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by Zen Gardner

They’re at it everywhere, trying to incorporate chemtrails into every day images. This large tile mural is from a popular market in Dallas. Big Tex is the famous mascot of the State Fair of Texas, a giant statue and icon in the center of the fairgrounds.

When Texas used to be known for its wide open big skies, it’s now famous as one of the most heavily chemtrailed states.

After all, keep them wild horse Texans sedated or they might just kick back. Fluoride in the water, sedatives in the air, adulterated food.

Nice country.

And here in the Lone Pentagram state of all places, and dear Tex replete with masonic red and blue imagery. Hmmm. But I digress.

Hey, with all the aluminum oxide and barium everyone’s ingesting we won’t remember anything anyway, aluminum being one of the causes of alzheimer’s. That and the brain damaging anti-cholesterol statin drugs that they’re now suggesting everyone over the age of 50 take routinely that also trigger alzheimer’s.

The ol’ one-two.


Social Engineering – Embed and Repeat

If you’re a Truth “enthusiast” no doubt you’ve run into the knee jerk reaction when pointing out the chemtrails to someone, “Oh, those are just contrails!” That, or as several cops and authorities I’ve pointed them out to, “I haven’t heard anything about that.” Is that how we operate? If we hear about something from some “reliable” source it’s real?


Every day that goes by is in their favor as the “accumulation effect” kicks in and people just accept what their told or not told about the manipulated world around them.

After all, to think otherwise would cost big time. Consciousness of the real Truth of our world is admittedly overwhelming. And if you don’t respond to what you learn, karma starts to kick in a whole lifetime early.

But that’s how they do it, with a massively controlled complicit media and a population hooked on its every trend. Consciously or subconsciously.

Orwell Had It Right

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell

That’s about as profound as it gets, especially in an age when time travel has become a very real technology. If you want something to really “bake your noodle”, think about time travel capabilities in the hands of these controlling psychopaths.

Wow. Good thing Universe will swallow them up.

Anyway, here’s another great example of the conditioning and how thorough they try to be. They’re even doctoring old movies now with chemtrails to make it look like they’ve always been there. There are many examples of this but this one’s nice and concise.

Watch for It

This is the kind of thing to keep an eye out for. If you know their tactics you can avoid pitfalls and alert others more readily. It’s all around us. Stay really conscious and you’ll see things you can hardly believe at deeper and deeper levels, much of which you will learn to avoid it’s so dark.

But other beautiful views arise at the same time…beautiful people, resilient nature, kind gestures, community.

We’re not dead yet, much to their chagrin. I mean spiritually as well. They think this barrage of toxins and lies would put our lights out. Sorry. Far from it. As real as the beautiful earth’s landscape recovers from seemingly devastating catastrophe after seeming extinction event, it comes back.

And so do we. For we are eternal spirit, temporarily inhabiting an incredibly resilient majestic human form in a fabulously resilient environment.

Glory in it!

Much love, Zen



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  1. My home has large windows and a huge sky view out over the ocean. Skies used to be a lovely blue… Now, they are silver with the damn trails almost 24/7. The climate has changed and the greenery is not as vibrant for as long after our wet winters.Partly the strip logging has done its dirty climatic work by removing the forests, but also it is these damn trails.

    And, I suppose, now the hidden Fukushima fallout. Zen the spirit has to be strong for these challenges. BTW they are starting to push vaccines heavily to the Boomers. They are amping up the threat of Hep C as a reason to pump us with mercury and thimersal.

    Icke once said, and I fully agree, we must draw strength and pride in the fact that the human spirit is so strong, so powerful, that they are pulling out all the stops but…. it will never be enough. We are just that strong and must keep that in mind at all times.

    It ain’t much, but it is all we got so we have to use it well.

    Gotta post this one. Well done as always, mon ami.

  2. I live in Texas and once upon a time the skies were big and BLUE. Now they are a weird silvery baby blue that makes me sick to my stomach and claustrophobic. I’m very sensitive to color and the skies make me feel uneasy, and I want to hide indoors. I notice the planes out in force in the morning and at dusk. That is when I feel the sun is trying to tell it’s secrets. When was the last time anyone saw a clear cloudless, hazeless, sunrise or sunset. I think this is the key. The sickness and metals that have been added to the chemtrails is just the bonus but not the objective.

