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Internet Control Is Here – Prepare Accordingly

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by Zen Gardner

The shutdown and “cleansing” of the internet is clearly at hand. They’ve been “forecasting” these moves a long time as they’ve jockeyed their justifications into place.

Hate to sound so matter of fact, but our lifeline is communication. They know that and and want to kill it. Obamarama bo bama skat dancer or not, we’re being imprisoned with the web of lies and police state implementations. Politically, physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually….the war is in earnest, and you better prepare.

But before all this we need to have communications and community plans in place. Act now. They’re on the march again.

Tellin’ It Like it Is

See this good post by Catherine J. Frompovich from Activist Post:
Have you heard about the Presidential Executive Order (PEO) that will shut down all communications, including the Internet? What could not be done by valid legislation passed by Congress, in effect has been done by executive privilege fiat. However, nowhere does the U.S. Constitution give one-man rule powers to any president. But, what is the U.S. Constitution anymore? Isn’t it an old junk piece of paper that’s to be treated as if it were some ‘pie-in-the-sky’ dream from centuries back? Haven’t you heard talk about revamping it; bringing it up to date; or even scuttling it? My, what will they think of next? Coming up to speed on the current PEO obsession, Barack Hussein Obama has issued over 150 PEOs from January 22, 2009 until June 3, 2013. It looks like Number 44 is getting his way. We might as well do away with Congress and the Supreme Court. We could save a bundle on high priced salaries, wouldn’t you say? You can read Mr. Obama’s PEOs here https://www.hsdl.org/?collection/stratpol&id=eo . Isn’t it interesting that the very first PEO, No. 13492, Mr. Obama executed was on the day after he was inaugurated? That ought to make one wonder, “What were we thinking when we elected a person who does not want any of his personal information divulged?” So much for the transparency plank of his presidential candidacy platform; it was nothing more than wet sawdust! We have to question if his very first PEO precludes Mr. Obama’s phones, computers, and other personal information from the same surveillance every U.S. citizen is subjected to? Good question?

Something most citizens probably do not know is that PEOs become hard fast law once published in the Federal Register. Here’s an example of a published PEO https://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=689795.

No one—not the electorate, i.e., voters, Congress, or even the U.S. Supreme Court—can challenge, ignore, or negate them. So theoretically, can any president declare him- or herself a little tin hat dictator, if he or she wants to? You betcha! That fact alone should be the most sobering factor to consider whenever pushing a voting machine lever. But, then civics lessons no longer are taught in grade school or even at high school level; what a shame! Can that omission be considered a dumbing down technique, similar to fluoride in our drinking water?

That’s the state of the onion. Peeling back layers of more bullshit all the time. Hard to believe we live in such a fabricated world of total crapola but we do. Humans have learned to take what’s given to them.

Sorry, I’m not of that breed. Would rather die trying to get out, as most of you would.

Fact is, we’re already out by our conscious awareness of all this bullshit. Isn’t that ironic?!

Love, Zen


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  1. I’ve had this nagging premonition that a false flag cyber attack is a jackpot for these assholes.

    1) shuts the internet down which will leave only the msm to tell the story of “what happened”
    2) gives cause for aggression against whomever they chose (probably Iraq)
    3) wipes out $200 trillion derivatives game like Building 7 did for the pentagon problem
    4) agitates the masses and ushers in civil unrest
    5) seizes as much personal “wealth” as they see fit

  2. Right on target Zen! Slow turn of the vise….ever increasing squeeze…incremental by design.

    Similar scenario thoughts as Scoot outlined in his comment. But I wonder….put on their shoes and think like the enemy….if that’s possible. This last bastion(usoa) is multi-connected to a global concoction. (Ref. your article…Who Is Steering Who). Cutting the net might be a final solution, but in the interim, the info must flow. Selective restrictions are in the works as I see it. Corporate structures, outsourced work at home for instance, kites of banking transactions….techno fueled money suck off consumers maintains the frame work for the fascist overlords. In short, if no one gets payed….game over.

    Sites such as this wonderful garden, as many others, are on the front lines…and I no longer suspect… in the cross hairs for the “round up” squirt. As I see it, again the info must flow, it’s the kind of info that users will have access to.

    Peace Brothers and Sisters

  3. I am starting to wonder what’s so good about being awake when the waking dream is a nightmare, maybe all the sleepwalkers are doing fine in their unreality. Sometimes this is just too painful to bear.

    • We were just talking about this on our walk today – how this world is so beyond belief unjust and people eventually give in to it and say “oh well, try to see the good” but just doesn’t cut it – we have to see and recognize the lie that it is. I was thinking how any one of these billionaires could raise the living standard of so many poor, or feed whole continents if they wanted to but no. Rothschilds with over 500 trillion and royals with mega obscene riches and don’t do shit but keep taking. It’s beyond surreal this prison we’re in. BUT as long as we’re consciously aware and calling em on it and bucking the system we’re ALIVE and haven’t succumbed… Keep on Laurie, don’t be dismayed, this is our challenge and we can’t shirk it – taking on the fight gives strength!! love you!

