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Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of the World

by Zen Gardner

There’s lot going on right now with all of these frantic so-called “preparedness” drills. With government closing and the lights in Washington going out you can’t help but wonder. And what comes to mind? The many end of the world scenarios we’ve had pumped at us from birth, sensationalized heavily by “special effects” frenzied Hollywand.

Do they really know something? Or is this just more fear programming to gain a tighter grip on humanity. Or is it both?

We can pretty much assume insider media moguls and movie producers have a lot of information at their fingertips we’re apparently not privy to. How they get this info is almost fun to visualize, almost like an old Spy vs Spy cartoon. Only these control creeps are ugly and dark.

Actually, many producers and writers have openly testified they’ve been “given” the ideas or script outlines by apparent “operatives”. This is especially the case when they show these huge scenes of massive military operations or the propaganda is particularly pointed; you then know the “suppliers” of all this equipment and backdrop have a heavy hand on the scale.

It’s clearly a pervasive factor in the content of these movies. The scale of social engineering on our planet is extraordinary.

Apocalypse In The News

The social programmers love this subject. While they try to keep their credibility with the more wary audience with comments about “crackpots, kooks and conspiracy nuts”, these Illuminist media controllers push the End of the World scenario big time.

We’ve seen the alien invasion how many times? Even the White House gets blasted on several occasions. We’ve had the asteroid impact over and over. Plagues killing us off are big, as are huge earthquake scenarios. Even a frozen future world with ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type movies. And it gets more bizarre all the time.

It’s imprinting, or entraining the human psyche. Also known as programming. In this case it’s predictive programming.

Don’t you find it ironic they produce this stuff hand over fist and then these same elitists and their complicit media and education stooges work hard to belittle anyone who actually believes it? Isn’t that called getting “jerked around”?

Actually it’s a very sophisticated mind control technique, a deliberate mixture of traumatized cognitive dissonance while injecting predictive programming. It’s all acclimating their subjects to manipulated tension, fear and the ever present threat and even assumed “knowledge” of eventual apocalypse. Nasty psychopathic bastards, in a nutshell. But it’s effective.

Why, you ask? Are there deliberate forces out to decimate our planet? Is this what was done to Mars and other worlds by some parasitic other dimensional force?

The simple greed explanation makes no sense in the light of the suicidal rape and destruction of our planet we’re witnessing. There is a bigger picture we need to be aware of. Fortunately with that comes the empowerment to use the right tools to combat such an apparently inter-dimensional parasitic force.

But I digress…or did I?


The Looming “Kill Shot” Solar Flare and Grid Failure Drills

I’m all on board with speaking up about potential natural disasters. The USGS isn’t even reporting earthquakes accurately any more and the weather news is completely controlled by the black op arm of the defense department. The EPA doesn’t test for chemtrail chemicals and shut down their radiation sensors.
The whole system has been co-opted and we need to fend for ourselves, and many alternative reporting sources are doing a great job of this.
This solar cycle news has been open knowledge for years now, warning us of some very real potential serious problems when it reaches its maximum, where we’re at now. Oddly it’s been a disappointment as far as intensity goes, but this magnetic shutdown is worth learning about. We’re still hearing about potential massive solar flares hitting that could cripple whole continents. And this is real. Even insider Michio Kaku has “predictively” been in the mainstream news talking about it, only to have the story shuffled into the subconscious once again.
Program running.
Now we’re seeing upcoming massive grid failure drills, including the recent impromptu power outage in New York City that was no doubt some sort of test just recently. Then this great “Shake Out” supposed earthquake preparedness in the US heartland has now become an annual event and will also be taking place.
As if they care. Again, it’s conditioning. All based on fear and greater control. The programmed human outcry? “Save us. We need more security!” Please give us more controls for these uncontrollables!”
All this reminded me of this weirdly predictive movie once again. And appropriately it’s the SUN that brings the end!


“Knowing” – A Massive Example of Programming

This movie keeps coming back to me and I understand why, especially recently. With incoming comets, reports of hundreds of fireballs, and our central star undergoing a magnetic flip and shutdown influencing our deliberately destabilized planet in profound ways, it’s no wonder.

The movie “Knowing” is slow as far as movies go, and Nicolas Cage is pretty much the same guy you see in all his movies. The plot is actually relatively simple, and is drawn out using interim catastrophes leading up to the big revelation at the end as his child gets swept into the phenomenon of hearing the “whisperers” who’ve given coded warning messages to a couple of generations of contactees of what’s about to transpire.

Nick goes a bit berserk as he figures out the code and traces the predicted disasters, but his passionate search culminates when he decodes the last line of the predictive numbers as “ee”…the “end of everything”.

First the Official Trailer for the Effect…

This next clip is pretty amazing. I don’t necessarily go along with all of the interpretations, but you’ll have to admit there are a lot of hinting “coincidences” that are jammed into this movie.

This was released a year before the gulf oil disaster and way before Fukushima.


The Bigger Implication

By the way, in the story the aliens who gave the messages and keep appearing and whispering to the kids are these light beings disguised as “men in black” types. They eventually lead them to where these space craft will take them off planet to safety just before the event. In fact, they and other chosen children around the globe are deposited in other worlds to propagate, as in the Garden of Eden story imprinted on the human conscience.

Despite the Programming….

Once you stop wondering, you’ve stopped.

I may not go for Hollywood’s tricks, but I like to think freely, outside of paradigms. And I like to try to understand the message I’m “supposed to be getting” for what it is and I try not to swallow it hook, line and sinker. But to also not discard whatever I’m being given offhandedly as if there’s no truth to anything.

Hey…knowing is knowing…and I’m often wondering what others seem to be knowing…if they really know anything. Or if they’re just trying to program me again, ha! Oh how they don’t realize how on to them we are!

We need to be awake and aware, and alive. Love, understanding and right knowledge then come with the territory.

Love, Zen




  1. Zen, I go to bed every night with this shit in my head and wake up every morning feeling the same freaking way. I ask myself all the time; how the hell did we get here? Why is this happening? What are we? Where do we really come from? Why are these evil Zionist rulers the ones in charge of this physical hell? I guess having your eyes opened comes with a price

  2. “Do they really know something? Or is this just more fear programming to gain a tighter grip on humanity. Or is it both?” Now there are some questions that are frequent visitors in my brain camp. Something inside maintains its premise that “they” (whoever…whatever that is) must abide by a universal edict to let us know what they are doing to our species. I’m not sure why I “feel” this, but I am sure I am unable to explain it thus far.

    Resonating article Zen….just keeps gettin’ better. ;)

  3. I have been trying to really contemplate and wonder about this topic. I agree with Randall that they have to drop us clues (whether it is their twisted way or a law of the Universe – not sure yet). I have said this over and over again – they have back up plans to their back up plans. It is as if they put all these ideas that can bring about a shift into the collective mind and see which ones take root the deepest. For those scenarios are the most likely to facilitate a shift they need to stay in power (or try). As I look out into the world – I see a lot fear right now. People are not quite awake and empowered, but they know enough to be fearful of it all. People (that I would say are far from being awake) are telling me they now something big is coming. They put no more thought to it… just agree with me that change is happening and it is only picking up speed… back to their beer and TV.
    Well, I shall continue to wonder about this topic… because there is valuable information in all the disinfo, the programming… all of it. It is a matter of trying to figure out the code or maybe that is too much credit for them. LOL ;-) Much love, everyone!

  4. Lions ‘n tigers ‘n bears, oh my! Lions ‘n tigers ‘n bears…

    Apocalypse – the unveiling of knowledge hidden from most during an era dominated by falsehoods & misconceptions.