  3. Our small town of Fergus and our big city of Toronto get chemtrailed regularly although they don’t bother to do more than a few streams at a time — but some days they can do not just an X to sign off for the day but form stars — 5 streams xing over the same spot. And they often do it ahead of a weather front — humidity that mixes with the chemtrail so we get to breathe it in. Even our national weather channel tried to “explain” these pesky “contrails”. I informed him other wise with the best profanity I could muster.

    • I am in Halton Hills, Ontario and I see them all the time as well. I agree that much spraying gets done just in front of weather systems…with some follow up behind them as well. I now interpret the weather reports of ‘partly cloudy’ for most days to mean chem-spraying. I haven’t been wrong yet.

  4. We were sprayed heavily today in Illinois. They rarely miss a day, so it’s not surprising. For a few months now, I’ve been noticing they are using what I call the “new” formula. The trails dissipates faster. Not as fast as a real contrail, but they don’t linger and spread the way the old chemtrails did. It’s harder to point the trails out to the unsuspecting, because they dissipate into a murky haze rather quickly. Today was no different. They sprayed constantly, but it was no whiteout where the sun can barely shine through. Now it’s a thick haze – the sun still shines through, but you can see the haze and the air is littered with particles. While flying from the west coast a few weeks ago, I could see a dramatic change in the air. The haze is noticeably thicker under the cloud layer. Me thinks their plasma layer is complete. For what, is anyones guess.

  5. What goes around comes around …rewarding these psycho’s double is up next…


    on the other side of the coin….how many of the braindeadgoy are truly innocent…?

    I mean how many real Texans came to the aid of their neighbors when the zionazi ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI mass murderered the Davidians after TORTURING them for 51 days ?


    Maybe in the end …most will get what they deserve.


    Psalm 91

  6. About the programming with chemtrails, check out the children’s cartoon ”Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” on Disney XD. If that does not prove your theory I do not know what will.

  7. Some days they do not spray their crap into atmosphere, those are the periods when the Sun has done what it can to fling protons our way. Air traffic has to be diverted from flying over the polar route which gives a bit of a break here in Western Canada. Piercing blue clear skies,then it starts all over again. It also falls into the lakes and rivers here, our main water sources for some of the communities. This year, the insect population is noticeably less, is it because our spring has come in cool and wet? Or did the initial wave of radiation and the continual possibility it hasn’t stopped from Fukushima, killing the insect population? Bird population looks down as well.
    The sky is not only being poisoned, they don’t want us to have visual access to it as well. They are trying to hide something they don’t want us to see. Any guesses as to what is out there?

    • I’ve noticed the insect populations are down here in Illinois. In the 70’s, when you drove at night, the whole front of the car would be covered with those poor little things. Now, we can drive at night and barely any bugs! A noticeable difference.

      I told three people about chemtrails today since we’re getting hit hard. And today, they’re using the old formula – the bigger puffy kind – so it’s a little easier to point them out. As I was getting into my car, two guys were running down the street. I asked them if they knew about chemtrails and pointed to the trails. I gave them my short description. They looked at me with the confused, fluoride-head look but at least they had stopped long enough to listen. So I was on my way and low and behold, I saw them as I rounded the corner of another street. I’m thinking what do I have to lose at this point, so I stopped them and asked them to critique my delivery technique. They thought my delivery was good, but they admitted they could not remember what websites I told them…I hadn’t given them any websites!!! No websites were even mentioned! Either my delivery technique is horrible or people want step by step instructions. Admittedly, I’m sure I need to work on how I bring up the subject, but I think it boils down to the fact that most people need instructions. Can our society think for themselves and go by intuition?

      • I’m afraid most people “tuned” that out of their awareness (see “The Brain, Perception…” and the comments).

        Even if we take them by the hand we are still leading the blind. The blindfold must be removed. But there is no “all-in-one-tool” for this.

        I try it by drawing their attention to the trail patterns and ask if they’ve noticed how long the trails last.
        “Can you remember, years ago, that contrails dissolved at once or lasted only for minutes? And those patterns – ever noticed such patterns?”

