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The Human Hamburger Factory Farm

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by Zen Gardner

All they want of humanity is fast food humans. Nothing more. That’s the cold, stark reality of these so-called elite controllers.

I had one of those vivid dreams recently. I rarely write about these but this one smacked me upside the head. I was visiting a rustic campground set up in the woods somewhere with a lot of Americans, seemingly living there long term while it was supposed to be a wilderness camp retreat of some sort. There was a nice central large cabin with a big meeting room, lots of rough wood in the construction and a pleasant natural setting. It was vacation like but it seemed long term. It had the atmosphere of a busy recreational lodge lobby but it wasn’t a hotel.

I was sitting there and talking to the kids there most of all, very sweet kids, and started to point out a few mechanisms they were falling for in their interactions, gently helping the kids to grasp that their social environment could be a lot different with a few tweaks and that things weren’t as they seem. Nothing radical, just common sense concepts in getting along and not being fastened to their petty thinking and shallow constructs, but it totally changed the tone in the seating section and of what was going on in this casual meeting room.

All of this was in the dream setting so it wasn’t crystal clear by any means, nor do I remember everything. As more happy kids arrived, as if going to a school of some sort in this campground, parents were milling about oblivious to what I was saying or how the kids were reacting. I soon realized that as people milled about no matter what I had said it was just lost in the overwhelming morass of shallow conventional thought and interaction in the room as it just dissipated almost immediately in the shallow banter we’re all used to witnessing.

Next I was riding some old country truck through these dirt rut-worn forest roads. They were quite dangerous, as a large commercial lumber or supply truck was almost toppling over the side of the hill in front of us on the poorly laid out roads. All of this was in a very “natural” setting that seemed nice enough, but it was all so surreal. This was apparently also a working area, not just a recreational camp of some sort. (There was nothing FEMA-ish about all this. Very casual, no guards or fences or anything. All seemingly voluntary but clearly arranged.)

In the final scene I somehow arrived on my own in front of this fancy, very modern house in a clearing in a remote part of the area, a good distance away from the denser woods and the lodge area. A corporate looking middle aged guy was in the front yard, pressed white shirt and slacks, darkly handsome, his wife somewhere in the background. I approached him with the question in my heart as to what’s going on here.

His reply, as unspoken as my inquiry, was in a vivid image with the message “We just want this.” And it was a clearly projected picture of a fast food happy meal kind of thing. Basically a hamburger and fries. That’s all they wanted the outcome to be of this vast human farm they were tending, like plantation owners raising virtual soylent green. He was like the local boss behind the scenes and was as dispassionate and corporo-business like as you can imagine.

I was so upset at this cold blooded answer it woke me up.


Vivid and True

Take dreams for what you will, but this really got me thinking. We know this to be true. They want drone workers and are doing everything in their power to bring this to pass – breaking down the human condition both physically and socially. The absolute coldness and total detachment from the remotest sense of concern I sensed reminded me of Aaron Russo’s recounting of his conversation with one of the Rockefellers who retorted regarding the mass murders to justify their plan, “What do you care? They’re not your family.”

What surfaced for me was the sense of futility I felt in retrospect in attempting to reach these entranced people. They weren’t totally brain dead, they were just fully set in their ways and not looking for anything else. They were happy, content and just going about things business as usual – whether it was in the false, society-centric training of their children, or their own meaningless same old, same old interactions. And it overwhelmed anything contrary so efficiently I was stunned.

Hamburger People and “Lovin’ It”

As you know, hamburger is ground meat – and of very questionable origins. And it’s an American favorite. It typifies the American lifestyle; fast, fried and fatty. And to have deep fried potatoes as the side dish again tells the tale. Tasty, valueless and even harmful treats.

If you think of people being reduced to hamburger that is one hell of an analogy. And that’s all they want. That’s how they view humanity. Plain and simple. The world is one huge processing plant to them without even a trace of empathy or remorse. It’s a business, and a profitable one. Every aspect of society is a meat grinder and their program is vast. And to give a sense of variety to these sleeping unsuspecting cattle they add fries to make it look like it’s a meal they’re participating in.

I suppose there are many things to be gleaned from these images, but first and foremost was a sort of sense of having been fooled into wasting time on destined-to-be-hamburger people who want it that way when all is said and done. They just kept coming, so no matter what I did it was overwhelmed, diluted and lost. My efforts seemed futile in such an environment. It may just be something I’m going through or working out at some level, but the experience was impactful.

America Today – Land of “Happy Campers”

There was hope for the kids, but they had no support for anything new they might learn. The sad, fatalist part was that sense of futility it gave me, at least in that contained environment. This working human plantation, so massive and apparently loosely controlled while the people just ambled on in this false sense of freedom, is so representative of this American sponsored mindset – not just in America, but this cancer has spread throughout the world.

These people so “encamped” in their lifestyles had in fact somehow been shunted out to some remote, stark, shallow spiritual wilderness where they could reinforce and even police each other just by their overwhelming programming.  The true state of mainstream society.

It made me think we need to choose our targets wisely where we know we can do the most good, and where Truth can gain the most traction.

