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Is London Getting Screwed by the Olympics – Literally?


by Zen Gardner

When I saw this it threw me! I saw a very small version of the Olympic logo on a website and it just jumped out. The right side of the logo appears to be having sex with the left half.

In fact, it says the Olympics, or the heads (rings) who control the Olympics, are literally screwing London!

The square in the middle is extraneous to the number 2012. It is however important to the spelling of Zion which we’ve all seen.  But here it appears to be his willy and he’s apparently jamming it into that area there between the torso and legs. Wonder what that could be?

I know, crazy. But now you see it I bet you won’t forget it. Ha!

Hey, never put it past these occult globalist bastards to do everything wicked they can.  Subliminal messaging is the name of the game. They’ve already spelled Zion with the 2012 and put their satanic signature all over the place, so why not pervert it further?!

Keep your eyes peeled. The Israeli Prime Minister pulled out of going to the Olympics, and an Israeli firm is in charge of security. That and many other signals are getting pretty hard to ignore.

Keep wondering.

Love, Zen

P.S. Yes, I know the old joke about the psychiatrist and the Rorschach test. In case you haven’t heard it, here it is:

A psychiatrist, administering a Rorschach test, showed his patient the first ink blot and asked, “What do you see here?”

The patient replied, “A naked woman!”

He showed him another ink blot and asked, “What about this one?”

The patient replied again, “A naked woman!” And a third, and a fourth, fifth, and sixth ink blot, it was always the same: “A naked woman.” The psychiatrist said, “Now I see your problem — you’re obsessed with sex!”

The patient replied, “Me?! You’re the one with the dirty pictures!”



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  1. I think that they know that we know that they know. They gotta. If they pull this sh_t off, its on! I believe that there are soooo many people on the fence about 9/11 inside or out? If this goes down everything changes! This internet thing is a wonderful tool for Everyone and to see another massacre of human life would ILLUMINATE those in charge.They would have to be non-humans with no compassion for any lifeform (say satan). I’m going with the frequency is a changin and the spiral towards the singularity is getting much quicker.

    May GOD have mercy on their souls!

  2. Whoa that was weird… My son and I were looking at the top image while I read what you wrote about it aloud. My son said he could see “it” and I said yea so can I but it’s like the Rorschach ink blot test; you can see anything anywhere like the clouds if you choose to.
    And then I continued reading to myself and you ended with that joke…..gave me a bit of the woo woo tingles ;P

    That’s not to say it isn’t intentional for I know how they love their twisted subliminals and inside nudgenudge winkwinks but yea they do seem to making it more obvious and brazen as if it doesn’t matter anymore that the masses get hip to their game.

    Me thinks their hubris is what will bring on the karma……paybacks a bitch!

    I feel sorry for those sleepers who haven’t a clue and will attend all the events soaking up the Olympic hoopla; unwitting targets to whatever malicious intent the psychopaths have planned.

    Maybe some urban warriors will toss loads of orgonite tbs all around London to prevent the dastardly deeds!

    Makes me think of V for Vendetta…
    “England prevails” May it be so!

  3. Zen, well spotted. If I recall correctly, there were sexual theories being spread soon after this logo was first released into the public domain. But back then, they were speculating it showed someone on the right side, giving fellatio to someone on the left side. But, your theory is actually far more convincing.

    Very devious symbolism. I comment regularly around the web at different forums/blogs (under 2 monikers) and I have stated many times already that London is a homosexual den. It has been that way since the 19th century. The city and its institutions are controlled or dominated by males who regularly engage in sodomy with other males, even while hiding behind “respectable” marriages and while fathering children. They bring shame to the rest of England, and the British Isles.

    Meanwhile, your commenter (‘b’) who believes it is a “perverted swastika” is demonstrating just how many Western minds have been utterly perverted and/or confused with anti-German rhetoric and propaganda. So long as people continue to obsess with AH and Germany’s brave and almost successful attempt to break the Zionist yoke, they will be unable to identify (even when it is staring them in the face) the true enemy within who is mostly responsible for most of our ills.

