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It’s About To Blow


by Zen Gardner

People aren’t going to take it much longer. There are too many good, honest and awakening people who are being forced to take a stand. Their backs are against the wall in so many areas of their lives they cannot in good conscience let things go on much longer.

When it gets to the point where you know you’re about to face virtual death via incarceration in a totalitarian state; when you’re watching your fellow man being bulldozed into a spiritual, political, economic and social mass grave of permanently suspended truth; when the evidence of political, military and draconian law enforcement thuggery becomes overwhelming; when the population grows sicker and weaker by the hour and you realize all of this toxicity is being engineered by these same psychopathic rulers…

I’ll tell you what – they’d better head for their bunkers. Because decent, caring and responsible humanity will not take it much longer. And they know that.

More Lies, More Suppression

George “Magog” Bush, the elder warlock, reportedly told this to an interviewer some time ago:

“If the American people knew the damage we have done to their Country, they would hang us from the nearest lamp post.”

Why do you supposed the government is arming itself to the teeth – domestically? What’s quite the phenomenon to behold is how they’re letting it be known how corrupt everything is. Bringing it into conscious awareness is a very surreptitious way to not only get “permission” by there being no real concerted outrage and public rejection of all the crooked programs and surveillance, but to also instill new levels of fear as the conscious and subconscious awareness work together to actually help create the reality they want implemented – a cowed and overwhelmed nation that embraces its slavery.

False flag shootings and bombings and whatnot are an American mainstay, but they’ve been abounding in the US of late to keep the massive militarization and Orwellian crackdown “justified” in the public mind. But don’t be fooled by the media downplay of who’s on to them and how many there are. A lot of people know exactly what’s going on, just as millions know what 9/11 really was, including hundreds of thousands of firefighters, police, military and of course corporate and political leaders. These people not only know exactly what a controlled event looks like and have witnessed government cover ups all their lives, but clearly realize the obvious motives of the whole staged ritual.

But things are about to unravel.

Aside from the chief perpetrators and inside accomplices whose motives are as dark and satanic as they come and would never tell the truth, what has kept these other well placed people in check has been first and foremost job security and the safety of themselves and their families. Speaking up always costs in a corrupt world. Another big conscience snuffer is this misplaced sense of loyalty and so-called patriotism. Many of those keeping the darker secrets that the cabal holds feel they are part of some vague greater good or have a misplaced sense of needing to protect “America’s interests and security” however they may disagree with some of its sordid policies and means of implementation.

Again, this is about to fall apart. That paradigm is soon to come crumbling down at which point it’s “all bets are off” for this social contract to protect this increasingly rogue government which clearly has no “national interests” in mind. When people witness not only the repeated absolutely insane levels of affronts on human dignity, but finally come to realize their very lives and children’s lives are in direct and immediate peril from this mad dog fascism, they will sooner than later reach a tipping point.

What will surprise many it that it’s going to come from all walks of life. People are talking and they’re going to take action. The press will deny it and try to ignore it, but even many of them will turn on their masters when they see they and their families are also in the crosshairs. Expect a lot of distractions when this begins because the last thing they want is to see a real spiritual and social rebellion catch fire.

Because courageous activism is contagious!

The Trayvon Lynching

The recent Trayvon Martin engineered drama to stir up racial strife is a perfect example, not just of how corrupt the government and complicit media are, but how manipulation is as routine as breathing for the ruling class and their minions. With Obama and Holder jumping in with inane comments that were clearly staged to fan the flames of racism and unrest, we might just be very near the “over the top” point for whole new levels of society.

The following video is extremely compelling as well as telling regarding this phenomenon that is brewing in the psyche of truly concerned Americans, whatever political or social “persuasion” they may have come from. Please watch it all the way through and don’t let any political shibboleths get in your way. Try to see this as an example of what I’m driving at here – many strata of society are hitting the breaking point and understandably so.

Plug-Pullers Unite!

Exposing the lie being perpetrated on humanity is our number one calling. Information and knowledge give power to humanity. What separates us from the fullness of being that we inherently are is basically a magic show, a very dark intentioned magic show by forces that do not want an empowered humanity but rather a channeled and harnessed work force and energy source.

We are being mined, farmed, milked and bled to death. The encasement of this illusory matrix-driven world system needs to be shot full of holes so everyone can see it for the ensnaring veil of lies that it is. Think of it as a giant row boat we’re all paddling by some obscure design of its creators. What if we were to wake up to the fact that this very machination we think is so essential to cross the sea was what was keeping us from joining the Ocean of fullness – the very place where we’d find total activation, fulfillment and unity with each other and our divine Source? Wouldn’t you want to sink the damn thing, and in a hurry?

