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Louis CK On Parenting

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  1. Telling the child the truth is so cool. The child will be more empowered not living in the confusion of the polarity created by competing with other egos.

    blessings Peter

  2. :) why raising twins is the most rewarding for both the parent and the child? :) Because you give both the same opportunity. Telling the child the truth? I am a child raised with the ‘truth’ and the ‘sense of duty’. I only experienced the consequences of low self esteem, the consequences of thinking that I am not good enough.
    If you want your child to care you have to care yourself. A child learns best by example and not through lectures.
    This post made me sad.

  3. I sent this pic to my two teenage kids; they laughed especially over “…you don’t get to be bored” as I’ve said that many times over their short lifetimes lol. The fairness lesson is a hard one, but better learned while young, in a loving environment. They know where their support system lies and are learning when to step up for themselves and most importantly, the difference between the two!

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