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Let Go Of The Baggage – Or Go Down With The Ship


by Zen Gardner

It’s a very freaky time right now. I’m really removed in every way possible away from mainstream anything. The only news I follow is alternative sites, and much of that is esoterica or practical ideas for the real world we should be living in now and how to go about it.

Being so removed has also brought on some very profound new sensations.

We’re well into our second month of detoxing again from life in the US and it’s a very strange experience at this time. Almost immediately, besides the exhilaration of a beautiful and humble new land to learn about and explore, it’s as if the static is gone and I can feel the real spiritual atmosphere the planet is experiencing.

And despite the local peace,  it’s not a good overall vibe.

I thought it was the location I was in but I don’t think so anymore. It feels like there’s this creeping crescendo of oppressive darkness that’s getting exerted on the planet, like a gravitational or magnetic pull downward. It’s the same feeling you get when you watch an ominous storm gathering on the horizon, only it’s all around and pulling downwards. Very much the old gloom and doom scenario, only in this subtle, almost visible inky heaviness seeping out of the earth and trying to draw everything down.

Maybe, Maybe Not

It’s hard to quantify intuitive feelings like this. I’ve also had a series of incredibly clear dreams that have gone along with this sensation, so it could signify things I’m going through personally, which no doubt is to some extent true. Someone was commenting on Is It Ever Too Late To Wake Up about a similar experience they’re having and that’s what triggered this article. And I quote:

I have this feeling that peaks and then subsides a bit. I have quit watching any news (just to see what is being fed to the masses) and stopped swinging by MSM websites to see the latest “story”. Yet, it is as though I can feel the waves of BS rolling in. There is a storm off the shore for sure. The waves are more powerful and coming in faster and faster. I scream louder, but others cannot hear me over the crashing sounds. I am hoping the salt water gets in their eyes to distract the hypnotized eyes and allow them to see for a moment before the storm rolls on shore. I want to slap people, but I know it won’t really matter. So, I throw out a statement here and there to get a mind that has even began to peek out to find the food it needs. We all have to keep trying. I agree with Martine – anything is better than nothing. It all adds to the collective that we want to raise vibrations and hurts the collective that is bringing us down. Tilt the scale, one little ol’ pea at a time. – Little Mama

Well put. What I’m sensing and trying to describe here sure fits this climate we’re witnessing in the world today. The forces of darkness are exerting more and more draconian control mechanisms to where there’s no way things can be reversed without some sort of conflagration. Too much has been set in motion, which is why I keep repeating to prepare accordingly, as it will give you great peace of mind.


Letting Go – Or Else

That’s why letting go of this world is so important right now. This gravitational inertia is pulling on a lower dimensional level. Only those who operate in that vibrational field will be seriously affected by it. When someone awakens to conscious Truth and awareness the matrix crap starts to fall away.

But there are a lot of conscious choices to make in the process.

How much stuff should I have? Are my finances out of the reach of the banksters? Where should I live and with whom? What will I give my daily energy and attention to? How can I help further the awakening and lend a helping hand to this wonderful spiritual revolution? Is my ego still in charge rather than my consciousness? Am I as fully a part of the solution as I can be, and not still part of the problem?

When thinking about this whole subject I was reminded of those that grabbed their valuables and jumped off the Titanic, only to sink all the faster. If this increasing gravity has anything to hold on to it’s going to take down whomever won’t let it go.


That’s a Huge Lesson for Us All!

Disengage, disassociate, disconnect. That’s all I can say. The parasitic beast is consuming everything in its path that exhibits inertia.

We need to let go of the net of shallow understanding lest it catch the evil birds of control and draw them in. We need to relax our egoic contractions to these affronts by the controllers’ snares and sidestep their idiocy in conscious awareness.

We are intrinsically free.


Seriously, free.

Get it? Free.

Now do it. Don’t delay.


Love, Zen



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  1. Hang on, Z:

    It’s all as it should be.

    BIG PICTURE time, folks. Step back from the curb, center and stay frosty but engaged. Nothing shifts in this thing-y except through chaos and then resolution. This is the chaos part. Resolution is coming . . . and it ain’t the one on the elites’ dance card.

    Momma and Big Universe are calling this rumble, as before. Grab your spiritual popcorn and pull up a cloud. We are all eternal beings playing out something overwhelming down here, then heading home again.

    Remember that. It will get you through the illusion.
    HUGS! LD

  2. Yo entiendo todo senor Zen!
    What an outstanding piece. You’ve echoed everything I feel of late. Making changes, don’t want to hang onto anything including some relationships. Nothing wrong with that, you just move into another level of love and understanding. It’s very freeing and allows one to see more clearly.