What was more haunting was that anyone remaining in this environment was destined to be hamburger, whether they spotted something amiss or not, the farm was the farm, and well under control. And let’s face it, anyone staying in the oven gets cooked, no matter how much they analyze or identify their encasement and what it portends.


Escape the Oven

The answer is to escape their machine in any way we can. This is largely why I moved out of the US. The pace where I am is way slower, people are less complex and appreciate the important aspects of life, and the chemical and electronic bombardment is less, while I can still reach as many as possible via the internet and personal encounters.

This dream also made me think, is it time to leave the hamburger people behind? Are these “happy campers” already hamburgers in the making, and “loving it” and allowed themselves to be unreachable? The sad reality is that even those who are aware of the program and therefore don’t think they’re hamburgers in the making are being made into hamburger if they haven’t changed their lives accordingly. That’s the depth of their program and the truth of the situation. Think of the boiling frog – it probably figured it could get out at any time but it actually started feeling more comfortable as the heat turned up. Perhaps he could smell something cooking as well?

When Americans smell hamburgers frying they go into a euphoric trance. Little do they know it’s their own hides that are getting fried.

Beware the Meatheads

Take it for what you will. For me it’s certainly something worth “wondering” about and has caused me to do some re-evaluating – who best to reach, where to channel my energies, and how. Clearly the seeds of Truth need to be scattered everywhere, but we must use consciously aware wisdom in these Orwellian circumstances as to where to direct our energies, including what and who to avoid.

It’s always good to stand back, reassess and take note.

As Morpheus so aptly said in The Matrix:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. When you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of people we’re trying to save, but until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

Keep speaking the Truth and strengthening the awakened – and go where hearts and minds are receptive.

Love, Zen

P.S. Go minesweeping for Truthers: Minesweeper – How Activism Works



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  1. Brilliant post! Zen.
    I’m surrounded by people who are in the programme. Third dimensional fractals having a third dimensional experience. They don’t want to know anything, period. In a duality they have to be there and are creating through resonance the world they want to inhabit….the hamburger farm….security, sex and ego. Chipping them will be easy. Sex virtual reality….that’ll catch them.

    Us spiritual warriors are different from the hamburger[love the description]. We’ve always been different and once we move beyond self….things get very interesting. Our perspective or our point of attention changes…and once that happens, everything changes instantly. Push the frequency far enough and we ‘are in a ‘different timeline.’ I’m writing it up. It’s been a long job!

    • So glad it hit home…blew me away for a day and a half haunting over that dream…so profound. Yes, things get VERY interesting to the awakened – that’s the bonanza we’re given that we’re so thankful for! Just creepy to realize how many are virtually aligned with the enemy.

  2. Thanks Zen, as I read this and was also listening to ‘the end of money and Ubuntu’, my computer turned itself off.
    It wasn’t a break in the electricity supply and the computer then rebooted itself. Very odd.
    ‘…. it all begins with a dreamer.’ is how the Ubuntu segment is winding up – which links in beautifully with your article.

  3. Yeah, living in North America is not what it used to be– I am being microwaved to death at night, and I feel my skin heating up, I can’t seem to even think of where I could possibly move to escape all this, as my brain doesn’t function anymore due to the lack of sleep. Don’t know where to go, by the way wherever you went do they happen to have smart meters? I have to move to a place where they don’t exist as I don’t sleep, nor do I ever dream anymore because of those things. My adrenals must be totally shot from all the microwave shit, I have 20 connections that come up in my immediate environment for wifi. It is good that you are dreaming and sleeping. May I ask what country you moved to ? One goes to a yoga studio and while one is waiting for the class to start they are all texting and on their smart phones. They think they are smart coming to a yoga studio but one day they will be faced with premature age because of the amount of time they have spent on their wifi shit devices. Also George Soros wants to envelop the planet in wifi signals from satellites in outer space just outside on the perimeter of the earth atmosphere so that wifi will cover the entire planet.

  4. You have always been very passionate about the need to wake people up. I just never felt the same way, but did, and occasionally still do, fun things to make people think. I believe your website is doing a lot to raise awareness, maybe more than you think.

    I never felt any resonance with the December 2012 theories leading up to the date itself, but I did feel afterwards that there had been a fork in the road in some way, and, looking back, that it may have been a time to start forging ahead as individuals with as little baggage as possible. It’s not good to interfere with the paths of others and it’s not good to have our own paths interfered with.

    It’s so frustrating and maddening when you see people waving flags at the ‘royal’ family, for instance – acting out their inferiority and ignorance for all to see; and nauseating and infuriating to see the media pushing frenziedly this bunch of nobodies onto the public to reinforce the message that these people are superior to them. But it can drive us mad if we don’t let it go.

