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Insider Warns Family Of EMP Strike On U.S. This Year


by Zen Gardner

I don’t say this lightly. It shocked me as well when I heard it.

This information came to me in a very synchronistic way, as is so often the case. No anonymous phone call. No dark suited stranger whispering at a street corner. It came out in a conversation with a young man managing a cool store who turned out to be a research enthusiast. I’d never met him before and we just “happened” to strike up a conversation. And one thing led to another.

Naturally with this type of leaked info you don’t want to endanger the source by revealing too much. But it sounded very credible the way it was told to me. A good friend of his has a parent, a very high clearance scientist who’s been “inside” famous and hidden secret places for decades, who somewhat cryptically warned their adult child last month of this imminent EMP attack threat.

Apparently it will be this year, and “sooner rather than later”. It sounded like it could be a nationwide hit. This child of an insider was then sent a 1984 heavy-duty truck by this parent (no computerized circuitry) and told, I paraphrase, “When it happens you’ll have 30 minutes to make it out of the city. And even then you’ll only have a one-in-three chance of survival.”

How’s dem apples?

Don’t fear…Grok

There’s no way I can verify this, but I don’t see any reason this wonderful young man should make it up. Thinking he’s lying definitely doesn’t go with my impression or his personality type nor deep spiritual dynamic. I don’t know, maybe someone else can verify this is indeed the understanding of the inner circle of the inside scientific elites.

But it sure resonates. And he’s promised me more information so there’ll be more details in future articles. Tease, I know. Tough. Deal with it, we all do.

Things change as we all know but this EMP strike could easily be one of their options. I take very seriously things that “come my way” and give them strong consideration, as most of you do. Everything’s at play and we need to look at all this from every angle, especially intuitively, our ultimate weapon.

This is not to instill fear. And it shouldn’t. What’s new about this possibility? Nothing. They have an arsenal of depopulation weapons they can unleash at any time. And this one is clean and quick.

And yes, it is that real, present and a very tentative situation for all of us.

What Is EMP Weaponry?

An electromagnetic pulse (sometimes abbreviated EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. The abrupt pulse of electromagnetic radiation usually results from certain types of high energy explosions, especially a nuclear explosion, or from a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field. The resulting rapidly changing electric fields and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges.

In military terminology, a nuclear bomb detonated hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device. Effects of a HEMP device depend on a very large number of factors, including the altitude of the detonation, energy yield, gamma ray output, interactions with the Earth’s magnetic field, and electromagnetic shielding of targets. Source

Lotsa EMP Chatter

This subject has been in the news a lot, especially since China is said to be developing a non-nuclear EMP device it could use to disable aircraft carriers and localized areas.  Mind you, this was written in the middle of last year way before the build up of carriers currently happening in the gulf region.

China’s military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday.

Portions of a National Ground Intelligence Centerstudy on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of China’s so-called “assassin’s mace” arsenal – weapons that allow a technologically inferior China to defeat U.S. military forces.

EMP weapons mimic the gamma-ray pulse caused by a nuclear blast that knocks out all electronics, including computers and automobiles, over wide areas. The phenomenon was discovered in 1962 after an above ground nuclear test in the Pacific disabled electronics in Hawaii.

The declassified intelligence report, obtained by the private National Security Archive, provides details on China’s EMP weapons and plans for their use. Annual Pentagon reports on China’s military in the past made only passing references to the arms. (WashingtonTImes)

But China? Maybe, maybe not.

A deliberate provocation such as was done to the Japanese to bring on Pearl Harbor is just the same as a false flag. It’s precipitating the desired result, pull the wool over the sheeple’s eyes any way they can to get their program enacted. You don’t even need an event, they just have to say there was one like the imaginary Gulf of Tonkin incident that never happened and led to the slaughter of millions of innocents.

But bloody sensational incidents like these recent staged attacks on Israeli diplomats are their tactic of choice.

We know good and well that if and when such a horrific event took place, it could very likely be our own shadow government pulling a horrendous false flag for which they could blame anyone they wanted.

The nasty thing is, knowing they’re about to start WW3 by deliberately provoking China and Russia by their imminent attack on Iran makes this scenario very plausible.


Utter Insanity

An EMP attack from any altitude would have disastrous, paralyzing effects, never a high altitude blast that could paralyse the entire country and beyond. All communications are stopped, unless you have a tube ham radio and a generator that survived. Nothing would work except the simplest mechanics. Water won’t pump except by gravity. Cars of a later model than 1984 (!) would be immobilized. Gas stations won’t be able to pump gas anyway except by hand.