  3. Perfect timing as usual, Zen, thanks! Yes, I can feel the “repulsion”, “gravity pull” of Team Dark, but now it is no longer true that opposites attract. Those who are of Truth Team mind/heart are feeling the upward pull, too. This time around, and perhaps for the first and only time in this space/time slice on this Planet, like attracts like. Choice, of course, and thanks for the reminder to disengage. Letting go of other people’s stress does not equal lack of compassion. And Lion Diva, yes, “heading home again” for sure. Love to you and all here. A.

  4. The body goes into serious withdrawal from WiFi . Physiological lifeforms defend against microwave radiation by creating endogenous AMPHETAMINE . And amphetamine withdrawal creates the very specific symptoms described in this post = vivid dreams, foreboding, etc !

    • Please can you tell me more about this. Have had a hyperthyroidism condition since wifi installed wonder if it’s linked. I also live in a block of flats and get other’s wifi signals also. Thanks zen for post.

  5. Totally disengaged from the MSM. I feel psychic attacks regularly and protect myself with the colors that my shaman gave me. It is getting more intense and those of us who are opposed to them are increasingly being targeted. It is time to be what we need to be. Thank you for being a leader.


      • What are these, couldn’t sleep last night strange energies about. When I did sleep it felt like the kind you get when you pass out from drink :) a memory from long ago, almost .

          • Steady there Peeks. All sex is sacred and should not be seen in derogatory ways. Sex is good and sex is fun and sex is meant for everyone to enjoy, lubed or otherwise, imho. Anyway all, as to the wi-fi, I use organite and swear by it.

          • John .,. you sound like George Michales from the song ( l I Want Your Sex)
            ..”Sex is natural – sex is fun
            Sex is best when it’s….one on one
            One on one “

          • a little fyi for the ladies going through the ‘meanpause’……if you do happen to get away to a romantic country inn some weekend DON’T forget the personal lube cause there isn’t a pharmacy within a 30 mile radius. As much as I despise Wifi…..Siri did save the day!!

  6. Ha! That is it, Zen! The hubby and I are going to spend some time on reflection on ourselves tonight. Then I am getting down to the execution of more disengagement, some more ideas on plans to get out of dodge, and executing things to get out for good. I was told recently that I need to move out of my emotion and into my gut as I am emotionally exhausted. No argument from me there! I have been working on it. My gut says, “GET READY!”. The fear is not there. The must get it done – it is there.
    As I lighten my load spiritually and in the physical, I feel the freedom. No matter what, Zen, they will never take the freedom that I have spent years fighting for from me. Remember that song I posted a while back, “Made” where he used only his voice and a “mixer”… Yep, I have already “Made” it. And so have you. I do hope you get to enjoy the new area. Explore. Sending you love and hugs, Zen! Enjoy your freedom. Every bit should be celebrated – it causes ripples all the way across this ugly snare trap that is crumbling each day. Much love! XXXX

      • Oh, I am!!! About to start a fire outside and go into deep conversation with… myself or the hubby??? Perhaps both!?! :-)

        On a side note – Oklahoma City hit again by tornado. Got a message from a friend saying it is bad… again. Glad she is okay… nerves are shot out there. They are not letting up… not at all.

        • Once again, Zen, your timing is perfect. Can a person say, ” Thank you!” too many times?

          Little Momma, on your side note, I haven’t seen the news, but the day for me was calm and reflective. (kids are at Grandma’s) All afternoon, there has been this incredible sadness that just wouldn’t shake off. After digging around a lot and asking out loud, “Where is this sadness coming from?” It is not from my immediate circle or myself. It is a bigger whole world sadness. Again, like the Christmas tsunami sadness.
          This group of friends here are probably the only people who won’t tell me I am crazy or should be medicated for saying this. Stay safe, everyone. There is a big storm coming. I think we are all feeling it.

          Much love,

          • Carla, yeah… I feel like a buoy as of late. Up and down. Feeling more downs than ups though. It is all a part of it. Doesn’t make it any easier for some of us. I agree with this garden being the place to feel whole and sane in an insane world. Hang on – holler out if ya need anything and someone will throw you a life preserver! :-) Much love, Carla!

        • Ya i had the Harrp Blow job too here In Canada last few nights L M . The peeps next door were banging on there up stairs window at me .. saying “get in side” in really slow motion Like i was so high or could not under stand English or something , So to fuck with them more i laid on my rod iron table with lighting go off everywhere awesomeness you cant buy that kinda of show . I love when the rain pelts down on me and i cant even see 3 inches in front of me , Life in its glory

  7. I’ve felt for some time that my job was negative. Ultimately, it’s negative vibe detached me, in an unemployed sort of way. I do feel better, far more positive overall. Trouble is, I like where I live, have been here almost twenty years and now have to fight to stay.
    I am on a journey, probably for the better, hopefully better. Yikes!

  8. I just wish you guys would write an outline, a thesis, as specifically as possible as to what the turth is and who the bad guys are.

    • It doesn’t really work that way. If the butterfly didn’t struggle to get out of the crysalis the blood wouldn’t get pushed into the wings…and a zillion other analogies.. 😉 Keep on, it’ll form in your heart and mind and then you can write up what you find out!