  5. I am totally in the world, not of it, I’m staring 52 in the face, I’ve done EVERYTHING I’ve set out to do and a bit more, and I’m not living for life; I’m living for what’s NEXT. I’m also not expecting to be here much longer, being a Calipornicator in the Bay Area, so to me it’s what ever! I have a political blog, if someone is led to it for some reason or another and they don’t mind being insulted several times a day in getting some of their news, and being repeatedly asked to go to my sources for all the stuff I don’t post, fine. If not, fine. I have nothing vested in it, but I’m just doing my best to be on the right side of history before I leave this cesspool. I have no further use for it for my own personal self, (though I remain a good cat slave whilst my sojourn in this realm continues,) and I’m NOT coming back after this round. I’ve been recycled enough, thank you.

    Reynold’s can go where the sun don’t shine.

    In fact, I didn’t even have to live this life. I was even told I’d regret my request for wanting to be here, but of course being the tenacious, intractable idiot I am; I wouldn’t back down and I got it. Akashic Memories from an NDE from a near successful suicide attempt in 1977. (I couldn’t make my mind up on whether to live or die, so I got sent back. I could have stayed if only I HAD a mind when I was 15. Gods, I was stupider than a vacuum in some ways. The ingrained state of the teenager?)

    • That’s amazing Morgan. A splendid summary about yourself and your life. I am moved by the simplicy and frankness of it. You make the whole existence (the here and the hereafter) look very simple. It’ll be nice to follow your post whereever I see one.

  6. A Christian, Muslim and Jew walked by. Overheard by a crow sitting on a fence post was a cow talking to a sheep, a goat and a chicken, as they all stood behind barbed wire fences.

    “They all look the same to me”

  7. Hello Zen Gardner, long time reader first time commenter here 😛

    I frequent your blog via rense links as they are posted there often. Anyways, this article really caught my attention as I, too, have had a similar dream.

    The dream occurred about a year or so ago and went as follows: I was wandering around a forest like area where the trees were like fir or pine. There were camps all about composed of galvanized corrugated steel not quite sure if they were small quonset huts or just shacks that used corrugated steel for walls. I remember rough cut timber used as support posts and crude doors. Everything looked really humble even inside the little shacks the floor was dirt. Anyways I got the impression that it was some kind of a labor camp or whatever and then at the end of the dream I was up in the sky looking down and saw a peculiar landmark; a flat top mountain. The dream was so vivid I took it to heart and ran a search for flat top mountains the next day and found out the mountain I saw in the dream was the one in Anchorage. I live in Ohio and have no knowledge of this place. Very strange indeed.

  8. Over the years, any people have felt like giving up, but no one “wakes up” all at the same time, over the years some people wake up and some sleep. You reach people perhaps in trickles but each one you reach is one more aware person. And it is not just the children, Zen. During the Occupy movement, I started looking into alternative media, and I started to become more aware of things and over the years up to now, so am here reading your articles. I was 36… I have a great deal to learn. People awaken at different ages, speeds and times and over the years there will always be people you and others reach. It seems that it is in trickles. I wish more people would listen… then again, remember that the elites have made a very concentrated effort to convince people that we are crazy or that things are alright when they are not… Yes, people are in denial, but if the propaganda, conditioning and mind control/ brainwashing didn’t work, the elites wouldn’t spend so much time, energy and effort doing it. Perhaps instead of communicating futility, the dream was reflecting how you feel, that you feel it may be futile. I am certain you reach new people, so I know it is not a futile effort on your part, but it can seem to be. Love to you, namaste and thank you for all you are doing to help. Very appreciated.

  9. There are no awakened… it’s a process the sooner you see it the earlier you yourself serving…
    It is a road, not a destination
    Just Be Love… easy
    Start by opening that Vegan door… feel that joy/ pain, where NONE more, nor less… just a muddling all the rest

  10. Your dream has had me thinking all day. Do we keep making effort to wake people up or leave them to their own devices?
    So persuasive and logical are the voices which state some variety of “Let it be.” that I’ve pretty much stopped writing but the thought which won’t go away is that my own journey towards light has been encouraged and supported by those already in the light…… those who wouldn’t just “let it be.”
    Whether or not our efforts bear fruit isn’t known and there’s an element about it of ‘cast your bread upon the waters.’ … and don’t be attached to the outcome.
    Some may awaken spontaneously while others need a gentle shake. Others are so deeply asleep that no amount of shaking will change their state. We don’t know who is in what state so my feeling is that efforts still need to be made ….. surely this site has no purpose if this were not the truth of the matter.
    I don’t ‘know’ – just wondering :)

    • I’m in no way saying don’t try. Yes, that’s what this is all about. The point is to recognize when it’s zombies we’re trying to deal with, as soon as we can tell. And also not being disappointed when it seems our pearls are before swine, because some of them may be, but to be aware of this aspect which can be a real frikking drain on the naive….

      • no argument here, Zen. It’s where we focus our effort…… and, as you say at the end your article
        ” …… and go where hearts and minds are receptive.” Probably why people made and make an effort with me.
        I guess the opposite of that approach is to be standing on the top of a mountain, bellowing at the world while pissing into the wind.

        • David, I love your music.. “White men have no dreaming. Have two eyes but not for seeing. Have two hears but not for hearing.”

          It’s as if they planted us here to take everything away from the real people; lIke an invasive plant that takes over the indigenous woodland flora.

