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Israel’s War on Truth – Brainwash Update


Abby Martin highlights the Israeli Military’s bombing of media buildings and targeting of journalists, including the RT office in Gaza, and calls out the Israeli government to for making veiled threats to RT’s headquarters in Moscow.

[We need more real reporters and outspoken activists with guts like this! Way to go Abby and team!! – Zen]

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  1. This woman has bigger balls than some of the “men” I know! Bravo, Sister! May the truth prevail.

    Peace and Protection!!!!

    Sean (Eaglehart)

  2. In the bible there is statement that when you tell the truth thry will become your enemy Rothschild does not want truth or any minions

  3. When someone new first comes across Abby often times the feeling is surreal, like why is a “journalist” being so honest and forthright? It’s another sign of the upside down world we live in where we simply expect to be lied to by all journalists (and just about everyone else), and when we come across someone that isn’t we stagger a bit to understand why. Former CNN correspondent Amber Lyons comes to mind as well. I eagerly await the day when we don’t have to say things like, “Wow, Abby has guts, she has balls”! Just for speaking the truth(!). Think about that – crazy as we are so used to the complete opposite – lies, lies, lies. Again, a telling sign of the world we live in today.

  4. I hate women journalists – especially when they feel they are extra tough! I am glad she has brought this out about the Jews – they call the, “israelis” which is quite false – but I still do NOT like tough women! Being a woman myself I am embarrassed by them even though I have quite a temper myself.

  5. The ancient kingdom of Israel had NOTHING to do with the Judeans. They kept a strict border between them, probably because Judea was infested with brigands and robbers – and terrorists. They certainly had nothing to do with any Hebrews! Therefore these modern Jews who stole the land of the Semitic People of Palestine have no right to use the name of Israel. It is strange that they chose that name since the ancient Israelites despised them so. And, by the way, for people who do not know – there was no “exodus”, no Moses (that is actually the story of Sargon the Great who was placed in a basket and sailed down the River Tigris until his basket came to rest in the reeds at the bottom of the palace garden from, where the baby was rescued and he grew up in the Palace and became Sargon 1st. And that IS history. It was combined with the actual history of Hammurabi who was inspired to inscribe The Law onto rock.) And there was no Solomon, certainly no Temple other than a DESCRIPTION of an EGYPTIAN temple to be found in the Old Testament. The story of David is taken from the mythology of the Syrians and so is the story of Abraham!

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