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Horrendous Chembow Display Over Germany


A picture is worth a thousand words. Some still think these streaked skies are normal, and that the trails behind these unmarked tanker jets are just condensation creating clouds in their wake.

Don’t you be asleep while they poison you and your family. If this is new to you, please research geoengineering, persistent contrails and chemtrails. You’ll find a mountain of evidence that is impossible to disregard.

Then start screaming about it. Our planet is being systematically poisoned, not just by air, but by every means possible.

Love, Zen


[hat tip: Fabian. Always sharp. Tx.]



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  1. I would love to know if there is any country in the world where this is not happening…? Perhaps Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia? Seems to me that the number 1 qualification for being a politician almost anywhere in the world is that one has to be a psychopathic killer through and through. There are so few of them and 7 billion of us. What is it going to take for us to take back our world?

    • I didn’t see any in Israel last time I was there… and there are a few more places but I won’t mention where right now…..

          • :( I wonder if they think those chemtrails are going to remain stationary in the sky over that tiny enclave of land and not drift over the rest of Occupied Palestine a.k.a. ‘Israel’. But I guess chemtrails are the least of the Palestinian’s problems, all things considered (white phosphorous, DU, filthy water and all the rest). Long Live Palestine.

      • Israel is a tiny little postage stamp on the map. They will always get anything they throw at their neighbors back on their heads. Depleted Uranbium they throw at Lebanon and Gaza, all back on their own heads, the rate of DU poisoning in israel is equal to anywhere they have targeted and the statistics of birth defects and still births, cancers etc bears this out. The same will be true of Chemtrails. Stopping spraying at the border won’t do anything, Chemtrails don’t follow maps.

    • Hi Edna,
      I’ve been in China for the last 5 years, and 8 years before that in Japan, and I have never seen it. Spent lots of time travelling over these years in SE Asia, and never saw it either.
      Back in the late 90’s was living outside Sacramento, and saw it happening daily. Used to wipe white, cobweb-like material off my cars, after the sprayings. Wish I knew what it was.
      I guess people will never rise against authority until its too late. I think most folks have some sort of subconscious death wish. Frankly speaking, can’t say I really blame most of them.

      • Tsukato—go to californiaskywatch.com or cornicom.com if you want to know what’s in the chemtrails. They change it up but there’s certain consistent components. Cheers, Zen

      • Thanks Tsukato for replying. Well, as China has such a dense population, there goes that theory! But perhaps the huge amount of pollution in China could be masking them….. or there is so much pollution that it’s not necessary for them to add more chemicals to the mix, job already done….! Good to know they don’t seem to be everywhere on the planet, though.

  2. Thanks, Zen… You help me to remember to always choose love…. though I sometimes get to the point where I’m ready to start swinging the old tomahawk :)

    • You always choose love, I know you! But I’ll happily join you in the tomahawk swinging, all in love of course!! For Truth and Justice!!! XXX

      • Kill thine enemies with love in your heart.
        I fully understand this, and fully agree. Hate is an impediment, while love in battle carries the force of the universe. Let the bloodbath commence :)

  3. I don’t see them here in north Queensland (Australia)
    I feel almost guilty at how relatively safe I am here. Sometimes I suspect that “they” are keeping Oz as their retirement home for after they have poisoned everywhere else.

    • I think you could be right about that, John. It’s also about as far from the Fukushima radiation as it gets. The lack of chemtrails there could also be because it’s relatively sparsely populated – they seem to focus on densely populated areas. I don’t see them here either, in the center of Brazil, but apparently it’s happening a lot in places like Rio and Sao Paulo.

    • I recently returned to the UK after spending 20+ years in the Northern Territory. (Dual nationality) I cannot remember seeing any chem trails there. One of the reasons why I returned was that I missed the blue of the sky, seeing the stars etc. How bitterly disappointed I was when I found out about/ saw these chemtrails and what they were doing to the atmosphere (I wont mention what the chemtrails do to us!). Some days the skies are clear, and the beauty of the atmosphere can be seen. Seeing chemtrails generally mean that the weather is going to be turn bad. Bitterly disappointed.

    • The Oktoberfest started last weekend. Do you think the October surprise will happen there?

