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Larry “The Cockroach” Silverstein – Still Bleeding Greed



by Zen Gardner

While the Trayvon Martin fiasco was playing out over the past few days, a little known court case was taking place behind closed doors in Manhattan. It seems Larry “The Sewer Roach” Silverstein, who bought and mega-insured the WTC only months before 9/11 — and just “happened” to not have his breakfast at the top of the towers for the first time on that fateful day of premeditated ritual murder by his ilk in cahoots with a myriad of Zionist and Neocon perpetrators — well, guess what he wants….are you ready?

He wants MORE insurance money. I know, what a shock. Not. The greedy bastard feels so confident in the bamboozlement factor that he thought he could sue the AIRLINES as well for premeditated murderous and fraudulent demolition of his new acquisitions.

Apparently his initial outlay of a few hundred thousand that netted him billions in insurance money wasn’t good enough for this piece of crap and he has the balls to go for more. No wonder he was selected as the Zionist slime ball front-runner as the new owner of the WTC.  He’s not human. Let’s hope his overstepped re-involvement in the “new” towers takes him to dirty jail and he dies in infamy where he belongs.

Silverstein Loses Battle Over 9/11 Payouts

Mr. Silverstein—who signed a 99-year-lease to control the Twin Towers six weeks before they were destroyed—in 2004 sued American Airlines and United Airlines for more than $8 billion in damages, alleging they were responsible for reckless security breaches.

Judge Hellerstein said Thursday that giving Mr. Silverstein’s group money in addition to what he received from insurers would effectively compensate Mr. Silverstein twice for the same losses, something barred by New York state law. Therefore, Mr. Silverstein “would not be able to recover anything” if the case against the airlines and their insurers were able to go forward, the judge said. Source

Nuff said. Don’t like giving too much airtime to pure filth. There are too many wonderful people doing wonderful things despite the horrors of these uber-greedy self-serving scum sucking parasites.

Keep on.

Love, Zen


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    • It’s they who are pathetic. Sayanara! Adios! Au viedersehn! Au Revoir

      Well, they’re dead wrong; it is they who are pathetic. Bye, bye, morons. Farewell. Hasta la vista.

      vedersehn! Au Revoir!

  1. Now wie will have to wait for this sub human POS to sue the security firm in charge of screening the passengers on all of the flights on that fate-full day. Nahhhhhh, on second thought , not likely, it is Israeli owned.
    Keep Love in your Heart

  2. A perfect example that all false soul foods (like money, power…) will never satisfy our hunger but let us greed for more. We starve while we eat. There’s only one genuine food: LOVE!!!

  3. Gee, Zen, can you tell us how you really feel? 😉

    That was short, sweet, and right to the point. And it was nice to see things working out as they should – a welcome change. I had a thought, which I saw you addressed as I continued to read: He’s not human.

    These beyond-greedy bastards have more money than they could ever possibly need, want, or spend, yet they try to get more? For me, it begs the question of whether or not they could possibly be human.

    Neithan – funny, but I’m eating dinner as I read now. I so agree about the one genuine food. One good from all of this insanity is that it has pushed me towards knowing that LOVE is the final answer. Without their over-the-top behavior, I might not have gotten to where I am today.

    I guess I gotta love ’em (or not!) for that.

    Much LOVE to all,

    • Funny, huh? That’s the spirit! 😀
      Same with me – if I hadn’t had all this dung, I’d most probably be still one of these “well behaving” automatons.

      I know it’s pretty hard sometimes, but we have to radiate love. If we’d hate’em we’d be them, merely fueling the vicious circle.
      And if we can’t love, we still can laugh – cuz: It’s just a ride! 😀

      BTW: Had a nice book this weekend – a nice zenny story:


      • I am trying that, Neithan. Not even trying, really.

        Love? Not sure right now.
        Indifference? Towards them, yes, in a sense.
        I feel sort of disconnected, or dispassionate, maybe.
        I can get angry at what they’re doing, and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.
        I hate what they’re doing, but I can’t say I hate them. I guess I feel like it’s a waste of my energy.

        Maybe, although I don’t understand it all, I feel it’s part of a bigger plan and I’m here, along with the rest of us (or many others), to do something about it.

