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London Olympics – False Flag, Diversion or Prelude?


by Zen Gardner

Too many people are “getting it” for the string-pulling Cabal to be comfortable.

The Colorado shooting scam is way too obvious for too many. The militarized Olympic Ziofest is such blatant bread and circus corporate bullshit, and the Syria and Iran vitriol spewing from their nauseating media sycophants is causing such a stench that even the sleeping are starting to jostle about restlessly.

That’s why they need another mega shocker like 9/11 to keep the program in line.

That, or a series of carefully planned smaller false flags that accomplish the same purpose.

I’m not saying the big one’s going to be at the Olympics. But there will no doubt be something to justify the security scenario there.


Just as we track their trends and obvious motives, they’re monitoring the pulse of the masses as well as the alternative community, and when things get too alert and awake, they drop another bomb.

Allegorically, literally, or both. They’ll do whatever is necessary. The masses must be kept under the spell.

It’s All Based On Lies – Big Ones

There’s a maintenance bill for the big lie behind it all. If the power of the lie starts to wane, you have to beef it up again. It’s as simple as that. It’s like someone coming out from under anesthesia; if you don’t want them to wake up yet you have to re-administer the drug once more.

People are waking up, collectively and individually. No doubt.

Even mainstream news commentators are catching on and demanding answers to this latest round of staged stupidity.

Believe me, they’re watching:

What’s Coming and What To Do

I don’t know either. Things will be evolving quickly no doubt, but if you’re aware of motives and trends and who’s who you won’t be caught off guard.

Just keep an eye out for the closing ceremony. 12-8-12. Could be significant.

We’re in the death throes of a megalomaniacal hierarchy that knows no boundaries when it comes to its desires for power and control. Care for humanity goes only so far as it serves them.

Like cattle farmers.

Be on your toes, because something’s very likely about to side-swipe all of us so hard it’s gonna make our heads spin.

But not our understanding hearts, no matter what it is.

Stay awake and aware. Peace is your focal point.

Much love, and fear not,



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  1. Love back at you Zen! Fear no evil, for everything balances in the end!!!
    Peace and Protection!!!!

  2. It’s all about being aware and being here and now. Not much else we can do but be fully present eh, Zen?

    I used to tell friends in NorCal, if the big wave comes, I want to face it, walk into it, not run away from it (fool’s errand anyways, running from a mega-wave).

    Feels like those times. Wave’s a’comin.

    I want to face it.


  3. Nothing short of a catalytic event is going to stop the fiat system from collapsing, and these sicko’s who control the controls are so damn determined to “not lose” that they will trigger this event very soon. Before the proverbial fit hits the shan.

  4. There is such an “wrong” feeling about so much these days. Can it be any wonder that the “unwoken” are feeling the vibes? Their throwing just about everything at us now as fast as their tiny little, repetetive minds can make it up. I think they are working under a limited timeline here. Something extraordinary is awaiting us the closer we get to the winter solstice, it is inevitable. The more people awake and wary, the more it will be in our favor.

    Peace, Love, and Enlightenment Zen, and especially to all those travelling the path and those just taking their first steps.

  5. Zen, mate;

    evidently, there’s actually no need for another ‘9/11′ as you suggest – to keep people ‘under the spell.’

    The hypnosis is (again, evidently) working just fine.

    As long as you are (you could say ‘addicted’) stuck on things – things that have been and the ‘things to come…’ as your own version of “pre-crime” ideology goes; remembering that all is ‘thought/ energy’, you might begin to see your own role in the perpetuation of your own nightmare.
    A nightmare which you seek to share with others, welcoming that, those which concurr, rewarding each other with “hey, you’re RIGHT, wow, you’re so insighful…” as cult psychology demands.
    Which then extends to others who don’t support your view, notions of being either, evil, corrupt, asleep or fanciful dreamers.

    Is this what “being awake” means?

    I get your heart, you, me, a lot of us, desire a world where different values are held, which recognizes our interdepenance. In this vain then, as you would seek to encourage someone to “wake-up”, how do you respond to someone who sees that you are in fact, asleep?

