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‘Last Chance’ – An Off Grid Opportunity

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The vast majority of the American population will be content to stay in the rat-race, stay in the system, in the life they have been told is good for them – judged by how much they can buy, putting yet more money in the hands of the elite and when the elite begin to do away with the excess population, they will be easily led away.

Some of us understand that there is a better way to live, regardless of what does or does not happen “out there”. Some of us are already here, waiting for you to join us.??You can be with people who want something better from life than the current “American way”.

You can be with people who know that the life they live is their choice, and who choose to be self-reliant.  You can be with people who choose to be kind to others and expect only kindness in return.  You can be with people who know the difference between value and money. You can be with people whose intention is to be around for the blossoming of a new paradigm, based more on caring about others than on greed.

There is no doubt that the world is in for a drastic change. Direct that change in your life to be better for yourself and those you love. Make the change be what YOU want it to be. And make it with others who have the same vision.

It doesn’t matter what does or does not happen in geo-politics, economies or populations going wild if you have already set up your own peaceful, self-sufficient life. When chaos hits the streets, it can just be another day for you. We have lived this way long enough to help you achieve that more smoothly and easily than if you set out to do it on your own.  We can help each other.

We know you’re out there.  There are just so very few of us that it’s difficult for us to find each other.  We already live the lifestyle in a place in New Mexico that we have found to be excellent for realizing the intention.  We invite others who hear the same call, who are willing to do the hard physical and emotional work to make it a reality, to put out into the universe the energy that defeats the darkness along with us, making the signal stronger that says “we will stand and live within natural law”.

Are you up to the challenge of living a better life?  Do you have the courage, the guts to live a new lifestyle?  Can you step away from the current form of society that drains every bit of humanity out of you without your even knowing it?  If you think you’d like to find out, send us an email and tell us about yourself(ves).  But only do it if you are prepared to take action NOW, not sometime in the distant future.

We are accepting a limited number of applications.  Our attitude is to be egalitarian, but we are only looking for one more person or party who has something to offer us in exchange for this opportunity.

Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and hosts of the free podcast, Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila, both available at  http://survivingsurvivalism.com.    For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com .


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  1. I believe this is the way we were intended to live. The only attempt to build a society like this since the late 40’s were the hippies and god love them for there attempt. But all is not lost slowly people are realizing this and are connecting the dots that are pushing them to this way of life. Peaceful and in harmony. Yes we will bring some of the good things and the vast knowledge that this industrial/technology age we current live in with us but hey whats wrong with that.
    Cheers and Peace to all

  2. Hey Zen,
    Any chance in making a concerted effort to eliminate the title “Elite” from posts that appear hear? The reason being is that it reinforces the false assumption that The Powers That Be are in some way better/ smarter/ or ‘above’ the rest of the populace. WE, as spiritual beings, as a collective consioucness, as loving lightworkers are the ELITE, not these negative, power driven, evil controllers who’s days as The Powers That Be are rapidly coming to a well-desrved end. Thanks!

    Great article as well. Please keep up the great work spreading truth, knowledge, community, and LOVE.


    • Good point–I always use it with a mocking distain but it does reinforce a wrong notion. Same with Israel, it’s really Occupied Palestine. Need to work on our lexicon. State Media’s anther good term instead of mainstream.

      • there is no Palestine.
        cannanites, philistines, jews, romans , Muslims, Christians,Muslim turks, League of Nations,Nato, Zionist state of Israel. order of occupation. quite spreading propaganda