They tell us to patch it up, keep it floating, we can’t live without it. Fear, worry, scarcity, death, need controls, need a system to provide for us. “You can’t live without our boat. You’ll drown out there on your own without us to protect you..”  etc. etc.


Oh yeah? I say pull the flipping plugs! All of ’em! Separate the planks, chuck the paddles! Or stab or shoot the lying containment system full of holes with anything you’ve got! In other words, expose the lie for what it is in any way we can and may it sink into oblivion!

And may I add one more thing – we need to stop sucking on its teats! If we don’t believe in or subscribe to this idiocy then we need to stop feeding off of it, stop listening to and even repeating their lies and dogma and bullshit, wittingly or unwittingly. We need to get to the real truth before we utter another word lest we keep the lie alive. It’s time to get militant about this. Where are we coming from? A place of knowing, conscience, awareness, love and genuine concern for our home here and the lives of those around us?

The wake up is us. Each of us. That has to happen fully first. Once we’re truly awake and aware we’ll do the right thing. Just don’t resist doing what comes to you as a result of waking up or you’ll not miss the boat….you’ll be stuck in their boat of lies, unable to join the ocean of Universal Love as you were meant to do.

Keep on. Very weird times we’re living in and more important than ever to remain vigilant and prepared spiritually and physically.

Proud to be fighting by the side of such wonderful souls…

Love, Zen


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  1. Yepper Zenster…boiling point. People are waking up…most recent comments from people I know:

    Utility worker: “Randy, we have regulated ourselves to death. For 25 years the alarm would go off, put on my clothes and go to work. That’s where they want me…but lately I know something is very wrong”.

    Shop owner from Nepal: “The communists came for our country many years ago…they wanted everything from everybody….our government was scared but the people fought back….there was much killing..the government could not find their leader. We now have one half of what we used to own, the other half had to be leased out to farm workers and divide the money to the communists. Democracy is gone, our police are military….and I see this same thing happening in your country now”.

    As Doc Peek said in his interview “politics is smoke and mirrors”…couldn’t agree more. That being said I need a high output fan and a sledge hammer.

    May we find peace in this generation so we can partake in the fruits of our labor.

    Rock on Bro’

  2. Allow me to fire away….. LEAN – is made from Jolly Ranchers and Sprite or Mountain Dew. That LEAN speculation is a pack of shit. Nobody would make it from those two ingredients.

    • Nobody would make it from those two ingredients? Well a Lean addict/user who had just been given the recipe, might. Did you just get hung up on the drug and forget the context?

      • My intention was to be reactionary., if I need to explain. They make it so easy to do which is why this stuff works so well.

    • Your comment was very ‘thought provoking’ it ‘summed things up nicely’ but it didn’t, did it. It was as you put it yourself, a ‘pack of shit’ and nobody said lean was made from those two ingredients. It is a carbonated drink, candy for flavour, and a hydrocodine. Maybe you should do some research before you ‘fire away’ with your attacks on sanity – very much what this whole article was about.

  3. We may be underestimating the widespread effects of Fluoride here. It is a tried and true substance and I clearly see evidence of it out in public. I believe many crops are sprayed with it as well.

  4. Zen, spot on. How about this one, President Jimmy Carter made a recent statement in Atlanta that “the United States is no longer a functioning democracy”! Is it me or does everyday feel more weird than the previous one. Thanks as always for bringing clarity and encouragement.

  5. But I thought it was Socialism? But I thought Obama was a Communist? I can’t tell ya how irate I get when I read and hear people say such ridiculous and stupid statements. This is Fascism and Totalitarianism. It is violent. It’s a worldwide darkness infesting all 1st world countries. It is evidential.

  6. This might not be your best article you ever wrote, but it is the best article of yours that I have ever read. Thank you! for your encouragement. Nichiren 700 years ago wrote a letter called “The Wealthy Man Sudatta” I think it is up there and you might like reading it. If you can not find it, I can send it to you. “Well since you already resemble a Buddha the way a monkey resembles a man..” Thank you for this encouraging article. Please do not forget the high strangeness of the free fall of building 7 on 9-11.

