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Leonard Peltier 40 Years After

A powerful, informative and deeply moving tribute to a living martyr of our time. In the words of former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, "While Leonard Peltier is in prison we are all in prison." - ZenPeak Crackers: Native American activist Leonard Peltier has spent nearly 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Prosecutors and federal agents manufactured evidence against him (including the so-called "murder weapon"); hid proof of his innocence; presented false testimony obtained through torturous interrogation techniques; ignored court orders; and lied to the jury.


  1. * Rough justice for another tortured eagle with clipped wings, folded in a cage…forcing him to escape from his earthly body, with the freedom of his spirit every night…to roam the ether worlds, where the archons are afraid to follow.
    …A hard won…yet beautiful Haiku from his soul…as we ALL share in his despair…tho sadly… most are ‘unaware’ of this demonic & intentional transgression of evil against his & our being…so fleetingly focused for an empathic moment…when quietly reading his lament.

    Good one Peeks…Leonard reflects the pain from the ongoing torture as evil men separate us from our collective birthright …held just out of reach( like a sadist teases an animal by witholding food) from each & every one of us…conscious or unconscious…. as I hope that Clinton & his NWO ilk, face a billion lifetimes of atonement…when some form of JUDGEMENT is levied against the perpetrators…for their ponerological servitude.
    …Here’s to Hopium

    • Great effing comment ! ( Leonard reflects the pain from the ongoing torture as evil men separate us from our collective birthrigh -) I love that line ,, power man hug My Canadian friend

  2. Well done Peak. Not to mention they shipped Leonard as far away from his family as possible. It is a shame such a video is necessary.

    • I hear ya Tammy .. all we can do is Voice as much as we can to the Disgust of the injustice to another human

  3. Words worth sharing

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to share a story with you. Today I was sent an e-mail from Mr. Peak Crackers. It was very short and heartfelt. He published a YouTube video on Leonard Peltier to let the world know of the injustice brought on by keeping Leonard imprisoned for close to 40 years. He also let me know that he usually never runs ads on his videos but in the case of Leonard’s art, he included Leonard Peltier Art on this video so we can continue to fight for Leonard’s defense. I am grateful to you, Mr. Peak Crackers, for your support and the wonderful video that you made. Although I have never met or talked with you, thank you for believing in Leonard, his art, and all the work that we continue to do for Leonard. I want to share the link with all of you, LEONARD Peltier 40 years after, can be viewed by clicking on this link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E62cJ7ZUa30 .

    I know there are many of you that ask what can I do to help?…simply put, by sending cards and letters to Leonard to let him know he has not been forgotten, by being a positive voice for him through the internet or by phonecalls, creating videos, signing petitions, or purchasing Leonard’s beautiful art, you are doing your part to help. Many thanks for all you are doing, and your continued support.

    Again, I thank you Mr. Crackers, much love to you also. I pray that one day, we can all bathe in the joy of Leonard’s freedom, but for now, the struggle continues…

    Many Blessings,

    Monica Martinez Donovan
    Originator/Art Sales Coordinator for

  4. The government is afraid of him. it’s the only way they think they can control him. Only for a while though. Karma can really be a bitch. Hang in there Mr. Peltier, we are with you.

  5. Well done, Peak! I actually remember feeling hopeful with Clinton. I was dupped. I have witnessed for decades as Leonard Peltier remained an inspiration through all his experience thus far. He is a strong soul.

  6. Brilliant Doc! A real man will carry the torch for someone else without fear of getting burned. Mucho Respect!!

    Rock on Doc

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