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Is It Ever Too Late To Wake Up?

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by Zen Gardner

It’s remarkable how little they have to do anymore to get their desired results. It seems it takes just one ripple in the collective mind and the mesmerized masses jump however high they’re told.

This staged London slasher event is another such example.

And what pre-designed Machiavellian step does it lead to this time? “Let’s see, we’ve been doing guns for a while, let’s go for…internet censorship.” Wow, are you kidding? That’s a leap. They’re getting pretty ballsy.

The problem is that a major hunk of society swallows all this bullshit and thinks it’s real. If enough people would just point the finger at these phony stunts they’re putting on and call ’em out on it and refuse to respond or cooperate with any of their machinations, these psychopaths would shrivel up and die for want of an audience.


The Illusory Veil Will Be Rent

It’s so far down the tubes now with with lies, deceit and cover ups while they jam their fascist program down everyone’s throats that people couldn’t bear to start to realize how far they’ve been taken. The shock would be too much.

Or so they think in their current mind set and paradigm.

When the shift hits the fan big time and the masses are forced to wake up, whatever happens in their collapsing lives to trigger it, we will be living in a very different world. The spiritual reigns supreme so whether people are spiritually conscious or not, the real state of affairs is running around and through all of us like WiFi. And on many frequencies like a radio or television.

Remember the world of pre-9/11? You almost can’t any more, but this so-called security insanity and climate of terrorism fear was almost non-existent.  It was there but safely remote – which is why they knew it had to be brought to US soil to get the desired effect, same as Pearl Harbor did to get Americans behind entering into WW2, and which the 9/11 perpetrators openly admit was their model and goal in their literature. But who’s looking, once again.

The political aspect is just one side of this designed shift they’re trying to establish as our reality. Just as our atmosphere is decimated and our food and water are contaminated, and the bombardment of nuclear and electric radiation continue unabated in massively manipulated weather systems, the social structure of society and the very mindset of humanity is being altered by the day. As conditions continue to deteriorate and the levels of draconian controls and outrageous lies escalate, the veil of disguise they’ve foisted over their hijinks is going peel open to reveal the awful truth of what’s happened to all of us.

That’s going to trigger the mass psychosis underlying the mass belief system and it ain’t gonna be pretty. And I suspect they know this. But to them it won’t matter as societies turn into war zones for survival. They’ve deliberately planned this outcome as well as planned for this outcome with their own safe havens to flee to.

They Know We Know

The picture of the Heinz Kissenger look alike at the top with his detainees from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy captures what a rude awakening is like. When people get detained or their loved ones get questioned or mugged by the militarized police state goons it starts to hit home. When they break into your home and take your guns or pot or shoot your dog for barking you start to wake up. When the airport security assholes pull another old lady in a wheelchair aside and have her strip down -and it’s your grandmother – you start to wake up. When your internet connection is monitored and your website attacked by Israeli hackers you start to wake up.

The Dark Rulers know we know what’s going on. They know it big and tall. That’s why the disinfo is increasing, trying to  weave thru the community and trolls are showing up more and more with obvious intent. They’ve having a tough time though, we’re bound by a fabric “they know not of”.  They never will.

Love, compassion, and truth. Not part of their vocabulary, MO or lifestyle.

They’re simply parasites. Unfeeling, blindly grubbing diseased parasites.

But know for a fact they know a great and growing swathe of us are on to them and their dark, demonic chicanery. That’s a fact. They just figure they have enough of the mind-mushed masses under their spell that there’s nothing to worry about. They think “those gnomes” will never believe what we say with all the programming they’ve slipped into them, and they’ll get to us soon enough in their “clean-up” campaigns.

Reminds me of Einstein’s famous quote, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Ha! Hey guys, that goes for you! You really don’t get it, us or anything. Just a short time left to exercise your greed and cravings for energy and control. You will shrivel up and die in the Light of Truth.

Bet on it, bastards!


So When Is It Too Late?

Unfortunately this rude awakening will be too late for most in many ways, although at least finally waking up is in a sense never too late. It’s just that their lives here may likely be horrifically affected and possibly terminated soon after this realization for want of waking up sooner.

We’re talking serious suffering that could have been avoided, at least in part.