  6. I am focusing my energy on peace worldwide everyday now and even if these bastards do fall back on False flag murder,although horrific,i feel it will speed the dark ones’ demise.Fraser

    • There is no ending war by focusing on peace. It’s like trying to put out a fire by thinking of water! Focus on ENDING WAR – besides, do you REALLY want to be like those questionably-motivated CODE PINK ladies? NOT ME.

  7. Hi Zen..

    Many here in the UK are saying how random the Olympic ceremony was…..for me I just sat pointing and shouting at the blatant pyramid symbolism all over the stadium…
    Also the attempt to appease the different classes in the UK by having nurses and poor people, engineers and others do a jolly song and dance….it almost turned political.
    Also what the flying feck is with the Olympic mascots..One eyed weirdos called “wenlock” and “mandeville”???


    Blessings x

  8. Seems like they’ve already released the message that something nasty is coming up. From around the 1:18 mark in the video below a message on screens inside the olympic stadium constantly displays “Save The Surprise.”

    Usually I wouldn’t think twice about a seemingly innocuous message but when the opening ceremony has demons flying down to orphans in hospital beds while the exorcist soundtrack is playing at what should be a family show then it probably has some sinister and deeper meaning behind it. At one point the stands are lit up like they are in a forest fire (or hell?) Hmmm.


  9. Speaking of cattle, I couldn’t resist posting…

    Nostradamus quatrain X-74:

    Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme
    Apparoistra au temps Jeux d’Hecatombe,
    Non esloign’e du grand eage milliesme
    Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe.

    The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
    it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,
    not far from the age of the great millennium,
    when the dead will come out of their graves.

    The games of the Hecatomb is the Olympics. The line about “the year of the great seventh number”, cleverly signifies 2012, because this is the year the population of the planet has reached 7 billion–a billion being a great number (on March 12, 2012, as estimated by the US Census Bureau)..

    I’ll be damned if Nostradamus isn’t dating the year to 2012 so we know it is THIS Olympic Games (it has been postulated before that the phrase “games of the Hecatomb” refers to the Olympic games because the Hecatomb ritual was first perform in ancient Greece–the Olympics Games’ place of origin). The Hecatomb was a ritual slaughter of cattle (originally) during which the animals are killed, burned and eaten, while a priest said a prayer. Note that there were no games played at the Hecatomb ritual as far as we know, so “games of the Hecatomb” seems to be a strange phrase Nostradamus felt compelled to use.

    At the opening ceremony on Friday, oddly, cows and other animals were featured (the original Hecatomb ritual was performed on cattle).

    The Hecatomb could be called a fire sacrifice. And of course the Olympic flame/torch tradition is well-known.

    Secrets of London Olympic cauldron revealed – USA Today

    The oddness of the opening ceremony has already been reported about.

    World braces for eccentric and exuberant

    Further, the last two lines of the quatrain pin down the time to the End Times period (now happening) that occurs before the millennium of peace (Revelation)!

    The question now is, WHO or WHAT will appear (Apparroistra) at this time?

  10. Kudos Zen:

    There are unprecedented US military anti-riot exercises in major cities. The mayor of Chicago has endorsed Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam policing the city. Armed TSA agents are conducting checkpoints on highways. City PD’s are discreetly training and gearing-up riot squads……

    A false flag incident will cause martial law in cities across the home of the free.

    Be aware and prepare!

    Right on Zen – WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda

    “Yoda’s Little Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target:

  11. Why are you all surprised at this stuff when old Levi has warned about this BS long before these games.

    Everything said is now happening so tune into what has been said next and stay ahead of events before they happen.

    Everything is nailed down for you in advance.

    The more we know the less they will dare do.

    Check the Levi 2012 blog

  12. I think it is time for them to be erase in this Planet Earth so humans can live peacefuly.They have to back where they belong foreever to Hell.

  13. I think it is time for them to be erase in the planet earth so humans can live in peace.They have to go back where they came from deep in hell.

