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It’s Time…Let Go of the Shore


by Zen Gardner

It’s heartening to hear people’s reactions and their experiences during this shift and how similar we all are. While all this can be a real thrill, serious new challenges are obviously presenting themselves.

It’s clearly important to keep our guards up and be prepared for what’s ahead.

What struck me while reading some of the comments on the Cosmic Detox and the Crumbling Matrix post is an analogy with a serious implication. There’s an expression, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

I would add less poetically in today’s challenging world that might be more appropriate..”when a big wave is approaching, you better get your fricking boat out to sea!….because the marina and shoreline are about to get pounded!”

Tsunami Survival

You may have read that several scuba diving excursions were at sea the day the Indonesian tsunami struck. They were thrown into a tizzy of whirlpools and cross currents but everyone survived.  When they arrived back in port they were in absolute shock at what had passed over them and the  devastating consequences.

The point is, they survived. Even underwater.

If we “push out to sea” in our understandings and attitudes about these energetic changes we’ll be a lot better off. That may sound like “ethereal cereal” but it’s “wholefully” true. Standing back and paddling to higher spiritual ground is a real life solution in this day and age.

And always has been.

Attachment, Cosmic Demolition and Death to Self

It almost always seems to come down to attachment. Whether it’s to ideas, belief systems, a way of life, self image, or just plain stuff, it’s the attachment to it that becomes the problem.

And what does life invariably do to help us along the way?

Throw us a curve ball…or… break out the jackhammer.  Or both.

Human nature is stubborn. It is anchored in this sensory reality of what it’s been told to think it is. It’s illusory, but nonetheless a very strong attachment that needs to be transcended.

The Silver Cord

It’s as real as our “silver cord” soul spirit that is attached to “us” through our nervous system. Only death separates us from our silver cord.

And we don’t want to let go of it. That is a big cause of motivation in human nature…fight or flight, survival, fear vs. faith etc.

Similarly, it’s death to self that separates us from the attachments we hold dear. But we have to do it.

This intrigue you? Me too.

Practically “Letting Go”

It does get down to practical basics, any way  you look at it.

Here are some practical ways to facilitate your “lightening up” on your journey out to sea (or however you manifest your “escape to freedom”).

A. Are you still in a big bank, or have substantial funds in any bank? Or are you in the stock market or have retirements funds tied up in the system?

Not a good sign. That could easily be lost forever overnight. And it’s something you’re attached to.

It also feeds the beast! Stop!

We all have to deal with banks to an extent for now, but please, don’t trust them with the bulk of anything. Get out now except for operational funds.

B. You still own crap you know you shouldn’t.

Sell it, or give it away. You don’t own things, thing own you. Period. Keep the practical and necessary and if you want, allow for arts and family and fun stuff and all. You decide. But follow your conscience. Read up on feng shui, you’ll get your mind blown on “stuff” from an angle that may help you.

C. Are you ready to move at a moment’s notice? Huge hint: Get to that point.

It’s a wonderful feeling. Team up with others on housing if you can: be with family, learn to rent and move around. It’s the perfect preparation as far as I’m concerned.

Some may differ. But I think we should be “footloose and fancy free”. That or be seriously hunkered down for the duration with community around you. Community is the key.

D. Where to be: Only you know this one.

You need to put your head on and make some good decisions, as necessary. Some people are set where they are and are saying “bring it on!” Most others are befuddled.

Be certain.

If you are in the second category, get thinking and getting in tune! Where do you wanna be and where SHOULD you be? You have to deal with it. But deal with it! Stop being such a wuss. That the in-betweeners are gonna get hammered is the over-arching message here.

Well, There’s My Shot at It

We’re in a world of hurt…and healing. We have to take what’s coming, bravely, and come out on top as conscious entities. We will lead the new era eventually, but we have much to go through.

Do not fear, whatever the challenge.

Make your decisions and moves with assertive authority. Stand by your convictions. And follow synchronicity.

We’ll be fine.

Much love, Zen








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  1. You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

    Where are you living?
    What are you doing?
    What are your relationships?
    Are you in right relation?
    Where is your water?
    Know your garden.
    It is time to speak your Truth.
    Create your community.
    Be good to each other.
    And do not look outside yourself for the leader.”

    Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, “This could be a good time!”

