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The Hidden World of Faerie

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by Elva Thompson

Come fairies! Take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you Upon the wind and dance Upon the mountains like a flame.
– W.B. Yeats

Time is speeding up, the sand in the hourglass of our lives is flowing, and our everyday existence is a challenge, a struggle in one way or the other. In our reckless and relentless pursuit of materialism, we have become slaves to sense bound thinking and have lost touch with the etheric world which vitalizes all of nature. We are divorcees, estranged from the magical, wondrous realms we experienced as children.

As we grow into adult hood and take on the conformity and allure of modern life, we tend to believe that the enchanted meetings and marvellous moments of our childhood were just an illusion—the creation of an infantile state of mind.

The loss of this awareness is beautifully illustrated by the poet Wordsworth: ‘But yet I know, where’er I go, that there hath past away a glory from the earth…..Whither it is fled the visionary gleam? Where is it now, the glory and the dream?

Multiple realities

There is no such thing as ‘empty space’ per se. No matter where we are, at home, the pub, the office, the chair that I am sitting in typing these words, we share our space with other dimensions, other states of being, that vibrate outside of our awareness. Because we are not hard wired into their ‘channel’, for us they do not exist….but some of them through sympathetic resonance are aware of us.

We don’t have a clue that anything is there in ‘empty space’, that is, until we are alerted by their presence; a fleeting glimpse of movement on the periphery of our vision, or the feeling that something is with us in the room… and watching. A creeping chill at the back of our neck, or the sudden disappearance of an item that we’re using, only to have it reappear in a place that we know we didn’t put it.

All tribal cultures have stories of ‘little people’, and other beings that live in the air, water, rocks and trees. These otherworld entities have many names and are usually feared by indigenous earth based people. Sage, sweet grass, cedar and other high frequency plants are burned in an effort to dispel negative ‘spirits’ from homes and other dwellings.

The Fey

There have been hundreds of thousands of pages written about the ‘fey’, the faeries of our folklore and traditions. Their form, characteristics, lineage and tribes have been described—and yet they remain as elusive as the breeze, but most people have a general idea of what a faerie looks like.

In my experience, elementals have no bodies as such; they are electromagnetic wave patterns and can appear to human perception in any form they like, but normally one that is immediately recognisable and familiar to the viewer.

If an Earth spirit wishes to capture our attention, it will appear as a dwarf with his axe, or a gnome sporting a red cap, or as in Lakota country, a little man with braids, wearing red paint and dressed in buckskin. Each of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space have their own elementals attached to their frequency, and these formless beings can be benign or malevolent depending on our personal resonance and our agenda for approaching them.

All elemental and faerie beings are creatures of resonance—and when our   thoughts and feelings harmonise with their resonation, they are attracted to our energetic fields. We can entertain angels, demons and everything in between the two polarities—it’s up to us.

The etheric, elemental realm vitalises all of nature and for those of us who seek a living wholeness in our lives, we can with the help of the elemental kingdom achieve it. No longer will we be divorced from the mystical realm we knew as children and by the vision splendid, we will be led from loneliness of spirit into the greater whole. But we have to make an effort and seek out the hidden realm. If you have a garden that’s a wonderful place to start, you can adopt a tree in the nearest park, or buy a potted plant.

Without the living forces of nature nothing would grow, and Lakota people show appreciation and gratitude for the elemental realms by the offering of food and drink, just as we Celts have our ring and cup marks carved in stones as vehicles to feed the faeries.
So if you have the inclination, and you want to let the elementals know you appreciate them, make a food offering once a day.  Put a little bit of tea or coffee, whatever it is you’re drinking and a little bit of food outside for the folk of the Hidden World of Faerie.

One love




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  1. The actual root of the fairy myth?

    “The Tuatha De Danann (or Dragon Lords of Anu)…[before settling in Ireland (from about 800 B.C.)]…were the…Black Sea princes of Scythia (now Ukrane). Like the original dynastic Pharaohs, they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia; from them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland’s Caledonia. In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd, while in Cornwall in the southwest of England, they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe.

