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Music Director Fabio Chavez leads his students from “The Orchestra of Instruments Recycled From Cateura” in a practice session in Cateura, a vast landfill outside Paraguay’s capital of Asuncion, Paraguay. Chavez had learned clarinet and guitar as a child, and had started a small music school in another town in Paraguay before he got a job with an environmental organization teaching trash-pickers in Cateura how to protect themselves. Chavez opened a tiny music school at the landfill hoping to keep youngsters out of trouble. But he had just five instruments to share. (AP Photo/Jorge Saenz)
Read the article: Kids play Mozart with violins made from garbage


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  1. This is so inspirational and heart-warming. It exemplifies “where there is a will there is a way.” I’m looking forward to seeing this movie next year!

  2. Excellent. I live in Asuncion, everyday we see people collecting rubbish for recycling.

    This is the true meaning of conserving resources, not something done by government mandate.

    Thank you Zen for sharing this.

  3. To TPTB Nice you sick fuckers , kids picking threw trash .
    But i know there happiness still make you sick.

    • I don’t want this to come off in a sense of quarreling, But where do people see inspiration in children force to pick threw toxic trash from a selfish controlling violent government ? I get that the children are not letting there spirits be controlled and suppressed by materialistic items and they carry on making impressive and beautiful music . I find that we are inspired because we feel safe, The truth is its fucking horrible and any human is forced in a dangerous environment for a small chunk of time and sanctuary for peace is wrong .Yea!~ Let’s find some enjoyment in a disease infested shit hole, Sorry i don’t want to piss in your corn flakes but I don’t see inspiration i see suffering and I cant condone humans finding Joy and happiness via default.

      • I didn’t see the video in that way Peeks. My point was that Americans are so gluttonously filled with crap, buy more crap, we need more crap that most don’t have any sense of who they really are. Just watch more TV, comsume more, more, more. Did you watch the Stand By Me video? If not, you should. It’s awesome!

        • Yes i did watch it .. and yea it was very good. I must have read to deep into the “Here’s another inspiring video” part of your post Thank you for your reply and kindness

      • I agree with you completely – I was trying to put my thought amd feelings into words – but you did so for me. Thank you Peek Crackers.

  4. Despite not wanting to, Peek Crackers, your post does come off as combative, bitter, and angry. There is a part of me that feels the same thing you wrote about, and there are days when it takes everything I have to not be consumed by disgust, sadness, anger, and impatience with people in general (and TPTB in particular). For me, the inspiration in this video comes from the fact that despite a violent government, despite living in a “diseased infested shit hole” as you put it, despite living in severe poverty with no apparent way out, these people saw a ray of possibility for hope, joy, and education for the kids in the community. They pursued that narrow ray of light, fed it, and created beautiful music out of nothing but squalor, stench, and silence. Take a deep breath, reach into your heart, and be glad for that little group of kids. Be glad THEY have found some joy in their lives. If they can do it, you can too.

    • Linda fair warring before you read this ( note this contains profanity . Maybe you should re-read my post . Despite not wanting to, Peek Crackers, your post does come off as combative, bitter, and angry. Its a blanket statement, but i am going to assume in witch i hate to do that you are referring to the words ( violent government, a “diseased infested shit hole ) Maybe it would have taken a less taxing tole on your velvet eyes if it read such as the following ( I fell very unsettled for the children who frolic in the rubbish ,medical and hazardous waste disposal area looking for the strands of happiness to come together as one in peace and harmony) I was black and white in my sentence “I cant condone humans finding Joy and happiness via default.” ) and Still make no bones about it . Linda: “Take a deep breath, reach into your heart, and be glad for that little group of kids. Be glad THEY have found some joy in their lives. If they can do it, you can too.” Are you fucking nuts? really ? read into this all you want Breathing and stroking your ego by handing out 10 cent NYC yoga statements is the kinda of thing that’s wrong with the UNICEF cracker box of a j just settle for scraps of happiness and tranquility. Am I Bitter Nope angry Nope, Heart broken that children have this as happiness YES! , it doesn’t mean that i ma going on some fucked up hunger strike . But i am going to call it as I see it and I am compelled to point out we are better then this . The question was clear and pisces222 was clear in a response ( bless him/her) I was clear in my statements . So you know again there is no anger just choice words .

      • Oh and here is a Origami bookey made out of crack coke Cain packaging wrappers and 38 gun shell cases collected from the burn out drug house in Detroit . Made from the children that live in tents .Just so you know i feel the love!

        • Point taken, Peek. “Your velvet eyes” and “10 cent NYC yoga statements” do describe how my post came off. You’re not the first person to tell me that, although no one has been quite as creative as you. And no, I am not fucking nuts. Sometimes platitudes help mitigate my bitter cynicism and heartbreak, but they obviously don’t help to express myself as I am. I must say you got me thinking about some things differently, and for that I’m grateful.

          • Linda Hugs and warm Mugs of respect lets spread this cheese whiz plastic world out on real toast! Thank you for your Kind words .

    • Of course it is inspiring to see such wonderful courage. Who could not admire that – but I am still horrified – and I surely feel very angry that children can be treated this way. Very angry indeed. I remember the first time I saw people picking through garbage dumps I rushed to my bedroom and literally flung myself on the floor, sobbing and wild and unbelieving. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I still can’t and I hate it and those responsible must be held accountable for what has happened to children – though it has been happening to the children of India for centuries and it is not changing there.

      • I fell ya Astraea! From what I see and I am only speaking for myself I find people are blinded by this small portion of courage and miniscule sliver of happiness . The big picture of a horrible and inhumane way of life becomes normal and excepted. Hence “normalization” with small pity party’s over shadowing the long continuous starvation and sneaky ways of the vampires It out right demoralizing and breaks downs a person spirit. I often wonder how those children really feel. A friend of mine Came to Canada when he was 12 years of age , He was from Uganda, and his words still echo in my mind when I see these feel good videos and photos of devastated county’s His words ” There is nothing more shame full when others find inspiration in our atrocities and living conditions” as he continued to explain ” My perseverance to keep my sanity was a death in itself and for another to find that inspiring is sick ” . Zen I love ya and I am not trying by no means to be over bearing on this post , just trying to shine light on what can be forgotten very easily by seeing the strength in a forced state of living conditions . Like the free food in Africa , how the fuck can those people work with in the confines of framed in economy by western standers when you give them free ? but just enough free to keep em begging ,no one competes with free and the fuckers with they’re dog chokers yank it anytime they want .One can only ” hope ” witch is a joke, that wake the fuck up cause the choker is tighten systematically country by country. Sorry that read hostel , It wont be as bad as the jack boots that will be on necks,Even if we are ok with death and letting go of this chunk of earth , this shit show keeps playing out until we as one Really do something and acceptance stops.

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