  14. http://vimeo.com/46459843

    I thought I saw subliminal images of a jumbo jetliner in the lights below the pyramids in the video above..


    Listen closely to the words in “London Calling”. They mention a “nuclear error”. Cheerful song, don’t you think; they are enumerating all the natural disasters that are supposed to happen: CME’s from the Sun, a coming ice age, etc.


    [quote]The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
    Engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin
    A nuclear error, but I have no fear
    London is drowning-and I live by the river[/quote]

    Satanism like mirror images; so it would make sense that crashing a jumbo jet liner into the stadium would mirror 9/11 in NYC. The plane could have “suitcase nukes” aboard.

    They have UN military in London from several different countries so they certainly have the wherewithal.

  15. Notice the reference to “London drowning” in the song London Calling


    They have scalar weapons (such as HAARP) that can cause earthquakes and flooding.

    Pay close attention to the people who purchase put options for British Airways at least.

    Who insured the London games?


    That at least is the estimate of leading reinsurer Munich Re, which has equated the value of a total Olympic collapse with that of a football World Cup. Munich Re is itself liable through.


    Board of directors of Munich Re (Re as in the Egyptian sun god?)


    Who insured the WTC?

    So who has insured British Airways?


    The company who insures British Airways is Rothesay


    Rothsay is part of Goldman Sachs, and we all know who owns them, don’t we.


    Here is a most interesting article that connects a lot of dots between Obama, Goldman Sachs and the Rothchilds.

    You can’t open the link because someone has attached a virus to it so look at the cache or read this.


  16. Whatever is going to happen, was planned long ago. I do recall reading Nostradamus and being told about the death of the Pope AFTER the Olympic games. This was supposed to be a sign that Armageddon was underway and would last until 2025. Then the devil would be bound and the world would have peace for 1,000 years. Then, the devil would be loosed little by little.
    I have no faith in Nostradamus, but the Elites know how to send us messages.
    I have some faith in the prophecies of Mitar Tarabich. War and Genetically engineered foods in Urban areas will destroy civilization by the end of this century. Only those who run and end up in the mountain with 3 crosses will survive. Those who fast will survive because the food will get to the point of killing quickly.
    The spiritualresearchfoundation.org has ‘meditated’ and are in agreement with Nostradamus. They have a lot of info on Armageddon on their website but here are some critical events…..

    2014-A high incidence of natural calamities

    2015-Havoc by floods and volcanoes

    2016-A massive earthquake in Pakistan

    2017-Countries in the Middle East razed to the ground in bomb blasts

    2018-America, China and Japan hit by war and an unprecedented loss of innumerable lives

    2019-Loss of supremacy of politicians and rush of mankind to Saints for their rescue

    2020-Decrease in the destructive process and predominance of particles of divine consciousness in the environment

    2021-The seed of times conducive and complementary to the establishment of the era of rekindling Spirituality in mankind created

    2022-Experience of pleasantness and enthusiasm in the environment

    2023-Settling down of the environment

    I guess we have to wait and see! Mitar Tarabich is probably the truer prediction!

  17. They are celebrating the return of the Watchers and the “release” of the Nephilim who supposedly live within the earth in the “underworld” (hell). The Illuminati are the descendents of the Nephilim.


    [quote]Their most used symbols are the lighted torch, the symbol of knowledge and the Sun. When an initiate reaches a certain level in the pyramid, they are said to be ‘illuminated’, more symbolism of the lighted torch. One of the recurring stories in the ancient world is of a hero figure who takes fire (knowledge) from the ‘gods’ and gives it to the people – the chosen few people, that is. The Watchers called Azazel and Shemyaza were among those who gave advanced knowledge to humans, according to the Book of Enoch.[/quote]


    [quote]Thank you for what you do. I have always believed and been fascinated about your reporting on Giants of old and some of the leaked news of US Marines encountering them in caves in Afghanistan and also I have confirmation of Iraq underground areas as well.[/quote]


    [quote]Who were these sons of God that were referred to in some translations as supernatural beings? And were these giants or old, men of renowned (the Good New Bible called them famous men of long ago and heroes)?

