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Hang On – All Is Being Revealed


by Zen Gardner

What a perfect analogy. The Truth is coming to light in so many areas right now and this excavation is so representative of this entire phenomenon. All along we thought these were just massive heads that were mysteriously placed here on Easter Island by a civilization gone by, for whatever esoteric purpose.

Only now just a few months ago we find out they’re whole enormous statues–which makes it even more fantastic. Joke’s on us!

Let’s Get to the Bottom of This

Funny expression. A lot like “let’s dig a little deeper”. Very apt metaphor. What it implies is that things are buried, or hidden, from our conscious awareness. Now for those of us who’ve had any degree of waking up, this is a fundamental tenet. Humanity is being manipulated via false information and withheld truths.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s sort of how people act, superficially in most cases so as not to let on what they really think, or do. All to play the phony one upmanship societal game. That’s clearly the case with government, all while pretending to be “representative” of the people. Institutionalized endemic lying..for our good of course.

Whatta hoax.

The weird thing is everybody knows it and does nothing about it.  Instead, they trust the media of all things to alert them and “get to the bottom” of what’s going on. That’s like asking the butler to tell us what his master is up to in his massive castle on the hill. “You rang? I’ll let the guvna know you called…”

Well, that’s changing fast.

The Dynamics of Awakening

I wish we had some real statistics on the growing awakening, but we’re seeing the indicators every day. The PTBs can hardly get away with a thing without the alternative research community being all over it. And despite the overarching system being inherently wrong and manipulative, activists exposing and fighting this attempt at total control are getting results, from fighting GMOs, weird, manipulative social trends or exposing the depths of the erasure of personal liberties. I’m proud to say they’re on it!

Is it doing any good?


It’s the exercise of consciousness that is important. It is conscious humanity being who they truly are that is the solution. We are not here to prop up a dead and dying infrastructure based on the phony, satanic “survival of the fittest” paradigm and looking for replacement puppets. We are here to express Truth. We are here to inform and educate and cultivate awareness. It is the continuous and ever present exercising and living of our consciousness that is the very solution we are seeking.

We already are what we need to be. We already have everything we need. The hierarchical control system is based on an imposed lie that we need them to exist.

We don’t.

They should be ignored and left to shrivel up into oblivion. They’re feeding off of our reactions to them. Not only fear, but even our anger when poorly directed by an unconscious source can reinforce them more than fight them.

We need to rise high above them…and smile.

Because we know.

They only usurp from the unknowing. Once enough know, game over.

When Truth Is Revealed

Wow, there is big time stuff going on at this point. I’m hearing stories from so many of incredible spiritual experiences, blipping in and out of this field we’ve been encased in, seeing parallel worlds, realizations they never dreamt of….

It’s the very fabric of existence breaking down around and in front of us and revealing what’s behind the veil. Totally cool.

Yet only those conscious enough to know what it is will handle it properly. The rest will be sent into a tail spin of confusion.

Don’t be surprised at extremely different dreams, sleep cycles or daily occurrences outside of your previous concept of “normalcy”. We’re entering a new vibrational age. The cool thing is the information you need to substantiate these new awakenings are bursting out and at your fingertips right now.

You just have to take the time to stay fully informed, awake, aware and alert.

There’s a plethora of fantastic books, websites and blogs available, but you have to be led of your own understanding and find them for yourself. Many sites have wonderful recommendations that they’ve learned to trust. I too am planning a simple instructional on this according to my understanding. But that’s only MY understanding. Who am I? Find your own way and learn to trust your heart.

It’s time to stand on your own and discover who you truly are. Because everything is in you. Already. That is the revolution. That is the change. That is the answer.

And like I always say, when you find that, you’ll know what to do next.

That’s all for now. Happy being! We’re all in this together!

Be on!

Love,  Zen



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  1. Brilliantly stated, Zen. Some will fear to tread Their own path, wanting Others’ hands to hold, but as more and more of Us are realizing, Our paths will open for Us if We open Our eyes.

