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How and Why They Hide in the Light


by Zen Gardner

First of all, it’s not the real light, the true light. It’s the media and attention light. The stage. The apparent light that most sleeping humans count to be true.

After all, “I saw it for myself and I didn’t see anything wrong!”

No, you didn’t, because you weren’t looking with the right eyes. You were participating in the grand illusion, the magic trick of ages called the projected matrix, the manipulated reality constructed right in your own mind.

Dirt on Display

I read a fascinating piece in the Guardian that triggered this post. I’ve thought about this often, how the elite scumbags crave media attention and don’t seem to fear being “found out” for who they really are or what they’re really up to.

It’s clearly psychotic but as we all know it’s much more nefarious than that.

The tracksuit (as nylon zip-up suits were called back then), the long platinum blond hair, and let’s not forget the phallic cigar – Sir Jimmy Savile projected eccentricity as a badge of pride, as this picture shows. That cultivated appearance helped to make him famous and loved. At least, people told one another they loved him. Yet now his image lends credence to shocking allegations that paint the patron of Jim’ll Fix It as a child abuser who exploited his power at the BBC to get away with cynical, life-wrecking crimes.

Or did we always suspect it? Was it always there, unspoken, the sheer weirdness of Savile’s self-presentation hinting at something very wrong behind the fun of Saturday teatimes?

Now each photograph of the late legend is darkening and mutating, the great character becoming the sick monster. At which point it is surely right to point out that Savile is not here to answer the allegations, and that if true, he had many enablers. Meanwhile, the picture of a good man – who just looked rather odd – turns overnight into the mugshot of an obvious villain. (Source)

Very telling, isn’t it. The veneer peeled off and now people see the reality of this beast. Bless David Icke and others for the relentless pursuit of Truth in exposing the full depth and breadth of this rampant child abuse amongst the so-called elites, including and especially amongst the royals and Illuminati bloodlines and other power brokers.


Seeing the Truth

He says above that “each photograph of the late legend is darkening and mutating, the great character becoming the sick monster.” Bingo. That’s called waking the hell up. Now please, apply that to everyone connected to him and just about anyone in positions of power.

For that matter the whole phony construct all around you that’s a projection from your own hypnotized mind.

It starts with one thing and can spread into someone’s consciousness like wildfire. That’s why the media tries so hard to muzzle these exposés, or divert them into some other arena and have them fizzle out. But we’re on to you bastards and we ain’t letting up.


Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sight has a lot of advantages. First off, the average person figures if it’s in plain sight and in the public domain they must have nothing to hide, or at least nothing serious. No, I’m not joking, that’s the underlying mindset even though people suspect rampant corruption of all types. They still keep swallowing and supporting the system.

The ironic thing is that actually they’re not in plain sight at all. It’s a highly edited movie clip of a very small segment of their wicked lives.

You see photos and they have their public image broadcast in one way or the other, but they lead very private lives and only allow certain people to get near them. Just because their faces are flashed across the screen or they’re in a parade or a movie or receiving accolades and mega attention once in a while doesn’t mean we know anything about their lives.

We just see what we’re told or allowed to see.

Wanna knock on one of their mansions and hang out for a few days and follow them around? Go ahead and try. Let me know how it goes.


A glimpse into who and what they really are…

5 Big Reasons Why

#1. It’s great cover. Getting their mugs out in poised positions with controlled coverage serves as a great cover. You’ve been given an impression and explanation and now you make your “informed” opinion. That’s much like the blind men and the elephant, and they’re giving us a toe nail to feel. It’s pitiful.

#2. They LOVE attention. Typical psychopathic behavior. “Me me me, it’s all about me. And you at the other end adoring me puts me above you. Oh you hapless peons.” The flow of money to these types is a symptom of this attention they crave.

#3. They’re energy vampires. Energy flows where attention goes. Again, like money, they’re sucking you dry while giving back to you nothing but lower density filth and lies and just enough excuses to keep you working for them and providing energy.

#4. It controls you. As long as your attention is on them and what they project, you have that much less time, power and freedom to do what you should be doing and be who you were meant to be. And most people are addicted to the media drivel. They pause the TV to take a leak and hurry back to finish their next bag of addictive, contaminated feed.

#5. It supports the matrix. When people fixate on and accept the world as this false projection being thrown up, it then exists. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t. Even quantum physicists know this as fact. Nothing exists unless and until we give it attention.  That simple.


Stay Free and Charged Up – Receive and Transmit!

When you’ve discovered who you really are all this has no power over you. Staying free from their influence takes some doing, but it’s mainly disengaging from their control system any and every way you can, physically, financially, socially, psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As you do you’ll feel your true energy boost as you tap into the cosmic consciousness energy network, the awake and aware people’s broadcasting station!