Obviously there are many levels of all this, as well as many levels of awakening. Each has its place, and every individual has his or her own story. Fundamentally we’re accountable to the True eternal Voice in our hearts. In order for someone to shut down there has to be a decision or series of decisions involved, at some level, somewhere, to do so. The true conscious Voice and reaction may, and most likely has been, suppressed by outside forces and for that we have to give allowance.

We live in a very dirty dimension of systemic abuse at many levels and we must keep love, kindness and understanding as our guiding force while staying true to Truth. On the other hand, deliberate shutdowns are another story.

When it comes to trying to help people wake up, some say you can’t mess with people’s karma but I don’t know about that. We can’t force anything on people in good conscience when the point of this life here is to learn to respond individually and consciously to a conscious Universe. But when the baby is reaching for the electric heater you don’t just watch. If friends or family or anyone for that matter is hypnotically marching in a row of people that you know goes straight over a cliff, you don’t stand idly by and say I hope they wake up soon.

How can you? That’s clearly not conscious. That’s sleepwalking. With serious consequences.

Don’t Let Environment Dictate Your Actions – You Decide

Oddly enough we’re living  in an engineered, numbed-down world now that is just so conditioned to not respond to the obvious. How many times do you hear about people watching a robbery or beating in the streets and doing nothing. Or Stockholm syndrome submissive behavior in the face of horrific circumstances.

Life has become a spectator sport people are not fully engaged in.

How soon will the main act in the coliseum be the captured awakened vs the militarized police lions to entertain the rulers and their zombified masses?

Won’t find me there. If I’m going down it’s gonna be taking the real fight, for Truth, straight to them.

The point to all this is our awareness needs to be full, truthful, and pragmatic. Helping someone realize what’s really happening here, and preparing for the inevitable break down that’s about to happen, are very conscious actions.  They aren’t radical or weird. You’re alive in a virtual petrified forest. It’s matter of fact. If it was any clearer to us we’d disappear into the next dimension. And that serves a purpose.

It gives strength. It encourages faith – which is knowing, not believing.

We know what’s going on. We must tell others. We must be examples of such to the very best of our abilities and speak and demonstrate it forcefully.

We must detach, we must be true to the Truth.

In love.

Where love is, hearts will gather to share the warmth.

Keep on. We can’t lose–because we’ve already won!

Much love, Zen



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  1. holy thinking in sync I just was on a rant LOL about this in reply to Ms Marry ,, The rant was not to her Because from what she has told shes doing it ..pretty self reliant ,Impressive ,, But just as I posted you posted this,, ! Just had to say it

    • well I am trying to be self reliant…but its really hard. Because just when you release yourself from one chain in the matrix you realize how many other keys you’ve got to add to your key ring. Figuring out how to do things to release yourself from the system is fairly easy if you’re a quick study and want to be more grounded. Finding that niche of fellow beings to “hunker down with ” (as they say in Appalachia) is another thing. That’s the hard part…finding others that are up to the challenge of the revolution.
      That’s why a gathering spot like Zen’s place is important. It reconfirms there are others out there waking up..like a guide post on their paths in this revolution.

      We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

      We shall overcome because Carlyle is right—”No lie can live forever.”

      We shall overcome because William Cullen Bryant is right—”Truth, crushed to earth, will rise again.”

      We shall overcome because James Russell Lowell is right—as we were singing earlier today,

      Truth forever on the scaffold,

      Wrong forever on the throne.

      Yet that scaffold sways the future.

      And behind the dim unknown stands God,

      Within the shadow keeping watch above his own.
      Martin Luther King
      The National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., on 31 March 1968. Congressional Record, 9 April 1968.

  2. If you are thinking, you are winning! I highly recommend any, and all would be activists to check out:
    Flobots – Fight With Tools.

    Zen, I’m sure you have heard of them by now, given the fact that you have already provided a tool for us. But if not, check it out, you would be in for a treat. Very inspiring.


    I know there are many “zombies” out there, face glued to the phone, ready to do what master says.
    We must also remember to not lose faith in OUR people. Us.
    I am guilty of this all too often. I feel hopeless sometimes. Distressed with all the pollution and ignorance.
    Awakening. For most, this does not happen over night. Think how many activists have lived and died over the decades. We must recognize and give credit where it is due.
    Is revolution coming? Certainly. No doubt about it. Revolution is happening right now, we are the proof of this. I talk so openly and freely about it, because I know in my heart of hearts, nothing will stop Liberty.

    The Civil Rights Movement was without a doubt, a full blown revolution. The founders of America were well aware, that the revolution had to be fought within the hearts and minds of the people, first.