  11. Think that dreams show us our vulnerabilities. So maybe, ha ha, that was your wakeup call. Moral to the story. Don’t waste your time on the fast food junkies.

    Remember that Burger KIng commercial with the old lady that said, “Where’s the beef?” In my opinion she woke up, cause they’re only serving hamburger, if even that.

  12. If a large percentage of the population fall prey to the “landmines” that exist, is it possible that this is the way it was supposed to be? possibly a natural “weeding out” process, based on the inability to perceive “obstacles”. There may very well be a positive “flip side” to what many may perceive as being “evil”.

    • Very, very, very… very, good point. I have often wondered the exact same.

      This time is a culling. A sort of division of ideologies – Alien or Animal… or, is there something else emerging?
      I don’t know… (My favorite answer btw) … but I know where I stand.

      As for the sleepwalkers…
      I will still stand with them, facing the other direction, marching against wave, whispering in their ears, shouting when necessary…
      For I know, God knows, and… You know, we did not get here all on our own. WE must keep fighting.

  13. Good piece-the fast fooders will be in a state of disbelief even after they have suffered the medical
    consequences of their dietary indiscretions. On that score, the NWO is victorious.

  14. Good Morning Zen – Please never loose heart. I too am surrounded by hamburger looking for a place to happen, but/and almost every day I share your articles with unsuspecting sleeperburgers who suddenly start to see. It took us millennia to get into this state. Our current technologies have given it a new twist, but the malaise is ancient. I don’t know why there are those of us that think that this is a time for humanity as a whole to wake up, except that it really does seem that we have pushed things about as far as we can before we destroy the viability of our own planets ability to support humanity. You know, the “burning platform” thing. I imaging the ancient Chinese, Aryans, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Renaissance Europe all grew out of the hamburger of their time. All emerging from the burning platforms of their day. As a designer I have learned to celebrate the pressures of constriction and the insanities of dystopia, as it sets up the conditions for new life.
    As for getting off the platform to another place, I would like to very much, but I may not be able to in time. That being said……….I often come back to Michael Moore at the end of Sicko saying “I can’t live in a country like this…………………..and I am not going anywhere”
    Please keep it up. Yours is a clarion voice that perhaps can only emerge for a more human place than here. We need your insights to stand up and fight the fight that needs to be fought. On the backside of all this who knows what the next renaissance will look like……………

    Breathing deep………with love.……smyle

    • Wow, beautiful Smyle. Thanks for sharing that and your inspiring words. And “sleepburgers” – classic! “Do you want that with cheese?” ha!
      Much love to you and yours and do keep on!! I know you will – like me, not really a choice in the matter— 😉

  15. Superb piece Zen.

    I guess I am fortunate in not being asked to come in on this one! Even if I had – it is unlikely to have done justice to the deeply insightful level of your own deductions. The accuracy of the analogy with ‘hamburger heaven’ is indisputable. That state has the greater mass of society firmly by the neo cortex.

    So the question you raise must arise in all our minds – that is, of those who feel they have something to contribute to raising the level on this planet: just how can we fashion a more affective penetration of the Matrix – or a more accurately focussed/targetted means of bringing on for the arrival of the 100th monkey and bursting this mind deadened balloon wide open.

    Serious attention is needed here.

    That is excatly what preoccupies my mind. Through your efforts, Just Wondering is becoming a mecca for those who must form the vanguard of a new resistance.

    We will need greater courage and better strategic thinking than has existed up until now.

    We will also need to ditch a lot of our own half way houses – due to the fact that the trappings of the Matrix prevent the enlargement of our Shamanic powers – and these are needed. They are in need of being stoked up into an unholy (Holy) fire which cannot be resisted.

    Love as always,


  16. Some gruesome nightmare that was Zen, maybe somewhen you will go back into the matrix of that dream and
    turn that corporate guy into a sausage or something, or is that being cold blooded!
    Just got me thinking a bit about Hansel and Gretel having to outwit the witch and push her in the oven,
    at least they escaped their fate.

      • Exactly Zen: and that message was showing just how far gone is what is called ‘normality’.
        Never ceases to amaze. But stare at it for too long and it starts to wrap its sickly tentacles around one and starts to make you feel at home!

  17. “A corporate looking middle aged guy was in the front yard, pressed white shirt and slacks, darkly handsome, his wife somewhere in the background.”

    Naturally, the guy was EVIL. Right? Because he was a CORPORATE looking guy! ALARM ALARM!

  18. I am so glad I found this site. I have been fighting Keystone Pipeline all week. I attended a premiere film debut of the up and coming new graduates from film school/ prominent university as well. I was so sickened by the stupid violence and pathetic hooking-up sex propaganda that I was sick for two days. The only redeeming film was from a student who eerily showed the depth of the new surveillance capabilities and how they “can be” used on us.
    So I know how disheartening it is to see our most vulnerable under the veil of social programming. So much violence. I sometimes think about moving, but where? And who is to say that place won’t be infiltrated?
    As for the EMF’s, I hope the poster above finds some relief. I have taken to sleeping pills myself, as the symptoms of ringing in ears and rapid heart beat cause insomnia. Thank you Zen. Your work might not reach the hamburger helpers, but it reaches me. This site gives me comfort. Peace to All.