        • Excellent point and I am grateful for your saying it Eric. And Zen mentioning that Occupied Palestine is NOT “israel”, never was “israel” and never will be “israel”! I cannot remember whether I have said this here before, but the ancient Israelite kingdom had nothing whatsoever to do with any Hebrews, Aprius Edomites, Midianites – or any one else, and especially Judea which was a very very poor area infested with brigands and robbers. The Israelite kingdom whose last and final ruler was Ahab (whose wife was Jezebel) annoyed the Syrians who “came down like a wolf on the fold.” Those Israelites were scattered and blended with others in the Syrian Empire – and disappeared, though sentimental people like to believe that they went North and became White people in Europe! And that they are the descendents of “King David” – who never existed – or at least, they have not been able to find any proof of such a “king”!!! There is no mention in any of the records of any of the surrounding powers of that time of a “King David.” None! I really recommend the book “The Bible Unearthed.” by Israel Finkelstein. Also the fascinating and brilliant videos made by John McCarthy called “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” and produced by a company called CTVC. John McCarthy was held hostage in Beirut for five years. He had nothing to do all day in solitary confinement but read the Bible which he did three times – and whne he came out he spent months with archaeologist and scholars inm Palestine.

    • Could you please eliminate the term ‘lightworkers’ from your posts. Most people are aware that the secret societies which a considerable amount of the ‘elite’ belong to, has lucifer (the bringer/holder of light) the head of their belief. They believe they are ‘lightworkers’ hence the name ‘freemason’, as Robert Hewitt Brown writes; Masons were known as the sons of light. btw on the initiates certificate will be seen a date A.L …Anno Lucis; year of the light.

    • This is a good idea! In addition to that, everyone should refer to the “Powers That Be” as “The Powers That Were”. They are not powerful in any way. They are cunning and use us to manufacture power for them to vampire. We no longer need to give any conscious or subconscious energy to feed and sustain the monster that cleverly has programmed the human race to feed it with symbols, words, and all the other forms of energy we give to it. Much Love, Benny

  3. Some serious freedom and a lot of like minded people are found just over the border from NM in Colorado and I don’t have to tell you the bennies of that!

    • When I read this article, my gut reaction was the same.

      …”we are only looking for one more person or party who has something to offer US…” sounds like they are not as self-sufficient as they would like to be, so they are recruiting for the missing link and packaging it as an ‘opportunity’.

      The title sounds like a sales pitch (if this was an email, it would go straight into ‘Spam’), and disdain rather than empathy is felt for ‘American’ people.

      I can imagine them sitting around the campfire in the evening (on a night that they are not arguing) scoffing at the ‘American’ people for entertainment.

      Well, pride comes before a fall.

  4. My purpose in life is to die with the masses in order to assist with their transition. I’ve always believed this although I do lament our situation. Good luck everyone.

  5. I don’t mean this to sound depressing but it reflects my mood with respect to what is going on. I’m actually optimistic thanks to folks like you all so hope this contribution is seen more as a protest to support your position.


    The sea knows I’m depressed
    The weather knows it is violated
    The planet knows it is raped
    Man knows he is deceived
    To be rid of what is believed
    They will take us with them
    As we seethe and rail
    Coining phrases to prevail


    The mischief of the aristocracy
    Batty as eyelids
    Alright Jacks
    They mold the future and suit themselves
    Making life on Earth a living Hell
    To stand aloft to where we fell
    If it isn’t sick it isn’t well

    Love of light
    Rich in spoil if not in spite
    Spirits heal and souls delight
    There is no Devil but evil gale
    My energy sources all betrayal
    I am the King of Nothing

  6. Refuges or ‘colonies’ like this will be the first attacked by ZOG brutes with choppers and tanks when the crunch comes down. Better to leave the US, if possible.

  7. Reality is self/empowerment/the-kinteic whereas others’ reality is merely one’s relativity/knowledge/the-potential. As such, the following is merely information/knowledge, which aim is introspection such that witnessing is then one’s utility and not to stirr action-reaction, which aim is to divert The Attention via weaponisation.

    The aim of Diversity [which is not individualism] is [for realising] Collectivity [which is not collectivisation]. This might seemingly be augmenting the “diversification” of the question of, “Who and what am I born for?”, but the statement is actually a part of the answer should one realises one[‘s] self, which hopefully will lead to the realisation of The Self who is refracted within all true humans, [there being those who only looked human but neither are they lizards nor aliens], awaiting its moment of reflection when The Tenant affords Reality its Passage. All mubo-jumbo-ish, of course.

