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It’s Time to Wake Up – We Are All One


Time for some inspiration, marveling at consciousness and the amazing Universe within which we are all inter-connected!

Much love, Zen



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  1. With all the worrying and griping I see on these and other pages, I have some advice: Let go! Surrender your cares and worries. You cannot, and are not intended to change anything. Destruction has a beauty unto itself, and brings new beginnings to boot! Just pull up a chair, pop up some corn, and watch Shiva at work :)

    • Scott, I agree with your comment. I watch in amazement how some people I come into contact with try to control others and everything around them, but they seem to never understand why it does not work.

      Don’t forget a couple of cold beers(or what ever your favorite beverage is) with that popcorn!

      • Yeah. I’ve known a lotta contol freaks, and its always a signal of some larger psychosis, or at least fear, and absolutely, of a complete lack of who/what they are. Can’t get too angry at them, just stay away from them I say.

  2. Enjoyed this Zen

    and John Hagelin,
    Quantum mechanics, the Unified Field,
    ‘ what are the core building blocks of life… at the basis of it all’

    can only go with this and transform, even if it feels a bit like being in Quicksand, best not to struggle,

    ‘ life the Universe slips through your fingers… and you come to the realm of pure abstraction ‘

    amazing indeed!

  3. This just brought a tear to my ‘holographic’ eye!

    Isn’t it wonderful just how deep it goes and how in our truest form ‘WE ARE ONE’. Something sadly most are closed off from but as we speak thousands/millions/billions are waking up.

    I firmly believe all this ‘bad’ stuff that is done by the ‘monsters’ is actually in the end to bring about ‘good’. As people need this ‘bad’ stuff to give them a firm nudge to wake up.

    As David Icke and others say ‘The truth shall set us free’.


    • Rob, what did the Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor?

      “Make me one with everything”

      I’m increasingly fascinated by the very strong parallels between quantum physics and Hindu metaphysics.

      The “we-are-all-one” concept, for example, is very neatly and precisely reflected in the quantum physics concept of “entanglement”, whereby a change made to one of a pair of entangled particles in instantaneously reflected identically in the other particle, no matter how far away they are from each other (the point being that in one sense they are not far away from each other at all, even if they are at opposite ends of the universe, because they’re “one”).

      Or the Holographic Universe / Implicate Order of Physicist David Bohm, and the concept of “Indra’s Pearls” (an infinite net of pearls, in which each pearl is reflected in every other: if those are not complementary ideas then I’m the Pope.

  4. Any theory, be it ‘scientific’ or ‘religious, spiritual;’ deal with models of reality – that is, abstractions of that which is ultimately, non-abstractable.

    Any abstraction (model, theory) of what IS implies a taking away, a limitation; to make it graspable by the intellect.

    The ‘truth’? mmm…..

    So, when anyone (David Icke…others) claim they’ve got ‘the truth;’ well, not really..?

  5. i worry very much for our species as we are just going around in circle and not going anywhere. The corruption of buddha and new age principles are being supported by the military complex through counterintelligence. The “Monarchs” love that everyone is into Shiva, the world is an illusion and matter is just emptiness. There is a singularity and there is a plan from our loving creator. New age, ET, Religious, Pragmatism, Science does not direct us to this train of thought and the Devil knows this as to why it is supported. Think on the Father that loves us and gave us this existence. I am not a bible thumper as everything has a corruption to it. I am just trying to help facilitate a narrow path.

  6. Odds On

    I touch their faces
    Book their smiles
    All those children
    All the while
    See how they’re doing
    After they left
    Making me feel
    Some come back
    Most do not
    They take my advice
    To follow their shot
    Those who return
    See me
    On a slow burn
    Fired into spaces
    Where memories learn
    Virtual schools
    Of feeling

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