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Kate Middleton: Death Wish or Self Sacrifice?

Notice the 30 (also mirrored) behind her. In journalistic practice -30- means the END. (edelweiss)

by Zen Gardner

We’re all aware that Princess Diana was murdered in an occult ritual performed on the gullible world’s stage. Details and dot connecting will continue for years, as they have for JFK’s assassination that continue to pour through the populace’s numbed consciousness that still isn’t sure if we really went to the moon…or for that matter, who Obama is.

Oh well, back to work…someone will tell us…mainstream and believable that is…

Time apparently works on the side of the true behind-the-scenes Controllers, who seem to have a longer time-span consciousness awareness in their otherworldly DNA than the typical aphid humanoid burrowing about his business. But short term awareness is ours. And it’s empowering and it’s getting to them. (Grok that.)

Poor Kate and Her Duped Followers

Kate Middleton is set up for failure. First of all, her hubby is the ascending “lizard in charge” in whatever way you want to conjure that. Charles ain’t gonna happen, and this William-Kate frenzy is enough phony spin to make you wanna puke. I can hardly imagine the empty, dark lives of these shills, permanently propped up by the adoration of hypnotized zombies. If it weren’t for the worshippers they would have no reason to exist. Key point.

Surely they don’t sleep well.

Meanwhile, conspiracy Christiandom is calling William the Anti-Christ, while other theorists watch his “mount to immortality” wondering if he’ll christen or kill the last Pope, or morph into Baphomet himself and writhe on a City of London pedestal like the red dragon the Controllers adore.

It’s all so bizarre, yet believable.

Poor Kate

OK. Fun’s over. We have a situation here. This girl is in for a serious ride, and probably has no idea. William gives her his sacrificed mother’s ring. Not good. The occult significance is way past obvious.

Next, we find out she was groomed from youth, even enacting marrying the young “prince” in her early childhood days.

Creepy. But not surprising. Princess programming is an Illuminati mainstay.

Shrink Wrap

I’ve been noticing this and now it’s mainstream news it’s so obvious. This celebrity/notoriety/reptilian struck girl is shrinking! She’s dwindling down like the witch in the Wizard of Oz, poor thing.

Is she a self sacrifice who is self destructing? A bit of a stretch perhaps, but she seems to have a serious case of anorexia..signs of mental weaknesses and tendencies, or buckling to the satanic pressures? When you mix the Windsors (Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) with anything you have a serious problem; that cannot be debated.

But starving herself to please may not sit well with most of the hypocritical sycophants.

But it’s a great excuse to die. Either way, it’s a self destructive, self loathing syndrome.

Is Kate Middleton At Risk of Anorexia

The Missing Curves: Is Kate Middleton At Risk of Anorexia? (PHOTOS)

By IBTimes Staff Reporter | Jul 12, 2011 05:01 AM EDT

A thin and lean looking Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine or Kate Middleton has caught the attention of anorexia experts while she was away on her first official royal tour abroad to Canada after marriage recently.

According to an Italian anorexia expert, Kate Middleton, who is back from Canada tour along with Prince William, is at risk of contracting anorexia.

“You only need look at the pictures from the current visit to Canada to see that she really has lost a lot of weight and that she’s bordering on anorexia,” Fabiola De Clercq, founder of Italy’s Association for the Study and Research of Anorexia told IANS.

De Clercq said the effect is quite visible in all of Kate’s pictures before engagement, around marriage and more recently during the royal couple’s Canadian visit.

Before her marriage in April, Kate went on a low-carbohydrate diet, the Italian expert said, adding that duchess’s appearances could become an advert for anorexia.

Check out some of the old and latest pictures of Catherine and you will know why the anorexia expert is concerned. Source

There’s The “Skinny”

So there’s the “skinny” or scoop on the new royals, as the “United Kingdom” trots out a glaring example of its perpetual  vice-like grip on the western hemisphere for hundreds of years without people even realizing it. Watching Americans swoon to their once great oppressor and adversary Is like watching the Orwellian news. It reminds me of a  report I caught in a hotel the other day. It bragged about how many great medical advances have arrived since the wars with all the brain and dismemberment surgical advances.

Wow…whatta blessing in disguise. “War is Peace” after all.

Screw this. The “news” is trash. Don’t bother with it except to quickly debunk it when necessary.

The rituals only have power if we watch, and even more if we believe them.

Stay clear.




  1. I missed the edelweiss reference in the context of “the end,” was it simply the last song Rogers and Hammerstein wrote, or is there a parallel to the number 30 as well?

  2. I wonder if Kate will really find the hell she is in when she has children. Like Princess Diana, she will have children and realize the clutches the royals have over them. Fear for the safety of you children is very intense and painful. It keeps you in line. Diana broke away, which took great strength, only to be assassinated in the end.

    It would be good for the world if they could all see what the royals are really about. Not only the royals in England, but royals around the world.

  3. And, for those who might be interested in something more realistic, here is a completely non-related story, from the South Pacific.

    “Manu’a has been forgotten” says Manu’a Dist. Governor during Cession Day ceremony.

    TA’U ISLAND, Manu’a – With a continued lack of financial resources being appropriated for the Manu’a Island group, Manu’a District Governor Misaalefua J. Hudson has called on the Legislature to appropriate a budget for Manu’a, many of whose residents have moved to Tutuila due to the lack of resources in Manu’a.


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