      (And no word against Bratwurst otherwise I’ll be a sour Kraut! ;D )

  4. The most important thing we can do against these attacks (besides screaming this info from the roof tops) is to increase our own vibration. Whether that be through love, living in the moment, meditation, yoga, exercise, eating fresh organic food etc. By doing this we increase our resistance to almost any sort of disease/attack.

    Love & peace

  5. How the Hell have the few hypnotised the many to accept any of these attacks! It’s all down to being forced fed ‘their’ BS from cradle to grave! Our minds are so complex but easy to fool. Many are awakening and accessing higher vibrational consciousness and opening our hearts to love. So are minds might be confused by mainstream media and officialdom BS but are hearts can never be fooled and our hearts vibrate as one. Those psychopathic ‘Machine Men’ have dark hearts and are obsessed with matter, ‘things’…they are obsessed with self in their current temporary human incarnation. We’re all here to observe, learn and love. We are here to look after ourselves and others for future incarnations/generations just like the native Indians talked about. Personally, I can’t see the negative elite ‘winning’ the game coz they are suppressing the many from thriving which is against nature and nature/consciousness always finds a way. Love, peace & harmony to all with no exceptiond :-)

  6. I have witnessed that hue glow around the sun a few times in Canada but I don’t think it is nearly the activity has the US has. But that could be like you say our population base is not has big has other countries.


  7. Their getting progressively worse here in the SF bay area.I brought this up from my radio station to a daily morning net. and nobody knew what I was talking about.

    • Surreal, isn’t it. No one looks up, like they’re hypnotized. Biggest show on earth on the biggest screen and no one notices…

  8. In my last 4 years of travel, I have photographed extensive chemtrails in the Algarve region of Portugal, near Turin in Italy, the Moray region of northern Scotland, the entire southern region of Ireland, the Yucatan in Mexico +++. This was after my years of observing and photographing them all over the US and thinking maybe WE, the US, were just being assaulted with them. I remember how disheartened I was while driving around the green terrain of Ireland & seeing the familiar cries-cross patterns in the sky and also those awful, huge spiral types that seem like something from out of this world must be involved.
    I left the US east coast to get away from the toxic barrage that I was witnessing happening over the Atlantic ocean damn near each and every day in 2009. There used to be at least a half dozen planes viewable at one time performing what appeared to be a well constructed pattern, often like a criss-cross grid. Oddly, at times they would seem to disappear from view, just vanish….. everywhere I went I saw them in full force.
    The conclusion that I’ve come to is that I can’t run and hide from these betrayers who seek to poison me and my comrades on Mother Earth. Sadly, I tried and learned it is impossible in the physical sense. To me, this is clearly about humanities need to go inside ourselves to find the greatest light and love that we can and bring it forward.
    I am back on the east coast despite my best efforts to never return. Universe has the reigns.. I am surrendering. I wish you all a creative, meaningful ending to this epic cosmic drama that we are witness to. Thank you all for your interesting and thoughtful comments. If it weren’t for you some days, I don’t know how I’d have coped.
    THANK YOU, ZEN, FOR YOUR CONSTANT INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US TO SPEAK OUT. I have been too timid (for no good apparent reason). My actions were too much about MY physical survival (selfish) and in not being brave enough then, I am now suffering physically with unknown afflictions. Today, I remember AGAIN that my work is to raise my vibration and do my part for OUR conscious evolution.
    Many blessings,

    • Thanks for that link Ron. I have been suffering from chronic headaches, muscle spasms etc for
      the last 7 months. I worked outside in Western Australia for 4 years and had been noticing the strange cloud formations for some time. My dr assures me their is nothing physicaly wrong but just to be safe prescribed
      4 different meds. They just made things worse. So I am med free now and getting to know my real self.

      • Phillip—look into natural detox remedies, everyone needs them, but you sound seriously exposed. Don’t fear, just get clean. See an awake naturopath….and don’t worry….love, Zen

  9. These are ugly. I am upset that some circles claim this type of phenomenon to be of a friendly cosmic nature…they scare me too. As for countries getting sprayed: if you are a member of NATO…you’re getting sprayed.

  10. I feel so sorry for you people…. that is a SIMPLE NATURAL WEATHER EFFECT!!!!! You can read all about it on wikipedia. Its called a Sundog or something…. jeez you guys make the rest of us look stupid….