    The Haggada gives us an abbreviate version that I have already related that the sons of Gods were angels of heaven, who were known as the Watchers, and the giants were their children.

    Two hundred angels followed Semjaza’s descent to earth, under the leadership of twenty captains and divided accordingly. Among the Watchers was Azazel, one of the leaders. Each angel took wives for himself – mating with them and siring children that grew and became giants.

    These giants were also called Nephilim.

    The angels had also taught the mortals forbidden arts and lores of enchantment and divination. The Watchers also taught their children all manner of things. They learn not only sorcery and astrology, but also how to make weapons for war.[/quote]

  18. The Illuminati call themselves the “Sons of Belial”; America was supposed to be the “New Atlantis”

    Giants – Ancient Super Race of Man
    The Great Cover Up of Man
    Tracing Man Back 110 Million + Years!


    Though the wording here seems benign enough, the actual meaning of this statement is that the Egyptians were brainwashed into accepting Atlantean rule using coercive psychotherapy combined with drugs.


    [quote]In this Sunday seminar, Peter Dawkins reveals the deeper connections between Francis Bacon, John Dee, their vision of America as the New Atlantis as well as the roles played by Shakespeare, the Freemasons and Rosicrucians.[/quote]

    Asteroids, Comets, Rahab & Mars Cherubim & the Megaliths of Cydonia
    The “Stones of Fire” and Pre-Adamite Civilizations

    [quote]The Bible describes Satan, commonly called Lucifer, as having had a place in heaven. Where in heaven did satan / lucifer dwell, and what happened to this being? Our research suggests satan, or lucifer, dwelt in a literal location in the heavens… which when destroyed left the debris we now see as asteroids and comets.

    To most people [except maybe a mason or member of Illuminati ] “Lucifer” is believed to be the actual name of the cherub who became Satan.

    Before the creation of Adam, the civilizations of angels existed on the terrestrial planets. Throughout scripture there is a consistent reference to the first dwelling places of some of the ancient sons of God. These angels created habitations on the Earth, Mars, “Astera” the Fifth Planet, the Moon …

    When Satan rebelled, God cast him as profane from the height of heaven. Because of his rebellion, Satan was destroyed from the midst of the ” stones of fire “, the planets, where he had reigned over literal material kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on Mars can still be seen, while another civilization of B’nai ha Elohim was destroyed thoroughly, becoming the asteroid belt.[/quote]

    Cydonia = Sidon = Phoenicians?

  19. keep bitching and spewing how aware you are . fucking do something now you lazy fucks . if you know whats up …. Goddamn do something about it . you , and me until today are accepting their outcome for us . we ll wait for them to make the move . then what ? they know you aware people think this way , easy kill . some resistance .

  20. Well, I did watch the opening ceremonies with a psychological, cultural and anthropological mindset. The message is clearly destruction, as usual, which is what they have been doing for thousands of years.

    So, let’s see, we first have a bucolic, rural setting with the Glastonbury Tor as the centerpiece. Mother nature herself.

    And then the bell tolls. Here starts the CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY anthem in full swing. Completely and utterly wipe out our relationship with nature and the common sense that is our innate birthright. Aahh, how most excellent, your excellency.

    A bunch of white boys (as usual) takes the stage struts around, Kenneth Branagh the most prominent, sucking on his fat phallus cigar in his stupid mouth while scheming to bring the destruction of our natural selves into fruition. The white boys in suits and top hats pat the old sod, and then order it all ripped up in the name of “progress.”

    The villagers (sheep) aid and abet this travesty by deconstructing the relationship with each other and nature, parading off with wheat fields, sod and houses, while a bunch of bizarre, zombie ant creatures disgorge themselves from under the mother tree and begin to work the machines, as mindless machines, of the white boy psychopaths while a bunch of phalluses emerge from the ground (the smokestacks).

    I did not know until the announcers said it out loud, that those smokestacks were belching the smell of sulphur in the arena, live: hell on earth anyone?

