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I Can’t Believe How I’m Thinking


by Zen Gardner

It’s like I’ve slapped myself in the face and I’m feeling the sting. The goddamn system is closing in so fast I’m getting tempted to censor myself when out in public. I’m actually starting to feel I can’t even freely bandy about with check out people, clerks or people on the street like I usually do anymore. I’m starting to subconsciously be concerned about who might be listening.

And possible consequences. Damn.

I know how to bring up subjects to find out if I might have a listening ear about things I’m passionate about people knowing. And believe me, if the door opens, I get both feet in before they knew I was knocking. I’m sensitive, I’m considerate, but I’m insistent and confident however far I think I can help that person along, or in many cases can learn from them.

But it really sucks when the big Eye starts to infringe on your consciousness and cut off your lifeline to spontaneity and sychronicity. And it has apparently creeped up on me, and I don’t like it.

Snitch Society Here We Are

I take pictures of chemtrails. It’s part of my life. I feel like I’m saying “I can see WTF you’re doing and I’m not under your goddamn spell!” I archive these and have quite a collection of very damning evidence for current and future use. But I find it empowering as well as very educational. When dear Dutchsinse makes his HAARP ring predictions, including around my area, I compare notes.

This is serious stuff going down, not just some kind of flippant fascination. And in the case of chemtrails,  I not only react to them, but I’m well aware they can do a very potent dump at any time of any anti-human virus, carcinogen or wicked nano-particle in any one of these toxic cocktails..which they’ve already been doing. I watch the color, the patterns and stay inside on big dump days. So I take pictures to document this particular attack on us.

And I don’t like what’s creeping into my awareness.

They’re watching – They’ve been told to.

So I’m in a big box store parking lot and just had to get out to film a particularly disgusting chemdump one day. And who drives up? A big ass cop in his expensive SUV and asks me what I’m doing.

Can you believe it? I’m taking pictures of the sky on my phone!

Well, I turned it on him and somewhat innocently started asking if he’d seen anything like this and did he know what was going on. Of course again, after this happening with me many times when I asked officials this question, he hadn’t even noticed and says “I haven’t heard anything” and we chatted a bit and he drives off.

I take pics of the skies almost every day. Chemtrails to me is one of the most profound evidences of our Orwellian dumbed down mind controlled society. And ironically enough what they’re not bothering to notice is exactly one of the drug concoctions that’s bringing that on.

Ah numbnuts. On a massive scale.

But what really pisses me off is now I realize just stepping out the door to take pictures of the sky frequently as I do could get reported on. It’s insane! Instead of people coming out and asking what’s going on, they’re gonna start calling Homeland Frikking Security on me soon, they’re getting so whipped up.

I’m not gonna stop but it’s working on my consciousness!

False Flag Tipping Point

And this brings me to “from the fringe of consciousness to front and center”. All this just needs one more nudge to bring on what they’re so thoroughly staging. But it won’t be a nudge, they’re gonna go for the big enchilada. Madonna’s show was a little celebratory prelude. They’re feeling confident and they’re about to pull the trigger on the next phase.

And it’s gonna be 9/11 on steroids, sorry to say.

Many are saying this, and that’s because we’re all connected to the Universal Broadcast Center keeping us informed. it’s going to be soon. I mean you don’t have to be a prophet. For unaware folks the political and media announcements aren’t enough to get the picture, as obvious as they are. You need some kind of background in all this, a wake up and spiritual footing to know the big picture to have somewhere to stand, and to be willing to see the Truth.

And we’re there. Sorry, but we are. The time is now.


So, all that to say, apparently it’s arrived. My little insight here is not all that little, and it’s not just me, guaranteed.

It’s filtered into the collective consciousness so deeply, as intended, that we’re all supposed to just get in line and take it in the rear with this bullshit. If the majority wasn’t so well entrained we’d have a totally different dynamic, but I’m afraid we’re gonna have to ride the wild horsey over the next months while they pull their stunts, bar some amazing intervention.

Bear down, be brave and confident, be proactive, but be smart.

This is the real deal.

By the way…I ain’t shuttin’ up. You better not either. I’m a live one…couldn’t shut up if I wanted to.

Ha! Damn the buggers!

Love, Zen


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  1. There are more of us than you think, thinking and believing what you can’t believe you’re thinking!
    And we love you for that.

