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Keith Medley “Ancestors” – 27 String Guitar


Keith Medley makes beautiful music on his own creation; the one-of-a-kind 27-string guitar. Download a free song at http://KeithMedleyCreative.com

[Hat tip: Brian – tx!]


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  1. JK
    Nice touch my man! Melodious harmonics with sprinkled chimes. This piece is beautiful…music without end.

    Thanks Zen for posting

  2. The music blew me away, complete with chills all over my body. Many times I have wished to hear this music – so rhythmic yet flowing, full bass yet not overpowering, melodic highs without the harshness, and mid-range activity without the stressful busyness – and rarely in many years do I come across something that affects like this does. Thank you more than I can say.

    • * I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to ‘Ancestors’…it ‘refuses’ to be tamed – put in a memory box & filed…it plucks away at an ancient but eternal, enigmatic & beautiful reawakening feeling in the ‘heart’…cheers

  3. Okay, okay, I’m running out of “wows”. Beautiful. Thanks, jk Medley, and Zen for posting. I’ve sent it along to my guitar-picking brother who will send it along to his guitar-picking buddies and on and on and on it goes. Love, A.

  4. Now that’s what I call creation! The inner sound, making the instrument to produce that sound and then playing it out for others to hear! I just loved it.

  5. Zen,
    I have been reading your blog for several months, and I have often found many new, different, exciting, and great things! Once again, this post is another of those great things.

    Thanks for being.

    the Best,

  6. Thank you all for your kind words; I am deeply humbled. The instruments I use are things I’ve designed and built in my basement. I hear music and created this instrument to do my best to get to what I’m hearing.

  7. I stumbled onto Keith’s music in November. I live in Chicago and have continually enlightened friends, amongst whom many are guitarists as I am. One for one Keith’s guitar and the music he makes has blown musicians and non-musicians away. I mentioned Chicago because there is a tremendous love of accoustic music here with the Old Town School of Folk Music and The Chicago Accoustic Underground. Both would be absolutely thrilled if Keith connected up with them. Keith’s 27string is a Masterpiece and how he has learned to play it is always inspiring to me. I hope Keith can find the time to check out our accoustic music scene. He will be a welcomed friend. Jesse Wells

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