    “There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

    “Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

    “The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

    — attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder

    Hopi Nation

    Oraibi, Arizona

    • THANKS, Sade. I have had that quote on my refrigerator for over ten years and it was what came immediately to mind while reading this. Glad you cited it so quickly.

      The hopi didn’t have bank accounts nor stock portfolios nor lots of stuff. So much of what is wise and useful has been known to indigenous people for millennia. I think it is time we start recognizing that. White folk are rather amusing in this way. They are always last to the table, but oh so convinced of their marvelous “new” (NOT) discoveries – like two year olds who need lots of applause every time they do something. OY.

      I’ve written about the underwater world, metaphorically speaking on my site quite a bit. That would be Neptune and chiron’s descent into Pisces. That would be the period of serious disillusionment and dissolving of old things. Couple that with Pluto in Capricorn (destruction of structures) and astronomy/astrology has some useful pointers on the symbolism of our times and how to get through them.

      Yup, learning how to dive deep is key, and don’t depend on the scuba gear.

      • QUOTE: White folk are rather amusing in this way. They are always last to the table, but oh so convinced of their marvelous “new” (NOT) discoveries – like two year olds who need lots of applause every time they do something. OY.

        Sounds to me like a typical anti-white racist rant from a Jew.

        You WISH your tribe invented half of the things the white man invented. I see, you think the stupid goyim didn’t get the gist of your racist diatribe.

        Your little dig went unnoticed by many, but not by me or another poster here.

    • The Hopi quote you selected is precisely the same one I was thinking about, too. If you hadn’t replied with it, I would have. How similar we are, indeed, as Zen points out in the first line of this essay.

  2. When I woke up in 1990, I knew exactly where I would go, and I made elaborate plans on how I would survive what was coming. However, as the years went by all those plans crumbled into dust. Those plans seem like ancient history to me now. So many things happened that were not forseeable, and changed the course of my life. Now I know where I’m going, and it’s very different from where I believed I would be at this time, twenty years ago. Your point C is the most important, I think. Many of us will be forced to flee before all of our plans are complete. We must be ready for this. I think of all the people who prepared to ride it out up in the NW corner of the United States, but we are being blasted by radiation from Japan and chem trails, and God knows whats next. Being ready to flee at a moments notice seems the best way to prepare now. Rather than sinking thousands of dollars into a survival bunker, better to invest in changing attitudes and letting go of attachments.

  3. Wonderful article, Zen. Totally agree about attachments. They are like anchors. Let go. Transcend. No-thing matters. Be free.

  4. Excellent article as usual, Zen!

    I’m on the second stage of my dismemberment.
    I’ve been letting go of what I know or thought I knew, what I believe. All these things I tell myself who I ought to be or what I ought to be and JUST BE. It’s quite liberating just letting go and educating myself. Questioning everything, questioning myself. Just absorbing information. Getting pieces of the puzzle, knowing that they will fit together without me having to waste my energy doing it. The more bits and pieces I get things start to reveal themselves.

    I don’t own much ‘stuff’ but still, most of what owns me I don’t need. I’ve always had a minimalist mindset when it came to ‘stuff’, less IS more and it’s so true.
    So it’s high time I cut some of these last few ropes that’s been tethering me to the shore that I’ve been meaning to cut for a couple of months now.

    Keep the light shining so others may find their way.
    Much love and respect!

  5. Good solid advise.
    The amount of stuff that some people collect is stunning!
    I rent and own just the basics that I could use and take with me if I was suddenly places into an emergency situation. I can move in less than 1 hour and still be comfortable. You will be amaized with how little you can live with without been locked into darkness. Materialism is one of the
    primary ways we are been controlled by. Free yourselves brothers and sisters, its time to take out the garbage. Love you all

  6. Here is some info that just popped into my head!
    Requirements for being a Materialist:
    1. You need to pay for insurance.
    2. You need to pay for more security.
    3. You need to pay for more maintenance.
    4. You will pay interest if you bought on loan.
    5. You need a bigger salary to pay this off.
    6. You need a very stable job to ensure upkeep of bills.
    7. You need a bigger house to keep all your stuff.
    8. You need a bigger truck to move your stuff around.
    There is probably more.
    Zen I suggest a spot somewhere on your site to highlight the madness of materialism.
    Thank You and Love to all

  7. Namaste!
    Thanks so much for this inspiring article.
    My first thought was: ‘ Terry Pratchett – Nation’. I came across this (audio) book several months ago.
    Synchronicity – here we go again…! 😉

    It’s a wonderful story with a better message (for those who are open to see).


