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This Jingle Tells

by Randall

(Sung to the tune of that old time favorite Jingle Bells)

Hacking through the show
Reading all the news
Oh the lies you’ve told
To keep us in the zoo
Cameras on the street
To keep us all secure
While the TV brings
A message for the cure

This jingle tells, jingle tells
You’re lying all the way
Oh what fun tryin’ to hide
From the eyes of the NSA
This jingle tells, jingle tells
There’s chemtrails in the sky
To stop the global warming
We know that’s just a lie

A day or two ago
You bombed another land
Just to keep us safe
While you deal in contraband
We know the gubments’ broke
Gotta’ fund the CIA
Because their intell says
There’s terrorists on the way

This jingle tells, jingle tells
Givin’ us GMO’s
Changin’ up the weather
As your budget grows
This jingle tells, jingle tells
Fightin’ this war on drugs
Lockin’ up the common man
While payin’ all your thugs

You are watching us
And we are watching you
You got your database
And we got one of those too
It’s called the internet
And soon will come the day
We’ll harness up your ass
So you can pull our sleigh

You are watching us
And we are watching you



  1. Yay!
    As much as I detest that which has become humanity in December, that little tune redirects my hostilities.
    Thanks, once again!

  2. * Simple …yet really apropos & clever amigo…cheers & chuckles on your clever lampoon/parody-LOL
    ..I’m felling better & back in the ‘Land of the Living’ after squeezing a couple of ‘unbeeeleevably’ painful ‘white hot’ EXCRUCIATING, golf ball sized, kidney stones> thru the diameter of a garden hose…SOB!!!-(I’m sure the ladies here can empathize-lol) …Couple that with another ‘unbeeeeleeevably’ throbbing & abscessed (finally yanked) back molar… all within a 3 wk time period…not a happy camper then…but much happier NOW… in time for the end of the year festivities… focusing on the more pleasant positive aspects of this Bizarro World life.
    …Her’s some incredible/original music from Keith Medley… that Zen loaded last X-mass…thought y’all might like to hear it again …cheers

  3. * Kudoos as always!… for your ‘live-streaming’ work of conscience, here on your site Zen…You’re a very courageous & exceptionally eternal ‘stand-up man’…cheers to your unflinching temerity.

    • Tx Alex – kind of you. Just doin’ what I do…amazing how synchronicity works, extremely grateful for my way of life and the freedom to follow it! …and for the many wonderful friends here on the site! Much love!

  4. Awesome Randall! (waves lighter to & fro while singing along with Rocker Randall)
    Hey kid, rock ‘n roll
    Rock on, ooh my soul
    Hey kid, boogie too did ya Love

  5. Effing fantastic ! Sir Randall .. i would being sing that in a Mr Microphone as we drive around in your hot rod …

  6. You are an absolute star Randall !!! Should be a Christmas Classic , wil pass this on to family and friends , will certainly liven Christmas up !! Kitty XX

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