  9. Zenster felling ya ,
    Great write up… You fire from the heart and that’s the only way you can roll Pal so don’t fight it ,
    You are walking the walk. could be just sitting in some lazy boy waiting for your bowls to lose control and dropping logs on the floor . would that be a good enough indicator ? Thats not you buddy. Bite in that slice of delicious life. Take a leak on the freaks and sneaks its love and truth you seek with your peeks ,and peaks .I am just moving to whoville Cindy lou who is my age now bumping body I had a thing for her crazy hair , Yuuuupp hook up her .. those whos have crazy party’s now that whole Mount Crumpit problem has been solved ,,
    Great Post body .. Chin up you were made for this shit show !

    • You’re a delight, Peekster. The bunch of us here “have come for such a time as this.” I feel sorry for those who haven’t grasped what’s going on, it’s gonna knock ’em backwards so hard they’re not gonna be able to get their wits back around them. You take what’s coming on the defensive and you’re screwed. Respond consciously, yes, but react within their wavelength? Nasty, really nasty. You think the rush on Walmart on black Friday was insane? Folks ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I feel priviledged to know I can keep doing what I do as long as the airwaves are open, and when they shut I’ll find another way and have plenty of backlog things I want to explore to keep me busy. But I’ll also have the peace of mind that at least I tried to warn people. [BTW, tried to explain chemtrails in another language again today – there’s a challenge – did microwaves, cell towers, and radiation the other day with another guy and he seemed to grasp it – pretty shocked – did CFL bulbs and EMFs with an english speaking local woman the other day and her jaw dropped – she knew about Fukushima as other foreigners have told her about the massive amounts of radiation being released, some of them moved here for that reason. Fires me up to get my terminology right in this language. Lots to learn before we sleep, lots to learn before we sleep. And no one so far has rolled their eyes but rather respond to the fact that I’m in earnest and trying to help them understand something important. Pretty diff from the smug and drugged US climate, to say the least..]

      Quote time: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

      — Mark Twain

      • Ha its funny when you were saying about you “tried to explain chemtrails in another language again today – there’s a challenge ” One I love to see that .. ! two .. I had this vision flash threw my of you 10 years from Now like marlon brando apocalypse now deep in the Congo with a whole native truth village ..

      • JFK speech at UN: “and yes, weather control”

        full transcript — http://www.state.gov/p/io/potusunga/207241.htm
        “…….We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control. We shall propose, finally, a global system of communications satellites linking the whole world in telegraph and telephone and radio and television. The day need not be fat away when such a system will televise the proceedings of this body to every corner of the world for the benefit of peace……”

        and a lone gunman takes him out…

        The sleeple will soon be waking up o-v-e-r-n-i-g-h-t. I can feel it …..wait….no……it’s just the cicadas

  10. Love the title. Love the article. Oh boy! I feel it too. This overwhelming darkness just keeps pressing down. I know others feel it – but because of numbing/dumbing down, they are unable to make sense of the dread. For me, the urgency is palpable, so we’re taking steps to let go of this world. Once we realized that NOTHING in this world fit into our lives any longer, it was the only choice.

    I can’t really go out and about in our town anymore, because all I see are the lies. The huge billboard – lies! The bank on the corner – lies. Pass by a clinic – lies. A dentist office – LIES! Daycare – LIES. Our once quaint little town turned strip mall is all LIES! So, we have to move on.

    This morning, I awoke to yet another cloudy, gloomy, death-looming day, ready to put on a yard sale to purge remaining items from our lives. I feel the never-ending dark skies are screaming to the masses – saying, “Prepare!” “Get ready!” But no one is listening. No one sees. All of these wonderful, loving people going about their business and all I wanted to do was WARN them. I wanted to say, “Look at the sky! Can’t you see it!” But of course, I didn’t. We ventured on with our sale, visiting with each wonderful soul. And the left overs were donated to local stores.

    I suspect I shocked many of the store owners – I think they expected someone coming in with chairs, stained glass supplies, etc. to want something in return. No, I only want freedom from the ties that bind. “Stuff” that binds. I think it worked. As my husband, son and I sat outside under our post-apocolytic sky, we talked and laughed and loved.

    Today, I let go. I felt free.

    • Wow, beautiful. Liberating, isn’t it? Prepare the rocket for lift off! … 😉 Something major is gonna break on the world scene soon is my feeling. They hardly need anything any more to move things along they’re doing so much stuff, but the climate is ripe for something v. serious, like that feeling before a storm hits.
      Thanks Sand, gr8 story!! Love to the family!

      • Zen, It is SO liberating. The first thought I had when we realized we need to sell off our “stuff” was how will we get a fair monetary value in return. Hahaha! Now all I say is purge, purge, purge – to hell with the money! With each item we let go of, another link in our shackle falls to the wayside. Of course, I realize we need enough to survive in this strange fiat existence, but we’ll do fine. I know it.