    To reflect on the frequency & intensity of change is one thing; to assign good-guy, bad-guy roles while speculating on cause / effect outcomes is fixation.

    If current reality is promoting fear, then be afraid; if promoting love, then (learn to) love; if amusement, then pursue amusement…

    Keep the faith, never surrender; go with god; recover your sense of humour / farce; stop torturing / eating animals; or whatever. Just stop with the “I’m ahead of the curve whining!” You are NOT!

  5. The fear your feel is coming from ‘them’ because they know their time is over. They are going to get ruthless. You should just be patient. By the way EE is Everyone Else.

  6. I was thinking about the fact of them letting us know what they are going to do. And I realised in many films the bad guys always tell the main characters what they plan to do and how they are going to kill them, which always gives the protagonists time to attack them or escape. I have always wondered why the hell doesn’t the bad guy just kill James Bond or Indiana Jones or whomever is in the film and stop bladdering on. Maybe, they have to give us a chance to do something about it..They have to tell us, therefore giving us some sort of chance to change the outcome, Just a thought anyway…

    • Exactly! Everyone has wondered the same thing and by cognitive dissonant synthesis or whatever mechanism come up with “Oh well, it’s just a story.” Subtle but powerful disempowering programming method. Look for a piece on this soon, have had it in my notes for 4 years and keep collecting evidence…. sheesh, I know. Manipulative bastards know no boundaries…so they think!

    • I wonder if this has to do with freewill. Do we give them permission, when we watch these films? (Law of attraction)

      • I think so! What you focus on grows. What you put your energy into will Manifest. What you re-act to you get sucked into and you will experience the effect of the Cause that got your attention. The Matrix movie shows us this… It’s not about giving our permission so much as it’s about giving our energy and attention to it. So you are going down the Highway (of life) and you have a view of way up the road when you see some car driving out of control.. you can react with judgment (putting your attention to it and creating a possibility) or you can stay unemotional and non reactionary. Just watch as you go. Suddenly the car crashes into another car and tons of cars slam on their breaks way ahead others swerve and traffic begins to slow. But you have not re acted to any cause, so you are not trapped in the effect that is coming, and suddenly right there is your exit from the highway and you have left that experience, you are still freely on your way. Engage only in what you REALLY WANT TO EXPERIENCE. Is this true? I don’t know for sure, but it’s how I seem to experience life. Everyone has their own perception of reality, everyone can attend the same event but have a completely different experience and outcome.

        • Yep, tx! That’s what I meant with “permission”; like in the movies: invite a vampire into your house, otherwise it can’t enter. And it can manipulate you so that you say “come in”.
          This way Hollywood uses us (our creative powers) to manifest “their” pitch-black dreams.
          With that in mind, one could ask: Why are more and more (sexy) vampire, zombie, transhumanism and other flicks released these years…?

    • I’ve speculated about that too – that they’re under some kind of rule where they have to tell us before they execute it – so they throw out there a thousand things to be afraid of, and the one thing they’re going to do they hide on page 37 of the New York Times.

  7. Hollywand posited another “take them safely off the planet” moment within the back story in Oblivion; curiously, to one of the moons of Saturn. Reading between the lines (once you see what has really happened in the plot), these persons were likely disposed.

    Between predestination themes and alien themes, Hollywand is doing its best to preempt and divert awakening minds into one of their scripts. “Knowing” becomes a predestined pot at the end of a concrete rainbow, instead of being of one mind with the universe as a co-creator, and affecting change accordingly.

  8. If you want something to ponder read George Kavassilas, “our universal journey”. You can buy it or get it free as a pdf download. It is quite a book. I can almost promise there are things in it you have not considered before.

  9. I was feeling despair and anger and frustration at all the lies and deceit recently when I was overcome with the thought of admiration and outrageous humor. Its all an illusion I realised. None of it is true. Its a game we are all playing. Boy we are good at this drama stuff. The memory of the feeling is still there…

    • the absolute truth is Knowing….

      the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual…

      …”argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours”….Richard Bach [Illusions]

      no one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

  10. Great post Zen. All I got to say is: we create our own reality, this is nothing but an attempt of the illusionist ones (kind of cute how they always twist realities; illuminate and yet they are of no light), or better yet an attack on us, so that we do their dirty job of creating their wet-dream. We are all powerful eternal beings, and that is just that simple; fear goes against every particle of our natural beings; remember we must consent in order for it to take a hold, we hold the switch not them. Much love…

    • Reminds me of the film “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” where the illusionists, who live underground, are mutations of the nuclear aftermath. Always thought that the fallen ones were mutations of a genetic disaster as it is said that they lost their countenance. They were no longer the shining ones, but they can appear as beings of light just as the mutations in the film wore masks.

  11. Hi Zen,
    I love your site by the way. I used to visit Stuart Wildes’ all the time and I miss that.
    My message is gone. Did it upset you? It was never my intention. I simply was relating an experience I had. Cheers

  12. What mind are you going to choose? The one this “culture” and this “world” program you to – or the one within, which I’ve been told is called indigenous mind…..native mind, ancestor mind. I choose the one within every time, although they are tricky with their programming!

    The best advice ever given to me – be in this world but not of it. I’d say the same for the mind. Be in the cultural mind, but not of it. Connect with the inner mind of the Heart. It’s where my Ancestors are – and I am never ever alone.

    There are signs everywhere – not just the ones “they” try to program us with. The importance of developing intuition is to be able to know the difference on “who” the sign is from. Dreams are good filters if you use them!

    Find the EJECT button and Unplug Them!

  13. The only way we can continue to experience this physical 3D illusion, which can be beautiful, inspiring and a consciousness “education” (lets not knock it) is if we evolve! Simple as that and we can so what are we waiting for? :-D

  14. Like it or not, would you rather have cave paintings, to transmit information? There is nothing knew about these subjects, and they are the oldest known subjects Humanity knows, and was probably invented back in the cave, when boredom would set in, around the campfires, on cold lonely nights. There is everything predictive about that. That Humans like to make up stories, to try and describe their experiences. It still going on by those that can tell them. Gosh, I am shocked. You are doing the same thing here, and your intents are not known as well, though you have your own followers, whom will support you without hesitation, just like those that will support actors, or Hollywood, etc.

    In both cases, intent does not, and cannot be proved, for their is no action to observe to judge intentions by. Online, mostly this is caused by the transient nature of the net, because of geolocational circumstances.

    If they are using predictive programming, to inform of future events, what is the alternative. Tell everyone? Umm, yeah, there is criminal elements all over the world, both in government, and not, that would love that environment. This is what is increasing, not decreasing. Like it or not, if the Government came out and told everyone that the Earth has X number of days to live, there is certain segments of the population, that would take the opportunity, to take as much as they can, and play with it , before the end came. That would trigger chaos to ensue, and who wants to meet their end, with chaos. That would be much like setting a old folks home on fire. Its bad enough a certain demographic of the population treats their parents like tampons.

    So the “ideal”, that honesty, and transparency, in all situations, is the only thing to do, dont live in reality, or understand that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

  15. These dark movies along with scripted news and occult music plant sensational seeds of destruction into the mind. People allow sights and sounds in without thinking. Hopefully, people will realize it is similar to watching what they are eating and will avoid things of no nutritional value. That’s my 2 cents. Good article Zen.

    • Yes, I don’t “take in” very many movies. Because it’s exactly that as you said – taking it in. We think we can handle it. Oh really? There’s a proverb – “can a man take fire into his bosom and not be burned?” — pretty apt.