  4. Needs help please! Im asking someone to take my hand and walk with me through! I suspect lies and deceit but cannot take action if unsure who is the sheep and who is the wolf! And im ready for action!

  5. This is like searching for a Yeti in Central Park. Or like arabs who see (the name of) allah even in sliced tomatoes. Guys, if the zionists had so much influence like you are suggesting, Israel would not be in dire straits, and the “invented people” would long ago have been deported to Jordan, where they belong.

  6. When I first saw that Olympics logo, I thought I had gone ’round the bend in my paranoia and suspiciousness. I almost committed myself! ha ha Now I see that what I saw was not an indication of MY mental illness, but the NWO cabal’s! These cretins must think the public is made up of idiots. They are stark, raving evil.

  7. Anyone check out that new song – ‘IN BABYLON’…?
    Watch in on you tube and there is So much stuff in that song.
    I looked up some stuff on Babylon ….it was over taken somehow.
    Apparently, they came up the river, WAITED FOR THE SIGNAL, then attacked…
    Babylon =Baby London?
    Hey, anything is possible….
    But, the more perverted killings – they seem to get a kick out of that…
    Did any one check out the sign on the bus that was Blown up on 7/7?
    I bet they were close to where they were staying…
    That is why THAT particular bus went off it’s normal route that day….
    It had to, so they could be there and close to watch it happen…
    Very sick, Very Sad, Very perverted.
    I Wonder if that ‘Stolen missing Submarine’ is suddenly going to come up the Thames or something and put some Nukes somewhere.
    ps – if Queenie is not at the Olympics – Don’t go that day – stay away, ok?

    • Check out the band and the lyrics of the official song for the oly’s called Survival! It’s by a band from England MUSE. Their prior music is not what you’d expect the official olympic committee to have on their dial of the radio. Their prior hit song is called UPRISING, those lyrics are also very interesting. Quite a revealing of an awful lot of coincidences.


  8. Upper left side = an outline of GB. Note the word ‘London’.
    Upper right side = an back-to-front outline of Australia, with a skewed piece of Tasmania being in the centre of the logo.
    Lower left side = New Zealand?
    Lower right side = A tilted and vague outline of Canada?

    • so what do you say about putting your finger over ‘don’ in the word london my unimaginative friend. since when do we spell a capital city with a lower case l or is that an I. Seems they are both the same – no ?

  9. why hasn’t anyone – ever – mentioned the more obvious zion written in to the logo? put your finger over ‘don’ in the word london and what do we have!!!!!!!

    It amazes me as i have mentioned this time and again to a few people but nobody seems to have pick up in ti.

  10. nice to know others see it, & it’s not just my imagination…..
    They know we know & it looks like something nasty is going to happen in London.
    (of course, they could be deliberately misleading everyone for a different city)
    not to mention that those camera mascots are not remotely cute, just weird & creepy..

  11. not to labour the point :) but – if we read the original logo backwards starting with the bottom right 2, it reads zion perfectly without having to move or transfigure any numbers (letters).

    note how both of the twos are different – because they are! one is z and one is N

  12. Yes, yes, yes! But just WHY do they want Zion in the logo? I just don’t get it with this BLATENT outing of themselves.

  13. The olympics logo is a depiction of Prince William and Kate having sex to give birth to the future king of the NWO @ New Zion/London. Kate’s pregnancy will be announced sometime during the London Olympics and the birth of the baby will happen sometime close to December 21st 2012 – which ofcourse is the Mayan end date.

  14. narcissistic criminal mind – John! as i said zion done. Job done and nothing you can do about it …

    also it is not blatant to the mass majority of moronic sheeple. even if you point this out time and again the vast majority will deny any relevance. or as yo have done try to rationalize the mind of spychopaths

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