    I will take this opportunity to offer again MY solution to the satanic control group: http://chn.ge/AouRTZ – More: http://bit.ly/I5TriH

    For those who have not visited, check it out. We CAN do something!

  2. You articulate so superbly Zen.
    However, my first thought was about those statues, so you think they were buried like that from the last time the end Great Year was upon us. 13,000 or so years ago there was major upheaval, basically catastrophic events all across the planet. Yet the heads aged well, they have character.

  3. Again, I have to say: there is only, love, truth & compassion! &…, what’s that? Intuition, goodness & righteousness?! Might we have learned the moral of the story by now?! You know, the “Golden Rule”?!
    Well, I certainly hope so….it’s about time!

  4. @ Amaterasu Solar – mate you re still caught in the system, why should anyone sign apetition to get sth he already owns. free energy was never theirs, it is what its called, free, for everybody, and there are so many machines already build, we just need to make sure they are breaking out of thei cage of ignorance. even the constructors and builders are caught in the money cage, being foced to sell them to be able to continue to work and build them, this has to end, the plans should be freely available to everybody and hundreds of thousands of people will build their own, alone, in groups, for the village, whatsoever, come on, changing a diesel engine s bearings and some more “ingredients” every mechanic can do, and quickly you have a diesel engine running on water instead of diesel, it s done since years in germany but very effectively hidden, asking a thief to return what he stole, sorry mate, that is a waste of time as long as you deal with fearful psychopaths in need of control to defend their very existence, my best wishes, mike

  5. A great “quick start manual”.Thank you!

    Sometimes I’m so naive about these new things in my life – but perhaps it’s the best way to take it (for ME 😉 ).This means I can discover this “new world” without biased mind.
    It makes me curious and asking questions. It’s a game. And it’s fun!!! 😀

    And you are so right! There are more and more insights coming from “out of nowhere”. Does it come from within? Or a higher source (- which we all are part of)? Doesn’t matter. Be open for it. Just be aware!

    For many years I’d been in a “victim role”. Then someone came into my life giving me a hint. I saw a pattern in my life and thinking. And as I changed my thinking, my life changed suddenly.
    My mind was conditioned since childhood and this way I draw all these bad things into my life.
    The “trick” is to break the spell.

    Mahatma Gandhi said: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”
    And: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    <3 <3 <3

  6. I look forward to a deeper understanding through your truths by using my own as a focal lens!

    I’d also like to remind you of the upcoming date of 5/5 and 5/6 as it will be the transit of Venus in front of the sun. Remember that Venus represents Isis AND Lucifer. Could mean something with Lucifer literally eclipsing the sun (which symbolically represents light and truth), maybe not.

    Regardless, I too encourage everyone to stay alert, aware and always remember the most important questions to ask yourself when investigating anything strange:


  7. Just wait and see what the pyramids do….
    Big frequency wave….we are nearly there
    Connect everything to being inside of us and ….
    You can experience the rest…

  8. Thank you… so right on… we Do NOT need them… they Do NEED us… check out the opportunity of matrix energetics.com. It’s a whole new game of selfknowing… stepping through to other realms within the self… easy and so very fun. We are the manifestors we want to be.

  9. Wow, you said it, no more stool sculpture deity cult, no more stool sculpture deity cult copmound…self immolated by knowing truth, even Les Visible agrees…can I get an Amen Goys and Girls ?

    One wonders about the dynamics of the Hate Truth “Religion”…lends new meaning to digging deeper..Eh ?