    John Adams –
    But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations…This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.

    Violence followed in the case of the American Revolution, but the Civil Rights Movement was a relatively peaceful revolution, and it was successful.

    Many are still asleep, true, but let’s not give up on them. Even the most ignorant and biased individuals, are still our brothers and sisters.

    In my opinion, It’s never too late.


    What was truth then, is truth now.
    I leave you activists, with this last quote, remember it and see it be true:

    Benjamin Franklin –
    AMERICA: …every act of oppression will sour their tempers, lessen greatly if not annihilate the profits of your commerce with them, and hasten their final revolt; for the seeds of liberty are universally found there, and NOTHING can eradicate them.

  3. Most people don’t react until it happens to them. They tend to be short term thinkers. Don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but too many are clinging to their cognitive arrangement. Twisting the lamp switch is futile when they have given up their bulbs.

    Time for a big change is upon us, how we navigate through this is up to us.

    We outnumber them, but far too many are static and without direction. Slow, steady, and incremental calamity works best for them because it has always worked before….but we are catching up.

    Great post Zen!

    • “Twisting the lamp switch is futile when they have given up their bulbs.” Perfect Randall. ’bout all I can say, it’s fucked up bad. “Incremental calamity” another classic. Looking forward to your next post, bro. Hugs, in a whirling, wonky world.

  4. Pure Poetry, Zen…I made the mistake of investigating Peggy Kane’s EVP research (we exist in a Icke-ian Reptiloid slaughterhouse; one and all…the “lower astral plane”)…wtf?!

    So I went to a park and took my shoes off…

    Great essay, Compañero!

  5. I agree that this rude awakening will be too late for some people but my heart also makes me thinks of this fable about a young man walking along the beach…he sees from afar what he thinks are scattered black rocks on the beach, as well as a women’s silhouette. She crouches down and walks all the way to the water and throws something in the ocean. As he gets closer, he notices that the beach is covered with star fish, the tide coming in and out too fast, leaving the star fish behind. Hundreds of star fish dying on the beach; the old lady picks them up one by one and goes to the water to throw them back. The young man flabbergasted by the impossible task says: ** Why are you doing this! Why all the trouble? You’ll never be able to save enough to make a difference!** The old lady throws another one in the ocean and yells in the crisp air: ** It changes something for this one!**
    We might not wake them all but it makes a difference for the ones that do and if it makes a difference for them… well it sure will make a difference for us, for in unity we are stronger no matter what level of awakening you or I might be at.
    Love you all.

    • wow–beautiful. Yes, every every every effort we make is the difference – we each are a universe unto ourselves – be true to it —

  6. I don’t expect any of the dumb nuff nuffs I know to apologise when the great awakening happens. To be honest I don’t give two flying fucks about them anymore. My time is taken up looking for those that show the signs of stirring from their sleep. They need a gentle hand. The others, well I’m not entirely sure whether they are in fact sentient or whether they are part of the background programme similar to the extras in a first person shoot em up computer game.

    • Spot on I suspect about apologies not forthcoming. I anticipate that when the SHTF, the LAST people the sleepers will come to to ask what happened/what’s going on is the same ones who were telling them what was coming. It’s the ego once again – the ego would rather melt upon itself than admit it was wrong.

      • Peak Sings Gus ..The problem is all inside your head, she said to me
        The answer is easy if you take it logically
        I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free
        There must be fifty ways to leave the matrix ..

        ..Hop on the bus, Gus, don’t need to discuss much
        Just drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free

        Miss ya Gus where have y you been ?

        • Thanks Peek. You made my night. Wow – haven’t heard or thought about that song since I was a kid, used to so love it (had it on the old 33’s). Way back when in my blue pill days. So many mixed feelings about those “good ol’ days”. Longing for the old, even though the old wasn’t what I thought it ever was once I awoke, So now it’s time to create a new and beyond fantastic old that blows the fake old old away. Sound good? I know I can count you in.