  19. Defiant,
    Thanks for standing up on behalf of the corporate man who has given us such winsome characters as the Hamburglar and the Frito Bandito. Although these two characters most closely resemble their creators, they unfortunately have been relegated to the dustbin of history due to the evils of political correctness. I’m sure they appreciate your support.

  20. Zen, I too want to thank you for all you do! Your writings and everyone that participates helps give me courage to continue on this path. I think there is strength in numbers. Courage to speak up, forward articles gleaned here and live more in the now. It was completely and totally synchronicity that I stumbled on your Garden! Due to a pull at my heart once I discovered it my life has turned upside down. Not in a bad way, but a very good way. My children are more open to the messages in your writings and they are more aware then they have ever been. Are they out of the system completely, no – but it is a journey and it is their journey.

    All I can do is spread the word but most importantly live my life in such a way that speaks without words but more in life action. I do not think I can change anyone. That has to come from the inside of oneself. There is a saying and I’m not a bible thump-er by the way and it goes like this. “Let the dead bury the dead.” Of course we tire and grow weary; sad for those that cannot understand what is all going on, the lies, the enslavement. But I cannot get stuck there. I have to live for there is a reason we have the passion of truth seeking. Perhaps it like Rollo says. Keep on brother Zen!! Love, peg
    I never did like sheepburgers especially with cheese. ha

  21. Now and Zen,

    We are, in a manner of speaking, their food. The dream described was the brains way of providing an image, to the dreamer, of a reality that doesn’t exist in our dimension. It’s scary to think that someone is occupying the same space as we are and that the reason is so heinous, so vampire-like, that our consciousness cannot produce an image of the actual event or the perpetrators. Inconceivable as it is, this and many more surprises lie in store for us as we digest the red pill. As we continue our journeys the truth will open doorways of understanding that were previously unavailable. I believe Graham Hancock was on the right track with his discussion regarding our DNA’s programming. There is also the 90 some odd percent of our untapped brains that would mix well with this topic. When the time is right we will understand. You do have to admit, that regardless of which side you happen fall on, we all need sustenance. What I’m really craving right now (in this life time) is the truth and occasionally a double with onions and mayo only.

    I get you. and I’m glad your there, for that.

    Thanks again Zen,

    Mr_Mojo (filter)

  22. Once upon a time I had the great good fortune to see Swami Satyananda at an ashram. The hall was packed with people who waited quietly until he arrived.

    Within me, all questions faded away as he spoke. The audience was receptive and the experience was uplifting and profound.

    A while later and he spoke at a public town hall meeting. I was pleased that a couple that I knew who were ‘born again’ Christians accepted my invitation to come along and hear him speak.

    The atmosphere, while polite, was not quite the same as it was at the ashram.

    What stays in my mind was this. Within moments of him starting to speak, Cheryl started looking under her seat and then John did the same. They spent almost the whole time trying not to be conspicuous but completely absorbed in their quest.

    After the event I asked them what had happened and got told that Cheryl had dropped either a diamond earing or a diamond ring….. I forget which.

    They missed the talk and yet the missing ‘thing of value’ would have been wherever it had lodged as equally at the end of the talk as at the beginning.

    We get so familiar with pictorial representations of Jesus Christ with a halo around his head that it’s hard to understand how anyone could have missed it – or rather missed that spiritual quality which stills the heart and opens the mind – during the time in which he walked the land.

    Something to do with awareness and receptivity. Not everyone wants to know.

    • Your Christian friends Needed to not hear the Swami – the dropped jewel was just a mechanism used unconsciously. They could perceive the “halo” around him and so determined that their version of Christianity would not survive intact listening to him.

  23. Zen, I wonder how many of us receive these vivid dream inputs? Could we have a place to put them, so as to see if any of us receive indentical dreams?

    Mine; Standing at one side observing the people quietly walking slowly with an empty kind of resignation down a grassy slope towards a distant hill. Men, women and children, carrying nothing but leaving their homes behind them. Behind the houses was a row of monster sized bulldozers, but men in black cat suits were swarming across the buildings removing satellite dishes and other items before the demolition began.
    I followed. At the top of the hill stood a massive building which could not be viewed in it`s entirety. I entered, and it was utilitarian and scruffy inside like a bus station. The passage zigzagged ever inwards, through waiting rooms which contained benches against the walls full of people who were just sitting and waiting.
    Eventually I reached some inner rooms with windows at last. Nurses were preparing equipment, and no one said anything to me, but continued to busy themselves, so I continued to look around. I entered a room, and looked out of the window. The view was of a hilltop town, reminiscent of Italian hilltop towns with heaped up buildings, with red roofs, and balconies. It looked prosperous, sheltered and secret. It was quiet with no movement. Perhaps it was still early morning? One building had a huge sign above it on it`s roof which read like ” Mons” ..something?
    That is all. It is so vivid that I can revisit reluctantly, whenever.
    What was the strongest impression is the atmosphere, which is hard to describe . It was close to what Zen describes in his dream, which is something like a mindless acceptance, and possibily resignation.

