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  1. Thanks zen, I needed a dose of animal world goodness today.

    Is anyone else feeling a change in the air? I can feel a new vibration that is a little hard for me to physically handle at times but Im breathing through it.

    • Zen, thank you for this site and bringing this community together!
      Twelve- We’ve got similar things going on, it seems. I got a strange jolt today and felt jittery and shaky like caffeine over-load. I looked at the clock…..11:11 (again). I did the breathing and calmed down.
      I can’t explain anything and probably sound like a kook, but I am just trying to “listen to my heart” and do what it says. Hopefully I can help some others along the way.
      Sending out the love vibe.

      • Carla, I dont think your a kook at all because I am going through it too.
        11:11, 12:12 (on a clock set ahead), 1:11 and 2:22(on two clocks set differently) so far today.
        I know what you mean about the over-caffeinated feeling. It almost feels too good to handle. Have you ever heard of frequency holders?
        Also it occurred to me that since we are all on different time zones that when I look at the clock at say…3:11 it may be another persons 1:11 so I sort of breath and send vibes AWAY when i just have end digits that match. If it is a triple digit match I take that as a signal to take the vibes in instead. Does that make any sense for you?

    • Twelve ~ I feel it – it’s trying to confuse me.

      But I’m gonna confuse “it” and I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.
      Albeit, slowly! 😉

  2. Yes Twelve, I’m definitely feeling and seeing a change in the air. We’ve had clear skies for a couple of weeks after a summer long of spraying resulting in heavy, gray-clouded days. The rain was very abnormal too. This year it really hit me how strange it was. With that hurricane Irene stalling around the SE US for weeks on end.
    Also I’m glad to hear someone else mention the vibrations. For months I’ve had varying degrees of high frequenciy buzzing in my head. I wondered if it was from the Smart Meters. At times it is so strong that it’s almost hard to bear for me also like you said. Don’t want to check in with a doctor only to be told it’s all in my head. I’m just wondering if it could be attributed to some kind of upgrade or prep of some kind. I’m hangin in there and goin with it tho!

  3. Wonderful article, Zen.

    At the core of all things is divine love, and it is always moving on its infinite journey. All things in this holographic computor simulation, animals, vegetable, minerals have love at the core. They are caught, just as we are in a set of biological programs. The way the master program is designed for a human being, is this. if you do something cruel, either by though or deed, and how can you not when driven by the programs of the flesh, then you create an opposite charge. That keeps pulling you back to Yaweh’s farm, life after life. It’s called Karma.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not against sex. Sex with love is the nearest we can get to who we are in this life. Dont forget, our creator split the sexes. We are always looking for our resonant partner[opposite charge]
    My mentor, Sir George Trevelyan had a saying: That Art Thou.

    If we can remember that phrase, and understand that everything that is in this dimension, is love trapped in matter, then it will be easier to undo the program in ourselves.
    Ever wondered why certain monks live in a cave all their lives? They don’t want to create any more karma. They know what this whole phony show is about.

    Love to all 528hz.

    • Hi Elva:

      Thank you for your comment. When I first read David Icke’s book, “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, everything else is illusion”, I put it down in anger. Couldn’t figure it, didn’t understand it, didn’t want to “know”. But I’m reading it again now and the ah hah is happening. “Love trapped in matter” indeed, Elva, well said. Holograms designed to engender fear, and multidimensional at that! I’ll be streaming David’s Wembley presentation, because I trust him and because I trust Zen who recommends him. It’s good to trust. Love, A.

  4. So glad Im not alone in this.
    I feel like we are on the edge of something major.
    It feels sort of like the final days of training before you start a new job.

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