  7. I will say it again and as Clear as I can Make this .. we are in the 1st stages of a revolution like all rebellions and revolution’s the planing is taking place , next it will physically manifest when I think with in a Year . So Fear ? all on how you want to look at it .so enjoy all this jerking off healing talk and all the rest of the blame and pain on the net that you want , but its going to become real and fast .,Thats my call and if your just waking up ,, think about what you might nned to have to hold you over is gas hits 400 a barrel , it your taxes hike by 45% if your pension gets cut by 65% please something dumb like this if fear peddling because its happing right now in the U S..there’s a reason D H S is stock piling there is a reason for NDAA passed on new years eave at 11:00 pm ..there is a reason they wan to dis arm the public .. if your on this site then your looking and if you on here for answers and having a mind of peace works if your condition for it or you understand you balance and thresh hold for pain upset and evil. . The only one that might have a good grasp on that is solie .

  8. Part 2 of this rant … the rest of us candy asses better understand that these pricks are coming hard and fast ..its plane and simple . Understand that 85 billion in government bonds were being bought for the last yeat stright on top of all the rest of the bullshit tarrp and ever other twist bail out they have pulled to keep this fake cheep north American lifestyle. Guess what those bonds are back with your TAXES and some one will want there pay out as a form of control . Sounds just like Germany eh ? You think the bed room tax in the bed room tax is something wait .. You just starting to see the effects of the Obama health care system , I know there are some in that cant stand the firm way do to age or maybe gender , But at least understand no one is coming to save you , not from another planet , not from the heavens not from vibrations , My gloves are off in these issues , they can be lots of time to learn and understand after we get threw this next phase . Right now its about fight or flight you wont have a choice.You have a lawless out of control group that has proven at every turning point the game in submission .

    • You just explained why I got the hell out. Don’t like being a sitting duck in a fascist state crawling with armed gestapo high on drugs and limitless power and no due process left. Either get to a safe place or surround yourself with good, solid community and have a real plan for when it starts to unravel. Because it will. And people are going to lose it, their minds that is, don’t be too surprised or you might lose yours too. Peek’s absolutely right, it is that in the face serious.

      • I think the challenging part of where to go this time round for people is the money system. Every other time in history, one could move to another part of the world to escape tyranny or massive strife of some sort. This is the first time that we as humanity need to flee tyranny and a collapse of the monetary system, but this time they’re both global (albeit certainly heaviest in the US). When the fiat game comes down, it’s coming down everywhere.

        Humanity has no blueprint on how to escape these things when it’s a global phenomenon. Hence, where to go? Is there even an answer? Almost feels like a game of roulette – every time you spin the wheel (every time you think it through on where to go) you come up with a different answer.

        • Well Pal . look at my song i just sang to ya ! and I hear you .. But the Money is a problem I hate to say people should have been over this since 08/09 it was not that hard to read the game book when you see the TARRP bail outs ,, for that matter even in Europe the with the U zone 109 years ago fucking most were broke going into it . Now i get some ppl have a fix income and family dont make it ez to leave ,But some how some way people know that never ending growth in finite society would have to end , No one wanted to stop getting on the rides at Disney world lets be honest.. 5 years have past since that o9 crash most 89% keep on partying and the other 8% started praying and living in tent citys .1% started to slowly take care of themselves and 1% might have left and started new way of living .Now in the 11th hour its blame time ..( shrugs ) Lov ya Gus .. Your on your Toes

          • I should add your right about the game of roulette .. totally hear you on that ,, Hears is what i came up with . The dangers ,, Sheeple on drugs . I think TPB will lets try to kill each other 1st. 2 lack of food and fuel sorrowing cost as a control mech .. Military control after 6 mth to a year .. then its any ones guess .. you dont have to fight and flight is good , But if you cant then you have to start looking around and seeing what as you disposal for use. Be creative and cleaver. you be shocked what you come up with ,, Now that only in a the worst end of it. It will be some what global but the will be worst places to be.

          • Really started in 07 with the large finance institutions “failing” and real estate bubbled being deliberately popped….

          • Yes Your right Zen .. In debates i go back to the DOT .com crash in 2000 .. But on the banking end with Tarrp ,, 100% 07 starting seeing the massive cracks .. 08/09 splits wide open remmber the ” lame duck session were Henry Paulson was threatening memeber on the house floor thee would be Marshal law if they dint pass the TARRP bail out

          • Jock kid I grew up with played football with Paulson at Dartmouth – he and others assume he’s “normal” or cool as “it’s all fair in democracy”. Fucked up ingrained insanity from the get-go. Snap out of it or be a goddamned fly in the web, food for the spider. Compromise for personal gain is the train to hell.