      • I’m always looking up and stopping where I can pull over safely and pull out my cell phone camera. So far (in the last 5-6 yrs) no one has asked. But I get funny looks. I wish they would ask! Not the cops tho.

  2. Z,
    This issue eats at me as much as it does you. Nobody looks up anymore. Nobody. In a crowd, how many bend their necks and glance skyward? None.
    And I gotta tell ya, Z, I’ve been in the airline business for over 20 years and it gripes my ass that my fellow airmen are dumping that shit on us. The dishonor of it all goes beyond words.

    • We’re connected. We need to strengthen that by knowing it’s there all the time. Yeah, actually when I was editing it I got overwhelmed with emotion at one point, the sad reality we’re living thru his me so hard. But it’s good to know we’re all the same, isn’t it. Much love, Cathy.

  3. hi zengardner, if you are concerned about chemtrails you migt consider to learn what agnihotra is and what is does, i for my part was very impressed and besides cleaning your atmosphere you get this ( http://www.homa-hof-heiligenberg.com/galerie/galerie/ernte/index.htm ) as a by product in case you grow plants in your garden. I wonder why you censored a comment concerning agnihotra last time, as it s the cheapest and most effective weapon against environmental poisoning. Which wolf do you feed my friend? my best wishes, Mike

    • Hi Mike,
      I took the liberty of researching agnihotra. Interesting-I’m open to new things.
      I found a kit online that included a copper cup, inverted copper pyramid, a stick, rice, ghee, and dung cakes, for 59.95!
      I think I’ll save up for it instead of putting it on my credit card. LOL.

  4. Z…
    Take Heart! As biggee states, there are more of us that understand than you think. As old dawg vets who have seen what hell is and looks like, we got the big picture long ago. This is a large silent faction of us who are pissed to the hilt and believe that all works to the best in the end for the beginning of a new era of time, but are prepared to defend you and all the rest who have an open eye.
    Take Heart Z. Never give up and don’t give a shit about what others of lesser minds think. Always remember, stand your ground and don’t back down!
    And to Mike V., we understand how you feel. It’s the money dude. They love the money better than they love themselves, their families and mankind.
    Never fear and keep on keepin’ on! It’s gonna be very interesting to watch the changes as Mother Earth moves further into the Photon Belt. The power elite (as they like to known) will be shittin’ bricks!

  5. I think the secret to getting through all this is to train ourselves not to fear. I did not realize how much of my life I lived in fear until about three years ago when I read something about how fear is used to control us and to take us out of living in the present moment. I made it a goal to remove fear from my life. It has been difficult, but mostly now I live without any type of fear. I trust in the goodness of the universe and believe that I will be protected, that those I love will be protected as well. We can control our own minds, but this is not something we are taught to do—and it is very hard work,but ultimately it is freeing. How many times have you heard someone say, “I can’t help the way I feel!” Lots, I’m sure. But the truth is we CAN control those debilitating thoughts.

    The human predators lose control when we take control of our own minds. Truth always comes to light. I try to always stay in the light.

    • Great points, Karen. So true. Dwelling on the truth needs to be our activity of choice. It’s part of waking up and walking away from old lives we don’t need any more. – Z

  6. They are boosting up this effort since they know they’re losing the battle. More people each day are awakening to what is truly in front of them. Never back down, never surrender.

    • they are not losing, they are only switching sides; from good cop to bad cop but its the same side. Long long story short. They are only picking up steam because they are preparing to execute.

  7. Its on record back in the 60’s Winnipeg Manitoba was sprayed by air with a dose of radioactive waste on purpose, other cities as well.

    • Derk…yes, in the US hundreds of documented experiments on the public, same in the UK. Sick sick controllers…time’s almost up for them. It’s so contrary to everything natural it has to shrivel up soon.

  8. Your thoughts made me chuckle, I found it amusing that other wakers are feeling this same paranoia as we go about our biz… thanks for the comic relief! I don’t feel so alone now, LOL!

    • Hey Stacy.
      Glad you caught the drift. Some thought I was fearing. Heck, the vibe is all around, but I don’t buy into it. Just their damn volume is getting turned up. That’s why we need to keep the right vibes playing loud and clear! Keep on!