        I think that if I get mired down in too much negativity, my focus won’t be where it belongs. We can win, and I intend to, so I try not to waste my energy on the hate. I do believe – I know in my heart – that love is the answer, so while I may not love them or what they’re doing, I just try to stay on my path and expect a positive finish.

        Keep your eyes on the prize:
        LOVE – you know it!


        • Hey, sounds pretty good to me! :)
          I care just as much for them as I can make fun of them or their doings. (Or to open people’s eyes to it.) Aside from that, I care for the bright side.
          Where Light shines, darkness yields. So: If you hate their doings, you put energy in it. If you shine (just for the sake of it), they fade. (No need to actively love them, as far as I can tell.)

          When you get detached, you’ll play instinctively. When you play, you’ve already won!

          Much Love!

          😉 http://zenpencils.com/comic/110-yoda-do-or-do-not/

    • That was interesting Clariity ,you said love is the only thing there is and that is so true. Zen I just want to throw this one at you ,(because I know I can and you will alway’s answer me) The Universe is a simulation theory is as you know a contentious one. But what if !!! What if we were all in this game together and I mean all even the PTB’s (in all their forms) and the way out of this level for us is to show love ,or the kind of compassion that transcends every thing? That our enslavement and consequent suffering is all part of the plan if you like to get us to move forward ? Spiritually . I was struck at the spiritual maturity of Clarity’s remark ,having that kind of detachment is a rare gift .I have been thinking about this a lot recently , duality love compassion , being detached . It seem’s the more detached I become the more I am able to love . Well that’s it !!! Brain going at a rate of knots as usual !! Lol When you have deciphered my stream of consciousness let me know what you think love Kitty xxxxx

      • you assumed me into that one, velly crever…. 😉 … All I know is detachment works – being attached to something destructive and soul sucking isn’t very smart. It works through the mind – veil, maya – to give us the impression we need it. Once in the illusion nothing will make conscious sense and you’re left to play the game according to its very shallow self sustaining merry go round rules…. that’s the crap that fills up the books of man’s great “learning” – spiritual masturbation and self flagellation for the sake of itself. Cuz it requires it.

        And that’s meaning? A life has meaning because it’s doomed to fulfill some primal dictate of self-serving survival like an unconscious ball bearing going back and forth?????

        But there’s a better way – that’s off the charts as different from that false shallow reality as light is from dark….

        That’s where we should be playing. So get the gunk off, the slime of the body snatchers will consume anything in its path if you let it…..and reasoning with it gives it power. Head for the conscious hills baby!!!
        (end of message … 😉

        • Ahh you answer velly well .!! LOL Good answer ,love our conversations x Thinking of the next one !!! Over and out ! Love and hugs Kitty xxxx

      • Wow, Kitty – thank you.

        I’m learning, but in this area as well, I have learned a lot in a short time. I had a past-life reading done in January, 2012, and after that, things have been moving! Since then, I’ve met three people with whom I had such a strong connection that I checked, and all three were people with whom I shared past lives. I suspect a couple of others, but didn’t ask for confirmation yet. Part of my learning involved believing in someone online who spoke as something of an expert, but it turned out that he is leading people down the wrong path. We can learn just as much, if not more, by the mistakes we make, so I look at some aspects of that experience as positive.

        Your own spiritual maturity is showing, Kitty! Your question, I think, is a big one, and it’s one I’ve pondered as I try to figure everything out. (As if that will ever happen!)

        Someone here (sorry, I forget who) posted a link – maybe two or three months ago. I followed it and found myself at a place I had been shortly before I officially woke up. I was in the process, and had been looking up different things. It scared me at the time, as I had no idea what to make of it. Coming to it with more spiritual learning behind me, I now see it in a different light. While I am very interested in learning more about Archons, and I feel that it explains the goings-on here very well, I have also given some consideration to what’s in the linked document. As crazy as it may seem, it also makes a lot of sense to me. There are some aspects that make it feel believable to me, although good disinfo can do that. Once I get settled in here, and get my computer hooked up again, I hope to reread it, this time while considering if this explanation could fit with the Archon information. Maybe they are both accurate?

        If you read this, I’d be very curious to hear what you think. I’d give you my email address if you would like to talk about it more thoroughly so we don’t clog up Zen’s comments.