    “So, from a single caste of the original Blood Royal – whether known as the Sangréal, the Albi-gens or the Ring Lords – we discover many of the descriptive terms which sit at the very heart of popular folklore. For here, in this one noble race, we have the ‘elves’, ‘fairies’ and ‘pixies’ – not beguiling little folk, but distinguished Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession.” (Gardner, In the Realm of the Ring Lords, Pt. 1)

    Are fairies actually a mythical representation of the Dragon/Illuminati bloodlines?


    • The Danaan’s, those that came in the silver mist were defeated by the Lords of Fomor, and fled back to their star through the pyramid at Brugh.

      • The Tuatha were beaten by (Or did they cede Ireland for reasons unknown? How could mere mortal flotsam win over something as powerful as the Tuatha de Danaan?) by the Milesians, not the Fomorians.


        I wrote a (non-profit) e-book series as an ‘autobiography’ of the very ‘Un-Tuatha’ Tuatha Donn (Ui’Midir) who started out as a neurotic basket case who didn’t know what he wanted and developed into a much more balanced individual in some rather uncommon circumstances due to who he met both on the job, and before he became a psychopomp. (NOT a kids’ series, by the way. It’s so ‘alternative’ it’s out of the ballpark by the time you get to the last volume.)

        Here’s one of my illustrations of the kid who just became a Gate Keeper, after being more or less forced into circumstances he didn’t want to be in by Macha the Red.


        The Fey will visit your dreams under certain circumstances if you are allied with them. If they have a vested interest in you, they may also help rescue you under dire circumstances. (Personal experience.)

  2. All elemental and faerie beings are creatures of resonance—and when our thoughts and feelings harmonise with their resonation, they are attracted to our energetic fields. We can entertain angels, demons and everything in between the two polarities—it’s up to us.

    Can they give us any hope? :p :)

    • How about, can they give us any inspiration?
      Yes, they can.
      Each person has their own set of elementals, in the five chakras there are eight. They are part of our missing DNA, our multi dimensional consciousness.
      If we can overcome the to-ing and fro-ing of duality and control our minds, we can approach them. Elemental frequencies have their own sound, phonetics, colours, tastes[as in hot and cold] and geometrics. When Zen gets his forum cracking, if you have any questions about elementals, I am at your service.
      One Love

  3. Lovely to see some Faery Realm representation here! Synchronously, I am spending part of today painting one of my portal doors … adding the silver branch, which gives passage to and from the Faery Realm. There are many now willing to partner with humans in cleansing and healing the Earth. Three Faery Rules:

    1) Respect, not Control
    2) A person’s word is bond
    3) No rudeness

    As a plaque in my office says, “Don’t piss off the faeries!” But they are most loyal friends to those who respect and honor them and the planet.

    Much love!

  4. Very well said Elva.
    When making Orgonite along with whatever my particular intent is I include, “For the benefit of all living beings, seen and unseen.”
    Thanks for the tip on sharing.
    You are love.

  5. I believe in fairies and elementals. I saw one in an old willow bush years ago, he was very ancient and earthy. My garden is magical and I know it is a place for elementals. I see spirits and faces in trees, sylphs in the sky, have seen a glimmer being in my yard intently staring at a truck driving by. I think it is part of my duty on the planet to help protect any little space of earth I can for these beings.

    • Hi C. Wells,
      Wonderful comment!
      Get yourself a little dish, I use a hollowed out stone and at breakfast put out a little of your food and drink in the ‘spirit’ dish and say thank you to the elementals.
      Don’t worry about the nay sayers. Cold intellect can never unlock the mystery to the hidden world, only love can grasp the concept of the whole.
      One love