    Love is lost when it’s tendered,
    Love is found when it’s rendered…

    Seeing Truth is beauty…

  10. I am still struggling to articulate this, so help if you can please.

    It is all about paradox. The mad, or stupid, do not realize that everything is about paradox – everything in our normal consciousness is about paradox. It is about duality – or non-duality eventually. We cannot think without words, and we can only think in opposites – there is no other way to think, and that it seems is how we construct our reality (as opposed to Reality). In some way they seem to be trying to deconstruct our reality by corrupting language – just as George Orwell warned that they would. They have us or our reality upside down and in conflict instead of as Yin and Yang and harmony. I have been trying to think about the New Age of Aquarius, now dawning, so they say. Aquarious is about The Brotherhood of Man and the opposite sign is Leo which is the opposite and is about The Monarch, what is regal and high and above all, individual. What I hope we all begin to understand – soon – is that we have to be both. It seems to me that we, we the ordinary people, have to become whole by being ordinary and regal. That takes meditation, as I see it. Meditating – in the classic posture, known as The Vajra Position but now called The Lotus Position in the West, is both humble and regal, gentle and majestic. It is a true gesture of balance and it actually does help people to encompass everything they are, or have. I am putting this in here now because I think you, Zengardiner may be able to write about it better than I can – and it is to do with unconsciousness becoming conscious. Ihope tht makes sense to you. ps If Aquarian characterists come to rule without the nobility of the Leo we are in for pure unmitigated Hell on Earth, and what Geroge Orwell warned us of will definitely come about because Aquarius is about technology as well as the so called “brotherhood of man”. That philosophy had Russia in it’s grip and it was merciless and horrifying – as it was in China. Imagine the Bolshevicks or Mao Tse Tung being able to chip the populations thy had under their control.

    • The dificulty may be with the word “think”… if one chooses to get out of the mind and into the heart … there lies an entire world of expression without words. The heart is electromagnetically 5,000 times more potent than the brain. This is where the indigenous peoples went to “communicate” with plants, animals, rocks … the world.
      This is where particle and wave play and allow us to play back.. We ARE bringing magic back… without the humdrum of religion, military and corporations… life outside the small box. Life beyond the confines of time / space and space / time.

    • Astrea, I’m liking your questioning. Lets figure out this paradox component. I’ve taken note that having the right analogy to explain a concept or idea makes a huge difference with how quickly a person grasps the implications. Hit me up for chat on yahoo..email id is fullerism.

  11. I’m in full agreement with your general premise and message. But the knowledge about those statues being more than just heads is a lot more than a few months old. I can remember seeing pictures of the full statues, some still lying where they were first carved, as a school kid over 50 years ago. A small point perhaps, but one of the difficulties of navigating these times is getting reliable information.

  12. Google World Liberation Day. It is today, May 5th, and is our chance to demonstrate the power of Mass Consciousness. At the peak of the Supermoon, we will unite in visualizing the evil cabal being arrested!

  13. Ah, Zen! You distill my own feelings as you articulates yours…..it’s as though you read every thought in my hungry, racing mind and commits the best of them to written form. It’s undeniable, our material world is literally falling apart in our lifetimes…and we were born to experience this, as you all know. If there is a greater reality – and we all know there is – THAT is the one we must identify with and trust as we face this seeming end. We are the ones to finally pick up the can that has been kicked down the road for millennia. We are the ones chosen to manifest the true nature of the eternal light beings we know we are, which cannot be harmed by radiation, GMOs, fascist oppression, and most importantly, death. Why us? As we like to say about so many other things…there are no coincidences. However horrendous the situation we are about to face, it is the very reason we were born. We are the ones to finally realize that ANY leader we follow will lead us astray. We already know the way.

  14. Ah, Zen! You distill my own feelings as you articulates yours…..it’s as though you read every thought in my hungry, racing mind and commit the best of them to written form. It’s undeniable: our material world is literally falling apart in our lifetimes. And we were born to experience that, as you well know. If there is a greater reality – and we all know there is – THAT is the one we must identify with and trust as we face this seeming end. We are the ones to finally pick up the can that has been kicked down the road for millennia. We are the ones chosen to manifest the true nature of the eternal light beings we know we are, which cannot be harmed by radiation, GMOs, fascist oppression, and most importantly, death. Why us? As we like to say about so many other things…there are no coincidences. However horrendous the situation we are about to face, it is the very reason we were born. We are the ones to finally realize that ANY leader we follow will lead us astray. We already know the way.