  7. * ….. Time to say it again Zen
    …You have an inherent… ‘Gift’ …of an astute perspicacity, (goin for ya!)… with an ‘all-enveloping’ & comprehensive grasp of the ‘Big Pic’… along with an indefatigable uncompromising existential courage & eloquent erudition of the facts……….it needs to be said…& you say it….cheers

    • They’ll never get that!! It’s beyond their comprehension – that’s why they try to smack down the body with everything they’ve got – and we STILL thrive!! We’re a bunch of inextinguishable Rasputins I tell ya!!! Ha!!!

  8. I don’t get it. Martin wasn’t carrying cough syrup. You would need codeine to mix with cough syrup to get high. Even if he was going to get high, he wasn’t high at the moment. If he had happened to be high at the moment what would that have to do with anything? We are not talking about PCP. People have tried to say he was high on marijuana? He wasn’t judging by the amount in his system. THC by-products stay in your system for three months after use. If he had happened to be high, what would that have to do with anything? Why has there been a concerted effort to show that Martin was a drug user? Being a drug user doesn’t turn you into a violent person unless you are using a lot of alcohol or PCP. Agenda driven people are using people’s ignorance of drugs to smear a dead kid.

    • Don’t miss the forest thru the trees…they deliberately never give honest factual information – the world very easily resigns itself to “I guess we’ll never know..” yeah, thanks to a totalitarian information lockdown and no intention whatsoever to have true justice in society – if there were the gov’t would be immediately dismantled as being the most corrupt institution going…

  9. As a youngin in my mid-twenties, living in America, I see the walls coming down and many of my peers see it too… I know the way to move forward and that is towards the path to self-reliance. Gandhi’s call for an enlightened anarchy is a vision I have for the peoples of the world.

    But right now, everything is in such huge flux and the sociopath “leaders” of this world and the states they have created are being backed into a corner and are lashing out like the violent, mindless beasts that they are, despite the fact they are human (at least on the outside they appear that way haha). I wonder if a place like America is ready to make that leap towards a stateless future. Is enough of the population aware and conscious to evolve away from the sick charade we see before us?

    I believe in my heart of hearts that we all are ready either consciously or subconsciously. It is not a leap of faith but a leap of being. Right now everything seems so fragile and volatile but necessary all the same. Like the trauma of a baby being born, giving way to not just a new life, but a new way of life all depending how the child learns and experiences the world around them.

    Disengaging from the system as much as possible seems the best strategy moving forward, non-compliance and boycotting consumers goods that go against creation. But as there are many followers of the blog and you, Zen, that come from a place of more experience during your lifetime… I ask everyone what their thoughts are on how we move this forward. Enough of the problems, we know so much about all the problems and who is perpetrating them and learning about the problems empowers us to change them… So let’s change the paradigm… let’s continue to spread the truth and learn about the problems, but let’s start digging deep into the solutions and it starts first with Good Open Discussion 😀

    Great article Zen and let’s start building a brand new colony!

    • Rt on…lotsa solutions available – activistpost and wakingtimes give a lot of good alternative ideas as do many other sites. Send your faves and I’ll run what I can!…

  10. AMEN Brother Z…I’ve been ‘workin’ this Shift’ for years and recently ‘heard’ the…’ stop, back up and pay attention…it’s CLOSE’ signal, sounding loudly in my Soul. Telling me to ‘become the observer’ and forego my ‘Paul Revere impersonations,…’a tipping point had been achieved’. So, ‘done & dusted’…it’s ALL been ‘said’, we only, await the repercussions and ‘watch like a gathering of Hawks’ as the ‘moves’ of the cabal take on a distinctly amateurish, and desperate type of arrogance.The BIG change is…so many more are SEEING IT NOW! I see the world around us WAKING THE HELL UP… to the rot and horror and the deeply dense, cubic meterage of BS that surrounds each othe ‘Dark’ cast members. There were times when I wondered if it could be done…clearly it CAN & IS being done. Incrementally, but, definitively…Hallelujagh…the world is growing the Hell up and gettin’ it. Thank GAWD!! Alex, nailed it, with his pinpoint accuracy , regarding your ‘delivery’ and ‘perspicacity’…your eloquence has reached many…far more than frantic ‘table thumping’ insistence ever could. Love yer work. Now…we continue DISENGAGING…ACTIVELY…from a machine that frankly…the scrap yards wouldn’t ‘touch’….Thanx for it all, Zen and ‘those who follow you’…(ya got some bright kidz here)…much LOVE, always, Annabelle xo

    • Wow, rousing Annabelle! Our lives are walking talking megaphones that resonate at levels we know not of – to the extent people FEEL disempowered they ARE disempowered. It’s such a consciousness thing – we have SUCH power and as we wear it boldly and in upfront honest love it shakes the world around us – keep on!!!