The scenario is nasty. Food would disappear in a heartbeat. Hospital machinery stops. Supply trucks and factories stop. The panic alone will set off unspeakable horrors depending on the degree of electrical destruction. Even airports would be useless, never mind all the planes that just tragically dropped out of the sky if such a dreadful event ever occurs.

Diabolical Designs? 

If this truly is in the cards, is this their way to preserve infrastructure while eliminating huge swathes of the population, the few who survive being forced to do the clean up? Is this to avoid too much radiation being spread so there can be a quicker recovery for the perpetrators who retreat to their underground cities?

I just hope this will motivate some people to take this all seriously, get prepared, or even get to higher ground.

Love, Zen


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  1. Hi Zen,

    I love your posts and new website but I just gotta say, this makes no sense in so many ways. First of all, why would they want to do this to their own country? After the dust clears, people from other countries would just swoop in and take it over and they could never come out from underground. They’d have no armies and be very weak. If they really wanted to live underground forever, they could just go do it now. Although, according to David Wilcock, most of the underground bunkers in this country and some others were cleared out of supplies and personnel months ago.

    Secondly, if something like this did happen, getting to higher ground wouldn’t help you. And why would you want to survive it, anyway, seeing as no one ever really dies? I’d personally much rather move on to the afterlife than stick around and be a starving, trapped, radiated slave to anyone. What will be will be and we can’t worry about these things.

    • Why would they want to destroy their own?They don’t. They won’t …We are not their own! They are internationalists with no loyalties and we are cretins in their eyes. To them, we deserve destruction.

  2. We’ll use our sources to verify, if possible. Z, sir, you may be being fed a bucket of boolsheet for certain purposes. But, the main point here is…HAVE NO FEAR! Live in the now.

    • sorry to have to say so but america is neither prepared for that kind of attack (populationwise) nor did it invent the related technology (just one hint, learn german to read some stuff you won t find in english), furthermore it is and has never been about americans, japanese, blacks, whites, moslems, christians or any other group, it is a war against humans and is planned and fought since a long time on various reality (vibrational) levels. but fear is just what makes them thrive, our fear, so remember bill hicks and that all this is just a ride, no need to be fearful, fear, hate and other things like that will make you earthbound even after death and you might need sby like anton styger to give you a hand to find the proper tube station to get you where you want to go, 😉 my best wishes

  3. America is not prepared for a dang thing, examples; Katrina,911 etc. They want us to believe they have done a great job and there’s an invisible forcefield around the US. Reallity check: Protecting and serving the people is not a part of their agenda! This EMP would be their answer to all their problems, shut down the internet and all communications, no more worries about the economy, full force martial law and never ending war on whoever they want all the while putting all of us survivors back into the dark age. They are almost at the point now where they have to do something like this before the masses including our own military turn on them. I can see this scenerio play out…

  4. I’ve been thinking about an EMP for several weeks now, and I just today found ZG’s website. My thoughts on EMP attack: why all the fuss about Iran’s POSSIBLE nuclear ambitions, when every nation already has the ability to do an EMP? These are the REAL weapons of mass destruction. America and Israel surely have the ability to use an EMP anywhere, so, the fear of Iran is totally fake. Iran itself has to deal with the fear mongering, because of the very real possibilities and actions already being utilized against Iranians (crippling economic sanctions). If Israel/America were truly afraid of Iran, they’d simply use an EMP device and that would knock Iran back into the stone age. All these war drums are just to cause fear and distraction. We know the evil globalist cabal wants and plans to kill most of us. How they do it is what they want to distract us from.

    • Stienster…bingo. They have so many weapons it’s mind-boggling. The political charade is to keep the masses mesmerized…an old advertizing term. Be where you’re supposed to be and doing what you’re supposed to be doing. That brings peace and help for those around you. – Z

    • Dusty…don’t lose hope. This talk’s been going on since the Sumerians and before….get a grip…;)). It keeps talking till you do something about it yourself. Get on it, dude.