    • Wow Sky – how similar! Yes, a lot of folks are having these. It’s a cross section shot into the spiritual realities. As you know some are clearer than others and appear to have significance. Like you experienced, it’s the impressions the images leave you with that are the most impressive. Maybe we could have a dream section at some point, would be interesting. It can turn into a real hodgepoodge of imagery as you know, but if it encourages people to pay attention to these could be good. Some have a real gift of interpretation as in the case with Julian and some others I know. Sharing these could be really beneficial. Much love, Zen (bulldozers are so apt – and they always remind me of the cold blooded murder of dear Rachel Corrie…)

  24. Many thanks for very interesting posts on a high frequency site.

    It helps to include more esoteric knowledge into the questions around ‘hamburgers’ and waking up.

    Humans are NOT physical beings, we are energy beings experiencing this physical dimension through the soft-ware we call ‘a body’.

    At our true, infinite level, we tuned into this reality knowing full well what we would be involved in. Whether we ‘wake up’ or remain part of another experience is up to each of us.

    The life-forms eyeing us as food see only the physical ‘soft-ware’. Whilst they are developed in certain ways, they are ‘asleep’ to the wider knowledge of who we ALL are at a higher level of frequency, including them.

    The created world is teeming with life-forms, in work that I do, I have had contact with many different types, and I saw that all life-forms are partially developed, but in different ways, each having a piece of the creative jigsaw, but none having the complete one. (yet)

    In other work that I do, I suggest that students ‘plant seeds’ of information in other people, and then leave it, as it is up to the other person whether they water and grow it, or leave it fallow.
    This dimension works with free will among other frequencies, and we cannot know another persons life experience plan, so to ‘plant a seed’ is all we can do.

    We are not working through this planned experience alone, without supervision. In our reduced five- sense state, humans could never hope to grasp the energetic enormity of it, and would likely cause more imbalance, as we can perceive from looking at what we have called ‘history’.

    I do not refer to any religious figure doing the supervision, religion is another rabbit hole altogether, but the high- frequency creators and operators of the energetic information field that we call ‘Earth life’.

    Take Heart, it isn’t going to be easy, but we can do it!

    Peace to All

  25. If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
    Henry David Thoreau

    Things do not change; we change

    Welcome to Good Burger Home of the Good Burger Can I take your order….

    Don’t worry about the burger eaters anymore. I’m sure some video gamer kid somewhere will make a “real”
    Monolith Burger some day to accommodate and all the hamburglars

    Monolith burger
    Monolith Burger is a popular fast food chain scattered throughout the known universes. With locations such as the Monolith Burger Fast Food Dive in Sector 62, and the Galaxy Galleria location. Monolith Burger offers a completely unhealthy menu for those among you who just can’t live without fast food. Their franchises are frequented by uncountable species every day. They even offer a full-featured arcade featuring such classics as Astro Chicken, for those who aren’t entertained solely by their food.

    I loved this post, Zen.

    PS – I have an awesome recipe for “gourmet” burgers if anyone is interested!

  26. Good one, Zen. The ultimate goal of the corporate elite is to genetically modify and mind-control the human race to the point where it is happy with its role of serving and supporting its masters. That explains the lack of fencing, guards, etc in your dream….these modified humans will actually love and defend their slavery. Most already do.

  27. Thank you, again for an excellent article. When I get into my “wake these darn people up” mode, I try to remember it is I who needs to keep waking up. I’m still connected to the world OUT THERE. But it is getting harder and harder to simply enjoy an evening out with drinks and friends. I often want to get up on the table and scream WAKE UP PEOPLE. For me, I have to continue to deepen my meditation practice. I love your articles and they help me know I’m not alone. SO please keep on keepin on! Namaste.

  28. Hi Zen, this really reminds me of some dreams I have had of late. I think these are planted dreams because they have the same feeling of watching and especially feeling quite powerless. I have has some about cattle cars, (disgusting, won’t go into details), being locked in a building with many others where every move we make is being watched, internment camps etc. I am always observing as if being shown a film. These always feel like they are not mine at all, but rather some sort of mind f*** Not exactly sure how they are pulling these off, but I do hear the hum at night, perhaps it is with low frequency waves that they transmit with. i have heard of others having these same sort of dreams. I really feel they, (the dark faction) are so desperate to make us feel powerless, it actually has the opposite effect with me…lol.. don’t let em get you down, just another ploy to make us feel powerless and degraded.

    • They have a lot of tricks but nothing can suppress true consciousness…it supersedes and transcends whatever they can influence. They’re clearly discernible by their intention and direction, as well as vibration.

  29. My apologies Zen. Didn’t quite get the point of your article.

    Went to work with my disabled clients at the Group Home yesterday. We generally work in isolation as staff numbers get cut to the bare minimum. This allows the lazy and the incompetent to be exactly that.

