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Hollywood Mind Control – Freeman & Jamie Hanshaw


RedIceCreations – Freeman is a TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. He is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, government conspiracy, and ancient civilizations. His partner Jamie also studies the occult activities of secret societies, the Freemasons, magic, sorcery, Kabalistic rituals, and Hollywood trauma-based mind control. She, with co-writer Freeman, is compiling all of this information into a fully illustrated, well-referenced compendium of the occult mind pattern programming of Hollywood and the Mainstream media in their new book, Weird Stuff Operation: Culture Creation. Lana from Radio 3Fourteen also joins Henrik in this interview. During the first hour, we’ll discuss occult Hollywood mind control and the use of pop culture icons for social engineering. Jamie also talks about princess programming, femininity, sexuality, vampires and magic. We briefly touch upon symbolism found in the 2012 Olympics, notably Mary Poppins. In the second hour, we discuss dark aspects of children’s entertainment and who’s behind the scenes. Currently, Freeman and Jamie are aboard their school bus, “Ms. Emily,” a Mystery School Mobile Media Lab Experiment seeking the miraculous and transmitting it back to you in a Type 1 Roadshow fashion on the Friendship Agenda. Freeman shares some stories.




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  1. Hi Zen,

    I am surprised you posted this :) ?

    I heard this show and it bored the shit out of me. same old recycled drivel. Many others including pseudo occult media and intheknow7 were covering this yonks ago.

    Freeman’s female partner answered few questions and spewed out random facts. I actually felt embarrassed for Henrik, and his partner, he’s a smart concious guy – an excellent listener and interviewer. He probably knows 100x what freeloader (sorry freeman) does.

    My view is the whole show seemed a pointless waste of time and probably the reason redice put the whole 2 hours in the non members area 😉

    Apologies for my negativity. I just had to comment. Perhaps to the uninitiated the interview was enlightening? It really didn’t seem to go anywhere, or get to any point? or did it?

    • Just to clarify I agree with most of what freeman is saying and he has most of his facts fairly straight but he takes it nowhere. It’s like listening to a london taxi driver who’s smoked a lot of weed 😉 Sorry for making the first comment of your post a bummer. I do like this site Zen and for the most part like you what you have to say – your positivity is a real lift. thanks :)

      • My same exact impression. I think these newly minted NWO guru’s also need to realize that the women that are aggressively trying to pair with them may not have their best intentions in mind.

    • You’re ahead of the game, dude. No beefs. But Freem and spouse cover important stuff peeps need to know about. Freeman’s an integral part of knowing what’s going on IMO….cheers, Zen

  2. Yea, Mike…throw some of your action out there for us to paddle around…hats off to the consciousness known as Freeman, Jamie, Zen, Mike and all that is truly good, truly good!

    ( |o ))=====:::

    • You’re damn right. I know stuff and yet continue to sit on the fence being judgemental – procrastination/indecision seems to be the name of my game at the moment. I could be paralysed by fear although I don’t actually feel scared. Weird.

  3. I’ve heard this type of thing many times before. Some of the hardest people to awaken are those that are heavily indoctrinated into religion. Religion uses many of same means as Satanic cults to control people’s minds including rituals, imagery, symbolism etc. The same thing pours out of Zionwood as a part of the drive to a future one world religion.

    Will the same shills keep the power and money under the one world religion? What will be the grand new name and marketing spin they put on Satanism to get the sheeple around the world to buy into it?

    This type of thing below seems to still happen a ridiculous amount of times. Not so easy to sweep it under the rug like the old days. What will happen in the one world religion?



  4. You might check out “Mark Devlin” a DJ that was recently interviewed over at Red Ice.I did’nt listen to this one yet (Freeman)but I believe that Mark covers a lot of behind the curtains type of stuff that happens in the music and other entertainment industries.

  5. check out this site:


    the saturnists have been at it for a while, even micky mouse is perverted…. these folks force us to follow a phoney invalid calendar, block the movements of moon and stars via weather modification, and yet they do evil rituals on those full moon nights including human sacrifice…. and they dare to call themselves illuminated, enlightened….

  6. Mike is correct. I watched this video and thought what a self serving source of information Red Ice has sorta become. Like David Wilcock and George Kavasolis it seems that all of our guru’s are compromised by these succubi girlfriends that undermine their efforts. Henrik’s girlfriend even created her own show inside Red Ice which nobody listens to. So what did she do? She co-hosted the show you linked above. And in all fairness to that dude Feeman, he admittedly said he got into his field of expertise in 2006. That would put him in the ballpark of getting his inspiration from George Noory or Rense. Are these the experts we are supposed to get our inspiration from? I’m pretty sure there is nothing Freeman can say that Zen Gardener readers don’t know already. It’s like they now have hot girlfriends for the first time in their lives and think they don’t have to make any effort anymore.

    Idea to other critical thinkers: If you were a shadow group trying to deflect any alternative truths that may arise out of the 2.0 internet culture, what better way to do it then assign ‘girlfriends’ to these guys who previously didn’t have any.

  7. I found this information very informative. I was aware of the negative way everything was being portrayed, but Freeman and Jaime’s interview gave me a lot of additonal insights.It is SO important for women and young girls to be aware of what is being served up by the PTB(Poop That Be). I had previously showed some Lady Gaga videos to friends of mine who have daughters to make them aware of what is out there. As they watched, the moms were trying to come up with some reasons (aka excuses) why the “horrors” were being shown in the videos, (watch the Telephone one with Lady Gaga and Beyonce). I don’t think I made a huge impression, but I hopefully planted a seed for them to think about. Maybe because I am a woman and mother, this information resonates very strongly with me.

    • Good for you Clara. Yeah, people are their own apologists for this crap that gets served up, it’s so amazing. I know one guy who was getting up on all the alternate info and waking up and went to live Gaga concert and literally fell in love with her! He totally shut down on me, it was amazing. He was approaching 50 yrs old, I was dumbfounded. Shows the hidden power in that satanic mind control stuff. Cheers, Z

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