Patrick: This was inspired by one of my favourite humans of all time, Osho. He once said to a huge audience.. "I wish you would hurry up with this enlightenment thing, I'm getting fucking tired now." I've got to the point in my life now, when I come across willful ignore-ance, I just think... "I laugh in your general direction" We are reaching critical mass in these upcoming daze and those that will not see, cannot, and will not be helped. Totsiens julle.



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  1. Zen, it seems that you are being pulled down by dark forces
    now, a video, with some guy shooting another guy with the force of his fingers
    i know you have a big love for snordelhans
    just question everything okay?

    “…There is nothing more important in this life for you, or me, than waking up…”

  2. I would recommend to everyone on this Planet to do something major and get out of their comfort zones. Change systems… live in Cuba for a month or go to Africa and try live there for a week. People are awake, they just have … no imagination.

    • Te gek! Totally agree!! We did a trial run 3 years ago and then got everything in order for full throttle. Had to get the rust off and test the waters, even though we’d lived abroad many years. Great advice! It’s great out here with wonderful natural people – no need to live in a can! ;)

  3. This message is the video is very profound if you get its message.
    Duality…rise above it.
    Good one Patrick.
    One Love

  4. The video was so sensually inspirational – until the final ‘shot’. The video shows positivity and negativity but it doesn’t suggest a state beyond both of them.

  5. I don’t like this video at all! Yes, the words being spoken are an affirmation, but the overall effect of the depressing music, snordsters depressing voice (which I sometimes enjoy) and the weird conglomeration of images is negative. Good message but delivered in absolutely the wrong vehicle.

  6. Hello old man, What’s with all the Suid Afrikaans and Dutch words in your posts?
    Is duality leaving the building so fast we now “spreek dieselfde spraak?
    Greetings from a dutch Suid Afrikaans family…. with another blessed little one on the way. One that will be wide awake from birth.

    Love from Holland

    • Years back I frequently partied with South Africans. They told me that apartheid was a created illusion as the blacks that were the cause of the scenario are not actually indigenous to South Africa, they migrated south due to the industrialization of South Africa. They told me the indigenous people of South Africa are the Hottentot (Khoikhoi) and the Bushmen(Basarwa) only.

  7. Geez Rollo – were those whiteys you were partying with? So a bunch of poor people moved to South Africa for work so they created apartheid?

    • Think from a deeper historic perspective. No whites, likely no industry, in effect the blacks fell for the bait, which contributed to the chaos which exists there today.

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