    It’s extremely difficult to get rid of such people because no-one can be sacked without a long and convoluted process which can drag on for years.
    I take over from such a person and if I take him to task about jobs left undone there is always an immediate and glib excuse which leaves me cold.

    Such was the case last night. I am a bit naive and often hold out hope for change which – with such people – just never occurs. They’re used to complaint and just don’t care…. they play the system, speak the appropriate words and life goes on. As our clients are essentially non verbal there is no complaint from them and I’m left to pick up the pieces.

    I read your articles and then move through my day and often go off at a tangent from what’s been written as it gets mulled over and related back to my own life experience.

    Knowing where and when to put in effort with our fellow humans isn’t an easy conundrum to resolve.


  30. I put this out there as a suggestion for how one could look at the various possible levels of probable awakening, ranging from that of ‘hamburger people’ to self-realized people.

    A famous Buddhist teaching talks of four kinds of people and compares them with the characteristics of a lotus at various stages of development. This list starts with those most likely to understand transformative truth directly.
    The first is a lotus that has risen out of the muddy water and stands high above the surface of the swamp. The stem has straightened out and the green outer leaves covering the lotus bud have already started to unfurl. The lotus is ready to bloom when touched by sunlight. It is compared to people who are able to readily and effortlessly understand Dharma (or any teaching) at first hearing.

    The second lotus is at the surface of the water and has the potential to bloom the next day. This lotus is compared to people who, when using a little bit of effort to study or contemplate, are able to understand Dharma in a short time.

    The third lotus is still below the surface of the water. It symbolizes people who may not be particularly intelligent, but they have good will and are willing to make an effort, they too can understand Dharma one day.

    The fourth lotus is still stuck in the mud at the bottom of the swamp. It symbolizes ignorant and lazy people who are not able to understand Dharma even when repeatedly told about it. They have no intention to make any effort to understand it either. This kind of lotus will become food for fish and turtles.

    Dhamma (or Dharma) is deep truth; the direct experience of which is transformative. It is not necessary to belong to any religion to experience this truth. All that is needed is clear awareness of your present state of mind and circumstances.

    The sleepburger people in Zen’s dream were definitely not aware, neither were the hamburger people.
    Zen’s writing brings a touch of sunlight to all who read it. Some will understand instantly, others will gradually come to know what he is saying and some will simply ignore what is happening around them.

    This is true for so many of the contributions and comments here too.

  31. Such an interesting ‘dream’ Zen . I would regard it as more of one of those strange glimpses into another reality rather than just an everyday dream .
    To me the hamburger certainly represents everything about the Amerikan Dream ,fast , every where and available for all to eat . The only problem is the reality of this dream( beautifully described by you as a food item) ,is too much of it makes you sick . This fatty , substantial but with little nutritional value addictive product eventually causes obesity and ulitmately death . Sadly this is the Amerikan Dream , and as we have seen it has caused a worldwide spiritual malady , an obesity of the soul that causes the person eating this lie to become docile and malleable before their execution and ultimately their spiritual death . I would say for me these apparently pleasant camps cause the captive and captivated to be even in their self inflicted captivity happy with their lot . So do we let the dead bury their dead ? and as you said in a reply to a comment , after stringing our beautiful pearls do we cast them before swine ? Maybe……. , life is all about loving the other , but what if the other is truly happy in their reality and this is where they should be . Reality is multi layered , we are all different . After trying and getting no where should we’ dust the sand from our feet ‘ and move on regretfully, but always with enough love to keep the path clear just in case …. Kitty X

  32. Last night I went to play a few songs at the monthly local songwriter night. They’re not well attended – half a dozen or so songwriters and less audience but they’re always worth the effort.

    Most get up and play solo but I’m lucky enough to have other musicians happy to jump up and play along. The sum is always greater than the parts.

    I’m somewhat in awe of the retired school principal who is our songwriting society president and who drives long hours to these outlying gigs to encourage and support our local effort.

    He’s remarkable inasmuch as ‘caring and sharing’ – perfect rhyme in songwriting terms – is what motivates him. I know him well enough to know that personal aims of fame or fortune aren’t particularly important.

    He came back to my place afterwards for a coffee and a chat and we talked about practice, being prepared and the importance of being centered prior to performance.

    Conversation turned to the state of society and I started off with central banking and where it came from and then moved on to Israel and it’s grip on main stream media and the stranglehold it has on America. All of this was new to him.

    He’s not unaware of what really matters in our brief lives – love and the expression of it. Being awake to the underlying downright evil of
    the ‘powers that be’ is something else entirely.

    Soliel – thanks for the lotus images. I read your comment before I went out and was happy to realise that if I’m not lazy or content to be ignorant then I’m somewhere else in that lotus picture.

    Kitty – not trying to strike a light but, by your writing and insight, you’re an easy person to fall in love with and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  33. Interesting route that this conversation is taking. Soleil’s third lotus description reminds me of people in my life who are heart-centered–many have more compassion for humanity than I do but do not have the intellectual capacity (due to inability or unwillingness) to delve into what is going on around and within them. David, I too have worked with developmentally disabled adults and many are very heart-centered people. Also, I sometimes wonder about those with profound creative energies such as musicians and artists but also don’t realize what is really going on. How we can help each other find that balance between head and heart is something I continue to pursue.

