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Hounded & Censored DHS Whistleblower Tells All



This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to come to light. This courageous woman stands up to Big Sister and her grisly goons and gets the Truth out in spite of all they do to stop her. Good on her! Let’s hope more come forward in every branch of government, media and the fascist corporate and banking grid. – Z [Hat tip: Randall]



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    • * Yo 222…He epitomises the offence/defence logic trap, of a deliberate ‘cognitive-dissonance’ applied disconnect… by choosing to pontificate thru a specious(Toy Soldier) authoritarian intoned guise, of ‘Officialdom’s’party-line pap!… delivered (my bet) with the same fascistic tilt to the head & arrogant aplomb, that ‘Boy-Bush'(& now Obama)… festooned himself with, at the televised-‘Tough-Talk’ inception of the last Iraqi genocide atrocity, with-… “If you’re not with us…you’re against us!”…a prime example of the checkerboard dualism that hobbles the ‘mind -slaved’ with an irreconcilability that engenders stupification & incredulity.
      …Such Unbelievable Hubris!… from a public servant that’s morphed himself into a ‘goose-stepping’ self-serving, satanic minion of a classic “Ludicrous”(a black hooded-Star Wars evil entity), that has GOD on his ‘side’.
      …He’s simply mentally ill & dangerously in charge of his little ‘fish pond’ fiefdom…He’d do well to see what happens to collaborators after ‘any’ War.

      • The shock and awe cake walk turned out to be not not fully baked. I am a Buddhist in a Christiian land. How can Christians do shock and awe in an innocence country? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Just asking.

  1. Oh yeah, hmm nothing really phases me now. I’m fairly sure i’m on the kill list. So be it. I do what I do out of a force that drives me. It feels right, it feels like my destiny to inform others and try to wake them up. I can’t describe it, but the more I search for truth the more intuitively it comes to me. I’m 48 years old so I feel that I’m blazing a trail for our younger brethren. I’ve been very avid with all this since 2005 yet I’ve always been considered a weirdie from the Drone-Borgs lol. I get very very tired and disheartened sometimes but I always manage to snap out of it from drawing strength from Creation/Source Nature etc lol. I’m very stubborn in the belief that there is still enough decent souls here on earth-plane to make that evolutionary leap that we so desperately need. I see more and more people casting their fear aside everyday. Its a wonderful thing to witness.

  2. This woman is corrupt almost to a fault. People need to look into her history instead of trying to glamorize her. She is a Russian immigrant in the mold of the tsarnaev brothers. She came here to grift and use the system and was caught and fired for it and everything done to her was justified. She is not some kind of hero and was never a supervisor. She is a liar and thief and has a sick desire to be a celebrity. Her husband is a dirtbag fans murderer and everything she has done has failed (actress career). She is now using anything she can to make a buck and sue the government.

    Try to find a real whistleblower in some serious issues.

    • * How much do you get paid for trolling ‘hate speech’ ???…you must be a new graduate from the Imperial Majesty & full-fledged Israeli Ho…his eminence* John Hagee* of the NGO- Southern Poverty Hate Center of the ADL Boot-Licker Lackey Assoc., with a full degree in propaganda/indoctrination, from the vitriolic pseudoscience of the Zion Meme Agenda corporation…..very impressive!
      …Please deign to tell us…. where would we be able to objectively consult by looking at your ‘rock solid’ evidence, edification,relevant information & references… for your seethingly vindictive & subjective to the extreme-cast aspersions???…..
      ………………Someday you might realize… that the ‘Person’ that elicits All this emotional ‘frothing at the mouth’…. is actually looking back at ‘You’ in the mirror… as just another entranced & diabolically hypnotized ‘mind-slave’ victim, of the matrix archon agenda….You’re being LIED to!…find & follow your heart as the only truth that won’t lead you astray…Cheers

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