  9. what a synchronistic post, from my point of view. i’m being asked to keep my awareness of all this stuff to myself as my boyfriend doesn’t like it!! he says i sound like a nutter! the guy i’ve spent the last 6 years of my life with wants me to shut up about all this crap that’s happening in the world. he says it doesn’t make a difference cos no one cares anyway and nothing will ever change. i’m feeling like i’m going crazy having to keep all this to myself.

    • Hey Suze…go with your gut. If you can’t be true to the Truth, what’s the point of it all? Sorry, we need to be more militant than the control bastards about sticking to our convictions. Imagine a few human transmitters in an interstellar antenna array bringing saving signals to earth decide they’re gonna go off line cuz the blind demeaning deadbeats around them think they’re nuts for even trying?
      I know, sounds weird, but actually a good analogy. Do your part. Never get pulled out of your synchronicity. It’s time for conviction. Go as you’re led. –Keep on. Zen

    • Your not alone either, I have a husband of 25 years who just keeps plugging away like things are going to fix themselves just like they always have. I stopped trying to get him to talk or read anything. I am certain however, that when the time comes, he is going to look to me for understanding of what is happening, around him all of a sudden.

      • Teri–Don’t give up. He’s about to have a rude awakening real soon. Lots of us are up against many people like this. Whatta trip, huh?

    • Susan, you are so not alone! Married for almost 20 years, my husband told me he’s NOT INTERESTED in the things I’ve learned. I am “destroying my family”. I don’t know what makes a relatively smart person so damn stupid. I can only guess that it is fear, that doesn’t stop me from questioning everything about my marriage. Unfortunately, his reaction has influenced my son, and that’s the part that’s most upsetting to me.

      Maybe my soul is ready to move on and his isn’t? As far as that, I will leave it up to the universe to decide. I know that right now my purpose is to learn as much truth as possible and to educate others. Exposing the evil is a big step in working towards its defeat.

      Hang in there, girl!

      • you hang in there too sweetie!
        maybe its our test? or maybe its theirs? either way, we have the interest in this stuff and they don’t. i reckon that might be their loss!

    • Susan I’m lucky my husband knows the score. But my family doesn’t. They are absolutely content to literally walk into their own slaughterhouse.

      I visited my brother for the holidays. We got into a screaming match in my car about chemtrails. I kept yelling how stupid can you be to not see this crap. It’s affecting your kids as well. I almost got into an accident I was so upset.

      One of my gal pals knows the score and we talk about it often. She uploads pics to the aircrap website. But many of my friends and family think I’m a lunatic. Before I met my spouse I was very lonely as I no one to talk to about it.

      The universe guided me to this site. I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling this way.

      Chemtrails affect everyone different. I have serious breathing issues when they spray and cannot take a deep breath. My spouse becomes more aggressive and agitated. When he starts acting off I remind him that they’re spraying today.

      I bought some JR Watkins breathing relief. It has camphor, menthol, thymol and eucalyptus. You spray into a paper towel, breathe in and blow out. It really helps.

      • Annie you sound like me. I know, from the minute I wake up, if they’ve been spraying overnight…despite air systems and filters, I know. It was overcast where i am today and the coughing for me was from 3 am. I knew it. And sure enough when the cloud cover started to separate in the afternoon, MASSIVE damn spraying campaign.
        I eat a lot of juiced ginger in my veggie juice every day, take zeoforce metal and radiation detoxer, supplements etc., but still breath shallowly and cough a lot. Not good. I’ll get the Watkins stuff, tx.

        The rage against the chemtrails I sooo understand. And it’s with everything. Just don’t give up, that’s why I pound on taking action. You may hv to change venues and find kindred souls to gather momentum with, I don’t know, but find your voice and venue and get the message out there, to as many as possible. Love, Z
        PS…Soooo glad you have an understanding, on board mate…me too…couldn’t be more thankful!

        • I’ve been talking to my family about this for years and the other day one of my aunts said she grabbed her husband one morning to show him the stripes in the sky! It’s a start! Let’s just keep telling the truth!

