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It's Loaded…and I'm Not Afraid to Use It


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  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! I’m going to keep that image in my mind’s eye for meditation and also direct it towards those who need it the most. We all know who they are. Thank you, Zen, for all of the wonderful images you place with your writings.

  2. This image means so much more to me than it did just a few months ago. I used to think that the power of love was a metaphor. I used to think love was just a thing you felt.

    Now I see it as a force. A force of the most amazing energy there ever could be. I think its amazing that we can literally feel this force within our bodies.
    I am starting to see that this feeling of love energy is the key (for me) to my higher purpose.

    So thanks Zen because I do feel like I am “Loaded and not afraid to use it”

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