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by Eliza


I’m in a pensive mood of late, pondering, observing and feeling. And watching with great fascination as I see people crash and burn around me. Daytime drama at work. I’m constantly reminding myself to breathe, stretch and remain calm. Everyone’s “stuff” is coming to the surface, including my own.

A short while back I woke up with the name of an infamous historical figure on my consciousness, which sometimes indicates a possible “previous lifetime” connection. No, I’m not going to name the individual; what’s the point in that? No, I just recognize some of him in me… very minutely, since I don’t go around flailing swords at other people. Yes, he was a late medieval character in England, and no, not Richard III.

Power, arrogance, irritation, anger, stubbornness… all these little seeds of fear are coming to the surface to be looked at and released. Integrated and loved. We are what we are, past, present and future, as all lives are lived simultaneously and what we do in THIS life affects the other timelines, parallel or otherwise.

Life is a mystery and can’t be categorized, hurried or defined. We have challenges and we are given choices. We learn to discern what is ours and what is not or we don’t and continue to live as we have always done. All life is our teacher and we teach others about life in the way we approach each day.

I work in health care support in a prison, an unusual environment for an ultra-sensitive empath, but one that has served me well. It’s fairly easy to determine here what is mine and what isn’t, as most of it isn’t. Still, I work with some fine people and some, well, interesting people, drama queens.

Never understood that, drama queens. I’m soft-spoken myself and have been more of an introvert, although that seems to be shifting as I gain more inner confidence and surety. I’ve discovered a lot about myself during my solo journey that I would not have been able to do being submerged in a relationship. I needed the space to feel the emptiness in which many people approach relationships, clinging on to someone “out there” to “save”.

Sound familiar? People, even awakened lightworkers are still looking “out there” for a savior, be it someone to fix the financial world, the galactics to “give” us full consciousness, for a mother to come along and kiss our hurts away.

Not there, people. We need to master the energies and ourselves, but not by determining from our lower minds the direction in which we think we ought to go because we really want a big house, swanky car, vacations in paradise, etc., etc. All those things are accoutrements of the dying and dead 3D control paradigm.

Yes, well-being; yes, sustainability; yes, creativity; yes, to solutions coming from the heart of young and old alike. Yes, to being able to do whatever you like whenever you like wherever you like… from a heart-ful place. These are things to work towards and as I read bits and pieces on the Internet, there are people already working steadily towards these goals, in odd places like the slums of India, the train-wreck of Detroit, the junkyards of Mexico… innovative, creative solutions working with daily life by people who have nothing to lose because they already have nothing.

I was listening to Elohim Cyclopea the other night. And he said an interesting thing… focus. Focus on one thing and concentrate your efforts. Choose what you want most out of life or for life… and go for it. Do it out of a heart space, using guidance from your higher mind and miracles will happen. It can be anything you can imagine.

“When living as fish becomes too confining, we’ll become the ocean.”

And so where is this little word trip taking me? I having the foggiest notion, other than there is a sense of growing anticipation that something is going to happen soon. We are going to happen soon. Grow and bloom, expand and ground, bringing heaven to earth within our own bodies as our energy systems become a unified whole. It’s not a process that will be accomplished overnight and once you’re an ascended being you won’t necessarily wink out of physicality. The challenge is to ground our heavenly nature here and heal our earth together, as individuals and as a collective. And it will take all of us to do it.

And so on to the weather. In SE Washington State we had 7 degrees F this morning and light snow. As the sun went down, it was snowing again. Fortunately, we won’t be digging out like Canada tomorrow since we live in a semi-arid part of the world. I can’t complain especially since it’s going to be (and is) Friday.

Enjoy your weekend, playing or working.

Hugs and kisses,





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  1. Thank you for posting this from Eliza! So right on the mark. “All the seeds of fear are coming up to be looked at and released.” The Saviors are not Out there, they are within! I love this!

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