  16. Yes, the programming is obvious but I would suspect more so that it is programming for a man made event, such as a electric outage with the cause being being placed on “an act of God “. The sun God globalists certainly want to be off the radar as to where the pulse came from.
    Obey to be saved my brothers and sisters : )

  17. Zen, I teach high school students and inform them that we will all die soon and that they are the last humans. My spiritual job, I say, is the crossing guard pointing their way to heaven. I’m half kidding because I am an optimist; but they readily accept my assertion as their fate. Do they know something I don’t know? Even though I know it? Seriously. Heaven exists, we all end up there, but some do not go gently into that good night. Maybe I should give up teaching.

  18. To understand the present and what will be happening in the future, one must study the past.
    The best way to understand the past is to read one of the oldest books from the past…the Old Testament.
    In that book you will see that the Jews believe that they have the right to dominate and rule over the World.
    They have been working to position themselves to do just that!

    America has been their best tool in affecting domination over the entire Globe.
    Financially, Economically, Religion, Politically and Mass Media (mass mind control).
    They have been planning this takeover for thousands of years and America has been playing the role of the “idiot & fool” by helping them achieve their plans.

    Find the money sources and Jews are attached to every one of them.
    That is where the power and control comes from.
    Nothing will change until the Jews lose control of the World’s money.
    It would take nothing short of a financial default and Worldwide financial collapse to shake some of the control away from them. They are drawn to money like moths to a flame. This is in their DNA because they have been taught that money will give them total control of countries!

  19. Awhile back I went to see the movie ” The Road” with Viggo Mortenson. After the movie was over, it was almost as if I had a vision of the coming times. I literally couldn’t move for a few moments, that movie to me is a glimpse of our future. Whenever I now hear about “nukes and disaster”, that movie comes to mind. It left me disturbed affected. Our own lives could very well have been predicted in ” The Road”

  20. Maybe people just secretly dream about busting out of this prison of wasted efforts.Maybe the illuminuts use it to exhaust their hopes and maintain the status quo.Once people cease to care they will lose the knowledge of good and evil.Then they will follow anything,believe anything and call it all good.Can’t you see thats whats happening already?If its going in that direction then FTW

    • There are release valves, entrapments, energy drains, decoys you name. We overcome them all by simple conscious awareness and love in action. Otherwise humans will be ensnared. All part of learning apparently .. ;)

  21. awesome post, Zen. Those videos were painful (not sure which “actor” I dislike more – nick or Keanu. funny how they’re in all these movies with “hidden” messages. I’m sorry to any fans out there, but really – REALLY – they are terrible actors, imho)

    “they” have been messing with the grid for a long time. for something that is “so vulnerable” “so outdated” “so blah blah blah…” sure makes you wonder what they are really doing. maybe the government should hire those companies that put up all those cell towers I see all over the place. they must have a million elves that come out in the middle of the night and put these monsters up! I never actually see them being constructed — they just appear.

    here’s an interesting theory on “the grid”



  22. These beings of darkness know that God cleansed the world once by water. They have also seen him execute local judgements in the past, with naphtha and burning sulfur (some say Sodom was nuked). They have also seen what Balaam taught Balak to do to ancient Israel by seducing them with whores and getting them to worship idols so that God killed about 30 thousand of them for vile disobedience. Thus we have the anti-moral push to destroy Western culture based upon Christianity.
    Now, if they could get the whole world to embrace the anti-God life style whether in idolatry or sick lewdness and mayhem, they might be able to bring down humanity by another more global judgement. This would also entail a deception against the moronic idiots themselves who represent the Illuminati, thinking they could survive such a judgement by hiding in underground caves, not knowing that the evil people in the past did the same thing and found there was no place to hide.
    What we could do is ask God to expose their plot and turn it back on their own heads. Of course, he will not listen to us if we are up to our necks in the debauchery ourselves.

  23. Well, I’m really glad that I read this post. I was beginning to fear that I was the only tomato suffering from Bomaban mind weld. While the psychoanalysis is spot on I, personally, see something more going on. And it ain’t pretty. To get a grip on this shit you have to go all the way back to about 1982 and the waves Zecharia Sitchin made informing us of Nibiru and the Annunaki. Although I tend to believe his translations were more based upon proving a preconceived theory the one thing I do believe he got right was the Nibiru part.

    With astronomers already busy scratching their heads over the cause of the perturbation they were seeing in the outermost planets Zeek gave them the motivation to go find Planet X. And I believe that they did. With Sitchin’s release of The 12th Planet in 1976 things began to slowly take off.

    Take a look at what has happened since around 1982 with a particular focus on the behavior of the US. We were suddenly inundated with everything. Terrorism began to bloom, enemies sprang up behind every bush in the ME, the US began an unprecedented underground city building spree, Congress began in earnest to spend like there was no tomorrow and Hollywood began to terrorize us with every conceivable method of cataclysmic doom. I’m really serious here. Create a time line and it all seems to have taken off around 82-83. Just about the time Zeek got the head of the Naval Observatory interested. Heck, I even saw a documentary where the guy calls Planet X an “intruder” to our solar system.

    Yes my friends, I’m growing more convinced that it wasn’t only the weather that began to get weird back in 82. About a year ago the wife and I watched What In The World Are They Spraying and a light came on over my head. Early in the documentary G. Edward Griffin was interviewed and made reference to the fact that all of the spraying appeared to be going on over NATO countries. If you’ve been paying any attention you’ll have noticed that the south west and west coast gets a lot of aerosol attention from whomever is behind the spraying. Although the premise of the movie is that chemtrails is geo engineering hence weather modification that makes no sense at all if you consider where they are targeting the spraying. The planets oceans are its greatest solar collectors so if you want to cool things down you’d do all your spraying over them not over the west coast to drift eastward propelled by the jet stream. Nope, weather modification didn’t make any sense. But, I figured out what did.

    I’d be willing to bet that based purely on economics that 99% of the telescopes on this planet are owned and operated in NATO countries. I’d also be willing to bet some more that there is a concentration of said telescopes in the desert SW and west coast where the air is the clearest. That’s where most of the big budget telescopes owned by universities, the Vatican and government seem to be located. So, what I see going on isn’t weather modification it’s blinding as many telescopes located in the clearest air for as long as they possibly can. Check out when the South Pole telescope went online and pointed into what most astronomers consider to be one of the deadest areas of space. And doesn’t it seem to be a coincidence that during the past two decades most of the newer satellite based telescopes happen to be of the high powered infrared type.

    When you factor everything in- geo politics, finance, underground building, relocating CIA headquarters to be near the underground city beneath the Denver airport, terrorist strikes in the heartland, endless wars all over the place, telescopes in peculiar places, lots of plastic grave liners prepositioned all over the US etc. etc.- it appears to me that a big pile of money is being and has been spent to serve the few while at the same time keeping the usless eaters chasing their tales fixated on government shut downs, Syrian air strikes, playboy psycho Korean dictators, Brittany’s kitty and just about anything else they can come up with to keep us looking everywhere else but up.

    Place your bets on the little square you think the ball will stop on. As for me, I’m getting ready for the greatest fireworks display this planet has seen in about 4000 years. As some wise guy said some years ago, if there’s a gun on the wall in act 1 by the end of the play it must be fired. Are they messing with our heads? You bet. Is that all they’re doing? I don’t think so. I truly believe these creeps in Washington know something we don’t and while they intend to dine on pizza and watch reruns of the past twenty Superbowls 200 feet below ground we’re going to be dealing with hell and a lot of Blackwater goons. Just my humble opinion.

