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Homegrown Drones

Augereye Express

by Chautauqua

In a darkened underground room 35 miles Northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada US airmen are controlling the unmanned drones which might be looking at you this very moment.

Creech AFB, (formerly known as Indian Springs), is but one of 63 such UAV command centers across America today. Now not all of these are military; with increasing & alarming frequency such sites are run by your local & state police, as well as Darpa, homeland security and the usual alphabet soup of domestic security agencies. As if the patriot acts, echelon & carnivore, and more surveillance cameras every day weren’t enough for them, now our government is spying on our every move with armed combat drones. Does this seem right to you? Just exactly how is this O.K.??

Stationed at Creech AFB; homeland security and the US border patrol operate drones of various designs to monitor activity in the land of the free, beginning with the massive Global Hawk which can loiter on station for days, recording and transmitting its data to multiple agencies, as needed. There is some speculation that a global hawk was what hit the pentagon eleven years ago. The original predator combat drones proved to have a few serious limitations, which of course begat the next variant, the MQ-9 Reaper drone, which is now the workhorse of the UAV fleet.


There wasn’t an awful lot of protest here at home when these drones were only being used overseas to persecute ‘the war on terror,’ killing scores of innocent human beings in the process. With the help of a compliant media our government had little trouble touting the myriad benefits to using these unmanned killing machines, and our slumbering population barely raised a whisper in protest when it was announced a few years ago that homeland security would be using drones to protect our borders from terrorists.

Under the umbrella of our compliant silence, the psychopaths in power very quietly moved their drone agenda into high gear. Last February congress passed H.R.-658 under the name FAA modernization & reform act, perhaps better known as the Skynet surveillance enabling act of 2012. This 60+ billion dollar program gave the funding and green light to having some 30,000 drones authorized for use in American skies.

Take a minute; let that sink in…thirty thousand drones.

Why? Might this in some way be connected to the ludicrous amount of ammunition DHS has recently ordered, again, for domestic use? Will these drones be used as air cover for the IED proof armored assault buggies recently seen in several parts of the country?

Almost overnight it seems, second and third generation drones like the military grade yet street legal Honeywell T-hawk were being deployed by domestic police and federal agencies. Naturally, at first we were told such drones would only be used to fight crime and evildoers on our home soil, and because we wanted to, we believed or ignored the lie, again. They allowed us to sit with the new status quo for a little while before ever so casually announcing that it was now going to be necessary to arm these drones with rockets & missiles, you know, because of the terrorists everywhere.

Nowadays these domestic drones are coming in smaller sizes, with hovering and tracking capability. The ShadowHawk is a little thing not much larger than a basketball which can silently hover over a neighborhood, or a single residence, with high resolution cameras, microphones and who knows what else? And not all these new drones can fly; there is a whole sub-species of unmanned drones designed to enter buildings and kill people. Such things were just fine and dandy in Iraq and Afghanistan…not so much when it’s us they’re spying on. With the ever widening definition of who is a terrorist, I think we all have a great deal to be concerned about with this issue.

Yet even with this, the powers that be were not satisfied (they never are!) and began the next phase of the domestic drone program; mini-drones, and micro-drones. These newest generations of drones are so incredibly sophisticated, and small you’d think they were right out of a science fiction movie. When it comes to homegrown drones the rule of thumb is the smaller, the scarier! They now have a fully operational “mosquito drone” capable of actually injecting whatever they wish into a person.

George Orwell must be break dancing in his grave!

On the one hand this would all seem to be just more big brother mentality from the police state, seeking greater and greater control over all of us. It is, after all, what they do.

These last few years it indeed seems “they” are trying to become Darth Vader, or some equally frightening specter of death. There is a reason for that, and it’s the exact same reason they feel they need 30 thousand drones; they fear us. If their lock on everything was air tight there would be no reason for drones overhead or storm troopers on our streets. They fear us!

Take another minute, let that soak in too.

Their world is dying just as certainly as did the dinosaurs from which they built their empires. The signs of this are everywhere for those who have eyes that see and ears that hear, and it’s becoming more and more evident with each passing week. I believe it was George H.W. Bush who once said something to the effect that if we ever caught on to them, they would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. They fear us all coming aware at once, they fear what we might do to them. For those who profit by the selling of fear are not exempt of its influence, no matter how rich, no matter what bloodline.

The drones are just another symptom of what the Hopi call Koyaanisqatsi, or “Life out of balance.” Just one more thing on a long list of things we should have never allowed to see the light of day, things we turned a blind eye to, thus giving our collective tacit approval. The drones remind me of another Hopi word, Naqoyqatsi meaning “Life as War.” I just can’t help wondering where we’re going to draw the line, and when.

Anyway, that’s my rant on drones, at least until my cat catches one and brings the trophy home.

A much better one is this video, “Murder by Joystick” by Zen Gardner and Snordelhans.  ~Peace~

“Murder By Joystick”




  1. Yep. Long time friend of mine told me about this a couple of years ago.
    “The drones are operated outside of Las Vegas”. That’s all he could say to me because of his critical rating for a defense contractor.

    After a couple more beers, he said people would find out about it later on. Looks like we just did. Thanks Zen!


  2. Unknown to many, NATO has it’s own web page, here. – http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/index.htm
    If one were to open up such a page in their browser, they would discover one feature there is the NATO periodical magazine, NATO REVIEW.