    In The Bhagavad Gita [used as an example and not for name-throwing], there came a moment when Arjuna was requested by his master, Krishna, to do battle with his, Arjuna’s, brethrens to which Arjuna replied that he could not because it will most probably result in the deaths of his, Arjuna’s, brethrens because Krishna is God Incarnate [of sorts, to be accurate]. To that, Krishna replied that, “Whom are you killing when they are already [the] dead?” Incidentally, the true name of Jesus Christ is Yesho[da] Krish[na], a reality and not some spiel of that most valuable Tentacle of The Bookie, Religion & Religiosity, The Bookie being the only One who profits from Disagreement.

    There are 3 states of/to existence, namely, The [Truly] Living [TL], The Living[-but]-Dead [TLbD], and The Stone Dead [TSD]. The piggy in the middle, TLbD, is we/us humans. As such, human existence is to-realise/for-realising TL via Evolution, oka The Return Journey of Dust to The Source, Evolution being a super, super [ad infinitum] set of the evolution [in which a debate to The End is raging], failing which devolving into TSD is the result, there being no such thing as grey/fence-sitting when it comes to the crunch/truth. More mumbo-jumbo, indeed.

    Every real human has 5 dimensionalities with all humans being able to [2-way/fully] communicate with the lowest 3, namely and in order of manifestation are, Subjectivity [or Emotionality/Conditioning/The SuperEgo/The Past/Femininity], Objectivity/The Material, and Projectivity/The-Intellect, The Material-Intellect being Of Materialism/Egotism/The Future/Masculinity. These 3 dimensionalities are communicated via the 5 fundamental human senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling/touching and tasting, but being of the unenlightened/relativity, they are subject to variability/malleability. Afterall, many see with their ears to the exclusion of even their eyes.

    Beyond the lower 3 dimensions is the 4th human dimension of Spirituality which when realised, affords the [partial] human access to his 5th dimension, which is True/Real/Full Humanity. As such, according to the tale, to become a real human, one has to realise one’s spirituality. Why is having the ability to become spiritual important? Those who are able to perceive the totality of human [inter]activity should be able to see that without having the ability to be [somewhat] absolute, being relative/comparative/judgemental/transient/repetitive/addictive/mesmerised is the other option.

    When a human “switches-on”/realises his spirituality, oka becoming self-realised, it is not merely receiving some certificate from “The US Administration” or “The Pope” or even “The Chosen Few” [the latter being the pet Tentacle of The Bookie], it gifts the ability to sense absolutely, the so-called “vibes” being touted by name-throwers, those who are desperate to be at The Final Photoshoot, “jest like that” – especially when one is “chosen”, of course. This is of absolute importance and is the crux of the matter [of humanity] because the 6th and higher senses are Senses of Absoluteness – that which cannot be modified/re-presented even by The Bookie Himself. Here, who and what you are stands, regardless of [all or any of] the attempt by Fame, Fortune & Immortality to sweeten things up. Here, a “sexy, string-gamented body” unknown to you is merely a …. whore [of sorts] – because “The Vibes” said so.

    If the above is true, what does that say? Firstly, that all the other stuff, you know, the stuff which Religion & Religiosity spins 25/8, are falsehoods, if only because they’d never, ever, mentioned it other diverting/dumbing-down through illusions and delusions. Secondly, the reality is even more glaring/unimaginably and infinitely so, beyond one’s imagination. you would when that Tentacle of The Bookie, Frivolity & Nonsense, takes a long holiday back into its void. Here ends the toothfairy tale – should the powers that’d be allow. If so, more will be forthcoming otherwise, just bin the mumbo-jumbo – stillborn, of course.

  8. As I have stated before – We are all we we are supposed to be. If not, you will move.

    I have a sister who could not stand where she lived the last few years, so she consulted many psychics until she found one that answered what she wanted to hear. She moved and now she finds that the neighbors do not exactly think like her. They have moved six times in the last 15 years.

    We are where we placed ourselves before we were born. If your not in the correct place, you will feel it deep down from your intuition and be pushed to move. Everything falls into place if you allow it to be. Lady Luck does not exist – We create our own Fortune.

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