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Interview with Julian Rose – Author & Environmental Activist

Meet Julian Rose, a terrific example of someone taking action and a wonderful man to boot. Thanks for your inspiration, Julian! Love, Zen




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  1. way to go!
    i´m lookin forward to see the veggies grow in the garden and the wild ones off.
    gonna chant for them.
    focused agian.
    look out for the first herbs to come after the winter:
    nettles(urtica), lions tooth, birch leaves to call a few.
    washing all the bad stuff out.
    love it
    love you all allies of the earth

  2. Great Vid .. Mr Rose is in full Bloom with his thorns Picking all the right topics …Get your Hoes Going players

  3. Apparently we’re so ignorant here in the U.S. that we don’t see the danger in GMO’s enough to demand even labeling of tainted GMO foods. I SO agree about getting off the propaganda train. We’re all so self-focused that we don’t want to think that we’re being marketed to by our government and corporations. All for the almighty dollar. Thank you educating us and for all you do.

  4. Julian is truly an inspiration, he makes change a reality. I love his conviction and he’s so alive! Thanks for posting this Zen.

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