        And your comment – “Something major is gonna break on the world scene soon is my feeling.”

        Yes, something major this way cometh – and soon. I feel the chill run down my spine and the hair is standing up on the back of my neck. The signs are everywhere and as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum (sorry about that – but it’s still surprising to me that all of humanity can not see), living here in the midwest; in Tornado alley, we have daily reminders of what is coming. It may be hard for those who don’t live here to understand, but we RARELY have sunshine anymore. Perhaps one day per week, sometimes two-ish – and that one day is most often a chemtrail-filled day. And this has been going on since December 2012. It’s truly post-apocolyptic. Or I guess I should say – PRE-apocolyptic.

        Thank YOU, Zen. And so much love to you. Safe travels throughout the cosmos.

        Get ready for the thrilling part of the ride.

        The rocket boosters have ignited.

    • Good for you, Sand! I hope to not be far behind you in the release of stuff! I want to drag the people I love dearly (friends) with me and say, “Just trust me!!!! Get rid of it all and let’s go!” They will tell me I am crazy like all the other times. They put up with me, but they don’t see it.

      Enjoy your freedom, Sand! Keep that love! That love is our protection. That love is our answer. No matter how gloomy the skies get, we have our own sunlight for the world. Much love, Sand!

    • We’re digging out as I speak, Sand! Midnight runs to the dumpsters around town!! just trying to launch my adult children. If they aren’t outta here soon, they’re going to have to start shopping around for a comfy air mattress. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my heirloom seedlings can survive the assault from our skies.

      good luck on your journey. I have a few “memory boxes” in the front hall closet in case I decide to bail out ahead of schedule. HEY — I just realized I should probably abandon the “schedule” altogether. Hmmm……

  11. Remember! Break eye contact immediately! Someone I dealry love was almost taken from me by someone I can only describe as a hypnotist. By a stroke of luck, some thing got between them, and eye contact was broken. Being strong willed, she recovered immediately and escaped with her life. Maybe this will help others and I hope it does. Break eye contact with the TV!?

  12. Already there with you Zen. As I told you after we lost every thing and I mean every thing, and after the initial shock wore off we realized the Universe had given us the biggest gift ever. The sense of freedom is indescribable as you know. The only thing we could do was to jump in to the abyss and hope for a soft landing . We got that and more , the Universe always provides , sound’s simplistic I know but that is how it is . We lurched from one crisis to another and were always provided for, things appeared, money, any thing we needed just happened , only what we needed and no more . We are now free. Free from attatchments, but free in the the best way possible free from fear, . I have no doubt there is a huge storm coming I feel it more each day like static in the air , but have no fear just trust in the Universe it is deeply and passionately in love with you with us all. We will prevail ,no fear !!! love hugs Kitty xxxxxx

    • Beautiful – we totally relate. The crash is backfiring out there, bringing people to their senses if they’ll let it happen. Like that expression regarding the earth being raped and ruined by these ugly entities, “nature bats last”. 😉

    • Kitty ~ I relate to your, “The only thing we could do was to jump in to the abyss and hope for a soft landing.” We didn’t lose financially, but we were kicked in the ass health wise. Our problem was it took us a while to wake up, but it’s ok because we still have our wonderful son – he’s a survivor. I now know, it’s because he was MEANT to survive. He had to – he was our catalyst.

      For so long, I would read comments here and on other blogs on how people released their fear. That baffled me to no end. How can one release fear when the PTB were bombarding us? Where was the survival instinct? Didn’t they want to live? Yesterday, something clicked – I’m not saying I have it all figured out, but something happened where I was able to see that all would be fine. The universe does indeed provide.

      Love to you. Yes! No fear.

      • Sand your story is inspiring , losing your health is far worse than any financial loss, money is money nothing more. I pray that all is and will be well for you. (Love to your son he is obviously your special gift ). As the universe unfold’s to you you will receive so many blessing’s but it seem’s to me you are already there !! No fear should be your mantra now ,when thing’s are bad just remember that ,and know you are always blessed and loved xxxxxx kitty

  13. Thank you Zen…the only down side is that we all could have been letting go along time ago… MY partner & I have been at it for over twenty years now (we haven’t watched television for 17 years)… that’s been and is her motto. Gregg Braden says that the square root of one percent of any population meeting daily for meditation (like TM) can change that population in remarkable ways… I’d say this could be a goal for those of us realizing the opportunity to support shift… because obviously for us to shift means everything else has to shift also… we are the “man in the mirror”… we Get to make that change… not waiting for anyone else.. Be the bridge builder, not neccesarily to be the first across… but so it Can be crossed. It is not our job to see who makes it or even to build the bridge… but if you’re going across may as well leave the pathway…. only those brave enough to know what it is will take it…everyone else will believe “there be dragons”. This has been and continues to be the only real adventure… it has never been about the goal but the journey. Over twenty years ago my life partner asked what I was reading, and was it knowledge or information… wow! I had never considered such a thought… changed everything. She knew where and what was coming up the road and had us letting go of old garbage, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual…for total freedom…sovereignty. It can’t be fought for… it can only be realised.

