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Joe Cocker’s Secret Woodstock Message

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This has been around but it’s a fun classic, and a real treat if it’s new for you. (Fair warning – Don’t sip your tea or coffee while watching it!)

For those who can’t understand rock lyrics from the 60′s, this visual aid should do just the trick. Enjoy! Happy holidays, everyone! ;)


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  1. * hahahahahahahaalololololololololhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAlololololololollhahahahahahahahaha…

  2. Sure reminds me of a certain performance by Bob Dylan on TV eons ago, and eons after he became well known: Inarticulate, wasted, and riding a wave of fame crashing toward shore. Are either Joe Cocker or Bob Dylan still alive? I mean, really ALIVE? There’s a man playing a self-crafted 27-string guitar putting out music more uplifting than either of those two oldies.

    Remarkably, the Incredible String Band also played Woodstock. Their song, Creation, I highly recommend for those who pine for the daze of olde. Once upon a time, families took trips together.
    Loki, Wizard of Lies, puts in an appearance, as always!


  3. I just love how spastic Joe is, like with his whole being he gets every note out. Hitchcock Railway is one of my favorite Joe Cocker tunes.

  4. Joe Cocker had the blues/soul singing voice, that was about it. His talents do not even come close to that of say, Jeff Martin, not even in the same league.

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