    • * Peeks … Got your ear on the rumble of the snaking steel tracks & you’re clearly detecting the NWO’s ‘all consuming’ heavy approach of distant thunder & mayhem… of deliberately inflicted ‘State Terrorism’ …….You’re right, we can’t sugar coat this ‘awareness’ at all!
      …We’re watching a carefully pre-planned ‘world-wide’ endgame of falling domino’s unfold… releasing it’s own darkly negative kinetic energy of maniacal mayhem; as it propels itself forward …mimicking the devastating effects of a tsunami….We’re in the middle of a ‘War for Survival’ & very few people (relatively speaking) …realize the serious danger, that we’re ALL facing & are ‘Absolutely’ going to have to deal with ‘Mentally’… without any further procrastination.
      …Alongside ‘Fight or Flight’ is-> ‘Freeze’… being a corollary defense mechanism as well…I think we’re presently seeing evidence of this aspect of the ‘Fear’ phenomena… manifesting now in the faces of the recently marginalized, dispossessed, unemployed & hungry desperation of ordinary folks.
      …It’s been said, that there are ‘no atheists in foxholes’ in the heat of a battle…so NOW… is the time to make peace with ourselves & connect with our eternal awareness….(just my subjective opinion)

  9. In my wanderings on the path of knowledge I stumbled upon a concept that explains a lot about what how much the game is rigged and why we can reach only so many people: organic portals (OP). They are about 50 percent of the entire population. They are literally Soulless people that fill the human sphere as perfect repeaters and mass of maneuver for the psychopaths in charge.

    • Sure appears that way. Still, some who seem way past gone suddenly wake up, so I don’t know. I do know those walking around here aren’t all of us, though. It’s too easy to disguise themselves in this narrow dimension.

    • Exile, I have to agree that there are quite a few that have no souls. I have been way too close to some to not sense it. So different from a hard sleeper. Just makes you want to run the other way while your skin still crawls for days. Yeah, not sure how many. But they are here. My concern is do they disappear with the awakening or turn into dark soldiers? (As I tell the hubby to get more boxes of ammo.)

    • MsM “Vision TV 3 most perched google ” jewish controlled banks ” LOL behind the learning curve .. its bigger then what you think… and the sheeple are now wonder what to do with there ticket subs because the line is shutting down at Disneyland

  10. Sleep correlates to Pisces/Neptune.
    Uranus refers to the masses, which is in the sign of Aries now.
    Waking up is Uranus.

    Now Neptune is back home in Pisces now,
    last time it was in Pisces was 1848.

    Neptune entering Pisces.

    Back in 1848 we had a very similar planetary setup to now with Neptune moving into Pisces and Uranus and Pluto in Aries a cardinal sign. Soon after the Neptune ingress, there were revolutions in France, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Poland. Nationalism became rampant, the masses rose up, swept away the old guard and allowed new leaderships to be formed. Interestingly, just 4 days after the last ingress of Neptune into Pisces, a seminal document was published, the communist manifesto.

  11. Dear Zen…

    Another great writing……you hit the nail on the head when you said…”it’s too easy to disguise themselves in this narrow dimension”……UNTIL now…..they are exposing themselves for ALL to see…..they cannot help themselves for they are showing their true nature……and it will get discusting if you think this is bad wait a minute or two they will not cease to surprise many at their true nature is DARK ENERGY ……those awakened will spot them a mile away……they will no longer be able to hide amongst the many……a great divide of energies will happen……it has already begun……these dark energies will continue their destruction……soon ALL will realize why this must come to an end……this evil is vile and all will see that soon……the dreaded Judge is near……

    Try as best to live simple, loving, caring, creative lives stay out of the way of the police and crowds and understand this dimension will come to an end along with the dark entities and its robots…..the expose’ will continue as planned….

    Lots of LOVE

    • They sure are Steve . they will use religions next .. ,, Just working on this for the Fine Fokes in teh U K right noew

  12. Good points Zen. I tried to awaken people for many years. A few are receptive, but for the most part, most people are so programmed, that if they hear anything resembling Truth, they become very agitated and even angry. They have been programmed to have that conditioned response. There isn’t much you can do with people like that. They will have to smash into a brick wall before they can awaken. But what I can do is throw pearls of wisdom in the street, and if someone is so inclined, they can pick them up. Like the star fish, one person at a time. We can each do our best.

  13. Paraphrase of an ancient Celtic saying; It is best to live unknown to the law. In other words, fly under the system’s fucking radar.

