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Hemp – The Natural Threat To Corporatist Parasites

Another conspiracy against sanity and self sufficiency. Big oil has perpetrated many a lie on humanity, not the least of which is banning this amazing plant from use. If it's banned, it must be threatening someone's interests is a pretty good rule. Good report here. - Zen [Hat tip: Erik - tx!]


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  1. It tells you every thing when !Big Pharma” is actively looking at the use of hemp oil (with THC included ) in the treatment of cancer .They will no doubt patent all form’s of hemp . All you have to do is follow the money. I know where I’d rather go treatment wise , the problem here is that cancer is big business and as always we pay dearly and usually with our lives.

      • medical fascism = we perpetuate it by colonizing ourselves with media and food through propaganda and by contributing to a medical system that perpetuates it with drugs. having MS myself and treating it with nutrition and cannabis oil, i am 1%-er on the flip side who treats my medical condition with something that cures. i am in the 1% of people who have MS who don’t take “disease-modifying” therapies for the disease. we just need to “do it” and live the lifestyle as our free minds and heart know to live. we have the consciousness, the cure and the medicine. Put our collective consciousness into cannabis oil curing humanity. i visualize it every day and with every dose of medicine that cannabis does and will continue to heal our world – from medicine to products. it is a tribal medicine used for “healing the crazies”. it does just that. Trust your intuition, you heart and most importantly – your physical body. Cannabis will do the rest. It cures dis-ease and cancer.

    • * Bet they’re frantically concocting their ‘Franken’- GMO-Hemp… with subsequent genetically modified pollen, to be loosed into the wind & criminally alter millions of years of the ‘wild’ plants natural state….the hubris is mind boggling for them to assume that they can ultimately dominate tame & control nature itself.

      • Equally as mind boggling Alex, is the fact that there are ordinary humans in these companies that are unquestionably carrying out the directives. From laboratory to manufacturing, marketing, sales, management, etc. Ultimately, the sick bastards at the top can only conceive the plans. It is “us” that carries out the implementation.

        In some sick way, they will in fact be “justified” when ultimately, the human race handles every aspect of its own demise.

        • * Yeah you nailed that…shades of the (1961) Milgram Experiments gone exponentially viral…coupled directly to the Satanic protocols ‘mind-parasitizing’ with our unwitting/unconscious complicity

  2. I consume a lot of hemp hearts. Great source of essential oils ad omegas. They literally melt in your mouth; a clear indication to me that the body likes ’em 😉

  3. Continued drought conditions in the high-plains area, taking in sizable chunks of 10 states would tend to obviate grain farming in the effected regions and severely reduce their viability as livestock producers. Twenty votes in the U.$ Senate would amount to a lot of potential political clout if farmers and ranchers saw hemp with its relatively modest needs for water; soil quality and fertilizing agents as a potential savior of lands and livelihoods.

    • * Absolutely!…but it cost them a lot of $$$ to geo-engineer this drought in the first place!… & I’m sure they’ll prestidigitate some bogus & specious reasoning to outlaw such sanity.

  4. A hard question people must ask themselves, but a valid one, is if government ceased to exist, collapsed completely, and the rule of its legal factions were unenforceable, how scary is the picture of our lives?

    Is it scarier than a government with zero restraint, unbound and aggressive authoritative stances, ruled by a mob of self serving hoarders and murderers that care only about their positions of profit and power?

    I know my answer to that question, and it’s not rolling out the red carpet for the cosanostra mobsters moving in up the street. As long as we the people continue to participate in government function, accept government authority as absolute, and believe that government rule of law is beneficial from the constitution down to a traffic ticket, we are sewing the seeds of our painful suffering and demise. There is no middle ground any longer. We cannot fix what is not broken, as government is functioning precisely as it is planned to. Just because liars (lawyers) say things are one way, all the while creating a hell beyond reckoning at the same time, doesn’t mean that they meant to do things by the book but circumstances prevented it. In case we all haven’t noticed, there is always a circumstance to negate any and all campaign promises, or existing rights and benefits (scarce as they may be), or simply write into legal statute more slave laws. There is always a circumstance to deny the populace healthy and peaceful conditions, all the while creating poison in every way imaginable, along with every method of maiming and killing a man imaginable.

    Pledging allegiance to the insidious plans of strangers, singing their war ballads with a tear in one’s eye, praising the war rag and voting for one of two bought and sold political whorehouses is setting ourselves up for tortuous suicide. Whatever imagined necessary purpose of government the deluded have created to keep it propped up, isn’t real, doesn’t exist, and will cost all of us everything.

  5. Anyone with a head on their shoulders that does their own research and listens to their gut instincts knows why this crop has been banned since WW2….

    the only ones with their heads up their ass are the ones that still listen to the darkage propaganda and draconion brainwashing!!!!…..

    these demons in power couldn’t compete with HEMP and their discusting chemical laden products so they BANNED it….BIG OIL couldn’t compete so they BANNED it……..BIG PHARMA couldn’t compete so they BANNED it…..Cotton growers couldn’t compete so they BANNED it….ALL these demon run institutions had the chance to be the leader of something GOOD for a change but they choose to go the deadly sickening killing the planet route of GREED and DESTRUCTION as only demons of darkness know so well…..they are EMBICILES these demons of darkness……instead of taking the reins and manufacturing something GOOD and TRUTHFUL they continue and always will be LIARS< DECEIVERS that KILL and DESTROY for their own GREED…..

    I cannot wait to see these demons of darkness and the mindless followers transmuted…..they will never turn to the light for they have been given upteem chances to do so……..ALL will understand why an end to this evil will happen……….EVIL DARKNESS to their core they do not have one ounce of divine energy within…..they are all creations of SATAN's world…….

    this is NOT a divine dimension (take a good hard look around this planet) and soon will completely implode upon itself…..

    nothing of spiritual value will be lost in this transition…..those of the light will continue their journey……only will now be freed from this HELL HOLE dimension we have been trapped in by a "Celestial Error"…….appocolypse means "the revealing of truth" and that time has come…..

    these demons will live the rest of their existence in FEAR….fear of loosing one thing or the other until their final destruction….those of the light will have their sense heightened and will feal a sense of JOY and PEACE within….

    Lots of LOVE

    • You are right about these things. I gather that you see the archons and their minons as well? Do you notice them and how they operate even on the streets in broad daylight, unbeknownst to the lemmings? Notice how they manipulate egos not only on spiritual levels (which are weakening) but resort now to technological baubles, disguised as… modern conveniences?

    • I am working on “slapping together” as quick as possible the logical and metaphysical analyses which coincide with Gnostic Revelation so as to maximize the speed of conscious Gnosis as a permanent part the physical mind which steadily eradicates the ego parasite and has both formal and energetic ways of reaching out and disrupting the archons, at first through their minions, then up the hierarchy, up to the top. It is height of religion, to do this. Check out my work. Moreover, let me know what you are up to.


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  7. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for turning one of my comments into a full on post. Really made my day :)

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