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Limitations of Belief and Conditioning – David Icke


(RedIceCreations) British author David Icke has written 20 books and traveled to over 55 countries since 1990. His books reveal how a hidden hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution. While being controversial and often heavily attacked, David Icke has driven on with his unrelentless investigation into subject areas that others don’t dare touch. David returns to give us a peak into his upcoming presentation at Wembley Arena, going deeper down the rabbit hole than anyone’s gone before. We’ll discuss the limitations of conspiracy research and the need to move beyond the aspects of the 5 senses. David explains how “reflex, action” hinders a truly open mind. Then, he speaks on humanity’s awakening and the crossroads. The hour ends on the death of a showman, Jimmy Saville, a grotesque paedophile, a necrophiliac, a close friend of Prince Philip and one of Britain’s most famous characters.


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  1. I think Jimmy Saville is a perfect picture of how British People are in the world, There are those that wave the flags and purchase tea cups and hats at every royal venue and those that vomit at the thought. Jimmy Saville is typical of this, a Peado of the highest order put into place by the highest order , Supported and fueled by the Highest order and this tells me distinctly how the BBC is run by the Highest Cheque book from the Highest Order, The Royal Charter, Now how do you convince those flag wavers and frilly hat people that your Royal Family is in control of you, Your TV and your minds and they are Mad Satanic Reptilians that are in control of every Royal Society that exists on the planet but in reality is The Depopulation Agenda? Any suggestions? The Royal Society Is the Depopulation agenda So too is the World Wild Life Fund So too is every Royal Charity ,,,So another question to our fellow Brits with the tea cosy over their dumb brains is ” Everything that has Royal in front of it or a part of the heading is The Depopulation Agenda and every penny that goes into them, goes towards Killing the masses, Dave

  2. I have read two of David Icke’s books – they are provocative and fearless. I can hardly wait to watch his upcoming event at Wembley Arena next Saturday.

    “His lectures are no longer confined to a handful of mockers in small village halls, but to thousands of people in theatres and now arenas who have awoken to the idea that something just isn’t quite right with the construct of today’s global financial and political system, which legitimises systemic corruption.” Article by Richard Henley Davis, http://www.economicvoice.com

  3. I read Children of the Matrix by David Icke back in 2008 when i was starting to wake up.It blew my mind on every level,so i read it again and have never looked back.In my humble opinion David Ice is a great man,and has empowered many,including me.

  4. Ike didn’t dub problem-reaction-solution. It’s called the Hegelian dialectic, from Friedrich Hegel in the 18th century. It’s a common layman rephrasing of Hegel’s thesis(problem)-antithesis(reaction)-synthesis(solution).

    Ike is really good at ‘collecting’ the work of others. Instead of blindly following every one of his words, do the investigation for yourselves, because everything he writes, you will find somewhere else, and he has missed out on a panoply of truths which wouldn’t concord, wouldn’t fit well, with the system of belief he is implanting into people (the whole reptilian gambit, to cater to the UFO crowd – and it sells!). The ‘cult’ following of Ike is becoming increasingly disturbing, especially seeing how people think he’s the one who discovered these things, or that he’s the one who ‘went the furthest down the rabbit hole’, when all he does is to collate the work of others, who are real investigators who spent their lives profoundly researching one particular subject or another. I didn’t need Ike to understand the things he talks about. All is needed is curiosity, intellectual discipline and a lot of free time.

    And while we’re at it, the Hegelian dialectic is not a mind manipulation technique, but is rather used as a political ploy. The propaganda and lies that are attached to this ploy (but is much more than that, it’s a scientific method in problem resolution), like any other ploy, are fears, and fear IS -the- ‘mind control’ technique, the conditioning used to make those false logic be accepted. Wanna learn where this technique comes from? Start by looking at Ivan Pavlov and John B. Watson (antithesis- humans are conditioned by fear, actually creating neurological dysfonctions) and work your way up to present-day knowledge of neurology (synthesis- cognitive and emotional development are optimized with true emotional attachments in childhood). The initial thesis (problem) is human behavior. The problem as you might figure out, is that the true synthesis is ignored, and what is actually the antithesis, is actually as the synthesis, that humans need to be controlled and conditioned, when in fact, all they need is the proper developmental track, a very compassionate one at that, not based on fear, but based on love.

    True insight won’t come by reading someone like Ike. Take it one subject at a time and go deep into the subject, but don’t take anything for granted, move on to the next subject, and those will add themselves easily, because with any subject, its inevitable contradictions and added questions will easily bring about new subjects to research and understand, adding to your overall comprehension. This path will serve you much better than buying this collator’s books, because you will gain a complete understanding, rather than following a voice of ‘authority’. It is the one true path to awareness, as, contrarily to what some people might have you believe, awareness comes with the synchronization of both the left and right hemisphere’s, and a neatly developed pre-frontal cortex, and this only comes from constant mental exercise and a high level of empathy. Both the former and the latter are not a given for most people, and they usually fall prey to charlatans who use other people’s work to make a profit.

    • It’s ironic Jonathan you’re telling everyone what not to read while saying keep an open mind. And yes he dubbed that expression with his own problem-reaction-solution phrase, and clearly admits it’s the Hegelian dialectic and doesn’t claim he made the concept up. You seem personally upset at his research for some reason. Gotta get past that, just as you’re saying dig in to everything for yourself. No need to prejudice everyone else with your issues. – Zen

      • There aren’t any issues, but thanks for being so mature and try an offhanded slight.

        The point, if you have missed it, is that people get into yet another system of belief that blocks them from looking forward into other things. I’ve seen it again and again. And again on this very website from those who comment the threads. Same with Tsarion and Ben Stewart. At least, a movement like Zeitgeist walks the talk and you can find all their vids for free, events are free, and it’s not a one man-show defining it all, but a collection of people with expertise on many subjects that coalesce into a fact based imperative. Not some money grubbing pseudo-savior who uses whatever fits the narrative to cater to a certain crowd, talking against the mind control techniques used, yet repeats some of the same logical fallacies that the elite wants us to believe.

        If you can’t see this, well too bad for you. and too bad for all of us, but true knowledge has the inescapable attribute of slowly building its way into the minds of people. It may take time, but maybe one day you’ll get it.


        (btw, don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, but through my research, I’ve read bits and pieces about Ike being a freemason, might be worth looking into, not saying he is, but there are tell tale signs)

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