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  1. Pffft. Nonsense! Sure technically there are some long-standing deeds that say that but her main holdings are Canada, the 2nd largest country on earth, with 2,467 million acres, Australia, the 7th largest country on earth with 1,900 million acres, the Papua New Guinea with114 million acres, New Zealand with 66 million acres and the UK with 60 million acres.

    Do you really think that she’s charging rent or that she can do anything with “her land”? lol

      • Jealous? Maybe it would benefit you to pay attention to your realm rather than getting bent about what wealth others are creating. Then again if you find that pointing fingers and decrying people for their wealth is your thing then so be it. It’s certainly a common approach.

        • Wow, is your paradigm in need of upgrading. Trouble is you’re so hostile about your take. You don’t see the fundamental wrongness of a few having so much when others don’t have enough to exist on?…Cuz the instituted game is played the way the game is played? Creating real wealth with concern for all some is one thing, hoarding wealth for selfish power and control is another. Open some spiritual compartments up, for goodness sake, and get off your 2 dimensional measuring stick. There’s a real world out here.

        • *Yay…your lips have turned blue from your (obnoxious)…obvious addiction to the ‘Blue Pill Reality’ imbued with the hardened, unmalleable psychopathy, of one still ensnared by the fallacious, programed reasoning of the subliminally unconscious & egregious ‘greed factor” inculcation deliberately propagated thru the Matrix.
          …Try the Red Pill, for something completely different!…maybe it will melt the barb wire encrusted metal/mental cage, that surrounds your slave-brain…. ‘barbed wire’ is often used, by jealous selfish people that don’t like to share & covet everything for themselves.

    • we pay for her in Canada to use her face on money along with 50 billion in year for the Imperialistic law system ,” Royal accent” no law gets past with out it in Canada . Its all paid through The crown crop back threw the comment wealth This is why in every Provence lieutenant governor Quebec is the only exsemtion He/she is the Queens rep that feed back up to general governor of Canada
      Oath of Citizenship (Canada)
      I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.
      LOL ya okllkkkkkkkk

    • So many suffering so many in pain. I have enough. What is wrong with the really, really really rich? Why do they kill 3,000 Americans, and collect the insurance twice? Where is the devil? Who brings light? Who tricks us? Listen to your own heart. Your own heart is true.. Your heart, not mine.

  2. yay… every, and I mean EVERY Commonwealth Country it technically owned by her. And that’s just to start with without going down the rabbithole of birth registration, or any registration of anything.

  3. No she doesn’t Well she does, but thats the current status quo. Im probably paying her somehow, i dont seem to care. let the ol lizard alone, i say, lets build a new world together and see if shes still alive.

  4. I always wondered that traving along the highway looking at all the land around. Why are people homeless? I agree with the post. They hoard so much land & wealth. These resources should be used for the people.

  5. come on zen!
    don´t get fussy, man!
    forget about the peanuts!
    only less then 5,000 million acres would be okay again!
    still it´s the QUEEN, ya know bro?

  6. * I’d still like to get an impartial DNA test done on the queen bee…maybe bribe a chambermaid for a ‘short & curly’ (lol)….just to see if she’s actually human!…we might need some alien technology to ascertain if she’s ‘possessed’…coz she sure likes to ‘possess’ everything else.

  7. So right Alex.
    She is the queen of the hive mind. The number one lizzie and she rules behind the scenes. All the Camerons and the Blairs do her bidding.
    These hybrid families are a blot on the planet and the sooner they are forced out by a frequency change the better.

  8. Are you guys kidding? Paaaaalease.
    The term “Crown Land” means “owned buy the state” in commonwealth legal parlance. The term “Crown” means either the provincial (state in Australia) or federal government, its a legal term. It does NOT mean the Queen, that is Elizabeth the II, owns the land.

    Complete stupidity.


  9. Did I read six thousand, six hundred million acres? Can’t wrap my brain around that one! Whatever the heritage, it SUCKS regardless if it’s reptillian,amphibian or shitillian. We peons. So fucked.

  10. All is illusion. Does the flee own the dog? I would say that whatever the sun is has, as it spirals through the galaxy, taking all along with it, more claim to ownership of our earthship than the Queen of halfbreeds.

  11. Please stand:

    “God Save our Gracious Queen, Long Live our Noble Queen, God Save the Queen. Send Her Victorious, Happy and Glorious, Long to rein over us, God Save the Queen”

    You may sit.

    First song I ever learned. You too Alex?

    Step forward Lord Crackers: Her Majesty impatiently awaits your Royal Blog – dues for being such a faithful servant and updstanding citizen of the Royal Commonweath of Canada. (‘Common’ wealth)

    Crackers jumps to attention – sets to work in haste, lest her Maj should be disappointed. Zen sets aside the Royalties. Good citizens of the ‘Just Wondering’ await with bated breath…

    • * Elva -Ophiuchus…Absolutely! I totally ‘Grok’ what y’all are saying…Julian-.they made me stand in the hall outside the classroom in gr.8, where I spent most of the year, when I wasn’t setting a new school record for receiving the strap… all for obstreperous & recalcitrant behaviors…coz I refused!- to sing ‘God Save the Queen or recite the Lord’s prayer(lol) young rebel(lol)…just made it till the day I turned 16 & left with a ‘grade 9 Indoctrination’(lol)…seems I was right about almost everything even tho I was a kid…I guess I can now say…’I told you so!” (lol)

      • I stood in the pouring rain for an hour with the rest of the school waiting for her carriage to go by. We had to cheer and wave little union jacks. I was six.
        I know all about it, mate.

  12. You do your credibility a great disservice hosting stories like this. QEII is the Head of State of these countries, she no more owns “Crown Land” than the U.S. president Obama owns “Federal Land”. While it is true that she has personal property holdings in many countries, as a Head of State it is ridiculous to imply that she has personal ownership of countries.

  13. Prince William had the audacity to speak out about homelessness…when grandma owns alot of land fit for housing..Hypocrisy pure and simple!

  14. The ultimate strategy for captains and kings to control the masses is for them to invent an echelon of robot soldiers (drones are an example) that can be programmed to act and react without conscience. Sadly, this program is already underway, by the dear old military industrial complex. When humans play no essential role in the construction and maintenance of this robot army, then even the captains and kings should fear that the machine will decide humans, in general, are superfluous to its function, and turn against their masters.

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