        I pretend that I know only little on that subject.
        “I asked myself why they last that long. I’m not sure, heard of something to limit the global warming, block the sun. Found something on the website … (preferably one with impressive pictures and serious texts).”

        Maybe mention the patents to this technique to give it a scientific touch. – Something like this.

        I think it’s important to mention the global warming. Most people (in Europe) believe in it and that it must be fought. That’s where to place the detour sign. 😉

        My experience: Let them do their own research so that they can feel like Einstein. If you tell them it’s THIS or THAT way they feel like in school and close the shutter.


        • Fabe..it’s good to also mention contrails are ice crystals..they melt soon afterwards…they’ve never persisted. Even the shorter trails of the jets are unusually long today…those are just a lesser cocktail to get us used to big plumes. They shut off completely at times proving that’s true.
          I’ve also found when you’re explaining it to one perceptive person and you’re outside pointing to a receptive person, other people gather around and listen, and then they start asking questions. Invariably it’s “why?” and you have to soft peddle a bit, like “we don’t know, they won’t even acknowledge they’re doing it when they’ve been doing it since the 90’s. Some say it’s to fight global warming but I don’t know about that.” Then tell them to “search chemtrails and geoengineering and you’ll get an eyeful.”

          It’s staggering for most..like a sci-fi movie to think the govt would do such a thing, if they haven’t had an iota of wake up. But more and more people are seeing what the FDA is doing, the TSA, the vaccines insanity, so I say peeps should keep at it and testing the waters around them. I found one guy driving this product truck with a weird occult logo on it so I got out to take a picture of it in the parking lot. The kid came and asked me what I was doing, and I told him I research occult symbolism and that one is loaded. He goes “You ever heard of Michael Tsarion?” Ha—off to the races. Turns out he was into everything but had fallen away. I explained how I see the urgency of the times we’re in and he got all excited and said he’s gonna get back on board..;)) Every hairdresser my wife goes to has been all over 9/11 Truth…and you NEVER would have known it looking at them!

          We just gotta speak up and make it a way of life, and learn how to do it wisely. (this is for all reading, Fabian, I know you get this..) Love you, Zen

          • Tx for your remarks!

            And it’s the truth: We don’t know for sure what they are doing for they won’t even acknowledge they’re doing it.
            If this isn’t the absolut eye opener I don’t know what else.

            There are these patents and some scientists say (with a slip of the tongue?) that this must be done and then the govt, administrations and politicians pretend(?) to know nothing?

            The federal environment office in Germany isn’t even allowed to search for barium etc. in the air. The EU forbids this!
            Why? There’s nothing to hide, is it?

            The World Wildlife Fund also plays dumb. They say they know nothing of “chemtrails” – never heard of it. Then I’ve found two articles in the youth section of the WWF. Sure I’ve informed sauberer-himmel.de. And they’ve put it on their website along with the official statement of the WWF. 😉

            Coincidence? No way! Just look who’d been founder of the WWF and member of the Bilderberg group:


            (Read it. It seems he’d been a very “nice” man.)

            Sooner or later it all comes to light! 😀


      • Sandy – Don’t get discouraged. I put some ideas in another answer. Look for openings, or do what I do and take pictures with your phone and see who asks what you’re doing. That’s kinda fun, although I’ve had cops ask me what I was doing..ha! But those were good too.
        So true about the bugs. The cumulative effect is staggering. Go to californiaskywatch.com for some amazing statistics.

        The most revealing brush off I ever got was by a gov’t parks guy in San Diego. We were getting creamed that day, just killed with gigantic, low flying chem tankers, obvious as all get out, and I was walking the dog. I mentioned to the guy working on the grass area, “see those? We’re getting sprayed.” and he didn’t even look up and said in a disgusted tone “those are contrails” and he just kept digging. He sounded like he’d been arguing with his kid about the subject over and over or something. Ha!