        • Thanks Sis! I’ll get some. Different parts of the day are different…duh…but it’s nasty sometimes. I juice green veggies with a lot of ginger which helps, garlic too, but man, it’s a fight. Love your comments, sis. Keep on…YOU make the difference! Love always, Zen

  10. I lived in China for two years and only twice did I see chemtrails. It’s rare to go a week with out seeing them here in Alabama. Last night with the moon full, one could see the trails on what would be a clear sky. People have become numb to such an obvious crime that when you mention the crimetrails they look up and back down so quick as to not really wanting to take their head out of the ground. I too take lots of pictures I guess to confirm hey, when I was a youth these did not exist.
    Another great post. Thanks Zen

    • It’s diabolical. And in our faces. I hear you David. Not just sign of our times, but tool of our demise. The lack of conscious outrage makes you wonder if you’re one of the beings on this planet, no? Make the most of your consciousness…there’s a war on to shut us down! Love you, Zen

  11. All,
    I’m damn proud to be part of such a great bunch of humans. You guys are saviors, every last one of ya.

  12. We very few minority will be “The Last Men Standing”. We know it’s here and we are mentaly prepared fot it. We adapt to the situation and roll with it.
    The clueless one’s will drop like flys when the medications are cut off.
    We have done our best to inform those
    who are of light. For the rest, only fate
    remains. Ours is destiny….. ascension is near. The wonder of the Universe is before us.
    Stand ready brothers.

  13. My partner of 10 years believes me, but my mother of almost 30 doesn’t…I think she believes I’m a little nutty. Yeah, I’ve been in psych wards and currently take medication for my issues, but I’M NOT a nut case. We all see these things occurring, and some how, we know things are just wrong.

  14. Zen…You have a wonderful way with words but I am very saddened that you are not connected to your spirit! This is such fearful thinking and as I am sure you well know, your thoughts create your reality. The world is smoothered in fear and it is no wonder what is happening is happening. If we stop the fear thinking and put our trust into our own power as spiritual beings and stop GIVING AWAY our power to the elite we would be in a far more enlightened place than we are right now. Please reel yourself back in and get out of fear thinking as there is a side to you that must be spiritual as you are into alternative Medicine. We as humans will find a way around any roadblocks and move forward. We did it in medicine and we will do it again. Have faith in mankind’s ability to rise above! Blessings to you…..VK

  15. Like you I can’t believe I’m thinking this stuff but I’ve been awake for sometime now and once you’ve been awakened there is no going back to the dreamsleep.

    Stay awake, the people need leaders.

  16. Hi All ,
    This is my second post on here. I have a few questions , Why did we become aware and not the other’s?
    What is different about us?
    As you have seen in this thread alone , some people come from the same gene pool and still they don’t wake up.
    I ask this question in hope of finding a way to narrow it down so that the difference may in some way lead us to bringing the rest online.
    What do you feel and think?
    I don’t know what the actual number’s are Zen but as a guesstimate I would say about 1 in 10 are awake or in the early stages of awakening. From my experience. I have another question if I may, how many people here see 11.11 or other multiple numbers?

  17. Until i read this, I always thought what a lonely road it was. I suspected for years that so many things were “off” but the catalyst for me was actually having my daughter in a major US hospital nearly a year ago. Since then I’ve been on the fast track to connecting the dots. It’s reached a point where I can hear the f’n Wi-Fi. I know I haven’t lost my mind, but took it back if anything. Reading this thread has lifted me from the otherwise lonely path in which I can’t carry on a conversation with most people these days.

  18. The other day I began to have these wonderful visions… I was drifting off on a total fantasy of “how my life would have been if there had never been any Jews pulling the strings” (amazing where that can take you to be honest) and I was getting all goofy and giddy at where it was taking me.

    THen I realized…

    and this is the ultimate rape…

    What if my thoughts are not even my own? What if they are HAARP induced… or some form of mind control? What if…..

    That killed that….

    This after 40+ years of living in the now and being so aware of things all that time… suddenly…. I realize…

    where do my thoughts begin and end without immediate electrical or whatever meddling?……

  19. hey all, Wow … I wish i could hang out with you all in a coffeehouse somewhere. awake 5+ years, not much luck waking others up, i have focused on the younger gen. (the children are the future) and eager for information once you capture their attention. I so can relate to everyone here, going through lots of the same emotions, feelings, trying to avoid the fear as best i can (new revelation for me). I am with you till the beginning :)

  20. What we can do about it? That’s the BIG QUESTION????? “Waking up” is just not enough!!! There must be the way to change things!
    That’s what most of us have to discus here!!!

  21. Wake up?

    The effects of our education, indoctrination, media bombardment is extremely impressive. Can one really “wake people up” or stop the N.W.O ? In my humble opinion maybe a little bit of yes and a little bit of no.