  11. There is a buildup in the most unhealthy, and obese people in the history of the earth. People that couldn’t use their own brains to turn a healthy plot of soil, virgin seeds and water into a garden. People that couldn’t fend off an attack of unsavory assailants if they had any means of armament and defense. People that keep themselves outside of the sphere of God, instead paying strangers to act as middlemen between them and God. People that push papers and numbers around, and call it labor deserving of the labor value of thousands, if not millions. Egocentricity.

    It comes down to conditioning. I may be preaching to choir here, but the necessary element to freedom is escaping the constant stream of conditioning channeled through the programs of necessity and fear. When the day comes that the iphone no longer functions, who will be running around in circles, screaming at the sky, and who will pass it off as something that never mattered in the first place?

    I am fascinated by the buildup of technology as a means of distraction. All tech, and all microchips are the most fragile and unreliable pieces of life imaginable. It wont take much to fry a microprocessor, and once that happens, it will take little more to fry the mind of the believer and subservient of such nonsense…

  12. Alex – hilarious – like campers in the rain making their ‘matutinal ablutions in inclement climatic conditions’ err..or something like that..

  13. The local overlords and their elite stooges are scared stiff, so their choices are very limited: guns and microphones hoping to get high on power for a few more years. At this rate of awakening those years might be counted in months. excellent article as always, Zen! Many greetings from the land of the morning calm!

  14. TERRIFIC, Zen…. rant on rant on rant on!

    Some titbits from obama’s visit to the school of hard knox! (excuse the disrespect but this is UFB)


    AUDIENCE MEMBER: My daughter has insurance now!

    THE PRESIDENT: I appreciate that. (Applause.) That’s what this is about. That’s what this is about. (Applause.) That’s what we’ve been fighting for.

    But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball. And I am here to say this needs to stop. (Applause.) This needs to stop.

    This moment does not require short-term thinking. It does not require having the same old stale debates. Our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that matter most to you, the people we represent. That’s what we have to spend our time on and our energy on and our focus on. (Applause.)

    put the poor aside for a minute (like, FOREVER) and let’s get this middle class (worker bees) going again.
    “As a country, we’ve recovered faster and gone further than most other advanced nations in the world. With new American revolutions in energy and technology and manufacturing and health care, we’re actually poised to reverse the forces that battered the middle class for so long, and start building an economy where everyone who works hard can get ahead.

    But — and here’s the big “but” — I’m here to tell you today that we’re not there yet. We all know that. We’re not there yet. We’ve got more work to do. Even though our businesses are creating new jobs and have broken record profits, nearly all the income gains of the past 10 years have continued to flow to the top 1 percent. The average CEO has gotten a raise of nearly 40 percent since 2009. The average American earns less than he or she did in 1999. And companies continue to hold back on hiring those who’ve been out of work for some time. ……..”

    I noticed he mentioned the word INFRASTRUCTURE twice — 2 times – THEY ALL ALL SO FULL OF SHIT


  15. ok – – – – I just watched the video again. I’m confused. so,,,, zimmerman IS the “good” samaritan and Travon is the “bad” guy? The story that was presented to us was the opposite? for what purpose….. just to keep us MORE racist? I really don’t get it

    I remember as a kid asking my mom why they don’t just eliminate the word “race” from the dictionary cause then there would be no such thing!

    this is really too much

    • Not the point but I understand your confusion – it’s the disconnect with what’s being shoved on us and the mega rage brewing in people…and a so-called government that clearly is off the hook crooked and divisive – but mainly this growing incredulity at the daily outrage and what will hv to transpire for these human “weather systems” to reach equilibrium….cheers JC–

      • Zen… I really like your question… what will have to transpire for these human ‘weather systems’ to reach equilibrium. To me it seems key to look there. Of course it’s appalling – this potential – but if they can influence the weather, so can we. Potential outcomes do not HAVE to come to pass, and as we see in our own lives.. There are other outcomes that can be nurtured.

        • Yes – so true. It’s just so many things converging at the same time, a very unique engineered point in history. They’ve been very very busy a long long time. We can’t imagine the full extent of their perfidy and how much of a concerted effort has been going on to subdue humanity and our home and to what depths they sink. It’s not our world. That’s why they get away with it…sort of… 😉 we know it won’t last, but what we’re about to pass through is gonna be a biggie. Dane’s coming out with some mindboggling geoeng info soon that’s very disturbing, sorry to say. But we have to track this stuff. Love you!

