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They Cannot Kill Our Spirit

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by Greg Calise


There is a very powerful evil that has its grips on our planet. Their goal is to enslave and/or destroy humanity and our ecosystem. Why else do we have endless wars, GMO foods, chemtrails, HAARP, fluoride, dangerous pharmaceuticals, psychoactive drugs dispensed like candy? As of now, they have put the population to sleep, pacified with entertainment, sports, techno toys, fashion, alcohol, drugs, fluoride and a myriad of other weapons in their arsenal.


The human race is being farmed, yes, just like Animal Farm. These evil forces are feeding off of the negative emotions, such as fear and anger. They are feeding off of war and blood sacrifices. But they are also feeding off of our worship to the various gods. They consider us their herd. We are slaves without our knowledge of being slaves. People believe they are free, but that is just an illusion. Instead of iron chains, we are bound in gold chains. But we are bound just the same.

But soon their systems will collapse. The evil ones believe that this will break humanity, so that they can implement their One World Governance, their global village, so that we will be completely under their control. But what they do not realize is this: Although they have been able to pacify, to put to sleep, the human spirit, they cannot kill it.

CORRECTION Severe Weather

An amazing thing happens to us in devastations or tragedies. When a tragedy strikes, the human spirit becomes awakened. We come together to help each other. All divisions are destroyed. It doesn’t matter if one is black, a moslem, a republican or any other division; we help those in need. We can overcome any adversity. Nothing can wake up our spirit and bring us together like tragedy. We will pick up the pieces and rebuild. But something much more profound arises from the rubble and the ashes: A new Humanity. Our lives are changed forever. We will rise up from the destruction, take back our power and begin anew. We will no longer be pacified.





  1. Excellent piece Greg. Articles like this always bring me to reaching for an explanation…something to explain the terrible “means” that are being used against humanity, that would justify the “end” when the perpetrators are living on the same planet they are methodically destroying. My logic runs out of gas when considering this riddle, and always resort to a mixture of free thinking, imagination, intuitive thought. Perhaps my critical analysis is not critical enough. Using a broad brush, these heartless bastards play for keeps and I do not discount their intelligence or the knowledge they possess. They obviously “telegraph” what they are doing to us, in one form or another, but I continue to wonder if the “end”, including their escape route, has already been told in some figurative, or even literal, fashion that we have overlooked….perhaps in the Bible itself.

    I am working on a piece to tackle this incongruous cognitive dilemma.

    Good work Greg and Zenster for the hand off. It is a good thing to work with such enlightened minds.

    • Wow, you’re so eloquent Randster! Love your word weavings and ramblings around the multiverse… Me too, like many of us here, this place we live in is rife with symbolism and allegorical tales and emblazoned symbols – that’s the fun for us types – trying to figure it out. It’s so fucking obvious when you get it, but until you do you have this weird “I’m missing something here” feeling.

      Still, we try to decipher all we can as it comes up. That’s what’s cool about conscious connections, when you need the prompting you’ll get it. The key is to stay on “stand by” or we’ll miss a lotta cool stuff!!

      Crazy, by any standard. ha! Hugs bro…

    • Fuck logic on this one Randy. .. Logic has two meanings: first, it describes the use of valid reasoning in some activity; second, it names the normative study of reasoning or a branch thereof.
      follow you heart Pal .. its real and your reeks of righteousness
      Dude Braid your beard too :-) It would be only logical
      Luv ya Pal

  2. I feel you Randall. The truth cannot be known in this environment of decpetion, unless it is pursued. Sometimes that is enough.

    Nice article Greg! I needed this macro perspective to refocus.

  3. Born in the fifties. I am a “Baby Boomer”. When we finally get our sh’t together, we will make Nagasaki and Hiroshima look like puffs in the wind. Don’t mess with us. We are…. the sleeping giants.
    God Bless that woman and her best friend.

  4. * ‘Gr8 Take’ there Greg…. Every ‘take’ on this existential quandary… is another polished facet, reflecting the whole of our collective understanding…& to realize we’re all being ‘farmed’ is an epiphany for the total ‘grok’ on this macabre & dire ‘cliff-hanger’ world situation.
    …I’m not much of a comic book hero fan.. with one exception…the HULK…no matter what you throw at him…in the long run… he just keeps reemerging stronger than before…..such (I think) is our universal spirit that will ultimately triumph if we can reach the suggested ’100th monkey’ or the ’10% tipping point’ in consciousness …which IS becoming more & more apparent & why the PTB are starting to manifest the first indications of their own desperation… with the recent acknowledgement of losing the war on information & why they’re throwing everything at us right now…including geo-engineered hurricanes.
    …beautiful story of the woman survivor finding her ‘Toto’….a case in point….cheers

  5. Great work Greg ….Its sad it takes tragedy to get us up and together.. But so true.. They use that against us all to often..
    Keep em coming Greg .. Man Hug

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