  24. Our bodies are just vessels our egos are just thought vacuums. Our souls are real and they are perfect and indestructible. Cleanse yourself, face your ego, and let go… if you are not maliciously perpetuating the illusions we all face then you are doing everything 100 percent correctly…. no matter what happens there is nothing to loose accept the illusions… the totality of the infinite is goodness and love and that cannot ever be destroyed… not saying its easy place to get to but one can transcend all of the exterior “going ons” and feel peace…. and that does not mean putting your head in the sand it means grasping onto the TRUE TRUTH that fear aint real no matter what…. and like ICKE says infinite LOVE is…

  25. I have watched this film many times Zen and each time I realise how deep it go’s into the predictive programming theme .
    This Apocalyptic worldview has been used against us for quite some time , but recently has been filtering down from the established church quite deliberately into every day thought and life .I have friends working in Africa who have reported whole communities giving up on life because of the Armageddon scenario preached by the church !!! We are now thoroughly programmed to believe in an apocalyptic event as a kind of cleansing and.new start . As in we are bad and need to be redeemed by our demise . I think the use of what in effect is fire to bring about this end in this particular film is obviously no coincidence spiritually and as an archetype fire represents a cleansing ,and after a fire new things grow .
    The eugenics message I believe is there too, the father sacrifices himself for his children , just as we should for a start at a new life regenerated and pure , the Garden of Eden theme as you said represented by the tree of life at the end of the film . The continuation of the Blue Beam message is there too , even though this a different scenario , the message is there , we will be rescued by other worldly creatures , their space craft looking very similar to the description of Ezekiel’s’ wheels within wheels ‘, their appearance angelic , the question unsaid were these beings our creators ?
    We have been so thoroughly programmed now for thousands of years , since biblical times in effect , the apocalyptic (revelatory ) message of a prophet from Palestine has been used against us to make us believe we are in need of saving by our demise . We respond to symbolism and the use of archetypes that are ingrained into us from birth , we respond accordingly when we are stimulated by the use of these cleverly placed subliminal messages used in film and other media .
    I think many of these films apart from the predictive programming and the obvious message that we are not in control of our own destiny. are used by TPTB not just as a predictive programming tool but for fun , like a cat toying with it’s prey , it’s all in plain sight , so why not let the polloi have a little fun trying to work it all out before we kill them , it’s all a game Zen . We however , just because we are who we are won already . Kitty xxxxx

    • Couldn’t agree more Kitty. My ultimate reasoning may be somewhat unscientific, but I see this as a “you will know them by their fruits” moment all the way. Hollywand has spent way too much time and money on apocalyptic themes, savior themes and alien themes. With hidden technology averaging 25-30 years ahead of mainstream technology, I am quite convinced that the ruling hand is capable of showing us something so utterly dumbfounding that even the most awakened soul may fall for it.

      • All they need is enough of super-duped and the program rolls on – however, with the awakened who have the real deal truth we only need 15% for the ideas to catch fire. We’re getting slices of victory as happened with Syria and now even the Iran issue might be cooling a bit…good things happening, it’s the time to put our shoulders to the wheel…

      • Yes my thoughts too Scooter , back to the Bible here Matt 24 :24 and I am paraphrasing here , even the elect or elite shall be deceived !! It’s a bit like the Russian Dolls open one and you find another the same but different . A possible problem . I have another one here though , Matt 10 : 16 , be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves lol sorry about the biblical theme here but I knew you and Zen would get it immediately . As far as the ultimate show is concerned , I am waiting for that Universal Messiah , it’s a theme we all respond to at a very deep spiritual level , hence the programming for the last two thousand years , by all religions . We can resist I am convinced ,as Zen is we just need to have faith in our ability to discern , and in ourselves , think like a sociopath maybe ? But yes by their fruits shall you know them , and these ‘ fruits ‘ are pretty rotten . Love Kitty xxxxx

        • “This like a sociopath” ha – do I hear a song coming or what!! ;) we’ll try a little rhyme time

          Think like a socio
          Just take the path
          Then you’ll understand all their lying and wrath
          Wait, just a minute
          It’s fucking ugly in here..
          They can take their psychoses and shove em up their ath! ;)

          In honor of the Peekster – Peek’s really sick, pls send love, good vibes and prayers his way everybody…some weird aggressive virus he thinks…

        • Yes Kitty! People are easily confused when I use biblical references like it’s an endorsement of religion; not realizing that all religions are just high-jackings of the gnostic masters. These men were neither gods or prophets (in the religious sense). They were simply awake. Talk about rotten fruit… to posthumously use them amd their words in that way. The ultimate in sick.

          • any language format, system of info, has its limits and hang ups and baggage – people need to mature about that. We’re talking in sign language in attempt to communicate heart to heart – we can skip around into any system of language/symbolism/teaching we want, people should understand that…

  26. I experienced either a dream or a semi conscious thought, regarding an adolescent girl just becoming a woman, that garnered the brains the courage and the heart to expose someone manipulating a false projection.

  27. I don’t have a TV, haven’t had one for almost 20 years, don’t go to the cinema (though do watch old classics, and am occasionally pushed into movies the alternative media says I ‘HAVE” to watch, like ‘The Matrix, and I got that on-line with no commercials). I’m also an NDE survivor who knows what life is all about from experience, though it did take me a while to figure out, and THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. ALL IS AS IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE, IF YOU’RE NOT HERE; YOU’RE SOMEWHERE ELSE, SOMEWHERE ELSE IS BETTER THAN HERE, SO WHO CARES? Detachment is the way to go. Detachment is also freedom. No self imposed obligations that do nothing for you but keep you chained. . .to ‘the matrix’.

    • Morgan, what you (and Lea and Tommy above) speak to is one of the greatest challenges we all face – this eternal dance between reality and illusion.

      Between remaining unattached to the outcome,yet at the same time caring about the outcome. Between knowing it’s all an illusion, yet knowing that you simply cannot “not give a shit” about your actions and what you do in this illusory reality. Between being committed to speaking truth, yet not bogged down in the insanity of the truth of this world. Between letting go of fear once and for all, and surrendering to and empowering the only universal truth – love.

      It’s a maddening dance at times, and seems to get more maddening by the day – seeing so much pain, suffering and death in the world, yet somehow knowing you need to let go yet care at the very same time.

      • may I have this dance, Gus?! your comments really resonate with me. “IN THIS WORLD BUT NOT OF IT” Who said it? Jesus or Buddha? Was Jesus a Buddha? Who’s your Daddy! — sorry, my mind is all over the place right now.
        “….wisdom and true understanding only come when the heart swallows the mind…”
        ~Les Visible

        Zen, I think we need a whole post dedicated to “in this world but not of it”

        As much as I think that my mother is/was out of touch with reality, if it weren’t for her constant “oh that only happens in the movies” I would have had a hard time discerning between reality and illusion growing up (and we only went to the movies once a year and had 3 whole tv stations to choose from! thanks mom!) When my kids were younger, I spent most days undoing what they were “learning” out in the real(??) world.

        • Something related almost done…yeah, mom’s didn’t have everything wrong – mine had been a poor country girl who had some serious wisdom…and love..dysfunctional suburbia killed her

  28. Zen, stumbled upon your site here for the first time this morning. Great stuff. Have added to my bookmarks.
    I value independent thought and critical thinking.

  29. If nobody ever watched films (movies), then nobody would be fearful. I’ haven’t seen a film for many years because I don’t want any of that rot in my subconscious. It’s not a case of “what can we do?”, but “what can we NOT do?” That’s what we need to focus on if we want to change the world.

