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Have You Heard? Mental Illness is the New Normal

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With 300 official labels of such disorders, a shrink (dealer) will be more than happy to stick a label on you, and prescribe you a toxic drug to start you out.
The strategy is as old as the hills.

(Submission and poster by Peak Crackers)

by John Rappoport


The strategy is as old as the hills.

Show people an extreme example of something, and thereby convince them to accept a compromise.

In this case, parade before the public—along with assured pronouncements from “mental health experts”—images of James Holmes, Aaron Alexis, Adam Lanza, etc.—and say:

“Look, these are people who committed unspeakable crimes because they were suffering from mental disorders, and we must do something about it…in fact, at least half of all Americans have some sort of mental disorder…”

It’s a nudge, a coax, a veiled threat, an invocation of fear.

“Gee, maybe I have a mental disorder and I don’t even know it.”

It softens up the population.

“If you have a mental disorder, you should get diagnosed and treated. Otherwise, later on, you could go off the rails and commit a horrible act. It’s inconsiderate and dastardly to stay outside the psychiatric system.”

With 300 official labels of such disorders, a shrink (dealer) will be more than happy to stick a label on you, and prescribe you a toxic drug to start you out.

“Let’s try Ritalin… and oh, you’re feeling sad now because the drug made you crash?…no, that’s clinical depression…here, take Zoloft…oh, and now you’re going up and down?…that’s bipolar…here, do a little Valproate…”

You’re on your way.

But at least you’re not a James Holmes. Whew. Avoided that one.

And if DARPA or the National Institutes of Health says they’re breaking ground on a new brain-mapping project (only 750 trillion neurons to catalog and explain), you’re on their side.

“Well, sure, nothing harmful about more research, go to it, boys, and bring home the bacon.”

Even the idea of using this data trove to control the mind doesn’t sound bad.

“Of course we need to control it. Look what happened at Sandy Hook when we didn’t.”

The extreme advertisement at work.

Never mind that there is no laboratory test for any of the 300 official mental disorders.

Just a minor glitch.

Never mind that all the prescribed psychiatric drugs are toxic and some actually cause violent behavior (suicide, homicide).

You’re going to see more statements about “left untreated” coming down the pipeline. As in: “We can now manage mental illness quite well. But early-stage onset, if left untreated, accumulates and grows into something far more dangerous. So we need people to recognize signs and symptoms in themselves and others (snitch culture based on nothing).”

And in case you hadn’t noticed, early onset can mean babies. That’s right. Diagnosis in younger and younger children is the trend.

You thought your two-year old was staring out the window because he was, well, staring out the window?

Not necessarily. He might be clinically depressed, in which case he’s a candidate for drugs that can make scrambled eggs out of his neurotransmitters. But it’s all in the service of science, and ensuring he doesn’t grow up to be a mass murderer.

“Yes, we have little Jimmy on Paxil. We as parents feel it’s the responsible thing to do. He’s…different these days, but our psychiatrist says he’s making progress.”

You bet little Jimmy is different, and you’re going to find out what that means later on.







  1. I saw the actual test questions for some of these ‘diseases’ on line once and I took the tests. Well, I found out I have them all! Anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD, EP, LP, 45s, cassette and DVD. lol. Have you ever been sad? What kind of a question is that? I don’t even take aspirin so I just don’t understand how people can be so gullible. Go smoke a joint if you need medicating. The Creator gave you that medicine but the Dealers don’t make money off that. Good one Peak. Love

  2. You are kidding, aren’t you? This society is addictive, psychopathic, dysfunctional, projects its shadow onto any suitable (preferably coloured) target, accepts most known cruelty cards as normal. Calls genocide and destroying the earth ‘progress.’ Y’all forgot Vietnam? We figured this out when we were teenagers. Is there a ‘they,’ and are ‘they’ or ‘we’ the more hypocritical?

  3. Most who smoke cigarettes fully understand that they are detrimental to your health, yet they continue, despite knowing and understanding this. Partaking of something that you know and understand is personally harmful, is insane………period!!

  4. In Latin, “psyche” means “mind,” while “delic,” or “delos,” means to “make clear or visible.” Therefore, psychedelic literally means “making the mind clear or visible.”

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