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Interview with Julian Rose – Author & Environmental Activist


Meet Julian Rose, a terrific example of someone taking action and a wonderful man to boot. Thanks for your inspiration, Julian! Love, Zen



Julian is one of the pioneers of UK organic farming, commencing the conversion of his farm in 1975. He joined the Soil Association board in 1984 and campaigned vigorously for the widespread introduction of organic farming methods at a time when this system was not known. Julian achieved notoriety when he brought a cow up to London (Hyde Park Festival of Food and Farming) and demonstrated vociferously against a government attempt to ban unpasteurised milk. Julian went on to develop his farm as a mixed organic enterprise selling all its main produce locally, while refusing to sell to supermarkets. He developed a theory of local production and consumption which he named “The Proximity Principle.” His advice has been sought by local authorites, development agencies and government and he has spoken in the British, European and Polish parliaments. Julian has written and broadcast extensively and has just completed his second book “In Defence of Life", about the radical changes needed to bring new hope to society. He started his career in drama, but took-on the Hardwick Estate (and Baronetcy) on the premature death of his brother and father in the late 1960s. He is an environmental activist, holistic thinker/actor and a defender of peasant and family farming traditions throughout the world.

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  1. way to go!
    i´m lookin forward to see the veggies grow in the garden and the wild ones off.
    gonna chant for them.
    focused agian.
    look out for the first herbs to come after the winter:
    nettles(urtica), lions tooth, birch leaves to call a few.
    washing all the bad stuff out.
    love it
    love you all allies of the earth

  2. Great Vid .. Mr Rose is in full Bloom with his thorns Picking all the right topics …Get your Hoes Going players

  3. Apparently we’re so ignorant here in the U.S. that we don’t see the danger in GMO’s enough to demand even labeling of tainted GMO foods. I SO agree about getting off the propaganda train. We’re all so self-focused that we don’t want to think that we’re being marketed to by our government and corporations. All for the almighty dollar. Thank you educating us and for all you do.

  4. Julian is truly an inspiration, he makes change a reality. I love his conviction and he’s so alive! Thanks for posting this Zen.

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