    I think that any large-scale power-grid failure will either a) not happen – it’s just fear mongering, or b) will happen, and will be engineered by man, and I believe we are being programmed to believe that solar flares are not only capable of causing it, but that it is an almost certainty.

    • The imprinting and conditioning is all geared to getting people to believe in NIMBY (not in my back yard). Alternate think style is to assimilate the ‘river trip’, up the de nial river. Ultimately they want people to freeze frame and go mind numb during a catastrophic event. The herd mentality of “let’s all group up and together we will have community and solve our problems” is part and parcel of the DIP philosophy.
      DIP is Die In Place. During a catastrophe getting the people to Die In Place is going to solve lots of problems for FEMA, DPS and the other spaghetti organizations. Those left over after DIP will be a segment of very crippled people and a small group of real “survivors”. The cripples will be easy to control and the “survivors” will be small and easily confined until they run out of supplies.
      Brzezinski’s words are quite clear. If the globalists are unable to control us, they will attempt to kill us.
      Brzezinski is a dedicated sociopath.
      His dream is a globalist domination of the planet within his lifetime.
      Always remember the ruling paradigm will stop at literally nothing in order to maintain yesterday’s status quo even in an emerging world where it won’t apply.

      Die In Place is not a philosophy that is well understood and as yet unassimilated by most of the public. The possibility that TPTB will just let you die and not come to your aide is not continually countered by movies like WWZ and others.

  30. Our attention, our focus is very important to the predator, obviously – since they cannot create themselves, but only imitate and copy, they need to hijack the creative imagination of humanity in order to bring the world they want into being…

    !984, Brave New World, although sold as dystopian, anti-fascist novels, are in truth further examples of “predictive programming” – (as is most of the sci-fi genre). The Huxley family have been major players in advancing the globalist agenda, with connections to the Darwin family, and other globalists and eugenicists pushing for the One World Order “Technocracy”, like HG wells. Orwell too had his connections, to the Fabian Society, and etc., and was obviously working with some inside knowledge – and his book has probably done much more harm than good, by making the surveillance state seem almost inevitable. (Someone should re-write 1984 and include a massive spiritual awakening taking place, and see how that changes the tone of the book.)

    Thus perhaps it is time to realize the true power of the human imagination, and shift our focus away from their shoddy sci-fi technocratic wet dream, to something more meaningful, natural and vital.

    We are capable of creating something far greater, far more noble and profoundly beautiful than anything these animated soulless corpses could ever dream up….

    Imagine, instead perhaps, a world of beauty, harmony and love, freed from the parasitic greed of the predatory force. No flying saucers, no space aliens, no technological merging with machines. Just a natural beautiful world, cleansed and purified.

    Imagine how healthy and vital you would feel in such an unpolluted, uncorrupted world. Imagine the skies restored to their former magnificence. Imagine clean air to breath and pure water to drink. Imagine freedom. Imagine life becoming so wonderful that you couldn’t bear the thought of ever losing it….

    Guard the imagination for: “The imagination,” as Blake said, “is human existence itself.”

    • Beautiful Byron. Just beautiful. As I was reading I was thinking of an apropos quote about the power and reality of imagination and where it comes from. And bam. Gorgeous brother. “If we can conceive it we can achieve it” comes to mind but even that is weeny in comparison to the profound truth that we already know in our hearts the world that it should be vs the one we’re experiencing. Man o man….

    • Byron, synchronicity again! Went to bed last evening with a very heavy heart at 7:30pm central time because for some reason could not get back on this site of Zen’s Garden. Cannot remember all the dream I had but it was awesome and I know it set in my heart to take root. The jest of it was I am a creator with powers beyond imagination. This is something I will ponder on continuously. Thank you. All of this crap has been heavy but my spirit knows the weariness and is helping with synchronicity, dreams and even not being able to get on this site last night was needed for this spirit so I could go into the dream world. I know that I know my strength is inside and time after time when life becomes so heavy and I’m about to give up that is when I find wonders and awe! Thank you!

      • Peg,

        That’s a very empowering message to receive via a dream! And a clear indication that the “awakening” – at least in part – is occurring within us. According to the Gnostics, the imagination is a divine gift from Sophia herself. John Lash has said that Sophia is now accessing the human mind and sort of overriding the archontic hack. The outer world is a mirror of the inner, a mirror of the distortion and archontic interference, a mirror of our (their) egomania, our (their)fears, anxieties, negativity. When we are finally freed from the archontic intrusion – the “foreign installation” – then we will begin to see what the power of imagination is truly capable of in terms of creating reality.

        And Zen – another quote from William Blake for ya:

        “The imagination is a glimpse of the divine.”

        • Beautiful. That comment Byron really highlights the need for us to resonate at higher frequencies. Getting free from the hackers’ influences is everything…

    • This is exactly the conclusion my heart led me to as well! Our imagination is once again being targeted to manifest all the negative possibilities being thrown at us through the media. This time it feels as if the push is much stronger than before since many not yet awake are feeling it too. You articulated it very well Byron :) And a great article as always Zen! Love how you always put out your observations on thoughts, which we all have been experiencing collectively as we see these events unfold, exactly when we’re experiencing them! They seem to have a healing effect :D Thank you very much!

      • Tx for that–as you know I don’t do this for response or effect, I just fire it out there – what’s amazing every day is the resonance….makes my heart glad, have to admit..much love to you! ;)

  31. Really good article, I love your writing and feel conected to humanity when I read it. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

  32. We “need” to know because unless we “know” what’s coming we will not be frightened and they want us to be frightened. Using Hollywood is a way of letting us know a future that “will” happen. And the intention is to scare us so we, the sheeple, stay in the pen. Mind control.

  33. I like the Yoda quote… ‘Hard to see, always in motion is the future.”

    ‘Predictive programming’ brings to mind the ‘Futurist Society’ that was funded by Rothschild and friends. The organization funded authors like Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand and other to put forth their dark vision of the future. Attending a California high school in the 60’s, it was the height of hipness to be reading ‘Brave New World’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’. TV still only had a few channels back then with ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ themes. When those funding the Futurist Society took over Hollywood, Ozzie and Harriet went the way of the buffalo.

    I saw a caption this week that reads: “Question Everything – 6 Corporation Control 90% of the Media in America.”

    If we bring the idea of ‘the awakening into the picture, then we have to considering the idea of ‘agreement’ – are we going to agree with their vision, or are we going to energetically project our own vision of the future onto the screen?

    It occurred to me awhile back that acceptance is agreement.

  34. Great article. Whats everyones thoughts on 11/11. I see it almost every day, either on a clock, turn around and 1111 is on a sign in the street, a phone number on the back of a van. I only realised the other day that i live in house number 11, and when i looked at the 2 bins at the end of our drive there it was again, 11 11.

    Its not a coincidence.

    • Hi Andy,

      My thought is that it’s just the peripheral vision picking up on ‘pattern’ – parallel lines in this case. It’s not a popular view, as most people seem to think it has some mystical meaning. When I was a child we had a video recorder next to the TV and every single day I would see 11:11 and 10:10 and 22:22. Nowadays, the only digital clock I see is the one on the computer screen. I always see 11:11, and probably 9:11 is what I see the most. The peripheral vision is to vision what subconscious is to conscious – taking in much more than the bit we are focusing on.