  5. It will be a plague…some modified viral weapon. Explosions, oil wars, electromagnetic weapons (which technically only damage electronics); all distractions. Chem-trails, overuse of antibiotics, and toxic food additives are the preparatory measures that have been applied to us with all of us watching. They don’t only want a dumb populace (which they’ve pretty much accomplished), they want a dumb populace with very weak immune systems to ensure the lethality of said viral weapon. They want to make the Spanish Flu of 1918 look like paradise. There will be no false flag to start this; all it would take is one person in a very public place to drop a vial on the ground or spray a few mists in the air. At that point, it would spread like wild fire. I’m guessing flu, because flu is a common, quickly spreading and lethal disease that spurs a massive flock to get their flu shots every year. I’m guessing biological because it’s truly the only way to devastate a country & its population without touching its infrastructure. I’m guessing plague because biblical prophecy mentions such on more than one occasion…

    But then again, I’m just guessing. The reality could be as horrific as water boarding, the gas chamber, the electric chair, even the noose with tar & feathers on the side. Who knows. The only thing we can do is unite. Forget preparation; they’ve taken every preparatory measure we could think of into account. The one thing they don’t figure is even remotely possible is the entire world uniting as one People, a People of Earth, and it is something they’ve worked tirelessly for centuries to promote; the division of the populace. And look at us now? Racism still exists, still permeates society. Religion polarizes the masses. Even your favorite sports team; every bit of this world was designed to divide We The People Of Earth into smaller little chunks that are easier to dispose of…

    There is one hope which depends on all of us putting our differences aside and recognizing that we are all human beings. Let that idea alone dictate your actions for we are all in this together…

    • Naraya…could be. Nasty but not off the table. They have a whole arsenal of crap. Don’t lose hope…humanity is basically good and there are many many wonderful people near you that you need to find and who need to find you. It’s ugly when you see all the evil, but just as inspiring when you see the good, so find these folks in your life. They may be few and far between but they’re wonderful and wonderfully inspiring and encouraging!! Keep it lit….every candle makes all the difference!!! Love, Zen

    • A lethal Pandemic is most definitely in the cards. Bird Flu, HP AI H5N1 is a “highly pathogenic” (man made) virus. The definition of an HP is “mortality rates approaching 100% within 48 hours”. The Final Mutation was recently cloned by labs in Academia on both sides of the pond, suggesting the race is on for the pipedream of vaccine. No vaccine will be arriving. We are very close now given how few mutations are remaining (less than five, in Indonesia right now two and fewer). After taking early retirement 10 years ago when this came acoss my trading desk, I am this month relocating to ‘high ground’ and unpacking and charging the Walkie Talkies. It is conceivable that during Outbreak an EMP will be exploded to contain and freeze the population in place, per most state and federal pandemic preparedness plans… where like in NJ, residents will be locked down inside their homes for as long as one whole year, with no emergency assistance. Lastly, unlike seasonal flu, and unknown to the public at large, the dead bodies of those lost to HP H5N1 will themselves be contagious. Incubation is 3-5 days, with 60-90% fatality rate, occuring anywhere from “instantaneously” out to nine days. Most death will occur inside 3 days. Death will come by suffocation.

    • Johnny….ha. Yeah, that’s the idea. Wanna sit idly by or do something? That’s the point. But few get it…they want someone else to do something.

  6. Without a reliable source, this is just rhetoric. Scare tactics to merely put more fear in a few. If this were to happen your only source you will need is Jesus. Do not live your life in fear. Enjoy your life, your family, your blessings. Pray to God and keep your life clean…..JPB

    • Joe—Rhetoric? Is your Bible rhetoric? Get in the fray, dude. What’s with the grandstanding sanctified professor mode? That’s what got us here. Watching, not doing…waiting for a redeemer. Sure, something’s out/in there greater than us. So we just sit here with self-righteous critical minds and hands folded? Nice trick. Hence a stupefied, paralyzed world. Snap out of it. This is real life.

  7. Isn’t this disinformation wonderful? Gets everybody scared and worried. Can’t reveal your sources? Really? As a citizen of the United States of America this country sickens me from its politicians to its ignorant masses who thrive on sensationalism and fear mongering. What is coming is unstoppable. But it’s not the invisible hand of government to blame but the people themselves. America deserves her fate. I welcome an EMP, a sun flare, or whatever else may come – not because I want to see people suffer – but because it’s the only way the masses plugged into the matrix will wake up. There is no other way.

  8. Dude, while an EMP can be done on a local scale, it would take a weapons of massive size, 100 Megatons, over Omaha, to cause nationwide damage.