      • You can be super-strong & sometimes cry a little bit – I am here & fightin’ bro – thanks for the words, for your strength and for the work you do!! Love to you!

      • FOR ten years WE stood on the corner of speedway and nova,WE handed out 85,000 DVD’s,a million and a haft flyers,and still the country is asleep,WE told everyone THE ANTI-CHRIST is coming to power,DON’T ALLOW IT,he’ll destroy america,daniel 8:11/8:12……they voted for him anyway,..THIS IS PROPHECY,its set in stone,total destruction of mystery babylon the great,BY FOREIGN FORCES,now OBAMA is bring in the foreign forces,get ready kids,YOUR COUNTRY IS ABOUT TO BE AT WAR…………………………………

  4. You know i broth this up 3 mths ago in that Video I did the cyber fear .. and people took the message the wrong way .. ( shakes his head ) ” till the jack boots on your neck ” ugggh .. Keep smashing em Zenster

  5. Well if they turn off the net then their super brain AI computer will be bored twiddling its cyber thumbs with no one to spy on.

  6. I would have to do some back checking on my list of “bookmarks”, which unfortunately may be longer than the list of Barrack’s old boyfriends. But the particular source of information I am thinking of, made light of the fact that the constitution is punctuated and capitalized in such a way that it can actually be legally interpreted in multiple ways. “They” are thorough.

  7. They will not be able to shut down the internet for long, if they do at all. That would be the final straw that would break THEIR OWN backs. They probably know this would be far reaching and would stir too many people from their bread and circuses. The masses of people might start to suspect somethings really up that “just does not make any sense”, to justify suppressing the internet. Imagine all the people in the world who would quickly catch on to this big scam.

    The awakened Consciousness has indeed created, (and is reflected via) the internet. Consciousness will not tolerate this to happen without expanding in some alternative manner. It’s called evolution and it’s where we’re headed no matter who tries to stop it. The internet is the truth hub of those who are awake, and who are many and still growing exponentially every second of every day.

    No, I personally don’t think that they will try this on a mass scale. If they do, it will be short lived and work in the favour of those awakening to higher Consciousness. There would a lot for them to lose – control-wise. More than ever, they can no longer afford to have the remainder of the billions of sleeping Sheep awaken to their mind control systems.

  8. I dont think it will be a clear and complete shut down, as that will affect all the fun stuff they are doing like the maxwell smart spying programs etc. No it’s going to be much more creative than a complete red button shut down. Actually we should all contemplate how to set up our own system, this system we all keep using is really the old original computer system created and used by the military to keep in touch with all their world wide base computers. We need a system created by and for the people, I saw some sites trying to create a new internet system, it went something like this, each of us connects our computer to one person until we are all linked and then download the content we have such as books, health info, recipes etc. you get the idea. So literally a recreation of the information highway with each of our computers both a point of destination and thoroughfare for the movement of information for us all to share as we are now, but without the spying busybodies who have nothing better to do with their lives than spy on their fellow man, (after all if no one took these nasty, liberty killing jobs with the likes of the NSA, TSA, etc then these nasty programs would cease to exist!) I think it’s time for us all to take responsibility for our survival and the survival of the internet and any other communication we the people need. Thank-you Zen for all you do!

    • networking, as you describe above, yes all fine, as long as?
      someone doesnt intentionally pass buggy files etc on,
      and the biggest issue?
      we ALL need a telecoms company provider TO connect either with each other or the wider net.
      the PTB either have control or can take control OF the providers and their servers.
      now with wifi maybe a private person or group could? run a server setup?
      I dont know enough to work out how that would go. after all wifi depends on a signal, and the milcomplex has a shitload of sig int workerdrones that would be well able to find and disrupt.
      the above person stating the Funk n Wagnals being kept is no fool:-)
      get REAL books on what you need to know, print copy burn save files and how tos like crazy.
      and have phone and SNAIL MAIL addys for all your closer online buddies.
      a lot of the serious need to know health etc info is already beyond reach thanks to corps like Elsevier, they buy up research data and trials results and its behind paywall and pay to read per page limited time access and NO copying.
      they arent the only ones but maybe the biggest?
      honestly we are already far far too late in realising just how much is already controlled and locked away.
      teach your children to be hackers:-)
      the newage survival skill too many of us dont have:-(

  9. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS,what evil thinks about,THESE demons who control everything,KNOW THEIR TIME IS SHORT,this is where the RUB is,they believe,IF THEY DESTROY THE PLANET,the LORD WON’T COME BACK,their wrong of course,but they believe it,the WORLD is about to discover just how really crazy the banker demons really are,they plan to unleash every trick in their BAG ON AMERICA,this country MUST be getting ready,food,water,ammo,medical supplies,if your not doing this ,well you won’t survive thats all there is to it………..their gearing up to come for you,you better be ready……………………………

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