    The majority of people I run into and deal with on a regular basis are far to caught up in their own lives pursuing career, money, “staying in the know” or just simply trying to ward of bankruptcy and eviction to really stop and pay attention and if they do its quickly forgotten by flashing some images of rioters and dead children across the screen during the nightly global debriefing that is called the news.

    Recently I had someone comment to me “Syria, Is killing it own people” looks like were going to war, what a load of crap I responded, wake up. Are you trying to tell me those images aren’t real?, they replied

    The images I’m sure are very real, tailored, edited and compressed for nightly consumption on this side of the pond all in the hopes that you wont bat an eye the next time princess Patricia’s royal platoon gets dispatched to some far off land you probably can’t even find on a map. So slap a “support our troops” ribbon on the back of your car donate $20 to the local legion, turn on history channel and watch digitally enhance footage of WW2 if that doesn’t do it for you flip to the military channel. A patriotic feeling should be setting in right about now, knowing that were doing everything we can to make the world right and perfect, your safe and can still buy gasoline, off to play war again.

    Sounds a bit cynical right? And it is, maybe even a little ticked off but I just realized very few can be pulled out of the frequency that has been deeply embedded since birth.

    From a Christian perspective this is much like trying to pull someone out of the grips of religious indoctrination and turn them over to what the bible actually says.

    If the word of god is any indication the N.W.O will have its 15 minutes of fame but we can still point out what’s going on along the way that is if you can see it.

  22. Ive been taking photos of trails since well before digital cameras. Stacks of photos. Ladders in my sky…leading to where. Even with few answers I refuse to sleep…tattooed “nunquam dormio” and an eye on my solar plexus…daily reminder in the mirror…the lotus on my heart is not a tattoo, but I can see it just the same. resolved, stay awake. resolved, stay open-hearted to the worthy and compassionate to the rest…and vigilant. love your posts, zen.

  23. I am posting my first comments. I so need this site. I so need to be where there are like minded people and not sheeple. I need inspiration and am trying to fight emotions at the negative level. I do not wish to h* anything or anyone, because it brings it right back at ya. Laws oif attractions etc. But, at the same time I am not sucking up the BS and crapola being handed out in pills/meds/media vomit or illegal ‘laws.
    I am 60 and have been seeing the deterioration of the rights, liberties and freedoms generally. We are be used like herds of cattle being lead to slaughter, I will not pass over without much disobedience and trying to awake others.
    Love your postings Z…………………I am awake and intend staying this way. I see so much now I do not like, and I am endeavouring to open other’s eyes.

    • Welcome Gentlespirit! You clearly are not alone! We dot the globe but as we get together and in tune you can be assured it’s enhancing the vibrational level at an accelerating rate! I think as you write and post and get involved you’re orientation won’t be as angry. But there’s nothing wrong with righteous indignation!!—that’s perfectly healthy and a natural response…it just has to be kept in check by consciousness. I have to catch myself continually. All I have to do is walk outside and look at the chemtrails and I’m swearing like a sailor more often than not..ha!

      Glad you wrote. You might need to start a blog or something. It changed my life and has led me into personal relationships with researchers and men and women with hearts of gold that have so enhanced my life while I’ve had an opportunity to help and encourage them as well. As you pour out through your individual crystaline form, your very unique array of colors, if you will, your contribution and resonant form, with grow and help enhance the universal experience. That or speak, write a book, produce videos, whatever. You have to express this true conscious reality and help bring it HERE in this life and realm in order to effect change, and you’ll evolve with it..

      Meditation, prayer, good music etc. all help, but express, resonate, come on out. We need you. You need us. It’s time.

      And it’ll keep you from getting too pissed off!…ha! But don’t worry about that either. Roll with it. Love you, stay in touch, Zen

  24. Z…love you too.
    I do write, and I also send links via twitter and other means to enable others the chance to see what is happening.
    I have writen poetry for many years, and my poetry is all about love, light, humanity, kindness, sharing caring and spirituality as opposed to religion. I also write articles I have had quite a bit of feedback too on my booksie.com/gentlespirit page. So I keep trawlin and tramping on, stay in the light and be of the light…….truth will out at all levels.

    keep shining Zen, luvya x

  25. wrote this in 2008……….enjoy x Peace & love.