    • how convenient his first name is George (can’t get much “whiter” than that!) and his last name is Zimmerman
      (could be German OR Jewish!)

      GOD Karen I’m so stupid…

  16. I seldom read the news, especially political news. It’s all propaganda chosen by the few to manipulate the many.

    I worked as an editor for one section a well-respected newspaper for eight years. I saw how much news was coming in each day or should I say night – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of stories, The number that made it to print or the digital version was about 50, if you disregard sports and entertainment.

    The stories were chosen mainly by their ability to sell more advertising space and some additional copies as well. In times of national emergency, the newspaper suddenly carried news again but mostly readers got news agency rehashes with a few high profile local news items thrown in.

    I do listen in to the frequencies that surround us and that alter the way we perceive the world. I guess you could say it’s intuitive news gathering. The last couple of months have been unbelievably dense and heavy. The density has been increasing until the last ten days or so which were a veritable climax of negativity – however – over the last 24 hours, there’s been a major shift.

    The shutters have been thrown open and light is streaming in to reveal the true nature of the darkness around us. It’s messy and ugly and weak in the searing rays of truth. Stand tall and let your heart shine out and you’ll blow the dark apart.

    • Well said. I worked in news rooms as well – the piles of stories coming over the news services and which got aired always an eye opener. In Iran there was a sign on the english news room wall “Nicaragua does not exist” – i.e. Samoza’s downfall a little too close for comfort for the Shah. Not usually that obvious but that’s how it works.

  17. Very powerful, Zen! Nice work, sir!
    Yeah, others would watch the Z-trial on break. I sat with my back to the TV and would yell out “Just distraction, folks. Nothing to see here. Keep looking.” They would laugh at me and keep watching. After a few days, they started asking what I meant. Wiggle your way into the crack and then blow it up! Then light shines.
    Huge False Flag event with a rolling of the tanks in all the big towns and spreading it on thick from the msm… that might do the trick. Ugh… I do feel as though when it comes down to it… humanity wakes and roars!!!
    My daughter says our family comes from mermaids… We might just jump boat and grow our tails! Much love to everyone!

      • I thought my comment got lost… posted another. We will definitely check out Dogons… Friday fun research!

        • LM — “I am not sure where the top of my skull went” ……. that’s why you NEVER NEVER ever leave home w/o your floppy! (hat that is!!) especially if you want to get into a little mischief these surveillance days… HEY let’s get a hat shop going… The new fashion statement! “Hats & gHhoodies”

          • That’s why they say keep a lid on it – and put some foil inside it – since they mock it so much it probably works…we’ll all be wearing Magneto helmets for protection before long anyway…(also why they banned lead paint? keeps the emfs out…just wondering…

          • Yeah, that search would have blown the hat as well. Lol. I am in on the hat and ghoodie shoppe! Lined with double layers of tin! Made for newborns to reborns! Ha!

      • The Dogons are very interesting. My daughter giggled at and loved a picture of the ‘fishmen’. Talk about a people that make it with what they have. Amazing!!! She wants to keep learning about them. Thanks, Zen! 😉

  18. Hey Zen,

    I always recognise the ‘signature vibration’ of your posts when I spot them in news aggregation sites and really, really respect where you are coming from. I believe that in order to defeat the current paradigm with its veil of lies, it is our duty to create a new paradigm that ‘simply’ makes the old obsolete and irrelevant. I have no more time for the ‘fear-peddlars’ and trust that we are building bridges in a web of consciousness that will shatter the current world delusion by its gravitas.

      • Thanks for turning me onto that; I will be passing it onto others as his points are clear succinct and logical. It will not doubt help to break through some glass ceilings in indoctrinated ‘thought’.

    • Holon, this is one of the most heartening responses I have read for some time. I agree absolutely that the fear-peddlers are just stirring it up even more. The real shift starts from within the mind of each of us, then we act with compassion for those concerned with preserving the old ways, but decisively and with wisdom.

  19. I too feel we’re on the verge of something(s) big, this is their end game or it’s gonna be geo. And this feels like where I’m supposed to be, placing my somewhat trembly fingers into the hand of my Divine Source. Whew.
    Ok. Onward. Much love to all and don’t forget to keep calm and love deeply no matter what may be ahead.

