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Humanity vs The Machine – Mear One


This guy’s mural art is amazing! Be sure to search his name, Mear One, and check out his work. What a great way to get out the message! [Hat tip Peek – Tx!]

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  1. $35.00 of salve labor for toxic spray paint . Tagging a old used up wall that was used up for advertising consumption, Telling TPTB to go fuck there hats! Priceless!

  2. Amazing, thanks, the music should be Coldplay clocks, but loved it….talented for sure….Art is expression of our best creative force in our hearts and mind….we all need the outlet to flourish our soul. Get lost in your art and you will have a great passion for your life!

  3. Excellent video, enjoyed watching the progression. Didn’t realize that was an ear of corn until he wrote GMO on the forehead. I wonder what people will think when they see that.

  4. Zen .. I wish you would tip that enough so i could throw a few useless fed reserve IOU notes In , so i could show my graduate for your site.

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