  15. Isn’t it neat that somebody finally learned that the Easter Island “heads” are sitting on top of whole bodies? Imagine how some of the experts on those heads over the years, who’ve studied them for whole lifetimes in order to render the most scholarly opinions about them, must feel after learning how restricted their “scholarly” views were. Many of said scholars have stated how mind boggling it is to imagine how any ancient technology could have set these “heads” in place that are too massive even for modern machinery to handle. Consider how much more their minds would have been boggled to realize they were only looking at a head and had no concept that a whole body was standing beheath it. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    This is not aimed as a “dig” at any of the Easter Island “head” scholars, but it just seems that some scholar by now (after several hundred years) would have kicked a pebble or two at the base of the things just to see how far such a head may have settled into the ground, then dug down to see. The bodies would be old news today.

    This reminds me of some scientists a while back, among them Carl Sagan, that proudly and condescendingly signed a formal statement affirming that “astrological influences have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do in the affairs of human beings.” On this subject they said to the public, “You can believe us and trust us. We are scientists, after all, and we do not tell what is not true. If Astrology were anywhere close to true we would tell you so. But it is absolutely false and we cannot ethically tell that any of it is anything except hogwash.”

    While I am not pushing Astrology and have no particular interest who thinks what about it, for my own edification I have painstakingly, blow-by-blow, in real life and real time investigated it by using strict scientific methods, and I would never co-sign such a “scientific” statement, as said scientists are in the same position as the “Easter Island Head” scholars that had no concept that there was a body beneath the heads of which they were scholars. Sagan and the others, regarding the Astrology “myth,” said, in effect, “Since we see no bodies beneath these heads, there cannot be any bodies there,” thus violating one of the most basic tenets of the true scientist. Obviously, if one does not know that there is a body beneath a particular head, then how may one call oneself a scientist or scholar in matters relating to said head? Ha, ha, ha.

    This is a great paradigm, Zen. Thanks for passing it on. I Awoke way back in 1968, in a moment far more cataclysmic than my physical birth 28 years earlier, and have been having great fun ever since, especially in watching all the realities unfolding for the world that my Awakening brought to the fore for me. I capitalize the word for the same reasons we capitalize proper names. One may awaken (as at physical birth), Awaken (as at spiritual birth) and AWAKEN (as in that which cannot be described except in personal bodily sensations.) I am proceeding into the last one now and the whole world is going with me. Ain’t it sweet?

  16. What a bunch of New Age CRAP! Your analogy between “finding bodies under the Easter Island Heads” and “digging deeper to uncover the truth” stands in a way you don’t even consider. As a previous commenter has pointed out, the knowledge that there are bodies under those heads is nothing new. The knowledge that truth has been covered up in obfuscation and deceit is also nothing new. New Age spiritualism and “self-discovery” has been used to derail the truth since the begining, from Nimrod to the Babylon Mysteries to today’s Occult Secret Societies and all the pagan and eastern mysticism in between, it’s the same old lies as were told in the Garden – “Eat of this knowledge and you will be like gods.”

  17. There are a lot of fictions in people’s minds concerning the world in which they live, and this includes those who seem aware of the dramatic changes now being forced upon it. Regardless of what the truth turns out to be it will be a lot stranger than those fictions. Each person is going to get what they deserve in the end. Maybe it has been delayed for a long time, maybe for eons. Maybe it will be delayed for more eons, who knows? But in the end justice will be served. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. I don’t care if you are the Chief Archon in Charge or just some invidious little nobody who hates to see others enjoy themselves on a sunny day, the time WILL come when whatever is truly good in the universe will finally get the upper hand on these intermediate planes where the Earth seems to be, and we’ll make some dramatic changes around here. Evil will be brought DOWN, and it will be sent where it belongs, back into its own domain where it will be forced to deal with itself and denied any more victims. That will be punishment enough for them and for the rest of the beings who are good and decent and honest, they will be able to exist with each other without any more interference.