  20. Don’t you think they have anticipated all this? They want people to break out and revolt, violently so that they have the excuse to clampdown. And they are not even completely human either. This editorial might interest you:

    “Is Revolution the Right Way Forward?

    As the world has already experienced the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, the greatest social transformation in world history is soon to follow. The middle classes of the west, long the foundations upon which the consumer capitalist system was based, are about to be radically reorganized and integrated into the global labour class. As this process commences and accelerates, the middle classes will begin to protest, riot, rebel, and possibly revolt.

    We must ask ourselves: Is this the right way forward?

    History is nothing but an example that when revolution takes place, it can quickly and effectively be hijacked by militant and extremist elements, often resulting in a situation worse than that prior to the revolution. Often, these elements themselves are co-opted by the ruling elite, ensuring that whatever regime rises in the ashes of the old, no matter how militant or radical, it will continue to serve and expand the entrenched interests of elites. This is the worst-case scenario of revolution, and with history as a guide, it is also a common occurrence. To understand the nature of co-opted revolutions and entrenched elites, one need only look at the revolutions in France and Russia.[34]

    While the righteous indignation and anger of the western middle class population, and in fact, the global population as a whole, is entirely justified, there is an extreme danger in the possibilities of how such a revolutionary class may act. It is imperative to not take violent action, as it would merely be playing directly into the hands of states and global institutions that have been preparing for this eventuality for some time. Nations are becoming ‘Homeland Security States’, setting up surveillance societies, increasing the role of the military in domestic issues and policing, expanding the police state apparatus and militarizing society in general. Democracy is in decline; it is a dying idea. Nation states are increasingly tossing aside even the remaining vestiges of a democratic façade and preparing for a new totalitarianism to arise, in conjunction with the rise of a ‘new capitalism’.

    Violent action and riots by the people of these nations will only result in a harsh and brutal closing of society, as the state clamps down on the people and installs an oppressive form of governance. This is a trend and process of which the people should not help speed along. Violent acts will result in violent oppression. While peaceful opposition may itself be oppressed and even violently repressed by the state apparatus, the notion of a clamp down on peaceful protesters is likely to increase dissatisfaction with the ruling powers, increase support for the protesters, and may ultimately speed up the process of a truly new change in governance. It’s difficult to demonize peaceful action.

    While people will surely be in the streets, seeking to expand their social, political, and economic rights, we must undertake as a global society, a rapid and extensive expansion of our mental and intellectual rights and responsibilities. We cannot take to the streets without taking on the challenges of our minds. This cannot alone be a physical change in governance that people seek – not simply a political revolution – this must be coupled and driven by an intellectual revolution. What is required is a new Enlightenment, a new Renaissance. While the Enlightenment and Renaissance were western movements of thinking and social change, the new global Enlightenment must be a truly transnational and worldwide revolution in thinking.”

    The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution | Global Research

    • I appreciated your post Arvin… just one thing not mentioned, I think. The ‘new global Enlightenment’ isn’t only political and intellectual although those aspects are essential too. Replacing one concept for another isn’t enough. Replacing one imposed system for another isn’t enough. Replacing one glorified ideal for another isn’t enough. Finding your own inner truth and then acting on it authentically is the crucial point of change.

  21. Very powerful writing, Zen! Nice. During breaks, others would watch the Z trail… I would wait until a ‘climax’ moment and shout out – Just a distraction, folks! Keep moving along! Nothing to see here except hatred. Keep looking for your truth. After a few days – the questions started flowing. TV didn’t come on some days. Even better! :-)

    They keep pushing buttons and being completely in our faces – stepping up chem levels everywhere in all their normal dosing arenas. People are beating bibles, hollering about the antichrist, and talking end of days – just like they want. Damn, they are some awesome designers and stagehands, Zen. Keep poking the holes and letting light shine, Zen!

  22. Great article Zen. Love the boat!! : )) Maybe we don’t even need a boat though, if we’re evolving into beings who can swim in the cosmic ocean without a ‘vessel’ – or gills! (I think we did something like this once before actually, maybe without being so fully conscious).

    I agree with your point about so many things converging at the same time … in a positive way too, it seems. Alertedness coming from all sides, like anitbodies gathering very fast around a source of infection. We live in scary but wondrous times.

    BTW I had to search a bit to find this article, as the links from Icke’s Headlines and Before It’s News website aren’t working (as you may know). If down to ” interference”, this could be a backhand complement to your perspicacity Zen!

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