    When reading NATO REVIEW, we will discover that much of the content is focusing on “Homegrown Terrorism”, see here. – http://www.nato.int/docu/review/index_EN.htm#1http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/index.htm

    This is mind set indoctrination for NATO soldiers. Prior to 9/11 (for perhaps 5 years) the military was being ‘hyped’ to ‘weapons of mass destruction’ as being mission objective focus, through organs such as this; thus, these type of journalistic initiatives by NATO (and others, especially military oriented press) are very valid indicators to what subjects will be the focus of future action.

    On Dec. 31, 2011, Mr. Obama signed the Defense Preparedness act, making ‘legal’ the extrajudicial killing of any American, anywhere, upon his signing the order to carry out that sentence. There are ‘lists’ awaiting signature. These are compiled in secret, by a secret committee, after their reviewing secret evidence.

    Given the state of the art capacity for surveillance, and tracking, that now exist; then, we can easily see where all this is going.

    • Hi Soni…Indeed the Defense Prep Act is darkly spooky stuff,
      I always marvel at how they name these things, like the FAA “modernization & reform act” for the roll out of 30 thousand drones. Perhaps even spookier are the references I’ve been hearing of late that President Obama not only has his secret hit lists, but watches the actual drone strikes being carried out. Now if we can just get a few expert hackers, WE could have a few drones of our own. Saw a great Photoshop image a while back on the web, someone had made a decent looking “Drone hunting license”. Perhaps its not a bad idea. Give all those private pilots a chance to upgrade their flying skills :))) ~Peace~

      • Anti-drone technology a must in the endgame? Think SkyNet…but is there anyone awake enough? Seems the opposition has been neutered or intimidated into oblivion…curious state of affairs we’re in for sure….

      • “I always marvel at how they name these things”; exactly, defending what, and against who?

        Then there is Mr. O. graduating (supposedly) as a “Constitutional Lawyer”.

        The list of “Orwellian” double speak would fill volumes.

  3. Drones are the future toys to keep the slave overseers on the bottom bricks of the pyramid entertained since assault, battery and murder by taser won’t be enough fun for them after a while.

    It really is a race to extinction for us under these psychopaths.

    Years ago I was at a large outdoor event on private property. Someone next to me pointed up and said hey what’s that up there. It was at 2-3,000 feet but you couldn’t make it out clearly. I grabbed my binoculars and saw it was a drone with a camera on it climbing away quickly. These scum have been violating our rights illegally for some time now but are finally rolling it out to make it nice and “legal”.

    There’s plenty of hope because morons are running this stuff. I remember reading this article about how this 300K drone smashed into the swat military vehicle. Complete idiots. What do you expect when you start dumbing people down and then picking the bottom of the barrel to be your thugs.




    • Your experiences give you a fascinating perspective that most will never have, which to me means your insight, judgement and compassion will be far above the average. Thanks for posting.-C

    • thank you “me” for posting, it’s becoming hard to be an american, it’s a moral issue, the more I see what we do, the less I want to be a part of it…

    • God Bless Gary Webb, he thought there was a real government that would bless him…Not a bunch of killers to rid him…Rest in Peace Gary….

  4. “The drones are just another symptom of what the Hopi call Koyaanisqatsi, or “Life out of balance.” “……………….. I think it’s a bit more than that. I’d say they were fucking monsterous. War is monsterous and so are the vipers brood who feed off of it.

  5. I see a drone over Chicago area quite frequently(last one was at 1:38 pm on yesterday 9-20-12, 4-5 thousand feet going north-White with propeller in back-and that high pitch awful whine).

    Again, when I mention it to those around me they stare like a droid for a minute and say it is just a plane or ignore what I said and go on with what they were doing 10 seconds earlier.

    I accept this and laugh. When the sh-t hits the fan they will be glued to their tv’s,computers I-phones Etc…I will be bugging out. You don’t want to be stuck in a metro area of over 9 million people (a town of 100,000 may be to large.) as the military vehicles block off the streets.

    I saw homeland security practicing in May during the g-8 summit with regular military vehicles at some intersections in Dupage county Illinois. The guy next door is a local(Idiot) cop that I see get in and out of his car dressed in full military gear and a duffel bag bigger than a little league duffel bag each week.

    This is happening all over the USA and probably the world. The NWO is in place and ready for the next false flag. 9-11 was just small warm up – be Prepared Mentally and Physically, it could get messy.

    P.S. If you are so gifted – be prepared to do a lot of spiritual and physical healing. My gut feeling tells me there are going to be a lot of people in need.

    Til then – Party On!

  6. With the weekend coming, I thought that I’d put up some links to some films that depict Government/Corporate corruption and ‘dirty deeds’

    ‘The Edge of Darkness’ depicts defense contractor’s nefarious conduct, and Government ‘cover up’ on their behalf.

    Click – “free” + small triangle, left side


    ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ depicts Military personal who are unwarily turned into mind controlled Government assassins.

    Click -” free” + “click to play”


    ‘The Shooter’ depicts the Government ‘setting up the patsy’, and the planned policing of American citizens by ‘private contract’

    Click – “free” + small triangle, left side


    They are ‘fiction’, not documentary. Yet, they show some highly probable scenarios. If you have some ‘down time’, and enjoy this type of venue, have a look.

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