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J-Liddy / 1984 – Speak the Fu*k Up!



Here’s Josh again, from this wonderfully exploding generation catching fire for Truth and passing it on passionately and artistically. – Zen


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  1. Pluto gives great power to any sign it travels through, but only at the beginning. Pluto being in Capricorn gives great power to the corporation, government and establishment in general. But then he begins to undermine them and expose them if and only if they are diseased. Pluto is our soulmate, he will put elbow length latex gloves on, stick his hand up our rectum and pull out what is making us sick. He so loves us he will kill us if it is for our good.
    Pluto is now in mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio.
    Dark Knight rises for all to see.
    Thats why things are so strange, we are basically n biblical times.

    • Wow. That was cool. Reminds me of a dream I recently had, where 2 people were pulling glands or something out of their throats. It was the eve of the Solstice. Don’t know what it means, but my impression was of a kind of deliverance of some internally controlled organ. Hmmmmmmm.

  2. Zen, you lost me, the frequency and vibe of that photo, makes me think someone else is running your site. NOT YOU…..

    • Sorry, switched it out just now. It’s an expression of that generation, rebellion against the machine, but I understand the mind screw connotations it brings up. Sorry, my mistake.
      That style of music isn’t mine either, but hear the power of the rebellion, and clear acknowledgement of the Truth!! Resounding, to say the least~~

    • Hey guys, thanks for the post Zen. That picture that he initially linked to was graphically created by me about 7 years ago now, far before all of the symbolism that has become so prevalent, and far before I personally knew what any of it meant. I’m assuming you took issue with the broken glass being centered around my ear? Or was it that my head was turned, only revealing my left eye? I can state fully that the whole eye thing was never my intention, it was simply an angle. What I was personally trying to convey at the time with the broken glass being focused around my ear was to imply that my ear (my sense of good music, my tastes, my longing for content) was broken and frowned upon in the eyes of the majority. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for checking out the music.

      • I am so happy you gave me the back story on the previous photo, I study too much, to let that slide by, the power of an image is strong, as is music, study the 528 frequency in music and sacred geometry..Keep pure…Lily will help you, in fact, you will never be the same…Take a Listen, free download podcasts..WORTH IT.. http://cosmicvibes.podomatic.com/
        A Sacred Place
        4U Again, thanks for the back story, this is the weekend to escape the Noise and Live in Beauty!

  3. Ain’t it the truth ~ if you speak out, you get shunned! But I do not care. I believe that’s how it’s designed. Those of us who have been shunned by whoever – what the eff do we have to lose now. Nothin’! Speak out!

    • Right on Sand ! we are shunned anyway! An even more crazy thought people are now shunning them self’s. Wake the fuck up & Speak the fuck up !
      Now i have to ask , the term you used ” eff ” where did that come from ? Thanks Peek soup&crackers

      • Peek ~ the little town of Effingham – long ago, I said bye-bye!

        Please pass the effin’ ham.

        FYI – for some reason, I don’t receive email updates. Just happened to peek at your comment.

        • LOL @ Please pass the effin’ ham . i don’t receive emails too , but i like to read the post and check back to see responses. so i hope you check back again Sand its been effing fun.

  4. Zen, bring on the nature sounds! Relax brother, its 2012 the Galactic Alignment……I know you have it IN YOU!

  5. I am feeling punctuationally challenged by that graphic. Is it saying that we should stop killing motherfuckers, or is that the motherfuckers should stop killing? :p

    Sorry for my pedantry. I really struggle with the lack of correct use of our commonly recognised punctuation marks :)

  6. Zen, Musical Cult Control

    This article details events in musical history that are central to understanding and treating modern psychopathology, social aggression, political corruption, genetic dysfunction, and cross-cultural degeneration of traditional values risking life on earth. This history concerns A=440Hz “standard tuning,” and the Rockefeller Foundation’s military commercialization of music.

    • Music can be used for both good and evil. Some people are trying to counter a mainstream music culture that at times promotes mindlessness, violence, death and satanism.

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