      • um no i dont you people do. im a conspiracy theorist myself, but there are alot of natural weather phenomenon that people mistake to be chemtrail effects, simply because they DID NOT KNOW that these weather effects extist in NATURE. this is a SUNDOG. read about it!!!!!!!!
        you can even get rainbow clouds!

      • For most it will be along another timeline that they will grasp what reality really is – We will always be learning and experiencing life.

        Thank you Zen, your insights are cool and the closets that come to mine. It is a lonely path when No one you know comes close to Knowing what you know. I will always be in search for some one to compare notes with. Life is still fun, so I have more experiencing to do.

    • Yes, sundogs are a natural phenomenon and have seen many in normal clouds. However, THESE dogs are being caused by extremely unnatural phenomenon. Don’t focus on the sun dogs, look at the chemtrails behind them. Therein lie the facts, dear bringer

    • To Mr. “Bringer of Facts”: You are the one who deserves pity, as you are easily fooled, and seem to have little research capability. There are natural phenomena called “sundogs” and these full circle rainbows can also result from ice crystals in the atmosphere. But these are relatively rare natural occurences. I just spent an entire year filming the sky in Wilmington, NC. The chemtrail assaults there are drastic, and these full rainbows around the sun and “chemdogs” are seen there almost daily! When the sky has been heavily sprayed all day and the chemical haze spreads to form this gray backdrop, the full circle rainbows and chemdogs appear every time. I have hundreds of pictures videos that I personally filmed in one year, showing exactly what you see in this article from Germany. Until you live somewhere that you can see it with your own eyes and document it for yourself – until then – you have no FACTS whatsoever. Do some research before you make condescending comments. You can start on Youtube. The evidence is all available for anyone who wants to learn. Many of us have spent a great deal of our own our time uploading our videos of the atrocities in the sky. We’d rather be pursuing our own enjoyments, but we do this in order to help people see. No need to “feel sorry” for “you people”. You are sleep walking, but the fact that you’re reading this article at all, means you might have one eye open.

    • Bringer:

      You need to get out more often.

      Here in northern Alberta, they appear to spray on a weekly basis. Yesterday at 4 pm two planes flew over 5 minutes apart same direction, similar elevations… first one chemtrail lasted hours, next one regular dissipation in minutes it was gone.

      Zen if you can find a pic of the sunset over Edmonton last nite it was highly unusual my wife called it CHAOS, the clouds over the city were definite chemtrails, built as they sprayed all day again yesterday!!!! of course I had no camera with.

      Balance and awareness


  11. If chemtrails can block a fair percentage of the sunlight that strikes earth then they would reduce the capacity of solar panels and solar thermal plants electricity production, who benefits from that? The nuclear, oil, coal and gas industries. Has anyone looked at this?

  12. Today, fishing on beautiful Lake Michigan, the planes were making patterns like wheel spokes. We pointed them out to my father-in-law and he had the typical reaction of, “No, those are just jets.” The key to opening his mind was that there were planes leaving contrails at the same time as the ones spraying chemtrails, so the difference quickly became obvious. He stopped fishing and just watched the sky for about an hour. My husband and I talked about this later privately and remembered how when first hearing about the chemtrails, it seemed too “out-there” to believe. But seeing them side by side, it is impossible to deny. As we learned more about spraying, we were horrified that human beings could do this with such impunity. It leaves you feeling as helpless as an ant under a magnifying glass.
    I am learning to breathe past the fear of all of the crazy stuff and just enjoy each wonderful moment with the kids or in the garden, but it takes reminders constantly.
    My point is, if you have denial about this atrocity, look to the sky. Notice normal planes and the ones spraying. They are completely different. Once you see it, you will never go back to “ignorance is bliss.”

  13. It is significant that here(south-east England) there is no spraying when we have strong winds,if these things were natural they would occur irrispective of the wind conditions because the basis of all these phenomena will always be hot engines and cold air no matter how they spin it.

  14. Even to me, an eleven year old, it is obvious chemtrails are pollution not condensation.

    Chemtrails involve alot of chemicals and materials being aerosolized. I began my elementary investigation with what is openly admitted in mainstream media, normally an incredible source of information if you know what I mean. So far the admission is sulfur and aluminum chaff. Sulfur in jet fuels has risen in some cases to 3000 ppm. Venezuelan crude has high sulfur, for example. The chemical industry openly admits geoengineering with sulfurous jet fuel-


    They see nothing wrong with that!
    The military has openly admitted to spraying chaff on our local news, and tell us there is nothing to worry about. Whether aluminum chaff is dispersed for geoengineering, eugenics, or military purposes (which in the end means eugenics and mind control), is anyone’s guess.
    Frankly yall lost me there with your bloody tomahawks. I am too young for love except of the living earth. Are all these comments part of the script? Heh heh. Well….Love and Peace.