    All the while the white boys (okay so they added one black male for alleged balance and “color”) strut and fret and gesticulate about until the entire stage is rendered a cold, grey awful piece of work, devoid of anything natural. Wow. Just Wow. Thanks guys. And we are all supposed to be clapping for this?????

    That, alone, should tell us all enough of what the agenda is.

    And then the phallic smokestacks, spewing sulfur, descend.

    And then they introduce this weird tangent of the UHS. What is that, people? Full of children (which is how the PTB views us kiddie sheeple, no adults, hhhhmmm) and girl nurses.

    The kiddies are then treated to a full on invasion of nightmares (the result of the white boys choosing hell on earth and the “literature” they dispense). Highlighted by a gigantic puppet Voldemort – the one whose name cannot be spoken. This is insane. And so obvious. Uh, gee, I think the name DOES need to be spoken, people.

    So, then, they bring in the “paratroopers.” They descend from the sky (just like military invaders. I know they chose mary poppins, but the black storm trooper S*** cannot be missed so all the little “kiddies” can be returned to a sense of “safety” after their terrible “fears” by the “goodness” from above. To return them to a sense of “safety, security and calm” after their night “terrors.

    Uh, gee, anyone getting the metaphor, here?? If you have FEAR, the military storm troopers will come and “help” you. Gag. Worse gag that they disguise it in the form of a woman. Push the reject button, folks. This is the neuro linguistic programming at it’s height in this “ceremony.”

    And this then leads into this idiotic, adolescent (which the boys are) scenario of the house/teenager/romance thing with boy technology (the lost cell phone as segue to “romance”). Ahhh, how technology leads us forward. In the meantime, one of the “houses” is just a billboard for all kinds of advertising flashing across it’s surface – read: superficial, folks. ADVERTISING is what is going to be projected onto all the walls of your houses.

    This culminates in this grotesque, bicycle scene of “Doves” riding around us and up into the sky.

    Uh huh. NLP again. Fear, “help” and lovely doves. Get it?

    And then the bell tolls again. For whom does that bell toll? Oh yes, it does, indeed, toll for us.

    The “planting of the flags” upon Glastonbury Tor during the ceremony also symbolizes the total and complete idea of “ownership” of mother nature – here, by every nation and monarchy on earth. The planting of flags does, indeed, symbolize ownership – another white boy image that they can control and command the forces of mother nature.

    Which, ultimately, the joke is on them. Because they cannot.

    We are quaking, we are shaking and we are, indeed, at the mercy of mother nature, despite this totally grotesque “ceremony” that tries to suggest otherwise.

    That was, indeed, a most informative spectacle of stupidity by the patriarchal idiocy I have ever seen. Thanks, morons. We got your number.

    And, as those of us who do know, mother nature is always last at bat, and she does, always, win.

    She is, indeed, far more kind, accepting and gentle than these bastard showboys are.

    find your place of true faith and trust and abide there.

  21. Oh, yes, BTW, I actually felt sympathy for the NBC announcers that our world has become so technocratized, so totally devoid of real, human relationship, that they had actually, nothing to say during the entire 5 hour debacle.

    The only real thing said was by Matt Lauer at the end of the UHS sequence, where this bizarre, gigantic baby under a billowing blanket was installed.

    At that moment, he said, “I don’t know whether to think of this as “cute” or really “creepy.”

    Meredith Viera then said, “I don’t think you should say that out loud.”

    Thanks, Matt. It was, and is, really, really creepy.

    Back in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s, there was introduced one of the first palm held “games” signifying this true creepiness. We called it “The Dead Baby Game.” In it, a building was on fire and little babies were periodically ejected off the roof of the burning building. The player’s task was to get the “rescue” ambulance there in time to “save” the baby’s life. If one failed, the baby splatted on the pavement. How’s that for NLP?

    It was creepy and now, 20-30 years later, it’s the same scenario. Different costumes, same story.

    WAKE UP FOLKS. They do, indeed, want the hearts and minds of all of our children. Just like they did the zombie ants streaming from underground in this olympic display that made their sick, cold, phallic version of life during the industrial revolution, here in the olympic ceremonies falsely revered as the path to our future.