  14. Fascist state is here. Police raided an alternative community called Neu-Deutschland (New Germany; own schools, fair health insurance, interest free money…) on April 25th with 150 – 200 police men; plus tax and other “officials”.

    Similar with the alternative news web site http://www.politaia.org/ on May 23th. Reproach: anti-semitic articles and comments.

    Today I talked to a neighbor (in his late 70s). He demanded surveillance cams on EVERY house. “If you’re innocent, you’ve nothing to worry!” He didn’t listen to anything I said. Just got angry, screamed some more bullshit, so that he couldn’t hear anything I said.
    Don’t know how he came to this subject. We were talking about birds and that they should be killed because they “shit on houses and cars thus causing damage”. As I mentioned that we destroy their living space and they have to live somewhere, he babbled some BS and suddenly shouted this surveillance BS… I thought I’m in the “wrong movie”. Brain dead? RFID/WiFi nuked? …one of the fools that spring would not mourn if he perished in winter. ;P

    Now, as I think of it: This afternoon, I read in Alan Watt’s book “The meaning of happiness” about this stupidity – people who believe they’d be superior to nature and have to control and rule over it. – And of their problems caused by this stupidity. 😉

    Scotty, beam me up!

    • Damn that’s a dirtbag. He’s caught all the bullshit and made it his meat and potatoes. The gummint will reward him for this, and he’d turn you in in a heartbeat, I spose you know. I hear ya about take the Galactica to a new star system – we will eventually, once we finish our job here. I hear the Pileides will take those of us who volunteered for this job from there back and has some cool new communities… 😉 Cheers!

  15. Zen, good writing!!! I have this feeling that peaks and then subsides a bit. I have quit watching any news (just to see what is being fed to the masses) and stopped swinging by MSM websites to see the latest “story”. Yet, it is as though I can feel the waves of BS rolling in. There is a storm off the shore for sure. The waves are more powerful and coming in faster and faster. I scream louder, but others cannot hear me over the crashing sounds. I am hoping the salt water gets in their eyes to distract the hypnotized eyes and allow them to see for a moment before the storm rolls on shore. I want to slap people, but I know it won’t really matter. So, I throw out a statement here and there to get a mind that has even began to peek out to find the food it needs. We all have to keep trying. I agree with Martine – anything is better than nothing. It all adds to the collective that we want to raise vibrations and hurts the collective that is bringing us down. Tilt the scale, one little ol’ pea at a time.

    • Same here–definitely feel it, we’ve been talking about it here for days it’s so profound. You sparked an article, on it now. Hugs.

      • I have been checking out all the blossoms around the garden that I have missed. Good posts by all. I have this seasick kind of feeling matched only by exhaustion. I came back from our trip ready to go just to be deflated. Now, I am on a mission to figure out what deflated me so fast. Super foods and emotional break is my focus for right now. Gotta get my game back. Looking forward to the sparked writing. Hugs back at ya!

    • LM ~ I feel it too – although mine never subsides. The BS keeps rolling in and few are picking up on it. The twits in charge have made the big leap from false flags, to simply doing hoaxes. It’s like watching a bad high school play and no one else sees it. The storm is coming. Damn, the storm is coming.

      • Sand, I can usually catch a break after a meditation or if I completely dive into something with the kids. However, even then, my meditations are becoming difficult as of late. The kids often see a glaze in my eyes, I think. Well, at least I know it is not just me… I think that is better??? LOL. Hang in there, Sand! I have to keep picturing the beauty after the storm passes. Sending ya love, Sand! :-) Hanging on, Zen. Tied my knot and still got some rope left… all good! :-)

  16. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.
    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  17. Some outstanding points as usual Zen. One in particular that keeps arising in my travails is how I attempt to address the various posts I see from people in different stages of awakening. A common reaction I see is someone in the anger stage lashing out in all directions. Especially against those that won’t wake up.

    Many times I’ve posted the following points. First stating that not everyone can or will awaken. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because many people probably couldn’t handle it emotionally or mentally. Their subconscious may likely be fully aware of what is going on around them but the inability to wake up is in part a form of self preservation for them.

