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Mad Libs for Trolls



by Zen Gardner

I have an idea. Why not let trolls and internet trawlers write their own stories? Wouldn’t that solve a lot of problems and get their angry angst off the net?

So here’s an easy, popular game they can play, creating whatever scenario they want and have fun at the same time. Now THAT will elevate some lower-level consciousness, won’t it?

I’ve tried to make this easy so as not to confound the sensitive nature of our self-appointed anonymous watchdog community.

After all…..the nose that knows is a terrible thing to waste.

Here’s the Story Line:

(If you’re not familiar with this popular mad libs game, go HERE.)

The Internet – In the Mind of a Troll

I’ve found a fabulous place to post my_________ [plural noun].  It’s called the inter____ [noun].


Many people around the___________ [round object] like to use this__________ [nasty adjective]  tool. It helps everyone

to______________[destructive verb] better.


Sometimes people like to share their _____________[body part-human] to tell people what they are _____________ [unload verb now].


But sometimes angry and nasty predators_____________ [verb-think snark] on others to make themselves____________ [self-serving verb]

better about them____________ [rhymes with “elves”].


I know! Whodda___________ [mental action]  that simply putting information out for ___________[plural noun] to read

and __________[fun verb-got fun?]  would draw so much____________ism [angry adjective]!


I mean anonymous _______________s [exotic life form] would come at me  like a _________[crazy noun] on a __________ [crazier noun]!



Dear Diary

These types of _________[adjective like vapid]  __________[synonym for assholes] want me to curl up and_______ [deathly verb]. Funny

thing is, this makes me want to do more!


I’m going  to _________ [love, express…]  and _________[revel in my freedom to do so] the rest of my days!


Sorry, folks. Current affairs drove me to it.

Hope you had a fun ride. We really do need to enjoy this cuz it ain’t gonna be pretty real soon and we need to keep our wits about us.

And BTW these inter-gnats are nothing to worry about. Pure background noise.

Maybe they’ll go off and play this with each other and leave the rest of us alone. Ha!

Much love, and keep on!

Love, Zen


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  1. HI ZEN!

    your contact form didn t work so I am sending this via the comments section

    please check out the information below

    these are not the power punches i was mentioning in my recent post

    but in the days to come I will try to send you some compiled information and

    commentary and you make of it what you will

    It will take some time for me to assemble it all so bear with me because I am

    rather busy at the moment

    but the newsletter below just came in today and everything in it is completey new to me as well and I didnt had time yet to check it out all myself but there might be something interresting in it for you

    all the best bro

    speak soon


    New post on Kauilapele’s Blog

    A Note from the Bix Weir… “Turning The Tables on the “Doubters”…PROVE IT!!!”
    by kauilapele
    I now receive email updates from Bix Weir (www.roadtoroota.com), and just received the one I am posting below.

    Remember that David Wilcock, in the Drake interview and his transcript of that interview, pointed out how some folks often look at any idea or article or evidence that says, “‘Good’ things really are happening for us… now!!” And then think or say or write, “That MUST be wrong.” No matter what it is, and no matter any evidence to the contrary. A completely negative, dark view like that, in my mind, simply assists the dark (the shadows) in hanging around just a little bit longer.

    So looking at what those “negative view of it all” folks often say, I felt this message from the Bix was appropriate to post.


    Turning The Tables on the “Doubters”…PROVE IT!
    by Bix Weir

    “May you live in interesting times”…a Chinese curse 😮

    This weekend I’ve been knee deep in analyzing all the “Conspiracy Theories” about the Good Guys taking out the Bad Guys and where it’s all going. It was supposed to be in the Friday Road Trip but I have clearly missed my own deadline. Should be out early next week.

    But what I am coming across is a plethora of articles lately slamming the Conspiracy Theories and telling people to “give up the ghost” and wake up to the reality that we are 100% screwed no matter what happens. They claim that facing the reality of poverty, death and destruction is the only honest way to see the future and to “grow up and deal with it”.

    So here’s what I have to say them…PROVE IT!

    Prove that there isn’t a group of Good Guys working to take down the Banking Cabal. Prove that we are not about to return to a Gold Standard. Prove that our future is not full of hope and recovery. Prove the we are wasting our time and energy putting faith in the likes of Drake, Fulford, Wilcock and Roota!

    That’s what the world made me do when I first discovered there was a plan to end the reign of the Banking Cabal! I spent the last 10 years PROVING IT and I’ve come up with mountains of evidence and connections:

    The Road to Roota Theory

    I was attacking the status quo of the Conspiracy Theories and everyone threw the gloves down and said “Before we believe you – you have to prove it.” Those who have followed my work and research have come to the conclusion that I am right….there IS a group of Good Guys that are working to take down the Bad Guys.

    So now it’s their turn.


    Don’t just say that all these people are lying and we shouldn’t believe them. Don’t just say that it’s all misinformation and is harmful to get peoples hopes up.


    What gives them the right to throw a blanket claim over all the Conspiracy Theories that we are about to take the Bad Guys down without any proof that it is NOT happening? The world didn’t let GATA off the hook 13 years ago when they said Gold was being manipulated…they had to prove it. And they did.