  9. What is the purpose of an EMP do away with appliances and people so that others could step in and take over? If that is it, then way not use a Neutron bomb which gets rid of human and animal life but leaves every things else in tact. Current electronic systems can be hardened against EMP. This is usually done with the electronic components in the chassis and proper grounding. Mind you this not full protection for EMP but can reduce some of the major effects. Place lead shielding in and around your component. Additionally, use a Faraday mesh wire method for EMP restraint. Enough said here, all these can be looked up on the WEB. Just like having a underground bunker, plan ahead, Even if you plan ahead for comm it may not be usable as other may not have planned ahead for it and would not be available such as local broadcast, TV, Radio, Phones ETC. Cell sites would not be protected. Do you really have a phone for emergencies? Only the Gov’t MIL has planned ahead for some of it systems. These are called Nodes and are linked by fiber. US citizens are mostly on their own when it comes to any type of protection. Your tax dollar did not cover you unless you are in the planning scheme worked up for Fed/State Government systems. I would ask Obama where is the EMP US shield to protect the US. We are spending vast amounts of money to protect others in other countries with Missile shields. Russians protect their citizens with under ground shelters equipped for such events. They have 50 of these spread across their country which can hole 3-400 thousand. What do we( the US) have and is it readily known where to go and how to get in? Our safety system went out of scope45 years ago. Only the so called leaders have access to a few good equipped shelters.

  10. The message of the day is fear. Watch a Ron Paul TV spot called Big Dogs and see all the devil faces and skulls hidden in the back grounds of this spot. FEAR is what they want.

    They all seem involved in it.
    From EMP bombs to subliminal fear signals…someone is getting high, rich or both off of FEAR.

  11. one decent Xclass solar flare will take out far more than one country.
    the chance of this happening is rising. recent M9 event is very close to it.

  12. so you think it cant be done?…..watch this short video to the end….no matter where you are on earth you are, there is antenna that can reach you….HAARP and Chemtrails work together…Nikola Tesla invented free energy and it is now being used against us…they have had 100 years to perfect.

    don’t fear the suckers just spread the word…hopefully we are all wrong but at least we were warned.


  13. Nothing like mass propaganda to cause more fear in the mass mind. Does not fear block rational, positive thought?
    If we have a major EMP blast, it will come from the Sun’s energies. And too, EMP can be like a domino effect taking out HAARP, Satt governing systems, etc. And if you think that our old ’60 Chevy truck’s electrical systems wouldn’t fry… My, my, have mercy, where is the common sense here?

    We think we’ll fire up our juicer, make a mixture of a few veggies, then go out and do the two step boogie with our animals. They certainly aren’t concerned with an EMP blast.

    The Monster’s agent pulled Zen’s chain. NO FEAR!

  14. i Love your comment to naraya! God bless you, i have difficulties deferentiating between the bad and good( in my friends group) but I still believe in the good in people. Am black, in Germany , where ” everyone” is nice, and polite, but ….. anyway, i have good friends German , that are not bad, I hope so, coz .. I wud b hurt if everyone is just evil! ( little out of topic ) but I just thank my friend jazz! who introduced me to you!!!

    • Mialudwig—cool name! You’re a child of love but you’re gonna hv to get some armor on. Not to harden your heart, but to be aware of the evil out to pervert, seduce, confuse and intimidate. Don’t get entangled with anything you have doubts about at this time, esp. spiritual stuff. Stay free and clear and feed your soul good clean healthy food. Even some of my stuff can get a bit heavy, so avoid anything that throws you for now and stay on the more inspiring stuff. I’ve been in thisfor a while and can smell the stink of the wrong side pretty well, but it’s a spiritual fight if you start getting deeper into stuff, which you no doubt will because you’re hungry for truth and want to grow. I have an introductory website in mind to one day build, but for now stick with Jazz and walk confidently but circumspectly, and you’ll be fine.
      Sorry if I jumped into your life there but you really touched a chord.
      You and all of us are more loved than we can imagine, and it’s yearning to work through you and all of us to love others…that’s just the nature of the ride!…Love to you and Jazz, stay in touch…write to my email address on the home page if you want…Zen

  15. If “they” where to attack with a false flag attack / EMP pulse, wouldn’t it also knock down their technologies?
    They have jets,tanks,UAV’s,and other military techno that relies on communications through electrical transmission. Unless “they” have some way to shield their vehicles and communications. Just a thought.

  16. Unless ‘they’ brought their systems down for a ‘scheduled’ outage coincidently timed with the attack….say like the FBI DNS shutdown on the 8th. Shut off a couple key power/support units and after the event passes, turn them on and–lo and behold! ‘they’ are the only ones with a candle in the darkness. Also, it doesn’t need to be a complete blackout of the nation. A well placed localized EMP will create enough chaos to further the agenda.

    • Hey Jack…yes, and don’t forget their underground facilities are in full swing and all interconnected. It’s just nasty to think how many options they have with a bamboozled American populace who think it’s outside terrorism when it’s coming from their own govt and its shadow backbone. Also, they know how to shield what they want to keep from EMPs as well.

  17. Spot on article, very accurate , I think…would this be the 3 days of darkness, likely much more than 3 days. I think set to happen in and around End July 2012 during the Olympics, to cause mass chaos

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