        “My mind is make up…don’t confuse me with the facts.” I have friends I grew up with who do the same thing, and believe me, you can imagine the stuff I send them about the subject!…and 9/11…and… Slowly, though, some of the obvious stuff like the bankster plan are beginning to seep in. …Cheers Sand..Z

        • Thanks Fabian and Zen! Boy did I need affirmation today. Hah! I’m having a “downslide” with my recovery. Plus our 24 year old son, who is recovering from vaccine injury, is not doing well as of late. To add to it, yesterday we brought our beloved black lab in to have his microchip removed and the doc found lesions throughout his lungs and does’t believe he has long to live. I’m not great at math, but that all adds up to being a no good, very bad day!

          Good idea on pointing out the ice crystals. Yesterday’s trails were perfect for pointing out, because the little darlings were using the Morse code technique — spraying-stopping-spraying. So I was able to use that clue. I had mentioned that I told 3 people yesterday. The third person happened to be an Illinois State Cop. He happened to be sitting in the same neighborhood where the runners were. The Officer was very accepting of my info, but I could tell he was skeptical. The conversation went a little off kilter, because he started blaming the Chinese for “a lot of our problems!” He was well aware the Chinese were buying businesses and land in the US. He also mentioned the poisons in drywall and pet food. So then he said, “Maybe the Chinese are spraying us!” Oh dear! I didn’t intend for it to go in that direction. I encouraged him to research it. That perhaps it goes deeper than just one country, one culture or race.

          Zen, thanks again for having a little neighborhood gathering place for folks like me to go to.

          Much love to you both for giving me a lift today.

          • Hi Sand!

            You are welcome! 😀

            – Although… this should be nothing special. Spreading love and feeling with others should be normal.

            Please don’t forget: You are not alone! Even if sometimes it feels so. :)

            Much LOVE

    • yes…….they use them for many reasons……part of it is because the Sun is burning us! Also it is again a way to control us, they have many different chemicals that they spray, it depends on where you are and what they want to accomplish. 3rd world countries don’t get spayed, because they are going to let them die.

      Again, think in terms of Aliens? Do humans benefit from these changes? Again I will point to the Urantia Book, read about the different types of “People” 1 gas breathers, 2 gas breathers etc…

      We are being prepped by the Aliens for their final push, when the ships show up to “rescue” us, know that they are NOT here to rescue you………they are here to enslave you…..I know, sounds crazy, I understand, but think in terms of Cosmology, not Globally!

      The True is out there for one who seeks for it, but be warned, it is a very scary truth when found!

      • In response to bythewind’s posting May 25…
        I read your comments with interest because I don’t think what you are saying is crazy. I think the chemtrail “smogosphere” is closely tied in with nanotechnology which is partly responsible for morgellons disease and is also designed to keep us all ultimately locked into a low density grid aimed at keeping true humans from evolving in the imminent new epoch. Humans biologically thrive and stay healthy in a negatively ionized environment. We are living increasingly in positively charged environments which are counterproductive to our homeostasis and resilience. so which entities are actually benefitting? The chemtrails are a big part of what I think is a program of slowkill and control.

        Thanks zen for all that you are doing and positive vibrations to all.

  8. You need to purchase or fabricate your own orgonite chembuster (AKA cloudbuster) and to place orgonite tower busters by every single cell/ other tower within 7+ miles away from your home in order to deal with the chemtrail problem.

    I, along with 2 others each have a chembuster (10 miles apart from each other in a triangle)and have placed 130+ (virtually all the towers ‘busted’ thus far) tower busters in a 250 square mile area centered from my home.

    The result is that they haven’t bothered wasting their time spraying (or they have sprayed but it dissipated extremely fast)during the past month, and today did indeed present a “clear, cloudless, hazeless sunset “in the McAllen, TX metro area.

    This orgonite solution to chemtrails may sound rediculous, non-believable, and perhaps even crazy, but it really does work. Thus I strongly encourage that you research the topic further and get busy with a worthwhile investment of some time and money to achieve the aforementioned sky improvement.
    Best of luck!

    • Thank you to you and your two friends for doing this.

      I have never heard anyone say chembusters don’t work, or even spraying vinegar come to that.

      • Jo–Funny, I’ve had a post on Reich and orgonite in my queue for over a month..you’ll enjoy. I wear orgonite and keep it around the house and in my car and almost all the kids have it. I have gifted quite a bit. Still learning but to me it resonates bigtime. Just the way plants respond would blow people’s minds. Simple EMF detectors prove it blocks cellphone poison vibes quite well. At the least people need to look into it and find out for themselves. Keep it up. – Love, Zen

        • Hi Zen-thanks for responding!