    I don’t know if there will be a material plane of existence in which this will occur or not, but I suspect that even if there is a bodily universe it will be VERY different from this one. I don’t think we’ll live in these iron maiden-like meat tubes anymore that we call our “bodies”, and we won’t be forced to live on a dirtball in a black void upon which we will be forced to exist like ants under some cosmic sadist with his metaphysical magnifying glass (Archonic control of dimensional barriers through which information passes, which regulates consciousnes and its abilties, the body and other material objects and their locations and the “laws” which bind them, for example).

    It will happen eventually, no matter how long time must march on it will finally break down and not be started again for this realm. The horrific nightmare will be over. But that is not a waiting game we play, we must play a fighting game of retaining our virtues and seeing through all deceptions, and being true to our deepest selves, and facing all things and compromising on nothing that matters, letting all else fall aside. Slough off the egotistical, body-identified persona and learn to be the essence of a child, a true and free being (called “soul” by some). Let go of pettiness and hold on to nobility. Forgive yourself and others of weaknesses of the body even as you redouble your efforts to conquer them, yet hold all accountable to their own actions and choices. Be accountable yourselves.

    Some people here think it is stupid to note that the heads had bodies under them (as if everyone should have known…). But just think how stupid some will feel when it is pointed out to them that they should have known that this surface reality had an underlying matrix of control which presented it out of the energy of their own souls and fed it back to them on the cheap while while retaining the lion’s share of energy for its own purposes? That’s just for those who have something to lose by failing to wake up. The rest of the persons are robotic shells who serve no purpose other than to steal energy from those who have it, don’t waste breath or time on them, don’t even give them a second thought. They usually have this demanding air about them, like they want your attention whether you want to give it to them or not. Always ask yourself why you should ever bother to notice them? Better yet, focus on whatever it is within yourself, within your mind and its inner meaning and purpose that they are attempting to bar you from communing with. That way you will reach gnosis. They envy and hate the true sons and daughters of heaven and hate our heritage, even as they act to steal every last drop of it for themselves by way of this vile matrix torture system. They will call you a poor person as they steal your golden wealth and convert it into the shit that they eat with much lust, and they will blame you whenever you lift your head toward the light and try to see your way to your own destiny away from them, they try to drag you down. They try to make you feel every negative emotion in the book that disempowers you. Be disgusted with them until even that feels like a waste of your energy. Feel contempt for them until finally there is no need to feel anything at all about them, who are realized to be beneath contempt, even beneath notice except as an occasional gnat to be swept away from the mind.

    Whatever you do, don’t let them take your own mental energy and use it against you by arguing with them or railing at them or trying to convert them or understand them as if they were similar beings to yourself. You who have a soul should know better by now. Do you laugh and cry and joke and sing and share secrets and insights with someone who despises you? Wake up.

  18. From Enigma:

    If you understand
    Or if you don’t

    If you believe
    Or if you doubt

    There’s a universal justice
    And the eyes of truth
    Are always watching you.

  19. Great article Z, Energy, which has been called “radiant energy” and “cosmic rays” (Tesla), “orgone” (Wilhelm Reich), “Zero Point Energy,” and many others, is pervading space. It is within you and within me, around all of us, and is present anywhere we go. Go with the flow, create within, we are what we eat, drink and communicate. keep on Z.. good music stream http://www.gdradio.net/………..music heals, love heals thanks Z for the easy math test, still waking up….

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  21. Hi ZEN wow lovey article! i have just moved to Cardiff to an amazing flat just outside the center of Cardiff after over 3 years of anguish in a small town i moved on 4th of may on the 6th i had a wonderful dream of these twin black prices that said that were my new spirit guides and said my life has opened like a lotus i seen my old life as 6 or 7 ppl at the bottom of a tunnel as i speed up the tunnel on the back of a fast moveing cart, singing to the pepel, singing louder as there tyed to grab me too pull me back into lower forms of LIFE i think i am enlightenment

  22. I loved your article Z….sooooooo true…………..I love what you wrote Zen………It’s time to stand on your own and discover who you truly are. Because everything is in you. Already. That is the revolution. That is the change. That is the answer……… I stopped watch tv long ago. and listening to radio news, its all so worthless.I garden hope….life is great without the lies media barfs out…

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