  34. Cruelty Soup Chords are E,G,D,A,

    The lines are getting longer
    For the poor and the dispossessed
    As the men about the kitchen
    juggle sauce for more is less

    And it’s nowhere near better
    As the vultures hold and swoop
    On the nearest hapless fellow
    drinking cruelty soup – cruelty soup

    Hi ho – here we go
    Another cup of soup you beknighted blighter
    Hi ho – here we go
    No bread roll – draw your belt in tighter
    Hi ho – here we go
    Have you got the strength left to be a fighter

    Toodle -oodle ooo – – Toodle -oodle ooo

    The beat is getting stronger
    As the war drums coalesce
    And the call goes out for heroes
    Nothing more and nothing less

    And they’ll say the fight is sacred
    And they’ll say that we are right
    And they’ll want to shock and awe you
    Into…… “ Darkness is Light” – “Darkness IS Light.”

    Hi ho – here we go
    It’s not just happening in a far off country
    Hi ho – here we go
    Take a look around we’re the hundreth monkey
    Hi ho – here we go
    How long ………….. how long …. How long ……. how long
    Will this go on……… The lines are getting longer and they’re getting out of line.

  35. Sorry if this reads bleak and sober but – for me – this conversation, among warm hearted people, hasn’t yet run its course.

    It’s three in the morning and if I wasn’t sober before – I am now.

    I don’t remember dreams but this was vivid and horrible. The detail doesn’t matter too much. It could have been Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Ukraine, Sudan…… Palestine.

    Wherever it was, I didn’t want to be there. The heightened sense of awareness which comes with a ‘flight or fight’ situation, of dread and of madness running riot – of brother fighting brother with no reason other than ‘This is the way it is.’

    There was nowhere to go and I felt and I was utterly alone.

    This is the way it is in much of the world. Terrifying.

    In the strange way in which dreams have their own logic – I’m still in that dream situation and want no part of it but now I’m in a small tent, lying down with a blanket over me and just awaiting the next moment which is probably death. Something nasty with lots of knuckles digs into one side of my lower back and then I wake up.

    I write this down after some coffee and after giving myself permission to put aside giving up smoking and eventually go back to bed.

    Another dream and somehow I’m reluctantly driving cabs again. I never owned a cab – you just hire it for a twelve hour shift. It’s close to change of shifts, very late at night and I’m near Central Railway station which, in the dream, is close by the theatre district and people are everywhere, keen to get home. My sedan is quickly occupied but I don’t know how to get to their destination without checking the street directory so I stop and turn the meter off while I look it up. My sedan turns into one of those eight seater vehicles which are wheelchair friendly and is immediately filled. No sense of anger or impatience from anyone – they all look grateful to have a seat and as we drive off I realise that the brakes are woefully inadequate so I pull over and jump out to take a deep breath. Someone else jumps in the drivers seat and is about to take off and is deaf to my suggestion that the brakes don’t work. I feel responsible for the cab as much as the passengers but, again, there’s little I can do apart from ringing the cab company to ask for another taxi and, of course, they’re busy and don’t answer.

    No longer driving but walking through ‘sweat shop’ type kitchens where no-one takes notice of my presence and I’m making my way back to the cab company to let them know that their cab was crap and I’ve no idea where it is now.

    I wake up and David Rockafella or Rothschilds – doesn’t matter which cold blooded monster family he belongs to – comes to mind.

    In response to a query about his abominable behaviour on the world stage while in pursuit of a New World Order, his response was “What do you care? They’re not your family.”

    • I tend to think that dreams are a form of excretion. Most of what we take in through our eyes and ears over the course of the day is junk, with a few nuggets of nourishment. Some of this info is processed by our minds and thoughts and ideas are formed and stored away, and some of it isn’t – but it’s still there.

      Regarding helping people, the best time to help somebody is when we receive an IMPULSE to help them. There is a vagueness to wanting to help a group of people to do something, and the universe doesn’t do vague. Then there is the Law of Non-Interference as mentioned above. When we sense a need in something or someone and the channel seems open, we can act freely and the resources and the drive will be there.

      • thanks indigoviolet – I had to read your comment twice because I couldn’t help but laugh with ” the Universe doesn’t do vague” – it bloody well did with me:)
        I’m sure you’re right – vague intention goes nowhere….. what can the Universe do with it?
        I think that’s the end of the topic for me…. but not quite.

        Zen – thanks so much for reposting a year old article regarding Augureye Express. It was very moving and just wonderful to read of your effort to help in a practical way and of Peak Crackers electric wheelchair contribution.
        I’d wondered briefly about the reposting of articles but ‘moving’ doesn’t date, nor truth or any of the good things …… George Soros does.

        Half way through a tripple bourbon and with a clean pipe at hand, I’ll go see what Monsanto and Soros are doing to GMO Hooch.

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