    I always ask the angry person to please not judge the unawakened too harshly. Then point out that rapid categorization and reactionary judgement and hostility to compel compliance in the meme was a big part of their old unawakened brainwashed training. This is especially reinforced through the MSM and increasingly more now through the school systems. Those of us that are at the later stages of awakening still get angry but don’t dwell on it or target those that don’t deserve it. It’s understandable to get angry. Even those in the later stages will get angry. I do when I’m reminded by something that we are all purposely being poisoned through every facet of our lives in order to control and destroy us. It’s certainly understandable to be angry. But taking out our anger on those that may possibly help us or need our help in the ongoing battle to stop death and destruction will only push them towards the enemy.

    Once I post these points I have yet to receive a negative reply. The points may not cover everything. But they speak the truth. And it’s hard to argue with the truth once you’re awake.

  18. For those that are awake, the spread is too thin to be effective.The police forces all over the world are being trained in such a fashion that the public everywhere is being bullied with tasers, guns, pepper sprays for no real reason. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life in jail, just carry on the way you are going and you will disappear without a whimper from anyone. The anti Monsanto rally. 2 million people world wide marched to oblivion. What is 2 million in 7 billion for heavens sake! For a resistance movement to be effective you have to retrain to be a psychopath and more radical than the ruling thousands of ready to kill anyone without remorse or consequences as the top dogs protect everyone of them. How many people do you know of that get away with murder. How many of the big boys get away with the proceeds of bribery. How many laws are implemented to give the Corporations a free hand to rape and plunder whole countries at will.
    I just read of Monsanto paying millions to the lawmakers to legislate as they want it.
    You should read Rael’s writings and you will see what is being planned.
    I live in a place where I talk to the wind. Everyone tells me that God will fix it! I have yet to see God come down with a trillion dollars or so to provide the weapons needed for those willing to put their lives at stake and as for the heavenly beings to set things straight, They don’t want to be caught so keep well away
    (Ufo reports all over the world)
    However have fun writing. It releases the anger but does nothing else.


  19. I don’t think so but here is the problem. Our awakening is not a singular event it is in fact a spiritual death and resurrection, and much like our physical death is a process .To be truly awake is about personal accountability and responsibility.We have always been” instructed” to rely on other’s to provide for us , to to take the responsibility. Religion in all it’s forms took on the role of intercessor , creating a disconnect between us and the source,of all ,the Universe. The State became the” provider “leaving us weak and needy. The perfect carve up of humanity, the “church “get”s our soul the state our body.Between these two “powers” we have lost our innate sense of the spiritual and sacred and in doing so the very thing that makes us divine, our humanity.Instead of controlling our mind’s, by ridding our selves of all those extraneous thought’s and “static “by practicing the art of love and compassion, and becoming lovingly detatched , we lay our selves open to mind control(by our slave master’s). by succumbing to the opiate’s of the masses, (in their many forms). When we enter the state of being” awake” we stand with both feet in two camp’s. We have become not entirely of this world and yet the place we seek that seem’s too much like home is only glimpsed all too briefly.When we offer the” Pill “to our friend’s, family or even stranger’s we too as the so called” awakened ones” must acknowledge the great responsibility we have taken on and as you say Zen only do it with love ,it’s always about the love. We need to tell those who sleep that their awakening will be the journey of a life time, hard ,tough painful, but filled with true joy that it will take them to places they could never imagine We have already won, our destination is assured. it is always about the journey let us help those who are just beginning this journey to stay the course and not fall by the wayside xxxxx

  20. Peek; you’re right on the case brother. I’m not in the States/Canada – but have been and know just how out of control the entire pile is – even when it looks as though things are still relatively ‘normal’ (as it does in the UK, eh kitty?) That ‘normal’ is in fact a state of advanced insanity; now so ingrained that it is mistaken as a point of relatively stability, and point of departure for yet greater acts of insanity. This secondary level is where things are riding to now. Its the insanity openly declaring itself as such – and pitching to become the ‘new normal’ – that is the absolute last chance saloon for the undecided. For any who are drinking at that bar right now – set down your glass with a big thud – or smash it on the deck. From now on every drop of that poison imbibed ‘unknowingly’ or in a state of forgetfulness – is a death warrant. Make this your last order – and knowingly turn away so as to save your soul. Don’t look back. Join the resistance.

  21. Yes Julian look’s normal, always does here. I tell the unbelieving sleeper’s” ok don’t believe me but when you hear the sound of those jackboot’s marching down your street ” ………………they are coming for you !!!!!

    • I know that our confident, loving attitude and spirit when we speak about these things is what generates revelation – at some level. Writing something about this now.

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