        Much love,

        • Hi Clarity ,would love your email will give you mine .I think we will have a lot to talk about. I left you a message on the Graham Hancock Who Do we think we are article , not site if you read it . Looking forward to hearing from you xxxx Kitty xxx

        • hi Clarity , I will ask Zen to send you my email if you would like to send me yours . I think we will have a lot to talk about !! I left you a message on Graham Hancock’s Why Are We Here article as well, hope you like it.I sent this message last night as soon as I saw yours but it obviously got lost in the ether !! Love Kitty xxxx

  4. Please remember, ladies and gentlemen, in 2004, Larry the Roach and backers bought the Chicago sears and Roebuck tower and renamed it the Willis Tower. Like the WTCs I, II, and 7, the chicago S&R Tower was set up with a demolition system during construction. This info is available in government archives and periodicals. After renamld be ground into dogfood if they tried to ‘have a terrorism event’ with this structure, they quickly sold it to an orthodox rabbi who probably has found passages in The Book of Sanhedrin which justify blowing it up full of goyum at work. Silverstein the Roach was not the main force behind the destruction of 9-11-2001, but he sure knew what was going on. Think 400 billion dollars of counterfeited U.S. Government Treasury notes and bonds. Larry the Roach was payed handsomely to allow himself to be duct taped to the front of the pirate ship used in the raid. He still draws fire.

    • duct taped to the front of the pirate ship! — perfect!!! lol! Anything for greed!…”I have a need for greed said the steed…no one will impede…until I bleed the deed indeed will speed my greed….” and on and on in his infinite hell…

  5. * He epitomises the insanity of greed & exemplifies the gross mental illness * glaring psychopathic disconnect with the self proclaimed & extreme narcissism of their own self proclaimed ‘chutzpa’… originating from the one & only… ‘Nukin- Futz’ tribe… of Zyon-Juu’s-lol…(gottalaff @ the ‘unbeeleevable’-hubris of their wanton conceit)…because I’m sure he’s just the front man…hahahahahaha of the ‘Nukin Futz’

  6. Actually, I have to commend Silverstein for his blatant stupidity and arrogance. It was his “pull it” comment of Building 7 that provided the impetus for my awakening. Once my belief in the “official story” of 9/11 was shattered, I began my research into all my other “sacred cows” that had been constructed to confine my consciousness at the level in which I could be more easily controlled.

    Sorry Larry and the rest of those Satanic underlings out there. This one backfired on you. As I continue to awaken, I will also take your advice and “If I see something, I will say something.”

  7. He must be using a lot of that insurance money on something to keep him alive because he looked like he could not hold onto another breathe the day he claimed that building 7 had to also come down because of the simple fires happening that day. For sure he has now a shorter time on the face of this earth and when he does check out he will find his blackened soul at the bottom of a very horrible burning pit.

  8. Larry “Slime Mold” Silverstein: it’s an insult to hard-working cockroaches EVERYWHERE to compare him to them.
    This human POS bought into a mega-massacre to make billions off the death and eternal hurt of many thousands of decent people. He’s never resembled a human being, and I’m very confident his karma will keep him in agony for millennia to come. CHOKE ON IT, YOU EVIL BASTARD!!

  9. maybe he normally listened for the advices of his counselors he pays all the year around to get more money; is that so immoral?

  10. This draconian being is “balls to the walls”, their kind don’t care anymore about hiding. The divide and conquer MSM is pulling lately is all to try and shift the less aware to the pit, they are counting their score at the end of the game before the casino closes in an hour. It is on, as if they are about to make their move very soon, I feel it; can anyone one validate this? As of late I feel very calm, but entirely connected , highten awareness feeling the presence but things have changed their corse a bit; feeling like a free fall almost. Much love..

    • the reality is they’re making their move continually – the bigger events are virtually public awareness revelations to make official what is already in place – but yes, more of the same on the way…. reminds me of college degrees… a BS is bullshit, an MS is More Shit or More of the Same…and a PhD? Piled Higher and Deeper… 😉

  11. Lucky Larry seems to be above investigation and the law. If it was you or I, and something smaller and we skipped our normal breakfast at the place that blew up that very morning, we would be suspect #1 and the 19 foreigners who died in the blast would be considered victims of a hate crime.