          I look forward to your post on Reich and Orgonite. I don’t recall how I fell into researching this area but eventually found Don and Carol Croft’s website that I shared and thought it was fascinating. I ended up making some tower busters and have them in my home, at the 4 corners of my property, in my car and have tossed some at local cell towers. You can read their book online which includes so many wild stories not only of FBI covert harassment but also alien encounters and work they’ve done with Sylphs and cetacean intelligence.


          I just checked their site and top story links to a chemtrail thread. It is interesting to note however, that DC claims that chemtrails are basically harmless nowadays for a variety of reasons you can look into if inclined.
          They also have a website to sell their zappers which clear the blood/body of parasites:
          and yes there are folks affiliated with this energy tech that focus on orgonite’s amazing positive affect in a garden.
          Another area to check into regarding EMF pollution and immune boosting is “earthing”. Here’s a very cool video showing the difference with a basic multimeter:


          Anyway, that’s all for now. Am trying to catch up by reading back posts. So many resonate with my own wonderings which I find comforting in a way. You really have a beautiful heart and sparkling spirit and so many of your regular commenters also give good vibes and info.
          Thanks for sharing your light and love!

  9. Here in Japan it’s no different. Today I noticed an ad in a subway station for ‘Kobe Pharmaceutical University’ with a massive ‘fishbone’ like chemtrail set behind a picture of the university’s main building and logo. Don’t know whether the chemtrail was just an inadvertent feature but it adds to the normalisation of them. I later checked the university’s web site but didn’t find the same or any similar photos.

    They’ve been doing this aerosol spraying in the skies over Japan fairly regularly since at least 2002, which is when I first noticed them.

    Ps; Zen, on a related note you might also be interested in this screen shot taken last year of a typhoon doing a 360 degree turn and changing course towards Fukushima. Might be natural but I doubt it. As I remember it passed over, or close to Fukushima Daiichi.


  10. Chemtails appear in the lego movie….yeah, that’s right…LEGO
    Spy Kids movie….the Island of lost dreams…
    and other children’s movies…I think Blown away is another one…
    Also, Michael Tsarion – Age of Manipulation has lots of info on symbols used by the cabal…very good to be aware of.
    Nor is right….we are very powerful…
    I read on a site called ‘educate yourself’…where advice is given on a structure of pipes and crystals that can be used to disempower the Chemtrails.
    (I have never built one myself…only a small copper wire (twisted) with crystals in it.)
    visualizing them dispersing does work…but I have only done this on 1 at a time.
    Tell as many people as you can…educate them..
    (I keep telling people all the time..most think I am totally mad..others are open enough and ask why are they doing such a thing when they too live on this planet…
    When I mention reptilian or alien….it’s “put this wacko in the nut house” look.
    But, if everything does come from within us….
    That is where we must go to fix this situation….

  11. The fallen angel man forgets his “power” over nature but the power works anyway. For a time I marveled that the chemtrails dissipate more rapidly directly overhead. Once I see it it starts breaking up and in a short time is gone. You all have influence…Use it.

  12. I too strongly urge people to become “orgonite gifters”. There is a growing network of “gifters” around the planet placing these powerful tools with amazing affects. There are limitless possibilities including waterways, buildings (especially “control” institutions if you catch my drift) Trust your INNER KNOWING!

  13. The Chemtrails are being laid to hide something coming and going in our skies. They spray Chemtrails over my house almost daily and there are invisible beings coming and going I can smell them, hear them and see them. Do a search engine on Paranormal Viewer.

  14. My dad now has severe nerve damage in his legs due to the fact that he was on Lipitor then Crestor (both statins) for the last 13 years. Last month he was hospitalized because he wasn’t able to walk. The neurologists concluded that it was the statin meds that caused this and advised his cardiologist to take him off the statins immediately. The neuro’s stated he didn’t have to be on the statins to begin with!! He’s slowly regaining his ability to walk, thank GOD. How many other people are on statins? Are all of these people aware of this very common side effect? The meds have also caused damage to his kidneys.