  15. I think the photo above could have been taken on Thursday September 20th when there was a massive chemtrailing operation in the early hours starting in the Atlantic and moving east across northern France, southern Britain and the Benelux countries before reaching western Germany.

    The following site has a historical function that let’s you see this as it happened. Enter Europe, September 20th, 08:30 and choose Abrufen. (The operation started earlier but only at about 08:30 can you see anything on the satellite images). Change the time and watch the development during the morning until Germany is covered by a chemsoup / whiteout.


    You can also see more detailed images here. The chemtrails are sometimes very clear to see.


    ** We did have a couple of picture perfect days earlier and later in the week where there was not a trail to be seen. Blue skies and puffy white clouds just as nature intended! :-)

  16. I walked out of a book store in Glendale Hts, Ill. yesterday at about 11 am and could notice an appeared darkness although it was an apparently .sunny day. If you looked to the edges of the sky it was a paler blue than when looking up at the middle of the sky which appeared darker(similar to being in the mountains at 10,000 feet, although we are about 600 feet above sea level).

    It was almost like being in a partial eclipse of the sun(which I have been in several times before), but it lasted all day long.

    By 5pm you could look up and see the chem trails and its particles spread across the sky with ripples in some spots like you would see in the sand at the edge of the water on a beach.

    These chem trails supposedly have lots of metal particulates in them, so I take chlorella or spirulina almost daily(100 to 500 mg) to help mitigate the effects.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • One way you can tell you’ve been chemmed even if the sky seems clear is if the horizon is whiter than the sky overhead. Normally it’s brownish from the normal pollution in most places, all highly populated areas for sure.

  17. I’m fascinated at the fact that no one seems to be commenting the absolute proof of chemtrails, namely that from the mid 1990s to the mid 2000s, chemtrails literally filled the skies nearly 365 days a year (here in California). Now, they are quite rare. There’s your proof! If natural, why would they suddenly disappear? In any event, I’m happy that once again there are blue skies to enjoy.

  18. We had them in S. Florida for years… probably 10 or so, then, after the Spring Equinox 2012… no more!!! It’s been so awesome to get our normal weather back and the beautiful, natural clouds. Amazing the difference it makes, I had no idea. I go other places in the country, and there they are again. Yes, defend our skies!

    • The oil distillates seeping from the Gulf of Mexico are probably more than enough poison to kill off the population in Florida. I was in Florida 2 years ago -November- in the Fort Myers area. The chem trails were in full swing – even when I went fishing in the Gulf 50-60 miles off shore. I did not catch much and would not have desired to eat the fish that comes out of the Gulf of Mexico. It was just nice to get to a spot that most cells phones do not work.

  19. This is same /similar halo as I call it around sun all months in Iceland this year and I think also last year..You can see some of my pics of chemtrails and HAARP -halo pics and in general something that look just scary as hell! This is almost 500 pic´s in this album for a 1 chem day in Iceland but wow..I got sick that evening and had metalick taste in my mouth for 2-3 days.. CRAZY CHEMTRAILS SPRAYING DAY & HAARP PLAYING FROM 05AM-05PM http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.402061833188062.94029.121218661272382&type=3 Even raining foam
    FOAMY RAIN-FROM CHEMTRAILS?http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=403963162997929&set=a.403962889664623.94653.121218661272382&type=3&theater when it finally did rain and my friend got sick from washing the windows outside of her big house and she did only use microfiber cloths and cold water but every time she clean the cloth in the water then the water starting to be like she had added sope in it and she had to shift water often.because of that..This was in N- Iceland…As I say she got sick in the evening and none of the other family members she was the only one cleaning..I did not go out into this foam rain -it was foam river running down the main street were I live..and people do not see anything :-(..Not even when 4-8 planes fly over their head and spray in 1 hour ..might have to do with no sound of the planes..But they are working on dimming the globe=blocking asorbation of vitaminD the main fighter of cancer..

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