  14. I just have to ask Zen’s friends if anyone of you read the books written by Baird T.Spalding : “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” ?…. and if so ; what , insights did you get from these?
    Among the things I learned from them was how to multiply things… like food ,or gasoline to your vehicle and how protect yoursself from both pysichal,psychic and /or spiritual attacks.
    The knowledge given by these Masters -among them both Jesus and Buddha IN FLESH, TANGIBLE to Mr.Spalding and his team of 11 (I think it was) scientists from differeent Universities of the US- has saved my butt so to speak, so many times, I lost track of them!

  15. I love all of your posts and somehow I feel like I am one of the ones who have helped the ” Awakening ” because as a Paranormal Viewer I can feel, smell and hear the ones who operate at the core of darkness. Our awakening is draining them, their power over us is becoming lessened every day. The huge Armies of darkness that used to attack me are gone. I am not free yet but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see more positive things happening in my life rather than darkness. Every thing is about how you believe. Belief is everything.

    I have been trying to lose weight by going gluten and diary free and what i have noticed the most is are we really supposed to have bodies because every thing we eat is supposedly bad for us. The negatives seem to assume that my body belongs to them. I recently had Cataract surgery ( I just heard one come through my wall ) and I had known through Paranormal glimpses I had an Implant in my eye. The very intelligent Doctor who examined my eye found a hole in it and showed me a picture of it. I have huge amounts of evidence that the ones who lay the Chemtrails and fly the UFO’s exist but I am a nobody and by speaking out all over the Internet I have brought a lot of torture to my body or to a body the Dark side just can’t seem to eliminate even through they have tried over and over.

    Our bodies were created perfectly and through our ‘ free will, choice and belief ” we as a whole let the Dark side take us over and all of this happened through our negative beliefs. ( Here comes the small white plane that reads my every thought and flies over my house numerous times during the day to remind me I am not free of them and I just heard the probe enter the overhead vent ) Stuart Wilde who just recently passed says you cannot destroy the negative. He said ” the best way to get rid of them is to send them love.” I agree.

    I know that this works and I even have it recorded on a cam recorder. One day I saw a dark entity freshly laying a Chemtrail I started sending love to the Chemtrail sprayer and immediately the Chemtrail started breaking up it would not stick and linger. I could not get rid of the Chemtrails that were already lain. We have to send them love when we first see a Chemtrail appearing.

  16. In my own observations, that dark feeling increases and decreases in intensity with certain regularity. Neither afraid nor defiant seems a good approach to it. The feeling of impending doom comes and goes as well.If something big was to come we would most definitely pick it up. As for the dreams, we can’t rely much on them as it is very clear that most of them are the product of the lords of deceptions (Gnostics defined them both as beings and thought forms therefore capable of interfacing with our minds directly). Putting our current predicament into perspective, we are in a much better position compared to the generation that had to go through the Black Plague or WWII. We have made remarkable epistemological strides – Zen and people writing on this forum are testimony to that – and we are ready to go through whatever the desperate cabal is about to bring upon hoping to secure a more favorable outcome. One last observation, I begin to think that even cognitive dissonance actually works against the cabal’s aggressive and hectic attempts to maintain control and straddle the inevitable disclosure.

  17. Please stop propagating things that are not true, like using the word United States or US. If one lives on and within the exterior boundaries of the territory known as California, they are not in the United States. The United States is federal territory only. State of California is the federal territory located within California. Please use the words USA or United States of America or California, USA or California, United States of America when referencing your physical location.

    Please see my web site so that you can learn the truth.

    • Do you have any good info on Whoville ? Last I read things have been good there .Plus I add Cindy lou on my face book ,been trying to get with her for the longest time .. shes in her 40s banging Body had a nose job still has that crazy hair , I seen something about wanting to do a brazilian blowout , i was like noo noo nooo,., totally going to wreck my White snake 80s hair band fancy..( sings) take me down slow n essay rock me to I’m down to the bone !!! all ways could see Cyndy lou who with leather and lace fuck yae! all day twice on Sundays Her brother has a huge crack addiction problem, kinda went south after the whole Grinch thing , I wrote to the mayor of Whoville Augustus MayWho. Have not heard back ( shrugs )

  18. I’m with you Zen, In an old post I told you that- even as a child I just sensed that the experience we call reality is seriously depresing and wrong. Of course the blowback was being labeled various things, along with my doctors being told I had a chemical imbalance. Today I am immune to a lot of the negative energy and programing and accept my depression as a natural reaction to seriously a evil scheme imprison our souls.