  35. The director of Knowing also did Dark City, the “preface” to The Matrix. So the common theme is what the Puppetnasters have in store for humanity, which is clearly a “reboot” event, a cataclysm which the Chosen escape to reestablish Civilization, the paradigm for controlled trauma. Trauma is tension, and tension is torsion which channels to the Earth’s core and eventually reaches a breaking-point. Evil evolves devolution, meaning it uses a program to progress its own climactic destruction. Thus “trauma” is the driving force of these cyclic “deluges”. Thus the “sunrise” at the end of the Matrix trilogy merely begins a new cycle, even though it evolved from the norm when The One follows the logic of control. Neo’s anomolous focus on Trinity points to an alternate possibility, not “choice” but destined transcendence, being in the datastream but not “of” the program. By following Soul’s conscience instead of programmed consciousness, one can access the Hologram, the Oneness that is latent within the paradigm of duality/differentiation that formulates the hierarchy of Dominion. By forsaking complacency and complicity, conscience leads to a paradigm that redeems Evil with the Good Intention of beneficence, a paradisical optimization of one’s existence. Based on equality and balance, that culture of peace can end the cycle of destruction.

  36. The director of Knowing, Alex Proyas, also did I Robot, with the theme of free-will. Surprisingly, actual “freedom” requires the rejection of free-will, which consciousness is programmed to grasp as a placebo, so-called the Oracle-effect, whereby one accepts the notion of control yet clings to the delusion of being “exceptional”, having eaten of the fruit of knowing how empowerment is rewarded with degrees of seeming success. However, empowerment is really complicity, playing along with the drama of civilization’s gameplan. The alternative is Destiny, not free-wil, but a sense of that mindset which transcends programming and seeks enlightenment. But almost no one is “willing” to forsake free-will; it is an addictive delusion, so enlightenment is rare and Evil is dominent. Ironically, control is normal, nothing is happenstance, all is scripted. But Destiny is anomolous to Evil’s Dominion, and redeems “necessary evil” by focusing on the Oneness that is the initial mindset of creation, and being biased to good can support transcendence of reality’s evolved-devolution and its replacement with beneficence.

      • spinning? the speed control button in the ‘windmills of my mind’ just stopped working! Your gardeners are digging deeper and deeper, Zen. Wow just wow. what mind blowing commentary…..

        I just finished watching THIS IS THE END – just came out in the big Red Box!! omg – DUDE!! Satire? Seth Rogen took it to the limits with rude, crude, and lewd. I guess you had to be really wasted to enjoy it???? I was going to eject it within the first fifteen – should have — what a waste of my precious time

        sing it David
        Blood Sweat & Tears – Hi De Ho


      • I actually broke this down piece by piece, for my own, and it reinforced my initial senses to reading this comment. This is yet another attempt to use the good old Hegelian process to cause a problem and provide a solution. Clever little choices of wording and reasoning create confusion (problem), and the “solution” inserted in the comment is the message: you are not a free eternal being, you will comply because it is your destiny, resistance is futile; thinking you are a conscious being (oneness with universe/ Oracle) is an illusion as you do not have the free-will, nor are empowered to change this reality, their perceived version of freedom.
        The things that stick out, as usual for my senses are the choice of words used here, like a good sales man/woman they have to relate to their “customer”, and pretend to understand their concerns become one and the same. The assumption is that these words: consciousness, anomalous, free-will, freedom, enlightenment, transcendence, etc. were all carefully selected to relate to the way most here view or communicated during our journey to conscious awareness. In my highly technical view (cracking up here/ as I am a dummy just traveling in the universe), this person has a defined mission, and I reject it! Nope do not consent to this illusion. Love is the most powerful force, and one of its expressions is to create something, out of nothing, completely new at every opportunity to exercise this beautiful gift (human experience) that it is to be a free light being. Much love…

  37. In the Knowing there were several imprints of the good things coming to…I had been working with an Elder who found me in Australia who says she is responsible for overseeing and teaching the new Pleiadians or Buffalo Hearts her name is P Taylor just is the teacher in the movie. She expanded my awareness hugely with telepathic conversations and many other story’s of empowerment. The ET’s in the movie although portraded as scary beings (obviously trying to get us in fear of them) are very similar to Pleiadians in human form. The ET’s at the end are the closest the Elder I worked with has ever seen, to Buffalo Hearts actual etheric body. So Ive always seen this movie as a message of good coming and ignored the crap of doom and gloom Hollywood threw in there.

  38. I think you are fruitier than a fruit cake, but I still assign 15% probability here (so what does that make me?), so I am at least open, right?

  39. Great site man. I will be re-visiting.

    I saw a quote somewhere, or read something and paraphrase: “We are all just rehearsing for a play that will never be shown”
    That quote ‘feels’ like it has some inherent and profound truth to me. Somehow resonating that spiritually, entirety is all we have to be concerned about. That the universe and everything in it, including the most advanced forms of consciousness continue to expand into every possibility that ever could be.

    Someone commented earlier mentioning a ancestral consciousness from within that conflicts with our innate yet malleable ‘every-day’ consciousness that we seem to critique ironically as clumsy and non-conscious, or at least irresponsible. Even though this very part of our psyche is evidently part of who we are at this point in time and space, at the crest of trial or at the recovery of error. Which to me seems to apply to everything that ever was.

    This quote by physcologist R.M Bucke, for me, seems to summarise the most pure realisation that any being can have:

    “Deep within the soul, below pain, below all the distraction of life, is a silence vast and grand – an infinite ocean of calm, which nothing can disturb; nature’s own exceeding peace, which ‘passes understanding’. That which we seek with passionate longing, here and there, upward and outward, we find at last within ourselves” R M Bucke

  40. Did anyone notice the logos of the production companies at the beginning of the official trailer? A pyramid out of which shines a single eye.

  41. Hope….. That is the thing man, the thing that the powers that are hijack over and over and then over once again. I picture secretive meetings called KHH seminars;

    “Keep Humanity Hoping…..it keeps them out of the moment and unaware of their true power.”

    “Shit happens folks but hey there is always hope that it will all get better in the future.”

    You got to be in awe of the program that humanity keeps buying into. The hope thing keeps us out of the moment and into co opted reality. Then the one that is priceless is how they they get em to fight to keep hope alive for ever and ever and ever once again!

    Till we come to a greater understanding of the nature of hope we will always be human hoping’s and not our true nature, human beings.

    imho, will iam

  42. Oh God , that is so dark and funny . I love Bill Hicks he always got it so right !!!!!! Thanks for that Zen . Hugs love Kitty xxx . I do hope Peek gets better soon I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers as I said xxxxxx xKitty xxxx

  43. The apocalypse boils down to our fear of death – and “their” ability to control and manipulate our fear of death through propaganda. We play into it – including websites like this – because we “don’t know what to do”. Knowing who you are, who your Ancestors are – and where you come from – is a great guide to “see” where you are going. I consciously choose to look back to look forward. I stand in the middle zen road seeing it all – both sides, all around, multi-dimensionally. It’s an awesome vantage point that we all have access to!

    Indigenous mind – and recovering it – reactivating it, including it……helps us to confront the grief and fear we carry from lineages of ancestors surviving and thriving. Our Ancestors – past and future – have so much to share with us, yet we are too busy getting wrapped up in everything going on around us, that we are distracted from what is right in front of us within……….it’s amazing.

    I totally dig this website, yet it too is a distraction. I hear a lot of excellent and brilliant points – but they are swirling around with no direction. I’d like to read something that is really helpful at this moment. I enjoy everyone here – but gheesh, playing the Apocalyptic Propaganda Game is really getting *yawn*……boring.

    Let’s expand, go within and upgrade. The way I know how – it within and straight to my Ancestors. Because of this website and articles like this, I’ve been prompted to teach a genealogy class again – to get the “hook up” to indigenous mind and Ancestors back up and running.

