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“He Who Isn’t Busy Being Born…”


by Julian Rose


You  know  the expression “Rightful indignation”? Well that’s a fire which  we  must not put out. “Rightful anger” is a direct extension of rightful indignation. It is a burning sensation in the chest and heart and it is a fire which we must not put out.

You  know  how  it  is.  It wells up in us when we are witness to some criminal injustice being perpetrated upon some innocent being, animal or  element  of  nature; or some political hypocrisy.  It  propels us forward. It elicits a rise in adrenalin, and it is the first step to just about all important actions we  take  in our lives – to ameliorate our planet and its people from suffering  and  slavery.  Or,  it  is done in defense of something or someone  we  feel very close to. Our loved ones, our garden, our small space of sanctuary.

Yes,  any  one  of those can kick it off. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is the follow-through. Failure to follow-through means death to the spirit. Failure to follow-through means denial of the life force. Failure to follow-through results from the intellectualisation of the profound.  The nullifying of the spontaneous.It is the main reason why things go on getting worse instead of better in this crazed world.

Many of those who set out to travel the spiritual path have been told that “it is ‘wrong’ to get angry”. “Do not react negatively”. “Sublimate your anger and offer love..” and so on. But this is a confusion. It mixes a premeditated thinking process with a spontaneous expression of defense of that which was born divine. Our planet, our children, our seas, birds, fields – the innocent providers of nourishment to our daily lives. Do not allow any obfuscation of this reality. We are answering a call to higher justice. That is what it means ‘to be busy being born’. “He who isn’t busy being born is busy dying” (Bob Dylan).

So when we witness a vile act of injustice it is only natural that we desire to restore justice. ‘Desire’ to restore justice! I choose that word ‘desire’ deliberately because it best describes the state of ‘rightful indignation’ which rises up in us – if we are still human. It is a holy impulse and to deny it is to commit a crime against our Creator.

We live today in a criminal society – a society made up of those who don’t react when faced with criminal acts against our planet and peoples. As Albert Einstein said “The World is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”

Well it’s well past time that we ceased finding excuses for “doing nothing” of not taking action when all around us blatant passivity is allowing dictatorial oligarchs to run our planet into the ground and make slaves out of those who still find excuses for why there is “nothing they can do about it.”

So if you still don’t get it, or don’t want to get it – try this clip and let it remind you of why you came to planet earth and what you need to do now you’re here. All this comes with my strong hopes for a future turned around – turned around by we who have the awareness but still lack the courage. Take courage my friends, it’s free and it’s beautiful.




Julian is one of the pioneers of UK organic farming, commencing the conversion of his farm in 1975. He joined the Soil Association board in 1984 and campaigned vigorously for the widespread introduction of organic farming methods at a time when this system was not known. Julian achieved notoriety when he brought a cow up to London (Hyde Park Festival of Food and Farming) and demonstrated vociferously against a government attempt to ban unpasteurised milk. Julian went on to develop his farm as a mixed organic enterprise selling all its main produce locally, while refusing to sell to supermarkets. He developed a theory of local production and consumption which he named “The Proximity Principle.” His advice has been sought by local authorites, development agencies and government and he has spoken in the British, European and Polish parliaments. Julian has written and broadcast extensively and has just completed his second book “In Defence of Life", about the radical changes needed to bring new hope to society. He started his career in drama, but took-on the Hardwick Estate (and Baronetcy) on the premature death of his brother and father in the late 1960s. He is an environmental activist, holistic thinker/actor and a defender of peasant and family farming traditions throughout the world.

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  1. Julian Rose Nice work .. I done my time in cells for the injustice i seen on defenseless life. I cant tell you pepper spray taste better with out a jack boot. I would still rather give my teeth then have to look at my self in the mirror knowing i have done nothing to prevent it.

  2. Right-0n! Its a call to the heart all right – and that’s not all – moves on to the plexus and then the conscience ultimately ending up as ‘total commitment’. The perfect antidote to the selfish, cossetted world so many try to hide away in.

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