    The matix has always been there – but now there is something different on the horizon an “oppressive darkness” as you perfectly described it and I feel it to the core. Something huge is going to go down and it won’t be benevolent. Yet I do not fear it. I may be wrong, but I think the spritual paristites that run this reality are terrified and they are getting close to deploying their end game. I believe everyone we awaken- every single person – adds to our power. This power of Love and Energy does not grow in additive fashion but rather exponentially. All we need to do is stay spirtualy connected and do our best to awaken those that are receptive.

    Love and Clarity


  19. As always timely and pure Zen. I do hope you and yours are doing well and your precious grandbaby is still the centre of your universe. Babies do manage to impart optimism no matter how gloomy things might be! This from me to attend a 3 yr old birthday later….
    Posted this piece…. hope you are ok with that!

  20. thank you!!! for this wonderful article, as well as many from the past. recently it came down the pipe that in our universe, the only way a diamond is naturally created is thru EXTREME pressure. as many who read this site are more than aware, the highest our consciousness, awareness and energy go, the more WE attract attention from “others” both light and forgotten light (my theory is everything is light at its core). as we stretch for the upper levels of energy and awareness, the tests get more and more interesting. More pressure for us to dig down to the depths of our sub conscious are become intimate with our selves on new levels. Our ego is the front and back door for the ankle bitters. thanks again for a AWESOME site, its so good to know everyone of you is out there, peace and love.

  21. Pisce222, not too sure about this comment . I for one am not an apocoloptimist just someone who has had serious stinking shit up to my neck going into the next universe and it has always turned out well, perhaps I know something you don’t xxxx

    • I saw that on a site somewhere and merely wrote it to share. To me it was kind of tongue in cheek like everything’s going to hell in a hand basket but we’ll be alright. I as well Kitty have had some very rough times but always come out just fine. You know the birds wake up singing every morning without a care about how they will be provided for. That philosophy has worked for me, especially when there haven’t been a whole lot of choices. Peace 😉

      • 222 you have me to make you sing ., ( sings ) OHhhhhh whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens … Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels. lallalla lalal alalllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

      • You got me at the tail end of what I can only describe as a serious spiritual attack and I was called amongs’t other thing’s a whack job, conspiracy theorist,and an apocoliptomist which is apparently now regarded as a mental health issue, !!!!! this came from a very close friend !! and really shocked me as I was not expecting that one(,obviously got to her !!) and yes it’s a philosophy I swear by, got me through all kind’s of stuff too they do say what ever doesn’t kill makes you strong as you probably know !! The good thing about having a lot of problem’s mean’s you are on the right page and are being given a fast track to Gnosis by the Universe so bring it on !!!! Love Kitty xxxxxx

  22. When I read things like this, it scares me. Fear rises. What am I going to do? Where would I go? What about my dog and cat? Questions, questions, questions, OMG, the considerations are endless! I bought into the fear and started “prepping” a few months ago, but it didn’t feel right, so I stopped. Now, I’m thinking maybe I should get some more supplies.

    I’ve had this black cloud of confusion, brain fog and an inability to think clearly lately. I shrugged it off to not eating properly. But inside, I KNOW something’s wrong, I just don’t know what it is or how to articulate it. A sense of dread, doom and gloom, depression, lethargy. The mind chatter switches from loud to blank silence. I look up towards the night sky and say, ‘What’s happening?’ “Could you send us a little help down here?” Oh, yeah, I forgot, the Control System Reptoids are beaming down these low energy frequency waves and you’ve unconsciously tapped into them. OK. So, I how do I stop? Answer: You don’t. Remember you’re just a holographic projection it’s not really real. It’s just a story and you’re playing your part, moving along with all the other pieces of the puzzle. Accept it and move on – it’s not personal. Like you said, detach, disengage, and remember that life is change.

    Staying in a place of love, light and clarity is proving to be my biggest challenge. Especially when I consider that I’m supposed to send those “ugly entitles” love, too!

    • Don’t worry about the love to ugly entities bit, will discharge and distract..;) Yes, you got it, rise above despite how bad it appears, but right actions must accompany. – Z

    • Karinski if help think of this .. you could wake with as warts … ( wide eye stare ) Yikes eh . ya when i ever think i could have a Braille Sphincter ,,think seam to be much better :-)
      We are all with ya is spirit

  23. Wow Zen,this was almost a miracle for me to read this and totally relate to at this moment.I have paid a heavy price for my speaking and acting out of my understanding of the dots to the big picture.Pour your heart out they will use it against you.It was a life of ridicule,ostrasising,being screamed at and actually being punched in the face for presenting even known facts that were easily accessible to know .I have lost all family and friends because I refuse to go along with their program.I have no one to relate to anywhere in my town or in my life.My wife just left me (who was fully aware of chemtrails,harp,education and media propaganda,911 and all the other false flags of gov,the economic rape of the nation etc, etc and more etc) for a Larry the Cable guy type because he is a simple know nothing that can conjure the lies that she want’s to hear.Wow,it really hit home of what I and others are up against.I can also really relate to SANDS post about there is nothing left to her town that is real and don’t feel a need to join any of the b. s. out there anymore.But I am so despondent of not having any effect or realized purpose at this point other than myself I’am having a hard time even careing to go on much further with this physical life.I’am screaming to God to please take me away.I have a huge empty house,with no home here anymore.Thanks for sharing Zen,your words have truly kept me going for another day.Best wishes to you in your lifes new surroundings.