    Enlightening the mind and listening to the wisdom of the ages within and following the signs of nature, Earth, All Livings Things…..plants, animals, stars, Ancestors……

    WE ARE OFFLINE and we need the hook up again. Then I’d like to see what comes through a website like this.

    Apocalypse Smocalypse!

      • Okay Zen. I’ll dust off the files and crack it open again. It stirs *stuff* up and I am hesitant because I am “waiting” for the call to bring it forward…….and possibly this IS the call. It’s all a part of the Ancestral Grand Plan. It’s a culmination of the wisdom of tribal elders and healers – and a decolonization process that I based my entire doctoral dissertation on. I’ll translate it and send you an article. I feel at this point my Ancestors are fully anchored for whatever unfolds from it! Thanks for the spark.

        • If it ain’t time now, when is it?! They cry out..just reflect, let the chips fall where they may…. Truth is it’s own engine and awaits animation on any and every level….

        • Living the right way…….. Wil Numkena’s *Basic Laws of Life* have defined my movements.



          Each of us have native tribes, tribal lineages and tribal Ancestors. Every single one of us. Instead of schools indoctrinating other languages than our own, why not have each student pick a native language of an Ancestor? DNA and remembering would be activated, that’s why not!

          We can unplug from what’s going on and remember the connection within. It’s an “apocaplyse” to me to NOT have this connection fully functioning!

        • Darksidemama, Thank you for your comment on Ancestors. I’ve never read anything on this subject until reading your comment. For years it has been off and on something my mind/awareness was leading me to but never looked into it and only thought myself nuts. Thank you! Last night I duckduck.go – ed ancestral healing and it caused me to feel so very close to them. Even the ones I don’t know! I did not feel alone and much gratitude. I feel many things they were unable to do for whatever reason are cheering me on to do in this life. Many ghosts they could not overcome sort of speak is my job if I want. I do believe in free will but this shines a whole new light on the subject. Just cannot relate how close I felt to my dad, grandmother, brother, cousin last night. It was a bitter sweet experience and I see my responsibilities in a different light also. I love this garden here and am full of gratitude to the beings that put so much love into all they do for people whom by chance land on this site while on these machines.

  44. Fascinating darksidemama , you are very perceptive .
    If we are separated from our ancestors or our history we do become disconnected as you say and know neither where we have been or where we are going .
    One of the things most if not all organised religions have been able to do most effectively is to destroy our natural need or urge to remain connected to our ancestors . One of the many reasons why indigenous peoples and Shamanistic practices have been and are being systematically destroyed .
    Our governments love to rewrite history as a tool to control us .
    More info as Zen says would be amazing . Kitty xxxx

    • there’s a key here – she’s working on it…I know when I found my family heritage it did wonders to my personal perception on several levels…she’s on to something..as have many been..why do you think the bloodlines are so important to the controlling families?

      Shit, we have powerful enabled families too!!! Yehaaaa!!!

  45. Bloodlines are important because it is where our “power” is. They have been colonizing us for eons. Well…… the Ancestral Grand Plan is way way way bigger…..and the beauty is that “THEY” are a part of it too. We just need to get on board.

    The position I have is that my Ancestors are genealogists, archivists and scribes from the old Dalridian Tribes. I have remembered enough and processed enough to remember “my position” in my bloodline and assume it again, with the promptings of native people. They are still tell us to remember. I think now we will listen :)

  46. We ALL have Ancestors…..it’s truly what connects us – it’s the genealogy of the Earth at a bloodline level that includes EVERYONE. It’s up to each of us to remember, yet it means dealing with and healing the grief of lineages of abuse and internalized colonization and genocide. It’s on the level of humanity, culture, country, state, city, county, neighborhood, home, family, relationships and Self. Begin healing within the Self and the rest will follow. It’s really really going down the “rabbit hole” within. There are many signs, guides, posts and rest stops along the way and you are ALWAYS taken care of if you ask for help. Always.

    • Resonates so very deeply DSM…very very deeply. Definitely part of our spiritual reconciling/empowerment process we need to first recognize and face, then take in and process. Much love…hammer away, baby, this is an important point….Z

  47. Same with me , after many years of research I finally know who I am !! It is empowering and wonderful .
    Yes, bloodlines , keeping them pure , not just genetically but all the family history and ancestral memories , knowledge , passed down the generations .
    Back to the Bible Zen , all the generations listed , emphasising the purity of those bloodlines not tainted with the Nephilim ? Xx. XKitty x

    • Gd point…Lots to grok…Bible has so many truths, so many detours…true about the bloodline inference – who knows who they really are – miss direction, mr. direction.. ;)

      • I had read that if a family continues to breed within one specific race, for instance, two whites giving birth, and that child breeding with another white, the eighth generation of children will be sterile. This is why the Windsor bloodline has a black in their family history.

  48. Nephilim…..check out Tuatha de Danaan. “Otherwordly Ancestors” intermingling with humans. Not so bad. My lineage hails from ancient Scotland – over 10,000 years back (why we are record keepers and scribes). The birth mother of our clan is a seal woman, or a selkie. Otherworldly and human – inter (inner) species breeding not so uncommon. Many generations down our family line a Scot king married an Irish princess – so we also identify with being Scot-Irish. Many of our human clan have web toes. Mine is slight. There is a lot of propaganda about Nephilim……my approach is when you confirm something in your bloodline is what it is, don’t judge another. Nephilim got a bad wrap and “interpretation”. Things are not what they seem. Instead of focusing on “their” bloodline and connect with your own – EVERYTHING looks, feels, seems and senses different. It changes everything about everything. It’s because we then include our Self and unplug from “them” – then the ancestral lineage begins the healing process. Family issues come up, clan issues…..cultural issues, personal issues…..the true “bounty” of it, the treasure is what lies beneath. The skills and gifts and the likes….the history and purpose of the clans we all come from.

    I have over 20 years of journals specifically on all of this. I’ve been keeping the research going. It’s really just the beginning. Everyone has something to bring forward. Everyone has a purpose. It lies within the bloodlines. We are all special and unique and have clans to remember and participate in again. It just takes – I’ve found – a commitment to the process. It’s rough at times, yet when I hear my children – I know why I continue.

    In my Ancestral lineage, there are stories – oral traditions – of these times. Many people know of the Hopi Prophecies……each clan, tribe and bloodline have these stories and prophecies. We need to remember them = specific to each bloodline. Some people have many….that’s okay, there is plenty of room for everyone.

    Even deeper, each clan and tribe is connected to a “place” or a landscape that they are in the care of. Knowing the migrations of Ancestors and the sacred sites and mountains and hills associated with them = give your DNA activation on a genetic level. Begin to heal genetic memory and now you’re on to something! Repair the dissociations.

    • fascinating background, DSM. I’ve got to start digging deeper. every day all day I feel as though I am communicating with many people/souls/things (don’t know who or what probably because I’ve never looked for a connection). I do see figures/faces lighting up, changing shape, coming and going, as I drift off to sleep. I don’t know if I’m dreaming anymore cause I don’t remember anything. The one reoccurring dream that I had pretty regularly throughout my whole life has stopped. You’ve really got me thinking now — uh oh!

      The only oral tradition I know of had to do with birthing babies and was passed down by my Irish Grandmother: Take 1 shot of castor oil and sit yourself down on the radiator! (my family put the “fun” in dysfunctional!)