  15. Great article. I’ve been aware of chemtrailing for several years now and it’s amazing how obvious it is once you start paying attention. Since we’re so out of tune with nature these days, it’s not surprising that most of us don’t notice or don’t even remember the difference from a natural sky. Of course, anyone born in the last 25 years, like my kids, don’t even have recollection of the skies before chemtrailing. Interestingly enough, the skies in West-central New York State have been relatively free of chemtrailing since early April, it’s been beautiful; only a few days where I’ve seen massive chemtrails, and I look everyday. What’s up with that? Is there hope?

    • Brad–I’m glad for you if it’s not as heavy. Of course the whole planet is suffering as so much of this cocktail is in the atmosphere now. But they major on the heavy population areas. I’ve crossed the mid west to the west coast and you could tell where the next major city was by where the jets were spraying. It’s just a massively wicked operation in such plain site it’s hard to comprehend. What bigger screen can you put a show on than the entire sky? Yet no one sees it…why? It’s like they said about the early settlers arriving in ships…the native americans couldn’t see the ships so they say until the shamin of the tribe figured out what they were and identified them.
      Very similar. It’s in the mind. Just another example of the how the matrix operates and pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes. Cheers…Z

      • Zen – I noticed the same driving out to Colorado last fall; especially noticeable as you approached Chicago. And wouldn’t you know, after what I wrote yesterday, heavy spraying today …. absolutely heartbreaking to see.

  16. Since being made aware of the chem-trail phenomenon, I find myself checking the Texas sky every time I go outside. I walk a lot and I span the entire sky when doing so. For a couple weeks, it seems our masters gave us a bit of a break in Dallas- had some truly clear blue skies. A couple days ago, however, it was sickening- large, cottony masses of poison covered the sky. You try to tell people those aren’t clouds but chemical spray and they laugh and call you a kook. I’ll see on the local weather web page it lists present conditions as “cloudy.” I’m tempted to call them up and scream, “Those aren’t clouds! Start telling the truth!”

  17. All the same with the trails in Germany.


    People I talk to always say these are only contrails. And if they last for hours – it’s the weather situation. (“You lunatic!”)
    Only infinitely few start to think.

    Some weeks ago an German court passed judgement, that the weatherman Kachelmann is allowed to call people, who speak of chemtrails, “Nazi” and “maniac”.

    Wake up sheeple!

  18. It’s true that the majority of Sheeple will respond to the chemtrail problem in the way that the controllers have programmed them to (EG. Visual and especially, emotional stimulation methods, using movies – this type of programming is an effective way to program the subconscious mind), however, for every 100 Sheeple, there may be one individual who actually stops, and asks the question that demands a response. This is where the awakening commences. This happens on various levels. Sometimes it takes an adverse response from a poison vaccine, or the allopathic (All-Pathetic), medical system before someone stops, thinks and then finally awakens to what’s really going on around them. Chemtrails, as disgusting and evil as they may appear, are yet another method that will inevitably cause some of the Sheeple to finally wake up from their chemically induced and visually-programmed trance. Remember, evolution in consciousness cannot and never will be ultimately stopped by anything in this 3D plane. It may be temporarily inhibited for a while, but the rising of consciousness will never ultimately be prevented from occurring. I can certainly attest to this. I was very deeply entrained in the matrix when I awakened from my chemically “dumbed-down” state. My going to the doctor (who works for the matrix and those who try to control everything), was my wake-up call. I became sicker as I was continuously prescribed chemical pharmaceuticals and given vaccines by my doctor. This turned out to be the best thing that happened – in the long run. It forced me to examine my health relative to the so-called “Health” system and finally see the truth about how it really operates. Then, one eye-opening experience led to another, and still another. Years have passed and I am very much awake. I spend a lot time trying to help awaken others. I am also very healthy now – naturally. Sometimes blessings come disguised as our worst nightmares. My moment of awakening from the collective “coma” came at a price, but I realize that is what it took for me to finally awaken to the truth. With every chemtrail, (or vaccine, etc.), another “collective-support-structure” will inevitably get removed from the Sheeple’s collective consciousness which has sustained and fed the negative matrix. Love, Benny

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