  12. Silverstein’s attorneys have already announced their intention to appeal this ignorant and “stingy” verdict. Never doubt their ability to find a LIBERAL Jewish judge who understands that the purpose of the judicial system is to transfer Goy funds into Jewish pockets.

  13. Every time I see Greenspan and Silverstein together, I get a hankering for a doublemint gum. Gotta believe these two Gargoyles will have neighboring perches on the “Freedom Tower”.

  14. Let’s not forget the 4000 Jews that didn’t show up to work that day either… Larry was just one of them…

    and no… if you asked any of those 4000 jews, I doubt they would admit to being “zionists”
    let’s remember that

  15. You all are a bunch of jealous assholes. He got to be lucky enough to win a pile of money, and played all his cards to get some more. You were stupid enough to do the opposite in his case?

    • Oh antoinel, what’s up with you?

      I can’t figure you out…
      Are you just trying to get people to laugh?

      If you’re a troll, I think you need to go back to troll school because what you’re writing here won’t work at all. It’s a complete waste of time for the people who visit this site. They’re much too aware to fall for this.

      Please don’t tell me that you really mean what you’re writing?? Even someone who doesn’t know the truth about the pre-planning of nine-eleven and who did it, would at least have compassion for those who lost their lives and would look down upon someone who is displaying über-greed, trying to profit multiple times on the same tragic event.

      That only leaves one thing, and if you truly support what he did, we know who you are. In that case, you really should take your shovels and pail and find another sandbox in which to play.

      Or hang around and do a lot of reading here… Maybe you’ll learn something.

      I feel for you.
      ~much love~

    • What are you doing here? Are you paid to be a hair in the soup, a fly in the ointment, or is this your own doing, which would be even more pathetic. Come back after you wake up. You’re perpetrating the enslavement of humanity.

  16. Building 7 is the key. How did Muslims do controlled demolition to building 7? Focus on building 7. Firemen where are you? Police and detectives, where are you? One love.

  17. so this blows a hole through the whole idea of holographic planes “crashing” into the towers. there really must have been a really real AA flight that day cause ya know… they would have an open and shut case oh oh I’m just babylon on…..nevermind mind me!

  18. Patriots need to find out who “Lucky” Larry’s dermatologist was and force him to release Lucky’s medical file.
    I don’t think “Lucky” showed up for his pimple appointment on 911.

    • I bet that dermatologist is Jewish himself. He not only would gladly have cooperated by making a fake appointment with Silverstein but most probably would also have negotiated a handsome sum for the “service”. Jews-among-Jews, you know!

  19. 911 is done with. Anyone who still believes that a group of concrete and steel structures were brought down by a group of 711 clerks with nail files is clearly an improperly functioning unit, and is in dire need of a software upgrade. It doesn’t matter how it was done, it just was not done the way “Baby Bush” told you. Besides, anybody who is anybody, knows, the butler did it.

  20. Hey, I got an idea.

    I’m kinda “over” all of the talk about the greedy ones who took all of the money and how to give it back through this or that hotly debated repatriation method. None of it is helping me today. I say “enough already!” It all reminds me of children arguing over toys. What does a kid do when another kid hogs all of the good toys? A creative child will find something else – a box, a stick, a rock – and play.

    So, since they have all of the money, I say “fine, let them have it.” They are only a small percentage (1%) right? So, I say let’s all band together and say okay, keep your pieces of paper, we pick rocks as the new currency and each one is worth a million dollars and everything costs one rock and we will only do business with each other who accept rocks (99%).

    Everyone would know abundance, just walk outside and “look there’s a rock, oooh, I’m a millionaire and there’s another and another.” Get a shovel and you’re a billionaire. But why dig, just pick one up on your way to buy something. Abundance for all! Rock, paper, scissors … and money is gone.

    Now, I used the concept of rocks here just to give people a physical representation of an object replacing another object (rock=$) but personally I prefer using a hug as our new currency. Just imagine, every time you pay for something just give them a hug. Hugs are infinitely more abundant than rocks (we’re gazillionares!), much easier to carry and hugs are backed by love, which is the real currency of the Universe anyway.

    And wouldn’t that just piss those bad guys off, because they know how to make money but they just don’t know how to make love.

    Just a musing.

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