    • That was so fascinating DSM , I have a very complex ancestral background it is like yours predominantly Celtic on my fathers side , Scottish Irish . We are directly related to a family that included a very well known seer in its ranks . I temember my great grandmother on my Scottish side telling me of the shapeshifting Selkie and the Sliocha nan Ron and the family clan leader who took one of these beautiful beings as his bride . The world of other dimensional people beings was as real to her as this plane of existence .
      The gift of second sight is part of my own heritage , the women in my family are all gifted in this way both from my fathers side and my mothers through her Palestinian , Spanish ,Irish side .
      Recent events in my family has told me and shown me that genetic memories of old and deep rooted hurt and pain is finally being healed and the soul slate is being wiped clean .
      Your comments have confirmed this for me , how wonderful that we can each touch each other in this meaningful way . Kitty xxxx

  49. One of my assignments in graduate school was to learn an ancient Old Irish prayer and recite it in Old Irish. I did and to this day still say the prayer to include my Ancestors. Starting with language it a huge key. I started with the Ogham alphabet and am continuing on with Old Irish. Hearing it, listening to it runs way way deep. Way deep. Before the native fluent speakers from your remembered tribal cultures pass away – listen to them! It’s so key.

    Benjamin Lee Whorf’s “Language, Thought and Reality” helped me out a lot with this. Also “Yurugu” bu Marimba Ani. wowza. Her book was my first psychedelic self-reflective mind trip. Talk about looking into the cauldron. That book shoved me down the rabbit hole.

  50. Thank you DSM and Zen for this , this has hit me on an incredibly deep
    level , it just feels right .
    Perhaps the question is this , instead of looking for the other (in what ever form we think it takes ) we should be looking to ourselves for our current situation . The other is us , playing a part , the protagonist if you like . DSM says we all have ancestors , and we all do of course , if we are all connected on a deep ancestral level then those others we fear are part of this too .
    Healing on a very deep level maybe what we are in desperate need of .
    Interestingly the more Fundamental churches are very keen on generational healing , and believe at a very basic level that ‘ sin ‘ ( not stepping up to the mark ) is passed on through the generations , and ties us to each other in a sometimes negative way (the sins of the fathers ) ?
    You have said Zen as have many others here that the real battle is a spiritual battle , it is and it is for us . Perhaps this battle we are engaged in at a very basic level is our battle with our selves , from one generation to the next. ……..http://youtu.be/pey29CLID3I this song reminded me very much of our current situation , some of the words are very poignant I think xxxx Kitty xxx

  51. Rejoice, for the world ruled by liars, cultish so-called ‘religions’, control freaks and misanthropes is dying and WE shall decide what its replacement will be through our thoughts, words and deeds. Keep it up, Zen!

  52. WEEZE said: “The film “Melancholia” is signifcant as well.


    JerseyCynic says: GO WATCH THIS MOVIE ASAP. Really – this is an outstanding film. Glad you brought it up Weeze. I’m going to go watch it again — I loved it (I must be depressed?)

    As far as I’m concerned, “The Apocalypse is already here….”

    “The apocalypse is not something which is coming. The apocalypse has arrived in major portions of the planet and it’s only because we live within a bubble of incredible privilege and social insulation that we still have the luxury of anticipating the apocalypse. If you go to Bosnia or Somalia or Peru or much of the third-world then it appears that the apocalypse has already arrived.”
    ~Terence McKenna

    PEEK I LOVE YOU – GET WELL SOON — that’s an order!

  53. I always enjoy reading your posts zen. Really inspiring stuff and well articulated opinions. I’ve been coming here since I’ve been visiting rense.
    I would just like to say I have never enjoyed reading comments as much as I do here at zen. What an amazing group of open minded and pretty intelligent people sharing ideas and inspiring me every time. Thanks everyone for making this experience even better.

  54. I am working on writing a piece – and its overwhelming where to start. Besides connecting with a language of a bloodline Ancestor, we each MUST look at our deep personal and psychological. For the “Ancestral Hook-Ups” to get back online – we have to make room. We are distracted by technology, we are zombified by ALL the information swirling around. The bottom line is dealing with childhood issues and issues within our family. It brings up abuse, mistreatment, incest, domestic violence, illness, death……it brings it ALL up. The point of diving into this is that THIS is what is blocking us from our true genetic bloodline gifts.

    The master manipulators are also aware of how to “jam” up our systems with all of the distractions around us. It’s up to us to do the work and shake it all off, to discipline ourselves to connect and get online with our Self. It’s also key to get online with the family levels – healing family dissociations. It’s hard because it doesn’t always mean you will reconcile – it means healing it within.

    I literally have been philosophizing, writing, researching and living this specific work for over 18 years and wrote a psychological process for it. It’s deep genetic healing of the ancestral lineages. Without it, I don’t see how anything will go anywhere. It also doesn’t make me a popular person in my community of family and friends because I can’t just talk about the weather.

    The flipside of it – is the access of bloodline traits, gifts, skills – and our purposes (if you have multiple bloodlines there is a treasure-trove). Even deeper – when I work someones genealogy, it places them in a location that aligns them with sacred sites. THIS IS THE HOOK-UP…….from Self to family to tribe to culture to landscape to sacred site to the archeoastronomy of the psyche. MAJOR hook-up. It takes a great deal of personal work…….yet as Rupert Sheldrake helped me out with the understanding of the morphic field – the more that people take on their bloodline issues – the stronger we become genetically and our skills are activated. Once people start doing their own personal Ancestral Healing – it becomes easier for others to begin.

    I’ve had over 50 university students engage in this work and 100% of them went off the charts in the process and haven’t stopped doing this work. Once the Ancestral Healing is egnaged and the Ancestors of each lineage get that the back door is opening – look out. EVERYTHING changes. Absolutely EVERYTHING. We are so not alone. Past generations and future generations are relying up us to do this.

    “THEY” of the bloodline of the elite – they knew this was the way. Take away our languages, try to kill us all, genocide and colonize us…..but we were smarter. My Ancestors encoded illuminated manuscripts on Iona – so that when I and others came upon them – we would remember. Sacred sites have encoded messages. The Ogham alphabet helped me a LOT in the beginning. When it is unpacked, it morphs into a three-dimensional grid of the worldview, access points, doorways, etc…..it is an Ancestral map. The way to unlocking ALL of this in our lineages is healing our deep deep issues. It’s hard work. But where else do we go amidst the Fukashimas, NWO’s, smart grids, chemtrails, government shutdowns and the likes???

    It’s the deepest security I know.

    • Darksidemama, did you realise that you posted the 157th comment, which summed is 13? Maybe you are looking at a archaicospiritualisticcognitive riddle, the equivalent of computer games these days. In my reality, time doesn’t exist and any ‘door’ (in the cognitive sense of course) is and was and will always be open. As far as my ancestors go I truly hold a deep and constant gratitude for watching and respect for letting me know it.

      Take care

  55. Zen,

    I don’t understand what you mean. There is not going to be any Apocalypse, because if it was I would know it. There are just some (ok a bunch of?) individuals that quite annoyingly play for time. They are playing with scenarios because that is the way they keep the power. Power – fear…The bigger complexity the bigger the amount of money. Because the toy has become old and broken, they want a new toy the NWO. Which is much more simple and free of headaches. So ‘Theywhohavewhateverpower’ finally realised where they went wrong in the first place and they prepared to trade the power for immunity and continuous existence in total abundance in the seat of ultimate privilege (and covert authority). Of course everyone will have abundance, prosperity, harmony at all levels described by Maslow, apart from self actualization. And here is the bubu. It is too late for NWO.

    Oh by the way the top of the charts for apocalyptic scenarios was the dude from Australia.

    I only A for Qs in mail.


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