  22. A final note on one of the best films for our times: “Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2.” I consider Quentin Tarantino a master of understanding our times and our dilemmas. He is brilliant. His film, “Jackie Brown,” is one of the most amazing treatises on race, gender and class of all time. Watch it. As well as, “Inglorious Bastards.” That man is about justice, true, spiritual justice, rather than the retarded stuff we find in our allegedly “civilized” judicial system.” He deserves far more credit for truthfully addressing our times than he has been given.

    But, back to Kill Bill. The “Bride” (the embodiment of mother nature) says, at one point, “I am going to get the bitches who did this . . . and, the bastards who put them up to it.”

    That is truth. Yes, the boys get girls to do their bidding and here, in full view, Tarantino names, outright, the philosophical under-pinnings of our culture, so stupidly boy/patriarchal in nature, though the girls follow.

    Read: yes, the queen of england is slime, but she is only doing the bidding of the boys who pull the strings. And, if you actually look at any snapshot of who is making the major decisions, they are all pasty white boys.

    Tarantino gets it. He understands the dynamics of culture, understands the plight of women who have been reduced to the ridiculous station of girl bitches who respond to the behest of boys and how, indeed, to honor justice and morality and ethics of a transcendent nature, we need to return to our own common sense, rather than follow the retarded institutions set up by boys.

    Boys and girls are cowards.

    Men and women are warriors.

    • @ sistertongue: You got it down pretty good. I won’t even try to improve on your comment(s). I agree with even the one that applauded those who didn’t attend this year. Just kept up via Internet comments and YouTube vids. It seems you hit a nerve, as reflected in the response of ProudBrit. He must have been foaming at the mouth! I might not have read your comments had his comment not been at the bottom when I went to make my own comment and I looked for your’s.

      I also agree with your distinctions that,

      “Boys and girls are cowards.”

      “Men and women are warriors.”

  23. Goebbels never said that!! Just a little research was needed and you know this. Try not to spread lies in the future…

  24. If dsomething happens there; guaranteed to be at Wembly Stadium. Scotland yard “Lost” the keys??? And who was in there between that admission and the changing of the locks I wonder…

  25. thanks zen, you and many others have raised my awareness about this latest sick display of symbolic mass mindcontrol by the elite. isn’t it ironic that we are all on edge of our seats now…but not for the olympics! i am feeling the shift of energypersonally & its much easier for many to see through the lies, regardless of their prior awareness.their seems to be a new wave of kindness flowing… keep up the great work in getting the truth out, love maggie

  26. I love the fact that very few are attending the Games. Rows and rows of empty seats. Most excellent. Exit stage left everyone.

    It means the sheeple are waking up, walking away and learning how to make their own verdant fields of humanity, love and kindness with each other. Now that is, indeed, a triumph of the heart. Let’s warm our hands over own our hearth fires and leave the cold, grey bastards to themselves in their cold, grey stadiums.

  27. “We’re in the death throes of a megalomaniacal hierarchy that knows no boundaries when it comes to its desires for power and control”

    i propose we are actually in the death throes of the patriarchal societal model. we are out growing it,

    hopefully when the last vestige of patriarchalism releases its death grip we can grow. the longer it takes the less likely the correction will be reasonable. as humans we will only grow if we work together, men and women. both humans.

  28. @Sistertongue…. Really…. UHS? Are you that stupid? Its NHS… You know… National Health Service? Oh, wait. No, you live in “The Greatest Country in the Word” don’t you? LOL… Also, the “demons” and all things scary, were celebrating our children’s literature… didn’t seeing JK Rowling take centre-stage, give that bit away? 😉 So… lets summarise, here… children, bedtime, and scary stories… Ooooh, how wicked are the Brits? LOL…. And, I don’t know whether NBC announced that the children are patients at Great Ormand Street hospital? Because the good, old BBC did.
    I hope that part of the show makes much more sense to you, now…

    I want to rip your post to pieces, but I won’t bother

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