As you do you become a transceiver, boosting the signal into this reality.

Isn’t that cool?

So never mind these idiot vampires in the false light. Expose and depose them, and stay free from their influences.

Much love, Zen

“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.” – Lao Tzu



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  1. “As you do you’ll feel your true energy boost as you tap into the cosmic consciousness energy network, the awake and aware people’s broadcasting station! As you do you become a transceiver, boosting the signal into this reality.”

    As soon as we have recieved enough love energy, it will overtake the evil. We are teetering at the top of the tipping point as we speak!
    Thanks for another great one Zen!

  2. “The average person figures if it’s in plain sight and in the public domain they must have nothing to hide, or at least nothing serious.”

    Always the “killer argument” when they try to install more surveillance in Germany: An innocent person has nothing to hide and thus can (must!) lay everything open…

    After the attempted “terror attack” last week (bomb at a train station in Bonn – Al-qaida of course… %-/ ), we have that discussion again.

    “Chain-mail isn’t much defence against an arrow. It certainly isn’t when the arrow is being aimed between your eyes.”
    – T. Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

  3. These darkies love their media and it’s their favorite tool to toy with the hearts and minds of their cattle. I liked that comment about “real eyes realize real lies” that’s a good waymarker for all us pilgrims and strangers in this strangest of strange lands. Grok on!

  4. “That’s called waking the hell up.”

    Are you serious???

    Again, I have to question how knowing more about evil–or knowing that one *particular* person is evil–can be considered “waking up” for anyone else..

    “When you’ve discovered who you really are…”

    And who–or, more accurately, what–are you? In other words, what does human consciousness consist of, and what is the origin of evil?

    Why is not knowledge of the *Truth* about human consciousness itself–and the knowledge of the origin of evil itself–considered “waking up”?


    • It’s a beginning. Clearly it’s not the full wake up. You must be new here. Look around the site, you’ll find a much bigger picture. Enjoy. – Zen

    • I saw a quote today that describes how i feel about it Michael- “You need just the right amount of dark to see the stars”.

        • Thanks Sand, I knew my “peeps” would like it.
          I was watching a show on quantum physics and they were explaining quantum entanglement. Basically particles can become entangled and have an effect on eachother even when seperated. I feel like many of us were “entangled” prior to our births and we have now collected here at the “Garden” to sort this mess called Earth back into the “Heart” it was meant to be. Who was it that pointed out that “Earth” was just “Heart” with the “H” in the wrong place? Sorry i cant remember but it stuck with me also the “Truth chills” . I read that here and it is so true- I get the truth chills all the time now.
          Little things you all say help me keep going and growing. I am so thankful for each of you!
          Even the trolls cause we need the dark so people notice US!

  5. Love that pic of the fox in the hound pack.
    reminds me of the forced indoctrination we call the Education system.

  6. I love you, Zen, but lately you’ve been giving a heckuva a lot of your energy to the dark side. Writing about Sandy Hook but saying “don’t engage” is cognitive dissonance. I’d like to see you create a post of all the beautiful, shining faces of people you admire and love. xZora

  7. Yes, it did take some doing for me, I used to have to watch those gossip shows, on network tv, and it just made me feel so insecure and then I stopped the addiction, focused on not watching tv at all, and after a while my brain clicked in and I can’t get enough of learning…I always hated gossip in work places, so I was amazed at the Celeb gossip I was subjected to and went for it…every more a camera stalks a celeb, wow, there’s the photo of the person again drinking coffee, really, dumb down is where they want us. Freedom from controlled media is the best freedom there is…When you hear the phrase Get A Life, know to follow your Heart and turn off the programming. Thanks Zen…so true, they splash the b.s. all over mainstream tv and radio and we are supposed to think it is all real…And, it’s just the opposite…Really, more and more people are well aware…The awakening of the planet is bringing so much love and light into many hearts, people are seeing thru the lies, like that Who song, we won’t get fooled again…Wicked ones have their karma to pay, Lilghtworkers have their job to continue to keep on!

  8. Zen, I want to blink and have this posted all over the net,particularly Youtube. But that’s the neat thing about thoughts, they are energy, it will get out. Great article.

    • Tx Jon, most get it, but some just won’t get the importance of it. A little at a time, a dot here, a connection there. At some point the floodgate opens…;)

  9. I just read that The White House has received over 25,000 signatures regarding the issue of taking away guns. It is sooooooo soooooo easy for TPTB/MSM to manipulate the masses, it still boggles my mind. Interesting also, and perhaps lost in the collective mind of the masses is how effective these engineered events are from distracting the comatose public 100000000% from atrocities committed by the same PTB. Think about it. Given this latest fabrication, is anyone talking about secession? What happened to that? How about Fast & Furious? How about Benghazi? LIBOR? Jon Corzine? Drones? NDAA? Obama’s birth certificate? 54 other usurps of the Constitution by Obama. Nope. Forgotten FOREVER. Simply incredible.