    As I listened to it the first time, I thought: ‘Wow, sounds like parts of my spiritual awakening in the last few years. And other things I should contemplate on. This man is a genius!’

    Maybe we can recommend it to those who are still asleep and stuck in religion, science, habits etc!? ;D

    As I said to several friends (who still don’t get it): ‘You can turn your back to the wave and be overthrown. You can face the wave, stand your ground and be overthrown. Or you can face the wave, take your surf board and have a cool ride!’

    Love to you all!

  8. Sounds like Eeyore from Winnie the poo, stuck in a whirlpool he says I go down with the water I go up with the water, eventually it spits me out. Whatever.

  9. To Sistertongue:

    Well, thanks for throwing in the typical racist anti-white male remark, typical of you man hating feminist western women.

    It’s good to see that even though you think you are so “spiritual”, you are still totally attached to your man hating anti-white feminist bullshit.

    Feminism is what is destroying modern society. You will go down with the ship, because you helped sink it.

    • See my comment to her above John. Typical Zionist Jew anti-white hatred. It’s really not hatred, it’s jealousy.

  10. that’s right. you might not want to go too soon, but you can’t leave … too late. ideally, it’s been an incremental process leading to timely shifts in awareness and logical response.

    ‘proactively waiting’ as pieces fall together, such that exodus is relatively seamless. return to heart’s desire, as if you never left.

    love the shore idea, with accessible high ground, low politics.
    there are a couple of such places.

  11. Silver chord? I assure that the soul is in the head and has no silver chord. You are referring to the dark side within in the abdomen. This is exactly why Ram shot Ravana in the abdomen. Such fanciful spirituality is not for the soul!

  12. I’m set with all but the “where should I be…” Having walked away from My life’s accumulation to hitchhike out of a town where My ex left Me, being jobless, virtually homeless (sleeping in a corner on the floor of a friend’s place) and literally penniless… I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be here but I have nowhere to go. No way to get there. Nothing at all.

    Well, I believe fortune will call Me to the right location – someOne willing to join with Me in the fight will make sure I get where I need to be.

  13. “Thank you for your credit card order from McAmerica. Would you like to Supersize that?”

    “Yes and add a Jumbo-sized Freedom Fries!”

    Hang in there, Ameratsu. Homelessness can be “Enlightenment spelled backwards”…

  14. My Love goes out to all whose heart is awakened and ready for a journey that most of humanity can’t truly comprehend at this moment in time.

    It is time to let go of the negative, as the veil of dakness dissolves, and let the heart lead you instead of the mind. For it is the Love of the human heart that connects the one and the all of everything that exists.

    It is time to exit the darkness and enter into the Light, From the darkness begot the fire, a frequency, a thought, a Light, it is called Love.

    That which started the universe, will begot a new race of humans, Beings of the Light, from which your Fathers and Mothers came from eons of time long ago, before humans existed on this world. For the seeds of your being came from the stars.

    I am here to tell you there should be no fear, for the Divine Feminine energy called Gaia is readying the rebirthing of a very special race of humans that will spread the Love thru out the cosmos. All you need to do is believe in yourself, in the Love of the human heart, a oneness, a balance of your inner being.

    Harmonize and become one with nature, it’s called the Philosophers Stone. Once you learn of the secrets of the Stone, you will be able to manifest anything you want thru the Love of the Heart. It’s all about believing!

    There is a light coming from the center of your galaxy, one that is the most powerful light in all the universe, from the source of all creation. It will soon be joined with your sun, and then joined with Gaia, and the crystals that were left behind a very long time ago, and the pyramids that were built all over your planet will be activated, and then it will be time to leave the despair behind, and begin a new Golden Age, a new cycle where time will no longer exist, as how it was in the days of Atlantis some 200,000 years ago.

    It matters not where you are on this planet, it only matters that you believe in your heart that Love will carry you into the arms of your creator, Feel comfort and peace, Love and Compassion. No force in the universe can deny you if you believe in your inner self.

    I come from a time long ago. It is time for me to leave this earthly body behind, and join my brothers and sisters who await me, along with those who are awakened. It is time to bring the human race into a new reality where the wisdom of the universe awaits you.

    You really wont have to travel far, for the universe and all its wisdom is in all of you!

    God Bless, and let your heart lead you the way.

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