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The Importance of October 17

Dave Hodges
Activist Post

The Internet chatter which states that Obama is going to get Congress to impose a 1% transaction tax is going viral on the Internet. When this news arrives in your email box, delete this erroneous email the same as you would any other spam. The email would have you believe that while you were sleeping, the government planned to introduce a 1% transaction tax which would tax every single transaction in the United States from direct deposit to ATM withdrawals to social security payments. The bill, labeled HR 4646 did indeed propose this requirement upon all financial transactions in the United States. The fact of the matter is that this bill was proposed in 2010 and it died in committee without ever being voted on. This concept was resurrected in 2011 and it, too, died in committee without ever being voted on.

It is likely that this Internet urban legend was planted to take attention away from what is really going on and divert America’s attention away from some very real potential dates with disaster. Again, I repeat that the administration’s intent to impose a 1% at this time, is not true! However, what is true is the fact that there is much more financial tyranny being planned for the American people that is largely flying under the radar.

The Significance of October 16

October 17 is the first date we need to be concerned about with regard to the potential for a false flag.

Up until now, October 16th, the government “shutdown” has only been an exercise in imposing as much emotional pain on the American people from the shutting down of the national parks to the closing of the war memorials to the beta test of shutting off EBT cards from welfare recipients in their attempts to purchase food.

I think it is very likely that the EBT card fiasco was a mini-false flag event designed to test the theory that the “Obama phone” crowd would riot on the third day without access to government-supplied food. Based upon the results of the volatility of the crowds on day one, the DHS received their answer. Subsequently, I view the EBT care fiasco as a designed test. However, what looms tomorrow, the October 17th deadline for reaching a consensus on a federal budget or the government is risking imminent default on the government’s loans.

On October 15th, Fitch Ratings announced it was accelerating its timetable for a potential U.S. credit rating downgrade, citing the brinksmanship in Washington. Fitch would become the second credit rating firm to downgrade the debt of the United States. The impact of such an action cannot be overstated and will surely send major ripples across the vast domains of America’s financial empire. Loan liquidity, the ability to collateralize any debt will be greatly impacted. Isn’t it interesting that one of the three major credit rating agencies would be so quick to act in such a premature manner as to downgrade the US credit rating before the default? What do the Fitch Ratings people know that the rest of us do not know and why is this looming event not being reported in the MSM?

The Perfect Storm of October 17

The government shutdown is scheduled to occur tomorrow. It has been threatened that such developments such as social security checks might not arrive, Medicare and Medicaid may not be honored. Coincidentally, two DHS/FEMA disaster drills are scheduled to take place both today and tomorrow. As I have previously reported, the two drills are called the “Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill” and the “Quantum Dawn 2 Cyber Attack Bank Drill” – both are set to occur! According to the Center for Disaster Preparedness press releases related to these two new drills, the banks electronic systems will be under a simulated attack. In these drills, 1,000 banks are participating, as well as several hundred corporations and all 50 governors. This is a major event and the MSM is strangely quiet. The so-called simulated attacks will come from “imaginary” hackers, organized crime elements and foreign national sponsored terrorism.

If something were to go wrong with either of these two drills, you might not be able to use your debit card to purchase gas, welfare recipients might not be able to use their EBT cards and of course, you would not be able to access your bank account.

If this is not the breeding ground for a potential false flag attack, I do not know what is. The false flag potential for today and tomorrow is just as great as the Grid Ex II drill blackout drill planned for November 13th.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Speaking of November 13th and the Grid Ex II drill, I find it a little more than interesting that the media is beginning to show interest in the potential outcome of the Grid Ex II potential catastrophe. On October 27, the National Geographic Channel is sponsoring a two-hour docudrama based upon the notion that the lights will go out for 10 days. And last night, I caught a prepper show on the A&E Network in which a rural based “life coach” was prepping in anticipation of an economic collapse and a power grid shutdown. Why all the sudden interest in power grid takedowns?





  1. The whole government shutdown and debt ceiling ‘debate’ was staged, of course, as is everything else political these days. It’s good to see one of my favorite researchers, Dave Hodges, posted here at one of my favorite websites. While I don’t always agree with everything Hodges writes, he usually seems right-on, and I appreciate the way he reads comments and replies to them. I’m not as righteously supportive of Christianity or the military as Dave is, but other than that he seems to be one of the best patriotic scholars I’ve read.

    (snip from earlier today)

    WASHINGTON — Congressional Republican leaders conceded defeat Wednesday in their budget fight with President Obama over the new health care law, agreeing to support a reopening of the government and a lifting of the nation’s borrowing authority in exchange for future budget negotiations.

  2. I notice that there are quite a few articles lately that have been covering this fall of the Empire, which seems imminent. All of the evidence seems to be pointing in that direction. The big question is, which one of these scenarios will play out.

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