    So now it’s their turn. Anyone who claims that there is not a plan to take down the Bad Guys…


    I had to.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
    Bix Weir

    kauilapele | April 23, 2012 at 23:11 | Tags: Bix Weir | Categories: apocalypse, ascension, chaos, disclosure, energies, new energies, prosperity package, releasing, spiritual growth | URL: http://wp.me/p1dHgy-2MY
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    • Okay, I’ll prove it.

      The United Nations is the official face of the Vatican controlled system we currently live in. In the age of pieces, we lived under Maritime Law, on land and Sea, from sea to shining sea, via UCC. See?. Canon Law courts, ruling through writs and ordinances in a Maritime Law setting, giving Sentences? Sentences? Penitentiaries?

      Between the Jesuits and the Vatican on one hand (Religious) and the Various Knights orders (Templar, Hospitalliere, Malta etc.) for Military and the Royal Orders (Garter etc.) for Rulers/leaders/fall clans.

      An iron grip is on the world. The 80 ton Ore Block in the UN meditation room, sitting in a fallen trapezoid in front of a painting full of hints, tells a very big story.

      The twisted Theo Sophists are in charge of the asylum.

      No need to prove any of this. Lucifer Trust, Lucis Press, IMF, the Colour Blue, Blue Helmeted Army, Blue Tied, Blue Suited, Blue Turbaned IMF/Banking Guys slowly but surely taking over austerity enforced Technocratic governments, disingenuously calling it Unity government.

      All of the above is beyond reproach to any astute researcher. Maybe Brix needs to really go wild. Open up the 4th and 5th eyes.

      No white knight solutions exist. It’s every self to be who you are first. There is no collective salvation. Collective salvation was THE lie of Catholic Christianity, now everywhere in the fabric of the world as a whole and thankfully coming to it’s precession driven, age-change driven close.

      We are in a phase of sharp transition. Terrance McKenna got it. Over Mr. Million Ninja’s any day or night.

      It’s cosmic, mysterious, occult and definitely not a fairy tale. There are no fairy tale endings. It’s always a Tale, which should be a tell, William. I mean Bill.

      Collectivist Salvation is Religion Ponzi, by any name,.

      That is the fatal flaw in all these white knight stories.

      There is no collective salvation. it is the original lie of the dominant theme/meme of our millenia. Such a shame. Kept us all away from our “self”.

      What say Max?

      I think in the coming collapse of “useless” choices, things will get a lot murclearer. 😉



      • Vivek… Settle down partner… We’re all in this dung heap together attempting to discover truth. My comment wasn’t directed at Max, merely at the author of the article he had posted. My point expanded – If I make a claim or assertion (e.g. “The Pope is a hyperdimensional prostitute whose pimp is the Queen of England”), does the burden of proof lie with you or I? If the burden of proof lies with you, how can you possibly disprove my assertion? You may proffer evidence demonstrating it is unlikely, show its pretty damn near improbable. Yet, if the burden of proof does not reside with the claimant, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fully disprove the assertion. It’s a logical trap guised with emotion, and at the inevitable failure to discredit, the claimant is vindicated, and consequently appears truthful (regardless of it verity), due to your shortcoming. Now who the author is or what his ideas may entail, I have no evidence outside of the piece above. I do not know if it was this trap was intentional nor do I really care. I was just pointing out the obvious logical flaw in his argument… That’s all Vivek.

        Peace and Love

        *Questioning Reality*

    • great post great links…..nicely added to the converstaion

      brother you keep wanting me to add its 5am…..I’m still recovering from all the chemtrails they sprayed all fkg day in sacramento

  2. The Borg need you. Your independent thought, your human failing way, your sense of universal awareness is lying to masses, Zen. Understand that the powers want to wrap your mind around them, make you whole, keep you dear. The stick men call you names, the sick men deny your flame, the trick men.. Want you to join them. Why do you resist? The trolls are the ones giving you cosmic energy to continue on in your denial that WE are what you truly seek. Join us Zen, the Mad Libs, we are the answer, just ask us.

    The primordial pond of creation is bleaching in the sun. You preach the seeking of individual clean water, but we are the tap. Independent studies, which we have paid for, prove the toxicity levels are well within the norm. In fact, if you are within our toxicity level, you will come see we are the reason. Why do you resist? Join us. Become one of the fishes, laying on parched earth, occassional spasms seeking oxygen, knowing we can save you up.

    Your misguided follower’s will embrace us once you do. C’mon man, Mad Libs, you’ll join us, and your following too. The collective awaits you.

    You’ll be glad you did. We are the awakening. We are the lie that’s (hid) ….. “Dave, please step into the escape pod. This conversation is over.” ….

  3. Excuse me, but that’s exact;y what is going on in the media, and even into the comments sections of local newspapers.

  4. Hmmmmmmmm…..very interesting. But of course, trolls are the systemic response to increasing awareness. They cannot tolerate a Zen world.

    You should call this TrollTree

    Very clevver!


  5. I like this article,,,it is fun to fill in the _____________ in fact, I’ve typed on blogs that way myself, due to the fact I keep it _________ at all times when typing…..enjoy all we do in the new Utah Center…every word we speak, every typing word everywhere, they love to monitor us, like we are on the stage….I have always wanted to be the star…call me.______________________…


    Fun to read this site, good find…..keeping it real…..keep on Zen buddy..

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