  6. Lovely Elva i have often wondered if someone would speak of these spirits and you have ! , When I was young my Grandmother told me about these elemental spirits . I was to always respect them , as you say they manifest in the way we ”are’. and as Laura says no rudeness ! i was told they can be especially peevish if not respected. I was told to always ask and say thank you before picking any of the wild flowers , blackberries and other fruits that were plentiful where we lived . In return I would be shown where the best berries were and the spikey brambles would never hurt me ,I still do this it was a valuable lesson it always worked ! and still does. Eight years ago after a very bad time in our life I dreamed of a pretty cottage , we found it! and moved in , it was in the words of my husband’ special’ My very young daughter would often say ,’ Faeries mummy Faeries as little girls often do 😉 One early evening a member of my family ran into the house pale and literally shaking , he had seen a’ creature’ floating across the garden not too small probably 12 to 18 inches high it flew, floated? onto a tree and sat looking, then just floated,. flew of , it was surrounded with an iridescent light , green I think. That was it nothing else , just a very brief glimpse . I didn’t see it and was sworn to secrecy not to tell. .I did mention it eventually to our dear elderly neighbour and friend , his reply was something on the lines of; Oh yes , Faeries, they are every where here , seen them my self !!!! Dont make them cross , nasty little buggers if you do. LOL, just as Grannie had told me.We did place our’ offerings’ as you suggest here, my daughters little tomatos and strawberries were very popular , some times we would find a wild flower in an odd place or a shiny stone and feathers of all kinds . Coincidence ? Maybe , but I don’t think so . Our Universe is a Multiverse and these elemental spirits are just another expression of all that is ‘. Only love can grasp the concept of the whole’ so true Elva , our intellect will never give us a true picture of the wholeness and sacredness of life . Just being Still and surrendering to all this beauty is often enough . much love Kitty X

  7. I had an encounter with a fairy when I was a child. She visited me in my bedroom and hovered above me while we had a telepathic conversation. It was as real as real can be, and I was terrified throughout the whole encounter. I told her that I was scared, and she understood, and I told her I was going to go to the bathroom and please would she be gone when I got back. She flew off into the wardrobe (!), so that I would know she wouldn’t be still there when I got back. I was the ultimate tomboy and not into anything girly, girly. I wish more than anything that I could remember what she said to me.

  8. Kitty,
    The poet Sidney Lysaght said of this very subject:
    ‘We have dreamed dreams beyond our comprehending. Visions too beautiful to be untrue; We have seen mysteries that yield no clue, and sought our goals on ways that have no ending.’
    For you, Kitty on Valentines day.

    The Faery Folk

    If my humanity I’d lose,
    Which seduction would I choose?
    The angel’s voice eternal in the stars,
    Or faery folk, immortal mid the flowers?
    The angels sing of boundless light and joy
    And spirit’s flight to high rebirth,
    The faery folk are in the land
    And love the sacred earth

    R.J. Stewart. November 1992, written while taking part in a day of sacred poetry at St James’ Church, Piccadily, London….taken from the Living World of Faery by R.J.Stewart.

  9. Actually Ken is right about the Tuatha De Dannan and the fairy so called myth. They go back thousands of years BCE not hundreds. They were part of the first born out of Atlantis. They were the people of light. Once the evil was released on earth they got tired of fighting and retreated to nature. This stuff did not come out of Disneys head. It’s all over the ancient myths. Their Queen Danu gave a prediction of what the world would become once the fairy or light people retreated to nature and she was pretty spot on about the decay that has led to todays world. I think they only show themselves to people who truly respect nature and the universe.

    • Yes, very true. Disney and the Victorians did a great job watering down a lot of ancient material, but the Ancients do help those who sincerely respect the planet and the Original Instructions. Native American traditions and the Danu material have a lot of overlap, and in fact you can find some videos with Native American Elders discussing the similarities between the traditions of Ireland and their own.. Respect and a loving heart to all things and beings are key, as they have retreated into Nature in all its masks and facets. Not all faeries are flower faeries. Some can be quite scary and unnerving, not in an evil sense, but it can be interpreted as such if you expect to find the quaint Victorian or Disney types.

      • Very nicely put. It is so great to talk to people who understand this stuff. The Native Americans, the Danu, people of Lemuria, the Mayan, the Irish among others all came from Atlantis. This is why there are so many simalarities.

  10. ‘ I think they only show themselves to people who truly respect nature and the universe.’ So true, James.G, but the unseen world is dual because it is the counter-part of ours.. and because of our problems and fears, what hangs out amongst most human beings I would say is bordering on demonic realms. The world of the elemental is just as dangerous spiritually and energetically as a tornado is to human life. These beings are not to be trifled with. They are masters of deception and only through the heart can they be safely approached. It’s all about how much love we can carry.