    • Dude, you’re at a wonderful precipice, do NOT despair. Those emotions will pass. Stay centered and conscious, observing your life experience, and you’ll find your way. Step by step. Trust. Love, Zen

    • Artico’….Trust in that it does get better. I know cos I was where you are now. Most rapids reach smooth water in time. Try to forgive all the foolishness that you see.

  24. Main Stream Morons and us [Conspiracy Theorists] ..lets not be nice anymore. I’m always a little insulted when I work hard to find truth and be kissed off as a theorists of some kind. Anyway I Pandora old Grateful dead, Steven Stills, Mountain, Spookytooth, Yes, etc. and never go mainstream if I can avoid it. Make your own environment..cozy and secure. Alternate news are my eyes [choice is what it’s about] and as scary as the truth can be…”Damn the torpedoes!”

  25. Wow Zen, very interesting comment you made above: “And despite the local peace, it’s not a good overall vibe.
    I thought it was the location I was in but I don’t think so anymore. It feels like there’s this creeping crescendo of oppressive darkness that’s getting exerted on the planet, like a gravitational or magnetic pull downward.”

    I’ve always been one to make major life decisions in the blink of an eye and never regret it, not once. Then came the last few years . . . have had this feeling to move from the US to Europe but then changed my mind – about 1000 times already! Even now, at the peak of my awareness of what’s happening, and living in the epicenter of the beast, literally ground zero, still… conflicting feelings. Goes back to my comment on an earlier post where I feel this time it will be different, unlike any other time in recorded history, almost location independent in terms of what’s coming, at least in some respects. Perhaps that’s been reflected in indecisiveness about a move. Who knows, but it’s maddening.

    So your exact words about “I thought it was the location I was in but I don’t think so anymore” really popped out at me. At the same time, absolutely concur with you about something beyond massive coming, been feeling this since summer last year.

    Right now life feels like Neo in the Matrix – I can see everyone but no one can see me, I can see IT coming, but no one in the Matrix can …

    • Yeah Gus, everything is pretty much of global impact, and we each need to respond according to our own conscious awareness. You just don’t want to be a boiling frog that isn’t realizing how hot the water’s getting.

      Everyone’s in the kitchen but we don’t have to be in one of the pots or pans on the stove. — never mind in the oven or anywhere near the microwave 😉

      (btw if anyone owns one of those horrific machines ditch it or at least unplug it. They give off emfs when off as well. Save with TVs and most other appliances. And get some organite for around the house and/or a scalar device to counter the stuff coming through the wiring, wifi and outside electrosmog..)

      • Yes, agreed. The thing is as I alluded to before, outside of the fact that the US is the epicenter of where most of us believe we don’t want to be in terms of a police state-martial law, a global monetary collapse as is coming will affect everyone, pretty much independent of country – fiat is fiat. So what’s the difference being in Australia, the UK, South America, Europe, etc. once the collapse occurs….

        The only solid protection (as solid as solid can be in an unpredictable universe) is being off the grid, way out in the woods or in the prairies, or with kindred souls in a similarly self-sustained eco-village of sorts.

  26. There is a quote from the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”, that though it references death can be applied spiritually. He says:”If you’re holding on and you”re afraid of dying you’ll see devils tearing you’re life away, but if you’ve made your peace they’re really angels freeing you from the earth, it’s all how you look at it.”

  27. Thank you Zen. I feel it too. I acknowledge extreme assault on every facet of life, without judging it. I suggest it is up to this tract of Humans to cooperate, collaborate, and replace harm with unified peaceful action, to preserve life in physical reality. The Individual vs The Collective http://wp.me/pR2D2-Xj

  28. Zen … and everyone.

    Seek out a competent Astrologer (online or locally) and obtain an AstroCartography reading based upon your own birth data (date / time / place).

    When don, study it carefully. If you cannot move (relocate) to your own “most ideal location” then at least make sure you are not already living in a locale that is detrimental to, and out of synch with, your own inherent nature.

    Being in the wrong place (as determined by the AstroCartography reading) will simply sap all of your energies; no escaping that. Being in the right place will keep you re-charged and bouyant constantly. Being in a neutral place — don’t worry — at least this means you can work on improving (maximizing) your situation using other indirect methods (e.g. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditation, etc).

