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Living vs The Dreadful Hoax


Another  profound, poignant excerpt from the talks of Alan Watts, terrifically illustrated. Good eye opener to show those still asleep! – Zen


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  1. Ah yep!!! By the time one has figured it out they’re so burned out they don’t even KNOW how to bring joy or dance or sing any more. How truly sad our education system doesn’t allow our children to express who THEY are and what THEY’RE capable of. Nope, lets make sheeple out of them, then they we can control them. Don’t want them thinking too much!!!

    • Reminds me…was gifted a cruise and huge percentage of the people too old to hardly enjoy it. Life was taken out of them. So sad. Retirement big part of the carrot hoax.

  2. LOL! Love it! Just sent it to someone on Saturday. Met him on Friday and he tried to lament about his problems. But I turned the discussion with some eye openers. Then he wanted to learn more. 😉

      • Yep. But you know
        “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
        – Lao Tse

        “The perfect world is a journey, not a place.
        – T. Pratchett, Nation

        I’m very grateful that I found such wonderful companions here. :)
        Much Love to you all!

        • Fabian, Im glad to hear of your curious friend! Thats awesome!
          Im so glad to have this place too. I always get synchronicity, insight and confirmation (not confOrmation) lol.
          Keep waking the sleeple (not a typo)

          • Hi Twelve!
            Yeah, me too. Although “friend”… only met him a few times. But somehow it’s easy for others to open to me.

            Met quite a lot of others the last weeks. Especially among the “outcasts”.
            Seems that their souls just wait for someone to show them the Light. Like children sitting in the dark not knowing where to turn.

            A woman cried for joy yesterday because I said that she’s unbelievable strong, not a victim. All her circumstances might have brought her down, but couldn’t destroy her. “Never seen it this way!”

            Another one mentioned chemtrails in our discussion. “Huh? You heard of chemtrails? Wow! Now try this…” ;D

            Oh, I will – it’s part of our job. 😉


            Much Love!

  3. Ha great piece! I woke young. Figured this out in grade school and am many decades on now. Education has only been for conditioning the mind to accept the construct. I have had heaps of wealth lost it heaps of wealth lost it heaps of wealth and lost it again and I love the ride. The goal wasn’t to be wealthy infact never had any goals except to learn and know. Success means nothing because the next day you wake up in the same spacesuit. I am bemused by the fixation with coveting other peoples lives, don’t care at all because I’m too busy with my rollercoaster and its fun. I’ve just received a new high as I’ve recently watched a friend wake up. Lifes great. We’re here to witness great things. The veil’s coming up.

  4. Work is all alot have, if you don’t compete in the soul crushing race you’re a non entity. They pat themselves on the back for being unbreakable work horses that endure soul crushing conditions & ignore the fact that this system is insane because they don’t know how to not be slaves. This is life & life is cruel, you must be strong to survive. Everyone else is weak & silly. We are winners, our reward is due.

    i love alan watts

  5. At a (fast asleep) family gathering recently, two relatives of mine that I rarely speak to were the easiest to approach and awaken. Is it any coincidence that they were the quiet ones of the group who always keep to themselves? And that I was humiliated and dismissed by the loudest know-it-all sheep of the herd? Couldn’t wait to get out of there, but leaving after having woke two more up was really exhilerating.

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