    So I repeat myself: It is so pathetically easy to distract the masses from any magnificent crimes that the ruling powers commit time and time and time and time and time again. . . I wonder if it will ever end?

    • Yes..they usurp the holiday vibe for their low level propaganda agenda, every year, also attempting to block the solstice event vibe while wiping all other news off the slate like you said. They’re in a frenzy like I haven’t seen in a long time, feeling their oats, and playing the emotion card to the max. Predatory bastards.

    • Right on Gus ! I was reading in a pole taken last year threw out US and other Nato country’s ( enslaved by imperialism ) on how people have no clue on what Lloyd blankfein even looks like or who he is . Just think in the world of Paper humping hes a God . Goldman Sachs. hold’s 600 trillion in derivatives market world GDP is 75 trillion ..LOL just a tad bit unbalanced. But every working class person threw out the world still puts blind faith big box of dust bunny’s called retirement savings . Most think IMF is a food company , Jammy Diamond was actor .Tim Geithner NO clue and that’s just the paper crooks . JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to provide food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. JP Morgan is paid for each case that it handles, so that means that the more Americans that go on food stamps, the more profits JP Morgan makes.

  10. Twelve, I love that quote.
    “You need just the right amount of dark to see the stars”.
    I also think we need a good sparring partner every now and then to make us strong and determined.

    Someone snoozing in paradise is as stuck in illusion and delusion as a 3D screenwatcher.

    It is understood by some traditions that the optimum state for awakening is not heavenly because that would be too comfortable, and not hellish either, because you would be locked into pain and fear and drained of all resources.

    They talk of the precious human existence as being the optimum one in order to make real spiritual (in the widest sense) progress and come to know the truth.

    It is also said, that the phase of time we are in right now, has all that is needed to allow for a major change in the human psyche. It is a period of a hundred years and we are right in the middle of it. Erm… miss this one and you’ll have a 2,500 year wait.
    Actually, there’s only NOW, but it helps to have a little encouragement sometimes.

    • Thanks Soliel, I wrote a reply up above to Sand and it applies to you as well.
      I love the energy here, it gets better and better each day.
      I can feel us affecting the world!

      • Thanks twelve, I read it. My comments come in slowly because I’m on the other side of the world. No postman, but we all need to sleep.

  11. Excellent article, I think that shunning is the word to use to make great change. We need to shun those who lie to us and steal from us. This includes the government who steal our money through taxation and our freedoms in the name of terror. They ignore the Constitution and Bill of Rights and we honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights we need to shun those who do not honor our Republic and support those who do, this will re-create the free Republic we were born to!

  12. “#5. It supports the matrix. When people fixate on and accept the world as this false projection being thrown up, it then exists. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t. Even quantum physicists know this as fact. Nothing exists unless and until we give it attention. That simple.”……….. That is a very simple and popular “understanding” of the Hiesenberg uncertainty principle and the collapse of the Schroedinger wave equation applied to the subatomic level of existence though recently I understand they have demonstrated this on a cluster of several atoms. I doubt they will ever get very far beyond that. matter at the macro level exists all the time since there are interactions of gravitational and electromagnetic forces which occur at all times and are strong enough to collapse the wave function. Basically where there is matter it exists in a certain state where the wave equation has collapsed otherwise it would not be bulk matter.

  13. Be careful about these stories on abusers. Remember most of Saviles so called victims were not really children but in fact teenagers who could have willingly understood and participated in whatever took place. They came out with these allegations after decades when the man is dead and this could never even be proven. Most of these abuse stories are actually blown up by media to justify greater state control of children and to clamp down on rights making it part of the matrix too. Be careful about falling into the trap of getting all emotional when something is about children, they play on that just look at what they’re doing now. Real abuse invloves force or a very young/infirm person who cannot possibly consent. Teenagers are capable of deciding these things. Let’s not be fooled by their version of morality. Soon they might be calling all conspiracy theorists abusers too, actually if they do it might make it easier to silence the whole movement. Food for thought. I think you should write an article on this especially with Conneticut happening recently. Write about this whole emotion thing and how children are being used to create sympathy from people only to get more state control of children and issues. I think first of all children need to be separated from teenagers who are much closer to adults than infants. In any case many young adults are much like teenagers anyways now. Maturity is just basically accepting things as they are and if that is the case even many adults would not be mature.

    This should be highlighted before it is used as some sort of scam.

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