    Consider this task your priority for the coming months. You could have a professional reading in your hands within 10 to 15 days. Perhaps sooner.

  29. Awesome post, Zen. I have been making similar changes in my life. I have had to step away from the doom and gloom of the news. I was focusing my attention on how messed up the world is instead of focusing on how messed up I am. I have been hiking and spending much time in nature. This has helped me start clearing away the garbage that I’ve desparately been clinging to, like those rich folk of the Titanic disaster. I was definitely “wearing my grudge like a crown” taking my negativity out on others, punishing them for my pain and anguish.
    Getting away from people so I can look closely at myself and “step into my shadow, to come out the other side”, is how I’m helping the world. I no longer drive like an asshole or yell at people for perceived wrongs. All I can do is release and forgive so that I can free myself from the mental prison I’ve put myself in. As an empath, I’ve been using my gifts to hurt others, instead of helping them. By helping myself, I’m not pumping negativity into the world. I feel the good vibrations coming in, even as the storm clouds gather. By changing myself, I am able to help others. I now empathize with the evil people of this world, they too, are confused, trying desparately to control the world and all on it because they don’t know any better. Maybe we can’t fix or save this world, but we can fix ourselves and stop adding to the darkness with our own negativity. Starving the beast, so to speak. Much love to you, Zen, for the work you do!

    • Wow, revelatory experience! Yeah, slowing down and stepping back is essential. Get reconnected to the earth, have plenty of quiet time. Letting it pass is such a biggee.
      The two go together, this revelatory exposing information even though it exposes the darkness around us as well, but consciousness arises from it. Similarly, if we’re conscious we’ll also be aware of both the awful truth and the marvelous Universal Truth. They go together, and seeing this creepy screwed up world should always be done thru that spiritual lens of conscious awareness, or it’ll bum you out and take you down for a spell. All the best, Britt – keep on!! Keep that love flowin’! But be patient with yourself and don’t take this illusory stuff or yourself too seriously – if this isn’t fun forget it! . 😉

  30. Tardy to the party again…great article Zen….the question in the mirror…oh yeah, don’t I ask myself often enough?
    The answer is always no, I can do more….but it seems with time the audience of pre-enlightened is becoming more receptive. The best thing I often do is send ’em to Zen, combination of laziness and efficiency since you cover the bases so well.

    Knuckle bump in order here…Love ya’ Bro!

    • Love you too – yes, keep ’em coming – do what you can when you can. Was just telling my awakening son the more we let the Light in and act on it the stuffs just falls away…it’s a progression but be prepared, Uni is asking you to be who you truly are – seems to be you’re in the groove – who knows what tomorrow brings? – (just then the wind picked up and is moaning in the trees here – cool!)

  31. Greetings,
    The science behind HAARP is understandable. What bothers me is that “someone” who with clear conscience, points at the map and says, ” concentrate the array in this area.” At which point the array operator pushes a few buttons and there you have it, instant disaster. How can these guys sleep at night. Or are we so gullible and flooded with science fiction that we have created a series of unbelievable scenarios that allow us to keep purchasing all these bullets. I no longer believe anyone or anything. I cannot believe my own eyes as the possibility of “photoshopping” must now be taken into consideration. I am reasonably certain of one thing; The enormous numbers of humans on this plant tells me that we came here to bear witness to something incredible. Oh, and we are all insane.

    Namaste Zen,


  32. It’s exhausting. Not a fight or an undesired event, as I’ve watched, worked and waited an entire lifetime for this very time. Exhausted. I know…just let go. Let it all go. And I will, I will not give up. Thanks for putting into words what I’ve noticed and tried to reason with!

  33. Go down with the ship is an apt description, Zen. In the 80s i saw this very thing happen in a dream. The world banks were all represented in a giant ocean liner. People were panicking, trying to get their money out of the banks. I was told do not whore yourself to the world system. So I walked out onto one of the decks, left the mayhem behind me. The ship began to groan from deep within its bowels and struggle to keep moving. The groans became louder and the ship was stuck going in circles. The captain jumped overboard, abandoning the ship as it was groaning, circling and sinking. So, i jumped, too. Extraordinary in itself since i can’t swim. :) After i had jumped overboard a rock appeared in the sea. There was a light being standing on the rock and he pulled me out of the water adn led me inside the rock to safety.
    Hey, we are covered in so many ways; Keep putting your wisdom out there, Zen. People are listening. And, thank you for being you. You are most precious.

    • Ha! Just watching a Nibiru flick someone sent, says it’s bringing on the pole shift and weather changes…at this point nothing will surprise me (Universe says “Oh yeah?” ha!)

      • The Russians have said for years that they could tilt the accesses of the globe and Too A louUUuu cali !

      • Nibiru and Pole shift is blowing up everywhere! I cannot even keep up with all the research. Yeah, Cali is not looking good – nor is Japan if their theories prove to be truth.

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