    In my mind’s eye, I could really see

    all of the planets, stretched out, into infinity

    Mother Earth, our home, came plainly into view

    she was embraced by a mist, of the deepest violet-blue!

    She glowed in that rare, and loving atmosphere

    This our tiny planet, this magnificent, spinning sphere!

    Appearing as if suspended by some awesome, immortal form

    nurturing it with love, whilst Mother Earth, was being reborn!

    All the lightest colours of the rainbow, then gathered

    as from the densest colours; She became untethered

    and I am sure, that a voice I did hear

    telling me Mother Earth was reborn,

    we had nought to fear!

  26. Nice one and I soooo know the feeling. I even have doubts about family members and what they are capable of, given that they watch MSM and LOVE their feelings of SECURITY. My father announced very proudly that, at his new bank, they even make customers remove their hats so the cameras can get a better picture of their faces; he thinks this is a wonderful idea. I try to excuse him because of his advanced age, though I do not remain silent about the issue of trading personal liberty for this alleged “safety.”

    With regard to the chemtrails, I do as you do and stay indoors. I did, however, spend three months last fall in a south american country. It took me about 2 and1/2 of those months to suddenly realize something very profound, which revealed itself by its absence. I finally noticed what there was NOT there: no chemtrails of any kind – rarely even a regular plane cutting through the sky. I was startled to realize how long it had taken me to take in the fact that I was living under clear, blue skies all the time. The feeling of joy that arose in me when I became aware of this was indescribable.

    At any rate, I read you regularly and appreciate your honest observations about the world around us, as well as your internal landscape in relationship to it.

  27. Zen
    The outlandish official 9/11 story woke me up in 2002 and I began a public access TV show. I have always had an interest in metaphysics, and to see this extreme polarity of the spiritual vs. the NWO put me in the position of “waking up” others w/o appearing to be focusing on negativity. I somewhat resent, on your behalf, the comment by “Visionkeeper” in response to your efforts, because I have had the same criticism aimed at me. “You’re too negative”. So, Zengardener, You’re not alone. I’m impressed with your intelligent take on the situation. Yes, it is a spiritual universe but we are faced with the most extreme evil in the universe. And, yes, we WERE taken over by hostile aliens eons ago.

    • Hi Lida…no, but they’re supposed to put partial posts and link backs unless with permission, but at least you found it! That’s what’s important! Do you know where you saw it? Take care, Z

  28. Thanks Zen, and people who have posted positive comments
    I felt down today but knowing there are fellow wizards out there helps.
    Comon muggles wake up and look up!!!
    Lets go beyond fear and their matrix.

    Take care Zen,
    Best muman

    ps love the advice on water filters have made my own from buckets
    and a gravity filter. Water is so different now…man the crap I was
    drinking straight from the tap!

  29. HI ZEn Gardner, may I ask how old are you? I’m 33 years old. I’m a guy from Portugal, Europe.
    I have a website like yours, I do research and write articles about these subjects since 2004. My website is «Realidade Oculta» (it means: Hidden truth) .

    There are HAARP facilities in all the World, there is a small haarp station in my city, I can show you pictures of it.
    There are also many chemtrails every morning in my city, I also take pictures.
    Many chemtrails are during the night, I can see them with the clarity of the moonlight.

    Many times the world secret societies control resistant citizens, by hidden ways.
    occult ways.
    like black magic, electronic harassment, psychotronic weapons (like tepaphone, or directed energy weapons, acustic weapons, low frequencies).
    they also might invade our computer or our cellphones by bluetooth.

    Sometimes there are a few symptomes, we have nightmares, negative thougts, suicidal thougts.
    many equipments (computers, car, cellhpones, tv) with unusual damage, etc.

  30. The minute you walk in major stores they read your drivers license from your wallet and travel you to each dept in the store and can take photos, then your cell phone is now a gps for everywhere you go…take the battery out, maybe that may work, holy moly now, even when your cell is turned off they still listen..is is a real patent….Welcome to the technology age…I have heard of many people getting harassed when they have their phone with them..Security comes up to them, and they know things about that person without ever meeting that person, the grid now is pretty much on line and live for more info see Katherine Albright’s sites…spy chips.

    http://www.spychips.com/ and http://www.katherinealbrecht.com/
    I love her podcasts when I find them, wakes you up…oh, and now traffic cameras track license plates…..

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