    • I couldn’t agree more love is where it’s at. Most people are bordering on these demonic realms because the people running this world keep them in a state of fear. If people would just see with their heart, bring the goddess back and knock down the walls that define them these beings may show themselves. The female side of the spirit as I have read in ancient myths is very much alive in the fairy realm.

      • I wrote this in response to some questions people asked me earlier this morning, but it could just as well go with what James G just mentioned:

        “Faeries can shapeshift, and they will often present in the ways that we expect; however, some do reveal hints of their more authentic form to those whom they sense will not recoil. The Faery Realm reflects the human realm, but it is decidedly strange to those without much experience there. Since another Faery Rule is “No Rudeness,” many faeries automatically adapt their appearance to something less strange or awesome (in the literal sense of that word), just so that the humans don’t offend them [by recoiling].

        “Deep work in the Faery Realm involves facing one’s Shadow, and that can take years or lifetimes. If you long to see faeries, then work more on getting to know your Shadow Side and learning to recognize the sacred in all things. Just as you might feel shy about showing yourself, warts and all, to a stranger, so these sensitive beings — of sometimes extreme power — have learned not to place themselves into situations that might result in hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Build up trust in the same way you would with a pen pal — respectfully, slowly, and honoring the other being for his or her own desires of what is or is not wanted from this relationship. Not all pen pals meet in person, but that does not preclude value in the exchanges!”

        Some of the “worst” aspects of the goddess are merely an expression of extreme hurt and vilification. Love heals all wounds, and many seers report the “ugly” or terrifying beings in the Faery Realm becoming more beautiful and gentle through love. All those tales about the old hag turning into the beautiful, wealthy princess when treated with respect — those tales have great truth in them, for our world, as well as for our Mother Earth.

  11. Elva – I love all you say. C. Wells is my sister. I was just giving her the rhubarb. I believe in the faeries if she says it’s so. I have a magical yard that would be conducive to the wee folk. We left out cake & cream in tiny sea shell dishes last summer when we held a faerie tea party, but they never came. I did on that day, get a very strange photo of my sister where she looked like she had morphed into one! I have a brown thumb, maybe they don’t like my vibe.

    • She Cat, I’m sure they love your vibe. Keep putting out a little food and drink, it’s the act and the intent that is the catalyst.
      One love

  12. As a little girl, I believed in the fae and lost that as I grew up. Pretty classic. They sent me a friend some years back to revive this, her personal spirit guide showed herself as fae and she would talk non-stop about them. I could never quite get back the original belief even though I wanted it, but I know they are there. I feel this is partly why energies in the forest can be overwhelming for me, like I am being watched and discussed..lol! I have to will my legs to slow and once I connect/talk with the trees around me, I feel much better. Now, my youngest daughter, having had an actual visual experience with a fairy light during a forest walk at a kids retreat, is my newest teacher.

    Thank you, Elva! We will give this feeding ritual a go!

  13. Thanks, darling Elva. It’s many years since I’ve had a visual encounter, but the elementals are always part of my life. Health and peace.

  14. thanks for the beauty.

    I don’t see elementals, faerie folk or anything like that but the sense of welcome, acceptance and intelligent presence that I receive from the garden is real. There is a Eucalypt in the back yard which looks like a woman, frozen in motion – she is a dryad, to my mind, and I put my arms around her often…. partly because I can and partly because she’s very slow to run away. Tree fern fronds kiss me as I pass and the small fountain in the garden attracts everything needing a drink.

    ‘Touch wood’ – I’ve never been startled or bitten by the multitude of ‘greebies’ which share this garden. I can only put that down to ‘letting the garden know’ when I’m about to start work. …. and the garden, itself, giving me protection and encouragement in return.

    • Same here – never “seen” anything but very often sense them – sometimes there’s a rustle in the bushes with no apparent wind or just an energy field I sense, almost like the transparent wavey translucent predator thing in the movies.
      I talk to and touch and thank the plants as well, they are very affectionate as you said and appreciate the touch and energy. Trees especially have always amazed me and I’ve been a hugger since before there was a word for it, ha. There is a sadness in the plant kingdom now with the assault on the earth as it is, so they appreciate the encouragement whenever they can get it.

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